Friday, August 6, 2010

Setia Pearl Island Blood Donation Campaign

Last Sunday afternoon, my dad and I were going to Setia Pearl Island Country Club which nearby my house for supporting the blood donation campaign. This blood donation campaign was organized by the Setia Recreation Club to encourage the nations to care about the people that needed help.
I am not yet reach the age to donate the blood so I just walked around the building and I remembered something. This building was built in 10 years time ago, it was managed by PPH company but now the company already sold the land together with the golf club to Setia Company as now they used it to develop housing projects and the golf land already turn to housing estate.
Setia Pearl Island housing estate!
This is the club house formerly known as Pearl Island Country Club. Now the management already changed to Setia Recreation Club. Before it being taken over by Setia Recreation Club, there were some resorts unit to rent out for club members but now everything just empty the room inside. I hope that the new company can develop it by promoting and launching the resorts packages.
There is really a recreation place for all residents in Setia Pearl Island housing estate. A huge and unique swimming side, tennis court, gym room, delights cafe and more... It's comfortable and enjoyable to be a Setia Pearl Island residents. By the way, the swimming pool was maintain in good condition and it's really unique from others! Posted by GenYong 06.08.2010