Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009, Last Day 31st

Yo~! Finally come until end of the year. Every year I have a brand new hope for next year and I think today is the day that must remember. Let's review 2008! What's happen in this year?

Good morning to the last day of 2008, 31st December. 2008 is going to back, 2009 is coming to accompany us. 2008 actually was a good year or a bad year? Keep changing target in this year, let's describe out!

What happened on 2008?
2008 really a big change either for politics, environment or community.

For example,
Begin of year 2008,
  • Our dearest Dr. Chuah Soi Lek get some problem
  • Our country was lacked of oil, rice providers
  • 12nd General Election for Malaysia
  • Opposition won 5 states out of 13 states, that's Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak and Selangor
  • Our dearest Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was back to political and be the MP
  • Penang was changed state government and YAB Lim Guan Eng be the 4th Chief Minister
  • Petrol price was not fixed, 605 the day to be remember
For the international,
  • Earthquake 512 in Si Chuan China.
  • Euro 2008 held in Austria/Switzerland
  • Olympic 2008 was proudly held in Beijing, China
  • US General Election
  • Obama be the first African President in US Country
and many more......

People said that 2008 is a good year but I don't think so. It's a bad condition year for economical and many disaster was occured in international. Our country political was not stable since 308, ISA caught a lot of people included blogger, reporter and also a congresswoman. That's all passed and I hope there was not such things happen again for next year!

Let's countdown 3 , 2 , 1....... Happy New Year.

Be Happy on 2009.... The new style and new hope for new year!
Always be stable..... Happy New Year!
Greeting from GenYong UNITY 31.12.2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 30th December Last Episode

Hey guys, do you know what I mean for this title? Actually I really missed this Taiwanese Drama(hokkien drama) 意难忘. It's going to end tomorrow and stopped the 3 years of watching in Astro AEC Channel 301! This drama already become apart of my life, whenever Monday to Friday 6.00pm I would open my TV and watch this extreme drama with my grandma and dad. Unfortunately, it's going to end tomorrow and we are sure not comfortable with its leaving.

872 episodes, it's the longest drama that I have been watch before. This drama also the first hokkien drama that launched by Astro in year 2005. Since this drama launched, everyone in Malaysia was starting to discuss about Taiwanese Drama. By the way, 8TV and NTV7 were launching a lot of Taiwanese drama, but I prefer the Astro. As now Astro was launching new hokkien channel Hua Hee Dai on last year 13th October, so the all taiwanese hokkien drama will all transfer to that channel.

I really missed this drama because I started watch it since year 2006, but I really love this drama! The theme songs all are still in my PC. When this drama began, Penangites were so suprising about the hokkien dramas. Everyone was keep watching and discussing about this drama. However is it's action or portrait, exactly is a good drama.

Although this drama was so long but I won't feel boring with it! I like to watch the part of fighting action with guns shooting here and there, it's exactly extreme! This drama story began around 1960 Taiwan still a small city full of the rich man and the hotel. The main character of this drama is 王胜天 starred by 王识贤. From the story, he was a thief before and now he is a best business man. Since he met a girl and his wonderful life started that time and all the gratitudes were started that time and until the last episode only can get a wind up.
每一隻蟬在地底埋藏七年,才修得一生在地面活它七天。 我們當然要像牠們一樣,高高地飛到枝頭,歡唱著、吶喊著, 敢愛敢恨,能取能捨。 看王勝天如何憑著他過人的智慧,即使在犯下三個悔恨終生的錯誤及三個”命中貴人”的重重阻礙,也能本著『事在人為,人定勝天』的堅決信念,燃燒生命,奮力不懈而開創大事業的動人事蹟。

So if you have check out this drama, you will say this is really a good drama! So let's us to check out the last episode of this drama tomorrow on channel 301 6.00pm! I would like to say goodbye to this drama and hope that have a good drama coming soon on channel 333! You can leave comment here! Posted by GenYong 29.12.2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guney Drive Photos Shoot Out

It's a cool christmas day afternoon, we went to Gurney Plaza for watching movie. Before we walked into Gurney Plaza, I took some photos shoot out along Gurney Drive. That's really traffic jam and crowded of people at the beach side. Chit chatting, buying stuffs, playing kite or just sitting there a cooling wind? There were no wonder is teenagers, old people or parents, they were gathered together and have fun!
Outside Car #1

Outside Car #2
I take my camera and keep snapping outside the beach walk. I saw a lot of people was walking and chit chatting to each other. Some kids still playing kite at the beach because there have wind along it! It's a nice place and the nice time to play!
We were very lucky that time, we found a nice place to park our car for about 4 hours. The parking man shocked and asked us are we sure. Then my dad gave RM2.40 for 4 hours and some deposits.(not sure) The uncle was a kind man and he told us some about Gurney Drive!
Traffic Jam
You can see there was a lot of vehicles travel along the road. That's why make it traffic jam. I got an idea to correct the way and enlarge the road in front Gurney Plaza. Because now there is packed with High Rise Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels. Just one small road is not enough, parking lots not too much at road side! Just can refer Queensbay!
Beach View
The beach is 'enlarge' out. I don't know why will become like this? Maybe they proposed to build out the Gurney Drive out to beach and have a large way to drive on! Let's our state government to decide. Posted by GenYong 28.12.2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day=Movie Time

Christmas Day what are you doing? Dating with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Dinner outside with friend or with family? For me here, I went to Gurney Plaza with my parents to watch a movie. We watched Yes Man.About 6.00pm we reach Gurney Drive. There was a lot of people walking a Gurney Drive and walking out from Gurney Plaza. It's holiday and many people was shopping inside the complex.This ticket voucher is given by my cousin. I don't know how he get this voucher but he's kind and give us a chance to watch a free movie! Thank you cousin! Btw, there is no add on and premiere class for us. But I believe non premiere class already good!I am shocked that if I get caught by the security while I taking photos. I have been my first time watching movie in GSC Gurney Plaza. Since Queensbay Mall opened, I seldom go to Gurney shopping because it's too far from my place! So I prefer watching movie in Queensbay!Everything you must say YES! Anything and everything?! haha. You watch then you will know! Posted by GenYong 27.12.2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day after Christmas

Hey guys, how was your christmas day? I have a wonderful christmas night yesterday because from my recent post you knew that I watched Yes Man in GSC Gurney Plaza. It's really a funny comedy movie which acted by Jim Carrey.

Alright, let me talk back the features that happened on christmas eve night. Nicholas and MinXiang were celebrate his christmas eve with his camp Organizing Comittees in Red Box whereas Alvin was celebrated outside the Gurney Plaza with Andy and TeeJin. How about me?

As they are elder than me two years old so they have the chance to go out by themselves. For me christmas is also an event with family rather than with friends or girl friends. Maybe I am still young and not so interested in friend celebrating christmas! That night, my dad drove us to Gurney Drive. It's just like last year, but we are not travelled the whole Gurney Drive because of traffic jam and they were playing in trouble! I saw many lovers was there and maybe bad guys or whatever. As I was taking the photos while my dad driving. It's blur at night and we can heard the 'High' of people outside the window glass.There are many of restaurant along the Gurney Drive, either it's air-conditioned or just kopitiam. There were corded of people get High! From my photos, the first was taking on the newly opened Coffee Island and Medusa Gold have singer singing there. It's was so fun that many people accompanying you to countdown for christmas?I am a penangite too, where got countdown and where is just crowded people? I ensure you knew that. Gurney Drive is just the place for playing the spray, people was mad spraying to everyone and the police was busy observing to prevent the bad things occured.

But for Upper Penang Road, there was really countdown and get fun! People was so HIGH and many hot girls and hot guys there. Traffic jam was more serious nearby the area! My dad drove us there and look for the celebration of the area. It's fun and HIGH, but there were too 'complicated' for me! Haha.

How was your christmas eve? Leave a comment here!
Posted by GenYong 26.12.2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes Man features

Hey guys, christmas day is going to end but I believe that your heart is still waiting for the new year to come. High non stop! That's why I saw a lot of people shopping and walking along Gurney Plaza and Gurney Drive! But really it's a cool weather for walking at night!

From my plurk, you knew that I watched movie today. What movie I was going to watch? Alright collect almost suggestions from Plurk, Yes Man is my choice!

I did my free watching movie with my family just now at GSC Gurney Plaza. Actually I didn't watch movie in GSC Gurney before, this make my first time watching in Gurney. I prefer Queensbay Mall GSC because there's near my place!

How come I said I watched for free? My cousin gave me 4 ticket vouchers from his company. I really thankful to him giving us a chance to watch a christmas movie here. Thank you cousin!

That's also a chance let me realize that everything you must say YES?!
Not No for the answer. XD!
Actually this character Jim Carrey stars as Carl in the movie is quite a funny man and unconfident. But since he attended a Say Yes seminar and he realized that everything must say yes! By the way, that make him knew a girl called Allison(if I am not mistaken the name) acted by Zooey Deschanel. At the end they meet back again and it's really a funny movie!

The whole theater was laughing non stop! I don't know is it the movie give you some confident to say Yes? But for me after watching, I have a confident to approve almost things that I can do, included meeting new friends! Haha. You must check out this movie!
Here is the trailer for refer:

Winter Greeting - Merry Christmas Be Happy

Winter Greeting
Hi guys and girls, Merry Christmas here. Last night how you celebrate your christmas eve? If you are Penangite then you must know where got the countdown features. If not in Gurney Drive then should be Upper Penang Road, yesterday my dad drove car brought us just like round the Penang Island. Travel from Bayan Lepas to Tanjung Bungah.

Luckily, we didn't travel along Gurney Plaza. Heard from the latest news, there were many bad guys making nonsense there and make the police take action on them. I don't know anything happened because I didn't travel through there!

Hopefully you get the Happy Christmas today and Happy New Year in coming 5 days! As a representative of GenYong UNITY, I wish you all

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Be Happy! =)
Posted by GenYong 25.12.2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Penang Heritage Stuffs

Penang has been nominated as World Heritage Site under UNESCO since 07th July 2008. So what's special for Penang actually?
Heritage? And I would like to ask you what's heritage?

Some people will said that's food paradise and beach view! As a Penangite here, I have the responsible to introduce you what's heritage in Penang.
Penang Heritage Centre
Last Friday, when I walked around the town city, I walked along Carnavorn Street and I arrived to Penang Heritage Centre. This place is quite familiar for me because I have been here before while I have my arts camp last month.
As that day I walked there is to visit the Arts Centre in Cannon Street, Anak-anak Kota. By the way, I saw there was two tourist travelling around the heritage sites by local trishaw.

If there got chance, I must ask them
'' Hi, welcome to Penang! This trishaw service still okay? That's the special when you travel in Penang. Travel around heritage sites by local trishaw is cool. '' XD!
Calendar For Sale
When I reached the front door of Anak-anak Kota, I saw there have calendar 2009 for sale. There is not a simple calendar as you think! It's full of penang heritage calendar set.
Heritage Calendar
One copy for RM15, there is limited edition. From the person in charge, US people already ordered 30 sets of it. So what are you waiting there? Quickly get it one!

If you are interested you can either contact me by email or dial my phone number. If you have time to go there, just knock on the door to get a copy or contact the member of Anak-anak Kota Sher Rynn. Thank you very much and I am here taking opportunity to help Anak-anak Kota to promote their product. Posted by GenYong 23.12.2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Brand new Komtar opened

From the news, the brand new Komtar is opened on 17th December 2008. So have you been there before? Since year 2004, Super Komtar was moved out and leave the shopping lots. But after Penang State Government signed the agreement with Pacific Shopping Centre(M) Bhd. Now the Pacific Komtar is replace the shopping lots that left from Super Komtar.

Last Friday, I went to town city and decided to walk in and take some photos. I think there was quite a new design for Komtar. The tiles of floor was changed to the shining style and the lightning was really bright. It's more people and make the whole building more safe compare than last few years there was so quiet until become the 'best place' for snatch thief.
Brand new Komtar
It's a brand new Komtar since Pacific start the business in Komtar. I am glad to see that Komtar have it's new life now!
Komtar Photos Shoot Out

GeorgeTown White Coffee
I did some photos shoot out either is outdoor or indoor. I found that there was a cafe seems like Old Town but it named as GeorgeTown White Coffee. But from Nicholas and Kokahkok, they had the bad experience there. So I am not sure what's wrong with the cafe, but I think it will be suitable in Komtar.
Old Escalator
I found that the management still use back the old escalator in Komtar. But this escalator still in good function.
Pacific Komtar
You can observe that there was many people went shopping there. I can believe that Pacific really gave Komtar a new life! The lightning and the design is more attractive to me!
Still Constructing
Anyway, there was still constructing outside of Komtar. Now, there was no trees there so the passed photos will be the history. They proposed to build a place for walk and lobby. So hopefully I can rate Komtar as 8/10! It's a good shopping centre in town! Good Luck, Komtar! Posted by GenYong 22.12.2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kena Tagged by Killa

Actually do you tag? I remember that last year when I start my blog, I kena one time but now seems Killa tagged and I am boring so just reply this tag.

* How you know 1? *
My family teach me.

* What would you do if 3 & 4 dated you? *
I am not gay.

* Would 5 & 6 make a good couple ? *
oh yes! Aaron will beat up gen yong oh yeah! wah Killa, too funny!

* Do you think 7 is attractive? *
I like 7!

* Do you know anything about 8's family? *
8=fatt? or bad word f***? LOL

* Tell something about 9. *
9 in cantonese means forever. Am I right?

* What language does 2 speak? *
Alot : English , Hokkien , Malay , Chinese! (Cantonese, Hakka)

* Who is 3 going out with? *

* How old is 4? *

* When was the last time u talk to 5? *
When I was small

* Would you date 7? *

* What's 9's last name? *
not sure!

* Would you consider being in a relationship with 1? *
nope he likes MEGAN adi.

* Which school does 2 goes to? *
Chung Ling? or PCGHS?

* What do you like about 3? *
His cool! XD

Anyway, is it a very boring stuffs? Actually I am not so understand about this tag, playing to the numbers? I don't know the numbers on top means what. The blue colour words is my answer and I was simply answer it only. Please ignore it if you don't like or else don't worry I will not tag anyone else here. So end here and hope that can realize you and my boring. Thank you! Posted by GenYong 21.12.2008

Met Past Gerakan Leaders

Last Monday, after done my sister registration in Phor Tay High School. We went to Super Tanker for looking some clothes in morning market. Btw, you guess who I met? Not blogger, not friends is past Gerakan Leaders. What are they doing there?

Mr Goh Kheng Sneah was opening a reporter ceremony for the new opened Phor Tay High School on that day. There are followed by each school PIBG President, that's Kwang Hwa, Keong Hoe, Chung Shan, Shih Chung, Chong Cheng, Boon Kai.What were they doing there? Many reporters and photographers were coming. I wondered that when a person become famous, there will many people know and come and meet you.Actually they were discussing about the school need more class for incoming Form 1 students. If there are insufficient class and it will cause many students can't go into this school!After discussing, everyone was agree the laws and sign for the agreement and the ceremony was end. Mr Goh still spent his own money to belanja the reporters for drinks. He's a kind person I hope that he will be successful to get the another 6 classes more in Phor Tay High School and increase to 14 classes! That's perfect. Posted by GenYong 21.12.2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Midwinter Festival Preparation

It's finally finished the process of making the 'Tang Yuan'. In chinese history, there was a festival which named as Midwinter Festival which is 'Dong Zi' in chinese. Actually just now I went for tuition and while I came back, my mum and grandmum were starting to make the glutinous rice smoothly and we were helping them to make the rice become round!

Alright I think this will be the short post because of now already late and I will do short update with some photos shoot just now!Anyway, my grandmum decided to do four colours because of the traditional thinking. LOL. But I just can imagine that's just like rainbow colour! Got green, white, red and yellow. So when it is cooked there will have a nice colourful sweatmeats! XD.

I am now waiting for tomorrow morning. Besides can eat this 'tang yuan' that made by myself and also can makan besar with my whole family! Before we eat that must pray first la actually! XD. Anyway, I think now I will going to rest and tomorrow wake up early to say good morning to everyone and Happy Dong Zi greeting from GenYong here. Posted by GenYong 20.12.2008