Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Hometown View

When I was is primary school, exam usually will come out with some essay titles to write about "My Hometown", now I was realize that last time I wrote my hometown as a village. But now it turn to be a town no longer a village anymore.
This is my hometown current view. I snapped it on last week! There was a building being destroyed and now they maintain the land well and they planned to build a new store again for the electrical appliances storage.
When you look at these photos, do you think about your hometown as well? Because I feel that those photos are being nature enough and still got some few on the hometown. Want to know where is this place?? This is my grandma's house which at Bayan Lepas... If you are free, can just contact up me and I will take you there! XD Posted by GenYong 20.10.2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walk For Sight 10.10.2010 (Part 1)

Last Sunday, 10.10.10 was a good day for everything! No matter is for wedding, housing ceremony or any functions also considered as good day! So Lions, Lioness and Region 1, 2, 3 Leos were carrying out the Walk For Sight 10.10.10 in conjunction of the World Sight Day! This time I was there earlier and had experienced to be blind!
Early in the morning, there many walkers be there ready for the walk!
Photo above were my friend YB Ivan, Tong Yao and Sun Sun.
Before the walk, there were some warming up dances provided by the organizer. OMG the dance commander was so cool and he danced funny lead everyone danced together! Good. About 10 remix songs were ready for the dance session.
Leo Club of Georgetown Central and Leo Club of PCGHS were there set up a booth for charity selling. They were selling breads, egg tarts, 100 plu, garlic bread and mushroom soup too! Wow... but the selling price was a bit high la.. Charity mah! XD.
Later on the VIPs arrived to the venue. TYT Abdul Rahman, YB Phee, YB Koay and YB Liew were there with the R1 Chairperson Lion Ong hosted the opening ceremony of this event! Walk For Sight 10.10.10 rocks!
Before we started to walk, every Leos and Lions were gathered together for the group photos... The funny things were most of the Leo Clubs were taking up their banner on top to appear on the newspaper headline or even blog medias. Part 2 will be up soon, please stay tuned... Posted by GenYong 17.10.2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Features Found in 4SB3

4SB3 2010 to myself... is not a good class for me. Why?? Not because it's B class but is then the students in this class were not so suitable for me... But overall, I had make quite lots of friends in this year and I start to like 4SB3 my class.
Last week when the PMR examinations were on going, many of my class teachers didn't come due to the duty for PMR examinations in other schools. So we took the opportunities to study in class, playing chess, chit chatting and having fun in class while free periods!
My friend Wei Kit was posing on the camera while I took the photos on him! Damn funny on him the expression.
Whereas my another friend You Loong was pointing outside to the windows and seems he saw people cheated on exam... Actually just kidding la! No cheat on PMR ya!!
Besides that also my friend Jiunn Wei was putting his hardwork on maths questions and he read a lot of novels in class! Sometimes he still boring until felt sleepy! OMG. Really admire at him that can score so well although he always sleep at class... XD! Posted by GenYong 13.10.2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fresh Clean Look EXTRA School Service Project

This project had been launched since July 2010

Today morning I went to school for my societies activity. Today I had 2 activities which on early morning was Action Group activity and later I had the Leo Club activities which cleaned the school compound drains. For the purpose of this school service project carried out is to prevent the dengue diseases happened in my school.
So we take the opportunities to have it right today and everybody was just have blast on it! Having fun, making jokes and chit chatting while cleaning the drains. It's so cool having an activity such like this with our form 1 and form 2 juniors.
At last for sure we had ROAR for 3 times... haha Leo Club of Chung Ling High School ROAR ROAR ROAR!! A well done project by Leo Kenny Lim and guided by my president Lester and I! Thanks ya all Leos! ROAR!! Posted by GenYong 09.10.2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Action Group Farewell Dinner 2010

In previous month, I also attended the farewell dinner that organized by my service group Action Group for the purpose of appreciating for our hard work the whole year. It seems to be a must go dinner because really we worked hard for school in one year without any salary.
This dinner was just our only appreciation from school. We helped school in tables and chairs arrangement when any big events or exams... Painting the school compound and doing everything almost in school service! Mr Ch'ng our teacher advisor guided us a lot on it!
That day, he invited us to Stallions Restaurant for an oriental dinner! We were so full after that dinner due to the bad attendance on that night! OMG. After the dinner we also take some photographs with those outgoing Board Of Directors and wished them all the best in upcoming SPM examinations! Posted by GenYong 08.10.2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chung Ling Interact Club 2010 Installation

Last month, I went a lot of Installations such as my own club Region 1 Leo Clubs Installation which falls on 5th of September 2010 and 6th September 2010 was PCGHS Interact Club Installation and also the Chung Ling Interact Club 2010 Installation. I will take the Chung Ling Interact Club Installation to post up first before I go through the Leo and PCGHS Interact Club Installation
From Chung Ling Interact Club Installation what I want to comment is they had spent a lot of cost on lighting system and the stage coordinates. Good job for this! Too waste there were not much people attended compared to PCGHS Interact Club Installation.
Somebody said maybe is the venue problem or the publicity not so good. From my friend, he admitted that publicity was not enough and can't attract people to attend. Besides that, PCGHS Interact Club using the Wawasan Open University Theater Room, it's more packed and looks more people inside!
Somehow what I want to say to those organizing committees! Well done and great job on this time installation. At least we tried our best to make out the event in short time! XD The performances and all the programs were well planned and there were also lots of band performances too!
Rapping performances, Live Band performances, Magic Performances and also break dancing performances were rocks up the whole Chung Ling High School Hall. Besides that, the committees still prepared the mazes for the mysteries of the theme "Wizardry"! The two crystal trophies above were done by me and it cost RM 70 each one! Wow... Posted by GenYong 06.10.2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rapid Penang 306 is my new choice

In previous weeks, I stayed back at school for some activities and extra classes. Usually I will go home by bus since my parents are working. So from early in the year, I only knew that there's the only route to back home that's travel from Chung Ling to Komtar then take a change from Komtar back to my home Bayan Lepas. Mostly I will take 401E as my choice....
But now I choose 306 as my choice since my Chung Ling Private School mates recommended that to me. So I tried it for 2 times... It seems to be shorten the distance from Chung Ling directly to my home... I also saved RM 0.70 for the route to Komtar.
Actually 306 is travel straightly from Chung Ling through Farlim, Paya Terubong, Relau, Queensbay Mall, Bayan Baru finally ends in Airport. I usually drop off in Airport and walked some distance back to my home! I rather walk some distance better than pay more for the bus fares.

So to those Chung Ling guys or Air Itam residents, you want to come to Queensbay Mall is not a problem anymore! You can take a ride here for only RM 2.70(maximum) RM 1.40 for students to Queensbay Mall and Bayan Baru too! Start use it now... 306 is hard to wait, almost 1 hour per route. Posted by GenYong 05.10.2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

22nd September 16th Birthday Celebration

In previous month 22nd was my birthday... This year my birthday fall on the same day of Mooncake Festival (Mid Autumn Festival). From my friends, they said this date is hard to meet up together so I was very appreciate this year celebration. Not a BIG celebration for me... Just mooncake special for me!
Take a shot before cutting the mooncake!
That day we don't have the candles just a simple mooncake. Before I cut the mooncake, wish something first... What I wished actually? Wish for my exam result, wish for my family, wish for my club Leo club always being wealthy and good!
My best friends Ivan, Lester, Winston and Chee Meng were there outside of my class celebrated my 16th birthday for me... I was so surprise when saw Ivan taking the mooncake to me! I was glad to see him really using the mooncake and celebrated my 16th birthday... Thanks...
Especially I would like to thanks YB Ivan Lim which the named I used to call him... Haha! Why I call him YB? You should read back this post. Really thanks to him for the mooncake and the celebration for me! Thank you.
After my wish, we went into class and cut the mooncake into pieces sharing with each other! I was so glad that day and smile non stop to the camera! Since I was in Chung Ling for 4 years, this year was so special for my birthday and I really want to thanks to my Leo Club President Lester and Project Planning Director Ivan for the celebrations!

I was really lucky to have you both best friends! We can be TRIO right? XD Posted by GenYong 04.10.2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 Registration

I had just done my PBIM 2010 registration online. Had you register it? This year the Penang Marathon will seems to be more difference after the 2 years experience of the organizer, Penang State Government. Since last year 2009, the people had reached until 19K. It was a successful event although there were several incidents happened at that time...

Last year I also got posted about this event and those photos are up there on my previous blog post. Anyway, this year they are making some difference which using the early bird method.. As you had registered in May, you can enjoy RM 15 for 10K Run whereas now as I registered need RM 20... After 16th of October, they will charge RM 25... So please register as soon as possible to enjoy the rebates...

Besides that, you can also register via mobile if you are the last year participants. You just need to key in your IC Number and your TShirt size will do.. For more details please click here!

Come on this year Penang Bridge International Marathon is rocks! Come on everyone let's have fun and meet me there too! XD Posted by GenYong 02.10.2010