Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charlie Brown's Cafe Tour

I was having the Charlie Brown's Cafe Tour at Straits Quay in the previous holidays. We didn't walk in to enjoy the meals and was just taking some shots outside the shop! Who is Charlie Brown? Charlie Brown is the owner for Snoopy! You can find out more about the story here!
Snoopy in the house! I was shared the photos at here and many of my friends were liked that!
This is the Charlie Brown's Cafe which located at Straits Quay Penang. It was not really opened such as Starbucks or Coffee Bean franchising a lot, but it seems to be unique due to the limited stores that can be found in the world!
My sister were there taking photos with Charlie and Snoopy!
That's my turn to take photos with my cousin together with the character Charlie and Snoopy!!
This scene was taken by a lot of visitor before... It looked so cute and it was suitable for children only. I am teenager now and seems to be funny standing at there with my cousin. I was bend down my leg to fit the image! Quite fun...
My cousin was so love to take photos with Charlie. As you can see, he was holding the Charlie and smile to the camera! =)
The light inside the cafe was so unique. When you got into there you will feel that you are at the children place. When I stepped inside the cafe, I remembered back my kindergarten life which full of cartoons and snoopy was my favourite cartoon characters at last time.
My cousin Keegan with the Snoopy! Inside the cafe, there was a lot of cartoons decorations which including Snoopy series. The whole cafe seems to be look fun and let those adults and teenagers feel that back to childhood! The environment is good but not yet try the coffee yet, any ideas? Posted by GenYong 23.06.2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Unique Fruits Carving at Straits Quay

Yo guys, did you see the unique fruits craving design before? Serious, use fruits to do carving! I was wonder that whether there were true fruits or not. But looked closer and I found that those fruits are real such as watermelons, papayas, pineapples, honeydews and many more fruits.
This exhibition was held in Straits Quay indoor hall. This was attracted many photographers and public to take the photos for souvenir. It was really unique don't you think that? Let see the photos below:
Those fruits were put on top the long table and shown to public. The gradient of cutting the fruits was so cool and it needs a lot of patient doing out this. Besides that, the ideas of making and also the tools also considered important!
I don't know how they make the outline on the carving parts. It really needs a lot of efforts and experiences on making this. It was an amazing arts out in Penang! Seriously there were so nice... Well done the fruit carver!
The white table was full of colours now! The pictures on the fruits was based on the flora. Those types of carving was not easy too. I wondered that how this person do this! I LIKE it very much and I was so glad to see this art there! Posted by GenYong 11.06.2011

Straits Quay The Seafront View

Straits Quay is a new seafront place in Penang. It was built and opened on last year end! This building was built by Eastern and Oriental Group (E&O Group). From my mind, E&O was operating a E&O Hotel at Upper Penang Road and was facing to sea too! Now their new spot in Tanjung Tokong was built the new housing estate Seri Tanjung Pinang!
Straits Quay, the best place is the sea side walk. When evening there will a lot of people brought their family, children together to walk and enjoy the sea view there. It was better than Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. The shopping mall was built right after the sea side... no road in front! This was good.
There you can enjoy watching the yards that parked there! It seems like a small terminal for yards. Enjoy viewing sea, enjoy the natural lifestyle there! Even in the middle of the side walk there is a "floating-stage" on top the sea!
At the night, you can really have a party there! The walkway was so large enough for those parties in the night. Enjoy the wind from sea side! Facing to the mainland and you can even shout loudly there when you are down. xD!
There was even a huge light house there! It was so nice and unique! This is called Penang Island, can have light house, terminal feri, sea view and many more related to sea! I am proud to be a Penangite staying in Penang...
My cousin Keegan was so happy to be there. He seems like so excited when saw those yards and asking which one! I was snapping some photos on him when he ride on the trishaw that displayed there and he also acted the funny scene when I snapped on him! Quite naughty la him recently. Keep on fighting with people, but still okay la, masih kecil lagi... xD!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dragon Boat Festival 2011

Penang Dragon Boat Festival is rock in Teluk Bahang Dam this weekends! Are you ready to watch the annual Dragon Boat challenge? This year 2011 Plenitude is sponsoring Penang State Tourism Department on this event and make this event turns to more popular! Make this event go to International!
Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2009
Are you ready? This Saturday and Sunday (11 and 12 June 2011), go Teluk Bahang Dam to witness the dragon boat race! The time is from 9am-6pm... Besides watching Dragon Boat race, you can also visit the Penang natural spots which located in Teluk Bahang.

For more informations, please log on or Thank you very much! Welcome to Penang, Experience it! Posted by GenYong 07.06.2011

Happy Belated Dumpling Festival

Dumpling Festival was a traditional festival for Chinese. In Chinese dumpling festival is called as 端午节 (duan1 wu3 jie2), this festival is celebrated due to the long long time ago there was a poet who call qu yuan 屈原 who dead because of his country. So the people make the dumplings, throw into the sea by riding dragon boat to prevent the fishes ate his bodies. That's why this festival also known as Dragon Boat Festival.
Yea! It's dumpling festival again. We have "bak chang" to eat. Usually my grandma (mother side) will make a lot of dumplings for everyone of us. Some of the dumplings distribute to KL cousins and some for Penang and even some for her friends too. I ate the dumplings for many years and really miss the taste that she put inside the bak chang! The taste was nice and there a lot of ingredients inside. I think it can be very high price if sell in market!
See! Inside the dumpling there are a lot of ingredients which contain mushrooms, salted egg, pork meat, nuts and many more! It was so delicious and taste good. I always like to eat my grandma's bak chang! When the festival comes, I am sure will be the first to ask her for that. It was so awesome! Thanks grandma =) Posted by GenYong 07.06.2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

LED Region 1 Leo Leadership Camp

It was happened long time ago, about 2 months ago. I found those photos from my camera and would like to share out with everyone. Actually I was a Leo since year 2009, this year is my last year to be an alpha Leo which means under the age of 18. Next year I hope I can continue my Leo spirit and join Leo Club again as an omega Leo!
I didn't join this camp actually. I was joining them right after my activities because that day I was having some works and can't participate on it! I was there sitting at the back and watching what they were trying to share out about Leo Clubs.
After watching their sharing moments, I was following the organizing committees to prepare for the games stuffs. Water balloons! I tried to make some water balloons. It was hard to make it and seriously need to control the water and make sure there is no overflow and it was really hard when tighten it with fingers.
Actually playing was more than making. Different sizes of the water balloon let those guys thinking of other things. But we were okay for that, because we had already grown up! xD. We filled up the water to support those balloons to prevent the water balloon get spoiled.
See! As I said we played more than made! xD. We were making this outside the toilet of Han Chiang high school. I was so glad to see that Han Chiang having such kind of good service compare to my school Chung Ling. Their toilets and washrooms were out of smelly... I can imagine that their students were so take care of their toilets! Posted by GenYong 05.06.2011

Guppy Fish Competition 2011

Yo guys, how was your holiday? Yesterday was Agong's birthday and it was a public holiday. So I was outing with my family members together with my KL cousins. We visited Gurney Plaza after our lunch. I saw there was crowded of people and many events there, one of the event was the Guppy Fish Competition.
This year is the 2nd year that the Malaysia Guppy Fish Society organizing this Guppy Fish Competition. This event was promoted by many sponsors and partners.
There were many fish tanks there and they were having the Guppy Fishes showcase for the public. Many parents brought their children there to have a look on the guppy fishes! Some of the guppy fishes are really nice.
Some of the big boss were there to look for their favourite guppy fishes. Since this is a charity event but I don't know how they do this as charity. Maybe competition or guppy fishes sales? I think Guppy Fishes are not cheap and even the fishes that with nice pattern.
The organizer was taking out some guppy fishes, I think is for sales or perhaps for fishes fighting competition? This one I not sure. But their aim is to raise fund for Japan due to the tsunami cases that happened in the month of March.
Besides that, they also having a children colouring contest there and it was open to every children to join in the contest. I am not so sure whether any more competitions going on but I saw there are a lot of prizes to gives out.

This event was held at Gurney Plaza for 2 days that's from 4th June 2011 until 5th June 2011. So if you free and just visit there and do some charity works! Guppy Fish in Penang. Pi Gurney Plaza! Posted by GenYong 05.06.2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Youth Jam 11' is coming this weekends!

Yo guys, having holidays right? If you are staying in Penang, you will know that this weekends Penang is having a large Youth Festival which called Youth Jam 11'. Usually this was merdeka event in previous years but this year they moved it to the mid year holidays to let more teenagers get the chance to participate on it!
What to do in Youth Jam? Actually Youth Jam is just like a Youth Carnival for teenagers to enjoy themselves within the events that organized by Penang Youths!
For your information, this event is sponsored by Animax, Sony, Penang Times Square! Event partners such as Fly FM, 8TV, DANZITY, Red Box, Exabytes and many more! There are so many events and showcases bring to you by the organizer! So mark down your date:

Date : 4th June 2011 & 5th June 2011
Time : 10.00am - 11.00pm
Venue : Penang Times Square

So this weekends, see you guys there! Come on rocks in Penang!! Posted by GenYong 02.06.2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Mid Year Holidays now!

Yo guys, how are you doing there? It's holidays now! So I can spend more time on blogging. I would like to share something that I had done with my friends in this holidays. The 1st day of holiday, I was heading to Johor Bahru to attend Leo Forum 2011! Youth-Beacon of Change that's the theme, I will update it as soon as possible.
Yesterday I was having a good time with my president Lester, and my 1st vice president Huei Hong watching the movie "Diary of Wimpy Kids". I was no idea on the movie but after Huei Hong's explain then I take the "risk" to watch it! By using student card, I spend RM 8 for this movie at TGV Cinema, 1st Avenue!
It was really a good movie. This movie is converted the stories from comics... I like those characters and those funny scenes that they had made! Quite a good teenage movie. I think if this holidays you are free, have to watch this! Worth it...

I was first time being there (TGV Cinema) for movie. It was a good place and I can say that it was better than GSC Cinema. Not so crowd, seats comfortable, less advertisement before movie, nice popcorn and many more! But the tickets price definitely will be higher a bit! xD.
At the end, we are having some cam-woring on Transformers 3 that is coming on next month! 01st July 2011, The Transformers 3 is coming back! This time is talking about the moon adventures. This 3rd series still come with 3D, the Transformers fever will be back again! Posted by GenYong 01.06.2011