Monday, March 30, 2009

GenYong in the Fort Cornwallis

Hello guys, recently I went to Fort Cornwallis to investigate my sejarah project. For that on, I took my camera there and gave taken a lot of photos. Now it's the time to show you here! By the way, when I went there, that time is raining along and the slippery floor caused my cousin to fall down. Luckily he was not seriously injured when he fell into the drain near Weld Quay.

Anyway, that day I met my friends in Gurney Plaza and we plan to sit bus to reach the destination. We managed to sit the 101 bus and travel along Komtar until Weld Quay, it's just cost us RM1 for each person! I like Rapid Penang, it provides the good transportation service!

GenYong in Fort Cornwallis
I love heritage so where I stay is already nominated as World Heritage Site. I like my hometown very much, it's full of cultures and features. This was a short update which I want to share something with you! Thank you and please check out for more updates. Posted by GenYong 30.03.2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Knowing - The Movie!

Hello guys and today this post is suitable for movies watcher. This week in GSC cinemas, the Gold Class movies are? The International, 12 rounds, Confessions Of A Shopaholic and Knowing(the one which I want to recognize to you here).

Knowing is the movie which storied about the end of the world. This movie was acted by Nicolas Cage who acted the Bangkok Dangerous, National Treasure before. This movie can be categorized as an adventure movie and it's talking about the person will know something about the end of the world is coming.

From the synopsis that taken from GSC as shown below
A gripping supernatural thriller of a father who finds a time capsule in his son's school that predicts the end of the world and discovers their direct connection to it.

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd.)

Below is some of the features from Internet : images, trailer.

Posted by GenYong 27.03.2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

KRS Campfire Shoot Out

Recently in passed school holidays I have attended a lot of activities. One of them is KRS Campfire, KRS is my uniform unit whereas why don't me always mentioned about it? Because of I maintain active in this unit but not really have any performances and skill for me to role out!

By the way, this event was held in Chung Ling High School on 16.03.2009. The event started on 6.00pm until the time when rain heavily. I can said that this event got starting but no ending. It's end under the thunderstorm. The MCs didn't talk anything or give the closing ceremony speech.

Anyway, this is not their problem because of we also don't know the weather. Roughly can be saw is the planning was systematic and it's almost successful. The first step of KRS holding campfire in our school.
CDK Representative - Ker Ying
She is Ker Ying who's Nicholas' friend. She is also a blogger too! That day she represented the CDK KRS to perform for fashion show. Quite an attractive dressing and nice shot!
PCGHS Representatives

Besides Ker Ying, there were two girls from PCGHS KRS too. They dressed more normal but is quite a good try. I don't know why called they to face the camera screen but they refused! Maybe is shy. Ahaa! Holding an umbrella have different style.
Wow! One couple fashion show? Haha! Actually they were not couple. The one who acted girl is actually a boy. Can you imagine that how he can act as a girl. His face is so nice as a girl, his leg so thin and his body really slim like a girl. If you didn't look it nicely, you will thought that he is a girl! XD =)
Or maybe his make up plus his dressing is quite attrative make him looks like a girl! Everyone was shocked to see him and keep asking is he a girl? Haha! You can look the above photos and you can get what I mean! Heng Ee KRS Rocks.... good idea =)
Back view
Another one boy acted as girl. He is from Scout which is Nicholas' friend too. When he walked around the girls was shocked and he keep joking to the girls. Maybe his make up and dressing quite funny makes everyone attention! His dressing was reused all the recycle materials to make up, support recycle? XD!
Yang Jie Posing
Yang Jie is one of the MCs on that night. He was posing there and let me took a shot! He was guided all the program on that night and was performed a lot of songs. Danced with girls and many more. Really a good "play boy"! LOL. (just joking)
Hip Hop style
Making style
The one who acted like a 'gay' is Kok Meng. He is my friend, he likes to jokes, guiding a team to shout and talk many nonsense! One more thing is he likes to act. That night I can't believed that he will acted like this with a simple clothes. Beside him is one of the incoming HI COM, he was acting hip hop style! Chung Ling KRS Rocks too..... not bad! =)
Group Posing
Group Shot
After the round of walking, every 'models' were standing in front of the stage and let us taking photos! By the way, the Heng Ee's model was showing his muscle and our school model was acting gayness! XD =) The girls were normal as well as the posing too! Is quite a nice group photo! LOL. The more features will post up soon =) Posted by GenYong 25.03.2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nikon myPicturetown competition


There's one deal bring to you from Nikon. It's a fantastic competition which bring it to everyone who like photography very much. Usually what kind of photos have you taken? They need RAW images and REAL Stories. So what are you waiting for? Can you shoot for a Raw image? Some kind of pictures such like in beach shot or any features shot will do.

As now you can login advertlets to look out for more information. Or else you can log on this link to sign up and start to participate in this competition.

I found some article from the sign up website.

The RAW moments chronicled in our Image Gallery were all shot by Dominic Khoo, renowned celebrity photographer, watch collector and young philanthropist. A multiple award-winner, his photography work has been published in a wide variety of leading local and global publications.

As a professional photographer, Dom is very particular when it comes to the brands he trusts to manage his photos. Naturally, when deciding to store his photos online, he trusts my Picturetown as it isn’t just a storage server – it knows images just as well as he does.

What impressed him most, was how he could upload and view RAW images just as they are – a handy feature which allows clients to view his work online with their full detail intact, without any extra effort or software needed.

You can find out more about Dominic at his site.
Posted by GenYong 23.03.2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heritage Shots

Hey guys, recently really busy until not enough sleep time. My PC keep lagging because of too many files and some virus was attacked in. I really fed up with this kind of problem as now I am hoping PC Fair faster come to the Penang and let me to buy a new External Hardisk! Backup everything and reformat my PC =)

Anyway, last week I went to town for Anak-anak Kota activity. It's a busy weekend for that time and I was keep rushing to each part of activity! By the way, that day I suffered for hotness, tiredness and many more ....ness! XD =)

When I walked back to my mum's office, I took quite a number of heritage shots. Come on let me show you some of them!
The shop
I found this shop interesting because of this house still living by residences. I found some artificial in it from the clothes hanging outside and the style of the old house in Georgetown(near Masjid Kapitan Keling)
The stall
How about the stall? There was one old Indian man selling mee goreng there. Together with the front have one trishaw and I quickly took out my camera to shoot for it! You can feel it contains of the local city style and classical in Georgetown.
The lanterns
But then, can you see this in such a big city or modern area? I tell you, you can find this in Georgetown. Where is it? It's located at Armenian Street and the building which name 福德祠. You can take a look at there when you travel at that side!

One more time I promote Penang, I love my hometown Penang! It's under the world heritage site, come and visit Penang. You will feel the difference! Posted by GenYong 22.03.2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Shot from Hillside

I found some random photos from my computer. As I am just back from my aunt house and now I have an idea to post up some hillside photos that taken in January while I went trekking to Sungai Ara(near my aunt house). Regency Heights

By the way, I like jungle trekking and as well as on recent post I have shown some shots from Setia Pearl Island. And now I remembered that those photos which I want to show you now was taken on the CNY eve.

Do you like this environment? Leave some comments for me to know about it! Thank you very much. Hope you enjoy this! Posted by GenYong 19.03.2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Party In The Park-Project Gossip

Hello readers. Sorry no updates for few days because of I was busy attending much of events and activities. Last night, I took part in a Grand Event which organized by Chung Ling High School KRS (Kadet Remaja Sekolah). I think this event photos I will post it up soon!

By the way on 28th of February, Gossip was organized a grand event in Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama). I attended this event for not more than 1 hour because that day I went to town for another function and walked pass the event.
Catch The Ball
There was a 3 on 3 Basketball ShowDown. My school have alot of representatives were taking part in this competition. I felt quite weird that why this game played on the Tar Road? How can the basketball survived? The basketball won't break? and also a question, won't the participate injured if they fell down! Played ball on the road, my first time seen! XD.
Street Dance
There was a street dance too. You can see almost the malays enjoyed in this section. They danced freely and perform out the street dane style! Besides malays, some chinese teenagers were joined them too.
Side Dance
For those who didn't have the chance yet to dance. They practiced at the side first for preparation. But I found that when they practice they will dance until go into the crowd. It's fantastic and almost enjoy the dance. The music was running frequencly and everyone was dissolved in the dance. XD!
Besides Basketball, Dancing and also have Gaming. The organizer provided the PS3 and let teenagers enjoy gaming in PS3. They enjoyed using the wireless control to play game and experience the good feel in playing games. PS3 is really cool! XD.

Anyway, this event was held sucessfully and it's a good event. At night, there was also have HitzFm DJ coming and some YBs too. They hosted the night concert and lets most of the teenagers go away. go safe. go celebrate! (the theme) I hope that next year will have more such events. Enjoy it!
Penang rocks and thank you Gossip!
Posted by GenYong 17.03.2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

The 3TA1 Joker

Yo~! Since last post I uploaded the beatbox video which named Frazear Beatbox, now let me describe to you what's beatbox then. Beatbox actually is quite popular in western countries especially US. It's not a new features but this was the new style from Chung Ling High School. Ying Chen, who from 3TA4 he did this! Now my class got one 'joker' too learnt from him!

Who is him?
Zi Quan
He is Zi Quan.
He's really the joker of 3TA1(my class)

He learns alot of things. Good in maths, beatboxing, artistic designing and many more! But one negative habit of him is always take the food from people. Me as the food supplier to him! But he is still okay for me! I love jokers in my class, so that won't be always bored.

Happy Holidays. =) Posted by GenYong 13.03.2009

Settle down! Exam Ended..

Hey guys, for those students will feel very happy because of exam ended. Not only this, don't forget tomorrow is starting holidays for one week. Although it's not a long period time, but you can fully use up this week and refresh yourself or get ready to the new term.

Today suffered for the last two subjects test and ended for now. I feel some regret to my performance in test, I must work hard more! Anyway, during the week of exam I have some features would like to share with you all. Taking camera to school not my first time but taking without permit is my first. =)

Alright now let me show you some features and photos while shooting in school. Can you guess I shot? I shot my classmates! One of them is Walter Teng. If you are chung ling guys you should know him! He is Dr Teng Hock Nam's youngest son!

You can call him Walter!
Walter Teng

More features coming up, below let's enjoy the beatbox bring by one guy, guess la who is him? Posted by GenYong 13.03.2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Exam week

Hey guys and the visitors of my blog, I'm very sorry that I can't manage to update my blog daily. I am currently suffering for my coming exam on the week before holidays. I am now really hardwork to tackle for it! So hope you all can forgive me. Anyway, just wait for one week! I will be back on 13/03. Hope that have more updates there. If you interested you can follow me in Twitter or Plurk.

See you guys while I am back, for those who is suffering for the exam best wishes to you and good luck in answering the questions. Thanks alot! Posted by GenYong 05.03.2009