i am awesome

I am awesome original design!

I am awesome Tee Shirt was designed by GenYong that's me! The concept ideas of designing this shirt is actually originated by my friend. As end of the year 2011, we have come out with some ideas of TShirt design and lastly I have chosen this as the final design for the production!

i am awesome
simple. nice. perfect! Voted by all my FB friends! Thanks.

Anyway, this shirt will be selling in this month if possible the production is done! I will put the price as RM15-RM20 as the confirmed price I will announced soon! So you can fill up the order form starting today and call upon your friends to order it as well, the more you order the more rebates you gain!

Available sizes:
M, L, XL, XXL *Ladies fitting size available too!

I hope to serve you with this shirt, I am awesome, you're awesome and lastly we are all awesome! =)


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