Saturday, May 31, 2008

A wonderful May ended here

Now already 1st of June ready. The whole wonderful month(May) was ended here. Recently this may I suffered for exam, holidays, games and also blogs. Haha. Today just simply post it and didn't show any photos. This May I opened a food blog, HouLiao. This May I meet some new friends Janice, Yi Phing. Today really weird at Twitter, it view undefined! Haiz.... Nicholas went to Ipoh for leo forum. No peoples online as well. This morning walk around my house area, walk up hill climb down from it to get an interview for my Geography Project. Luckily got peoples really want to help me! Thank you so much. Tomorrow need to attend the Junior Jaycees ANC in CLHS whole day. 9.30am-9.30pm, 12 hours. But I will try my best to suffer for it! Yo! I will spend my 1st day of June meaningfully! Okay, need to go for my sleep. Good night =) Posted by GenYong 31/05/2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Holidays, where I went?

Hi guys, this few holidays I seriously didn't rest before. I went to school for activities(Action Group). Now I just talk in with Nicholas them a gang, just like Penang Hokkien. Hahax! Now I can just slightly blogging here for some photos, because lack of time!
This was my first come by bus to Prangin Mall. My first visiting here, not so brave there on Monday.
Then wednesday I went to my mum shop. She called me go and find her then she brought me to do a new spec. I like the spec so much. You see I shot my watch on the glass table while I was seems boring there!
Shot in the glass and formed a reflection! Is it cool? HAhax.
This was the outer side view of Campbell Street. There contains many souvenirs shop and many golden shop! Haaa.....
My mum shop named Sun Cheong. This actually is an old shop lo! Just survey with some 'old folks' Haha. My mum is the one who survey in there to get $$ for my life.
I heard from peoples there, they recommended me to shoot this nice building. Do you saw a bat shape on the roof of building? It's so creavtive and nice!
This is the tools use for calculate things can be use in mathematics too.... Haha. I don't know how to use it, do you know? Hahax. XD.

Alright, it's nearly 1am. The latest time I been online and now I am yawning. Then this post until here la! Thanks. Posted by GenYong 29/05/2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Posted by GenYong 29/05/2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My aunt new house welcoming!

Last 2 weeks(17/05/2008), I went to my aunt new house welcoming celebration. Now i will also short talk and will post up the photos for you all to look it! Okay? Just now went to town quite tired, so now have to rest earlier. Haiz..... Do a new spec, quite a nice spec. I like it, later show you all la!
Regency Heights
Yo, is it nice? If you in Sungai Ara, you will saw these four blocks of heights! But in these few heights between them have a nice swimming pool too. Many peoples go swim on weekends oh! How come the Penangite like water. Hahax =)
That night, my cousin played snooker. Actually is don't know how to play, just my uncle booked for us then they catch up this chance to learn how to play it!
Red ball
In this period, I also catch chance to snap for some creativity photos. Such as on top red ball. I can focus through the red ball without using DSLR.
Green Ball
This was the green ball. Red ball or green ball nicer? XD. You observe the person who in yellow shirt. He is my cousin, same age with me. He learn things very fast, in few minutes he can play well and score a lot. Wow, is it pro? lol.
Speed racer
In my aunt house, I found that there was a car just like Formula 1, but seems not same. Then I remember there was a movie called SpeedRacer. Then I give it this name! Is it cool? But this not so nice because I focus at the back. Front more blur!
This is the house owner lo! Like chairman? Hahax. That day, he was too busy, so called me to be camera man. I hold a video camera walk here and there, even my face also not seen on that night! Hahax. But I just said never mine, because helping peoples is a good attitude. Are you agree? I quite like this shot^^Because my uncle pose and he seems like welcoming you to his house! Hahax.

Anyway, if free go and find him 'yamcha' la. He live in Block A, 13rd floor the 8th unit. Go and find him to cakap until can't stop! Hehe. He said everyone is welcome! Hahax. Alright, I need to sleep so today until here la! Good night~) Posted by GenYong 28/05/2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GenYong was singing along again!

Halo guys, is not nothing to post. Is just kinda tired now, but I need to post la! Alright, open this topic. Since last year my grandmum's birthday, I was singing through. Now mothers' day, I sang it too. I challenge for more hardly song. Such as some hokkien songs and also 背叛 These songs really hard to sing! Just see my performances:
Just look at me. Tried hardly to sing it well. Hahax. Really hardly to sing. But I like to challenge it! 我用背叛自己.....
This was the photos shot by my cousin. Is it nice? Okay okay la!
The group of teenagers with my grandmum. Seems my grandmum was so happy! Nice shot!

Anyway, this consider a short post. Good night everyone tomorrow have to attend activity. Bye! Posted by GenYong 27/05/2008

New site under GenYong launched!

Yo guys, do you received my message in your chat box? Today actually is the day of launching new site. That's food blog of GenYong! Recent post I mentioned that I will open a food blog right? Now is the real! I did it. Just learn from other bloggers' food blog, such as ShiokOrNot? which hosted by Nicholas Chan. He wrote a lot of stuffs and shoot a lots of foods. He is my idol actually, Haha. I think I need to learn more from him. Is it good idea? Haha.

This site is what I mean the brand new food blog bring by me! The link here Is it HouLiao? Haha. Why HouLiao? Because HouLiao pronounce in hokkien means delicious! I am a Penangite so I clear with Hokkien. HouLiao bring you to eat here eat there! Visit HouLiao for more details! Thanks. Posted by GenYong 27/05/2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wesak Day photos shoot!

Hi guys, just now morning went to school for activity. Then by Rapid Bus back, while I reach Komtar. I went in Prangin Mall to look for some stuffs, but I didn't buy! No$$. Haha. I saw Nikon DSLR, it is cool and quite nice. Just now, when chatting with Kokahkok, he suggest to me better buy Nikon or Canon brand. Haha. Just don't know why Sony brand any happen? My current camera is under Sony! Quite okay la the product. Maybe he prefer Canon lo! Anyway, show you some photos shoot on Wesak day last week.
As me remember, last Sunday night we arrive at this temple near Gurney Drive there and also the Island Hospital. Wow, that time already 12.00am+, but still crowded of peoples. You see everyone is busy to pray for wesak!
Four faces buddha
I first snap this four faces buddha. I must pray before I snap for photos right? Hehe. I just snap for one angle enough. Lazy to take four la! Hahax.
Gold Buddha
This was the gold Buddha which will went out to the trip of wesak. Peoples seems so 'hardworking' to get this Buddha be gold and looked nice! The one of small piece gold paper cost RM1.00. So easy to earn, next time I go and sell la. XD!
Praying for wesak
The main hall of the temple. In here, got peoples pray to Buddha, got peoples get 4D numbers here and also got peoples get to hold the Buddha up!
Then I saw got some peoples took out their camera to snap. So I also followed and snap for photos. Just looked at the monks are busy 'serving' for the prayers! Haha. No chanting that day, just simply wear up the string on peoples' hand.
Buddha bath
After that, I went out with family and we each get the bath for Buddha. My mum and my sister(include me too). I think the Buddha will be so happy after having bath! Hahax. I was take it seriously that time?!
Praying for Buddha
Then we went next to the temple. There have a Buddha too. Peoples light up the candles and light up joysticks to pray. On that night, really full of peoples chanting together. Luckily, that night no rain, but cool air.

Alright, seems now already late. So now I have to stop here and go and take a sleep. Start a new day tomorrow. Good night everyone! Posted by GenYong 26/05/2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mothers' Day celebration, again?!

Hi guys here, I was just finish my dinner at Super Tanker, Lipsin Penang. Just a simple dinner, but i snap a lots photos! Hahax. I think if that on, I will open a new food blog soon! XD. Last two weeks+ ago, my aunt(father's sister) organized a celebration for my grandma! So I just follow and eat much before exam! Haha. So I will not talk too much, just show you the photos:
That day, we went this restaurant which located near Penang Pesta there! Golden ebay!
Steam bun
First, we have a steam bun to get the 'little full' before having our meals! Hahax. Quite nice but less one. Who didn't have? My mum! But end I gave her mine then I just didn't eat!
Precious four
This was the precious four that we have! Is it looked nice? I feel this was so fanstactic because it contains many colours. Got red, orange, green, brown and many more colours! Quite nice look nice smell! Hahax
Shark fin soup
This was the shark fin soup! Just like usual, but this seems is more tasty. Why? Because it contains more shark fin! Is real you know! I think this shark fin soup already cost RM50+ lo! Just guess, not sure!
Scallop chicken
This was what we have the scallop chicken. The scallop is so sweet and tasty. And the chicken got many of meats and at the end also finished! LOL.
Wow, this plate of meal sure expensive! Don't look the only vegetables, on top of it got abalone! Quite a nice plate! Every dinner, I am waiting for this meal only! Hahax, because I like the brocoli much!
Steam fish
The steam fish meat was so tasty and smooth just like recent post! But this fish is use steam and the sauce mixed with the vegetables it's seems more tasty!
Fried prawn
Fried prawn is here! This was the one of the kids favourite! Hahax. My cousin have a lots lo.... Me have two(not less). I seems the whole prawn eat over. Include the head of things, because quite tasty and not left at all. XD!
Fried rice
I quite like this shot! Fried rice, this meal quite delicious and can make you full. I ate only one bowl, because while I was looking forward for the second, the plate already kosong. Haha.
Additional mee
So my aunt suggest to the waiter do another additional mee for us! The mee I ate two bowls lo. Quite nice and many prawns and vegetables! I like it!
Pencuci mulut
The last, finally! We have the pencuci mulut of 'genggeng' (in hokkien) the soup is quite sweet and cold. The ice and the 'dragon eye' mixed, formed a nice drinks! quite delicious

Finally, I ended this introduction of meals. 'Chuan' swt!! Haha. This dinner is my cousin Kevin booked. He comment this dinner is good and can be say perfect ready la! Haha. But I feel can be improve more! But is enough la. Okay, seems tomorrow i need to go school for activity, then now I will go and sleep! If not, be panda later. Haha. Tomorrow see la. Give me some comments. Thanks! Posted by GenYong 25/05/2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Belated Mothers' Day celebration

Yo guys! Mothers' day how you celebrate? There was already last two weeks event before the Si Chuan earthquake. Mothers' day need to show your love to mother right? I just feel so pitiful to the Si Chuan peoples. They celebrate finish mothers' day, the next day the earthquake happen! Oh no, so sad.... Anyway,, I just celebrate it simple with my family. Really bersyukur!(in malay) Show your love out!
This restaurant actually not= high class retaurant, just like coffee shop. Hahax.
Curry fish head
My uncle called the curry fish head. Yo delicious lo! Now lapar pula, how?! The fish in the curry is damn nice! The meat so smooth and the curry was so nice in smell. Not so spicy so I can eat!
Chickens... Sour?! I thought that this was just a simply chicken. But that time while I try it, it's different! It has the sour and sweet sauce plus the salty sauce! Quite a nice plate.
Tomato meat
This was the tomato meat. Is my sister favourite meal. At the end, habis sure la! XD. It contains some vegetables then fried with some meats. Almost kids like this de.... hehe.
Taofu. Is hot!!! Hahax. Seriously it is hot baru sedap. This taofu is used for mixed with rice and eat. The taofu is quite nice and the sauce is ok ok la. Hehe.
Lala. quite spicy, I got try then sure sweating. Hahax. lol
Spinach soup
Papaya eat spinach lo, will you eat it too>? I will! I eat while my grandma fried or even cook as soup! This is soup, I like the soup and also the spinach! Is a quite nice soup! Try it out if got chance!

This post is contain my mother side grandma celebration of her birthday(my mother's mum). My uncle invited us to his house nearly, also near my house la! Sungai Ara,Desaria there qiu Restaurant to have a simple dinner. Before that, we are planning to go for the Machalister Road, Chili Restaurant. But is too late so change lo! Next post will be my father side grandma! High class lo! Check it out! Posted by GenYong 24/05/2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am finally back to blog!

Hi guys, do you miss me? I really miss you all! I miss online two weeks+ Now I can sit down and settle for my own things. Suffer for exam, miss online and TV. Haiz.... today our class get a shock! What's that? Do you watch before the 'Snake on the plane' movie? Our class in 'Snake in the class'! Cool man, is it? =) Around 2.50pm+, our classmates weird saw a snake ran quickly from the door. Then, we scare until ran out the class. Do you know what happen next? The snake hid under my bag, Oh no!!!! I shocked! Then after few minutes, three 'bomba' men come and catch snake! Hahax. Not even 1 minutes, the snake get caught! Really hebat nya! Hahax. I just need to thanks for these 'bomba men' they save my bag! Hahax. Everyone is shock until can't revise for exam! But finally also ended the exam la!

Seems these two weeks+ , I didn't online. Many things happened, I read through the newspaper everyday. The big deal news is:

Si Chuan earthquake on 5.12!
This cause many peoples dead and even more peoples sad and get hurt! Why will happen this? from now Olympic 2008 is nearly 78 days to go! But now happened this such things! Really 'terrible', lol. Luckily, the stadium still can be tahan of the earthquake! Olympic still can run in China! Donate some of your pocket money to the peoples in Si Chuan!

Tun Mahathir 'ran out' from UMNO!
The second is this big deal of politics Malaysia. After the election 308, BN lose many seats and 5 states. Why will happen that? Is it BN conduct not well? Or any changes from Malaysians need? This case cause Tun Mahathir 'ran out' from UMNO, he said that he didn't like our Prime Minister Dato' Abdullah Badawi. This comment just from Dr.M. As now he came out from UMNO, will him join Pakatan Rakyat? This is waiting to know and depends on him la.

Finally tonight I was so happy and also tired. This post no pictures! Just something to refresh my brain after exam! Hahax. Will be rest earlier tonight! Bye..... Posted by GenYong 22/05/2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wassup? Study or online?

Hi guys, as today my holidays already reach 4 days. No study, just online! Then exam don't know how to do, result surely bad. Haiz........ as now my arts and Teras also haven't finish. You can think that how bad are me! Alright, don't talk this ready. This morning and afternoon, i spent my time in house and my aunt's house with computer. Just now morning my father pray my house 'Tua Pek Kong' why? Because 'he birthday' mah..... Hahax. I shoot some photos too. But not clear, why like that leh?
Chicken fried egg
This was the chicken fried egg cooked by my grandmum yesterday night. My aunt all come to have their dinner.
Praying at home
This morning we prayed at home lo. The 'Tua Pek Kong's birthday' lol. Its quite a lot stuffs! Let see below:
Wow, so many stuffs! Got chicken, fried noodles, fruits and 'kuih'! Nice lo.........Hmm
Tua Pek Kong
'Tua Pek Kong' just look at it, quite many joysticks there! Huat ah.........
As just now I have my short study. Then feel so boring and come and blog pula! hahax. I have my Science, KH and Seni revision. Not really serious oh!
Science Notes
That's the assignment of science! I read this as my notes, is enough to prepare for my exam ready. Tonight is a quite quiet and boring night. Tired and have to back school tomorrow. Exam is just around corner! That's true. So if nothing important, I will not online starting tomorrow! If I can tahan, I will back on 22nd of May ready! Ok? See you. Byebye. Posted by GenYong 04/05/2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Regency Heights lifestyle!

Yesterday is our school sports day, but I didn't took my camera around. As me duty in Koperasi, Nicholas and Alvin were sitting there and chit chat with my seniors about one hour+. As me just always sell ice cream and collect sampah pula. But this quite interesting to me and fun! Now I want to show you the lifestyle of Regency Heights that I have yesterday.
I arrived at this building on 2.30pm+. That time I was accompany my little cousin to watch TV. As he was so happy and dance around.
This was the view from my aunt house. Just a half, why? Because my aunt's house is view back to hill! This shoot after I finish my nap.
This aquarium is bought by my uncle. He like fish very much! Is it nice? lol
This is the wall light which found my little cousin's room. He like it so much!
His friend. No Mickey, he can't sleep! Hahax. Seems he like Mickey so much leh.
Keegan Kooi! My little cousin's name lo. That's his room, so must have his name there la! XD.
Is he la! He grow big ready lo compare than last time. You look at him smile so fun! This shoot after his bath. My aunt was help him to wear clothes after bath.

Yesterday I took a nap in my aunt's house, play with my cousin, chit chat with my uncle and share experience with him. Just left didn't swim there only. Next time got chance, I will go there to swim la. LOL. Posted by GenYong 03/05/2008