Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Co-operative Club Annual Dinner 2008

Last Thursday before my Co-operative 5th Training Camp held on, I attend the annual dinner of Co-operative Club which I joined. That day, I wear slightly formal and match with a tie. Anyway, this annual dinner is fully organized by Albert. He arranged all the things and program is my job! I be the MC on that night, as me not enough experience talking so just simple host it!

For more features and photos you can visit the official blog of my club, thank you.
He is our club teacher advisor, Mr Ang. He is a kind teacher that I ever met since I am in Chung Ling High School. Before the dinner start, he called us to eat first. After the dinner, there was some dishes left and he also called us to eat finish or else take home. One unforgettable and appericiated is he sponsored 3 pendrives out for lucky draws. He is really a good teacher!Mr Ang be the first and we follow at the back! Let elders take first.... our rules?! XD.At the back follow up by all the members. There was many foods and delicious. Really good job, albert!All of us were taking our own meals. Buffet no need take too much, but you can take as many rounds as you can! Haha. So I took 3 rounds in a dish because of left a lot and this is paid so must eat until full! LOL.

That night, is the night that let our outgoing comittees President and Secretary to be remember. That night also the last chance they talk to us. As they already finished their SPM and they have finally graduate from Chung Ling High School. So wish them all the best in the future.

Next year, our Co-operative Club will have farewell party and installation 2009/2010 so I think there will have more features to go on. Check out next year! Ending of 2008 in Co-op. Posted by GenYong 10.12.2008

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