Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Starwalk 2008 Photos Shoot Out (Part 2)

Hey guys, continue from last post this is the part 2 of Starwalk 2008. I am just like directing a movie and keep telling the features separated into parts. But I ensure that readers here would like this style right? If you don't like this style, please leave a comment and tell me! Anyway, let me show you the continuous happening in Starwalk.
100 plus
Come on, starwalkers come and have a rest. The Star provided us 100 plus in front of the office which located at Bayan Lepas.
Volunteers were busy serving us 100 plus. One bottle and one bottle finish, looking at the paper cup then you will realize that how thirsty we are. p/s got people still have two cups of it!
Continue Walking
After finish the drinking, we continue walking. It's half distance to complete the walk. All of us were full of energy now and concentrate in walking!
Walk up the Hill
It's a same map as last year, walk from Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah and turn into Jalan .... I forgotten the road name. We walked up the hill and traveling the 'jungle road', it's cool condition there!
Downing Hill
Got up hill, that's sure got down hill. There was what I snap for downing hill before I ran through the hill. Down will make you speeding!
Finishing Area
Finally we arrived at the finishing area. Look in front is a finishing line and many of participants gathered at there! Another success that we did!
Finishing Line
We reach the finishing line, cheers up!
Getting No.
After finishing the walk, many people was crowded and getting the lucky draw numbers and voucher from the person in charge.
Lucky Draw + Voucher
Here is my lucky draw number and the Nando's Chicken voucher, lucky no. 07053 but not getting the best luck to draw a prize!
Play Games
Next what we were doing is playing some light games inside PISA area. It have DiGi provided food, Milo provided tasty drinks and many more sponsors provided their products to us!
Reading Newspaper
Hey brother, reading newspaper in the morning is good. This brother was getting to know about the latest news and the status of marketing that I think! Star Publication, thank you very much for providing newspaper to walkers! Check out the post that writing about the features indoor of PISA, thank you! Posted by GenYong 17.12.2008

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