Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chatime, Queensbay Mall

I had worked at Chatime, Queensbay Mall for one month and a few days since 2nd February 2012. I was glad to work there and now was like addicted on the tea there! Chatime is a well known international bubble tea brand from Taiwan. It was started from Taiwan and franchise over 10 countries such as Australia, Philipines, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and many more places!
I am working at Chatime, Queensbay Mall which was the 2nd outlet in Malaysia that opened on December 2010. Many people thought that all Chatime in Malaysia was under the same boss, but actually it doesn't means that. For Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza one were under my boss and directly franchise from Taiwan! So it was some sort different from Chatime Malaysia.
Previously on 8th March 2012, we had worked on the 350 cups of drinks to delivery based on the orders from Dell Asia Pacific company for their functions. It was pretty cool to do all the 350 cups in a few hours time. It was fun and exciting but yet also tiring after that! I was glad to work there and enjoy the working moments until the end of April! I am not the best, but I will be better! =) Posted by GenYong 10.03.2012