Monday, April 27, 2009

Handball Match 09

Last Saturday was a crowded day and the Penang was full of events. In the morning at Chung Ling high school there was 5 big events held, they are: my Handball Match, Basketball Match from Tourism Club, Water Rocket Competition by Astronomy Club, Library Q&A Competition and St John Training. Those events made our school crowded on that day.

P/s: that day teachers still have the meeting, so make it too crowded and traffic jam inside the school compound!

Anyway, last year I was the chairperson who hosted the Handball Match for the first time in grand. But now the time passed so fast and it's my friend being a chairperson(Ooi Jiun Ming) and I assist. him. Actually last year, we're organizing this match on 28.06.2008. This year is quite successful for the amount of participants but the uncontrolable of the participants make everyone headache and the last minute work let us no idea what's the next step going on.
The ChairPerson
Crowded of participants
As you can see that there was crowded of people. Almost of them were participants waiting for their turns to play out the match.
Kicking Football Behind Workshop
While waiting for the match to start, some form 3 guys were kicking football behind of the bengkel(workshop). They don't even scared will brake the windows. XD =)
Catch the ball
Rush for the ball
Goal or not?
The participants were tried their best to compete with other teams and get the champion back. I like this action and their sports skill with the good performances on them. Keep it up~!
Waiting for the match
Basketball Court
There are participants waiting outside by standing, sitting and others still waiting at basketball court. By the way, I think that this year the Handball Match is quite success on the amount of participants but the uncontrollable of the match is let us headache. Lack of time make us need one more week to finalize the Champion and 1st Runner Up. I think we will extend it until month of June.

Anyway, I would like to thank for those who come and support us and participate in this match. I would like to request sorry if we served you wrongly in places and hope you can forgive us, we we'll do it better on the Final and maybe for next year?! Thank you very much. Posted by GenYong 27.04.2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jaycees Academy

Yesterday I was outing for whole day and host the Handball Match and participated in Jaycees Academy. I was really happy on yesterday although I didn't stay overnight at Sri Sayang apartment resort. By the way, when I reached the destination I wondered that how come the activity will held in this apartment resort. I just realized that they're going to stay here for one night and have fun with other schools JJCs.

Those who have been participate in this academy are almost the incoming B.O.D or President. This activity is for them to develop their leadership, community skill and have fun together. I think that this activity seems like a training camp but is more 'high class' rather than stay in school! Yesterday, boys and girls played together on the beach. I had taken some photos to show their fun.
Beach feel!
Look at the sand
Running along the beach
Look here!
Giving Instruction
I love beach fun and playing at beach. Penang really full of cultures and the beaches of Penang are always nice and it's the special features that can found in only Penang. I have never been before to the Batu Ferringhi beach but now make my first time been there. Thank you Jaycees for giving me a chance to go down for beach playing!

More photos about Batu Ferringhi will be shown at the coming blog post. Check it out! Posted by GenYong 26.04.2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Hello everyone here, do you know today 22nd of April is the annual earth day? So I would like to ask what you have done today for celebrating this event. Actually we must take it as everyday activity and every day is the earth day and we save earth energy and care for the environment everyday. 

Earth Day is one day that nominated by the world organizations. By the way, as an earth living thing we must take the responsible to make the 'good life' for our earth. Today when I read the newspapers, almost newspaper was reporting about the event of Earth Day. This can be seen they're supporting the international event. 

Before Earth Day, on passed 328 that's Earth Hour. Turn off excess light for 1 hour on 8.30pm until 9.30pm. I found that this event was quite supported by some residents and Penang State Government. The promotion also great such as on TV, online, website, newspaper, on the street and many more media. Let the earth rest for 1 hour, is it enough? We spent the earth sources too much and now is the time to replace back! 
So hope that you can do something for the earth on few hours going on before 12.00am tonight. Let's love our earth, let us have 

Thank you, Posted by GenYong 22.04.2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Arca

Tomorrow I have to hand in some of my seni project(folio) about the logo and pembungkusan. By the way, I suddenly remember that I haven't finish all the project but I found an idea to post up the random photo which I snapped it for long time ago.

Before we started the Folio, we had done the job of making an Arca. Anyway, you sure will ask me what's Arca? Arca actually is one kind of the Seni in my study silibles. Everyone has to do it! It's a product which making in the 3D look and perform out to Seni teacher for collecting marks.
The Arca
That's my Arca shoot out. If not mistaken I took this shot for one and a half month ago when before my exam started. Is it look funny? Although it's look funny but now there's no longer here anymore, my friends spoiled it away. I used up my mind and think of the design which can attract people's sight and I put my effort for designing the grafitti.

I used simple materials to do it and it's almost recyclable items. I used paper cupboards, color paper and toilet roll to make up this product! Give me some comments about this product, your comments is very much appreciated by me! Thanks. Posted by GenYong 19.04.2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Badminton Competition 09

On 4th of April, I have been invited to help out on the badminton competition in school. By the way this match was organized by Badminton Club and Co-operative Club co-organized. The chairperson is Loh Ke Xuan, who's a popular person studying Form 6.

This badminton competition can be considered as an eventful function which held in our school. For your information, our school boys team won the champion against Simpang Empat. Anyway, I was happy on that day because of get invited by senior to help out in the match and also I could able to interact with each other.
Badminton Interschool Championship 09
Badminton Interschool Championship 09
Badminton Interschool Championship 09
Badminton Interschool Championship 09
Badminton Interschool Championship 09
The banner and the trophies with medals. While I saw that I feel so happy that participants can get so many prizes after they won the match!
Badminton Interschool Championship 09
Our dearest organizing chairperson Loh Ke Xuan was giving speech. In his speech, he mentioned that game is just only game, if anyone lose then try again next time. Don't be quarrel or play rude to other players. At last he said we must enjoy the game!
Badminton Interschool Championship 09
Badminton Interschool Championship 09
These are some shots of the game, more photos will be uploaded soon. I still suffering the lack of time. By the way, I will try my best to update my blog frequently. Thanks for your reading! Posted by GenYong 18.04.2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Penang Hill Climbing Opening Ceremony

Last Sunday, there was a hill climbing event which organized by Lion Club of District 308 B2. I participated this activity with my dad. We went there early in the morning and find out a lot of features. Although my dad's friends were not there but we met a lot of VIPs.

Our dearest Chief Minister, YAB Lim Guan Eng went there to host the opening ceremony. I really satisfied for participating this activity. When we want to went down from the top hill, we still sat on a four-wheel drive car with the Penang Hill YB Liew Chin Tong. Really a surprise for me and I was so happy on that day can be taken a lot of YBs photos. =)
The Committees
The Committees, they're taking the group shot at the starting point!
3rd Fun Walk
This is a monument which had been installed on 2 years ago. Our currently CM didn't see this before and he saw it that day!

Below are some photos about our dearest Chief Minister with others taken by me!
CM look here!
CM look here! #1
Group Photo
Morning Smiles
CM with students
Hello CM!
We smile with CM!
I found that our current CM was a kind person. He don't act arrogant to people and he is the most friendly CM that I met before. He always keep his smiling and ready for photographers to take photos. The photos above got some shots I very like it! CM face at my cam and smile at the screen. Nice shot!

CM, if got chance you must come my blog and read about. You can grab the photos back! XD. =)
Old couples
The two old couples came here too. I think they're the famous hiker and the TYT official photographer also knows them. "Hello uncle and aunty, good morning. We feel very happy to see both of you come and support us!"
3,2,1 Start!
After the TYT(Penang Gabenor), Tun Dato Seri Utama (Dr.) Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Haji Abbas and Chief Minister hosted the opening ceremony, the participants started to run! Everyone hopes to get the first who hike up the hill. Somebody rushing to fight for the first! As me and my dad just followed at the back and walk slowly. Did you go for this activity? Write out your comment here!

The more features will be post up soon! Check out>>Thanks. Posted by GenYong 14.04.2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Chinese Streets Name

Recently the Penang State Government was changing the street name signboard in town. They fight for the chinese streets name for some streets that contains lots of historical value. By the way, they're successful and I took some snaps for it.

I feel so proud that Penang is the first state which changed some street name signboard into 2 in 1. There's one on top is the official name and bottom is either English, Chinese or Jawi. For example, Pengkalan Weld(official name) whereas at the bottom is either Weld Quay, 海乾 and Jawi (I dont know).
Cannon St.
Acheh St.
These two streets is quite famous streets in Georgetown Heritage Site. They are full of historical value whereas many Chinese know those streets name. By the way, I am not sure that why the pass government want to name one of the street as Acheh Street. Is it any meaning with this? I heard from the Anak-anak Kota describer told me that long time ago here live alots of Acheh peoples so this is how the street get it's name.

For the Cannon Street I really not sure. I know this street is quite popular because of Khoo Kongsi. Anyway, the Anak-Anak Kota office also located along the street. I always been there because of take part in the long term project by them. I enjoy myself there and do searching around that corner to know more about heritage.

We're Penangites and we must proud of Heritage! Posted by GenYong 12.04.2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

KRS Campfire Part 2

Hello everyone, are you okay?
Are you happy then? Anyway, today I found that some random photos that stored in my PC and I would like to share with everyone here especially the ChungLing guys who love the Campfire very much.

I opened up part2 from the recent post of KRS Campfire. My friend like to read about this features and he's looking forward for the continuous. As now, I can show him and he will be very happy! XD =)
Yang Jie Singing
At first, Yang Jie was singing on the stage and brief everyone up with the high voice. He sang the song which can make everyone 'wake up' and rocks together. Really proud at him! =)
Next the representatives of KPA were performing the band with one song of Jay Chou which named 阳光宅男. This song was playing 'raw' by themselves with one set of drums and guitars. Really a good performance! They take up everyone to be high on LIVE.
PointingPlaying drums set
Playing guitarReady! Start to rock.
You can see what's their actions. Making cool and let almost the girls to admire? Nope. It's the ChungLing guys' style, acting cool! =)
Ice Fluid
When they were playing the song, the dry ice fluid was flying out from the stage. This makes the different effect and the feel was nice! That time everyone was high enough and shouting out with the most supportive.
Mini Concert?
Everyone was support the singer on the stage. Still got people making a simple word poster to support the singer on top. Everyone, put the hands up! Come on rocks.
UnitedPut up you hand
Tidy Shot!Posing again!
To perform out the supportative, do you put your hands up with others? Anyway, you can shout out to show your support. But you must look at the status when the event running. There were many people put their hands up and there was Kok Meng and Philip posing under my camera.
I like to support, do you like it? XD! Posted by GenYong 10.04.2009