Sunday, January 27, 2008

First school activities on 2008!

Hi guys, actually this post is under yesterday planning. But I was not free to post and delay until now! So I can just quickly post it and go to sleep! Try 30 minutes to finish it! Just now drawing for the school competition of Scenery of CLHS! This drawing take me about from 6.00pm until 11.00pm! Wow, but about 9.30pm- 10.30pm I went for dinner la! Haha...

Alright, I just post the yesterday post. Yesterday, I was in school but I doesn't meet any bloggers. Haha... Nick and Alvin included! Anyway, yesterday went to school for attending KRS activity and Koperasi activity! KRS can't be take photos, but Koperasi not same! Freedom! Alright, attend the activity for what? That's fun!
Let's see petanque. Do you know what is it? This actually I also not so well to explain! Haha.. Is just an international popular game of one! This is said by President!
Score Petanque
We just let the Form 1 boys play first! But I actually haven't touch the ball! Haha... But never mine, let peoples play first la! I just busy to shoot only lo! Haha... Seems that is a job for me to be a 'camera man' in the club!
President was giving speech for us! He told us the intrustions to play and also setup the duty list begin next week! Seems that all the members were respect him well! GOod.
Next, is the time to buy T-shirt! The Form 1 boys was queue up and waiting to pay for T-shirt! One cost you RM16! Purple in colour! Nice! HAha... Quite cute for the Form1 boys!
Do you know who are him? He is my friends YouLoong Haha... Yesterday while I was walking to go home and meet him! I just say that want to help him to promote his blog! But now actually i just can recommended you all to go and support him la! Haha... YLBear! Do you know him? He said that he look so 'stim' while the scout activity was finish! Actually I feel that not la, as usual! Cool blogger! Haha...
CLHS Scenery
Just now I was said that I was drawing for long period right? Haha... This was what I drew la! The scenery of CLHS! This was the competition, but actually is not easy to get award! Haha... Alright, I yesterday took camera and go to shoot to form some ideas for drawing! If not I can't draw! Haha...
Side view
This was the photo I shoot next! Haha... This view more nice or the recent? Haha... actually I choosed the first one! Good...

Okay, I think I will stop here and go for rest! Alright, I was decided that can update all the picture I took today! Next meet was in February ready! So what will you do it in February? Happy CNY! Posted by GenYong 27/01/2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random post of last few days

Hi everyone! I was decided to post the picture that I shoot today. But I mind that was impossible to post now. Alright, I just post the pictures that I shoot last few days. Since the Thaipusam over, I have been do what? Actually, is nothing special for me to do except study! Anyway, I am a student and also a blogger! I am in B class now, so I hope that I can go to A class next year! On Thursday, while I was in the school there was an exhibition of Budaya08. There were to promote the places that interesting to travel for us and also their lifestyle! There have some countries such as Holland(Dutch Lady), Japan(Technology) and China(Beijing 2008). Wow, seems that there was so excited for all students. That's of course included me! I was decided to know more about this events. I visit their site also have nothing notice! But I still remember that there will have a cultural night held in USM on 23rd February 2008. So if you are free, can go and visit visit lo! Know more our 'Budaya'!

Besides this, I was bought a calculator during this week! Actually I minded no need to buy yet! But my school teacher and also tuition teacher recommended us me to buy it for PMR soon! So I bought it ready!
This was the model I bought. CASIO fx350MS! I was buy it from School CO-OP. Cost me RM28.00, that's really comfortable la! I think so. I will start to learn how to use it soon!

Further more, I bought this card reader on 13rd January in Bukit Jambul Complex. Actually is not buy la, is 'change'! Add more RM20.00 to buy more useful!
Card reader
This was the model of card reader! CADENA 41 in 1, is it look like really pro? Haha... Is actually Japan product, but made in China! lol.

Since recent posts I just stress that CNY is coming soon right? Alright, CNY we must have such what things? In your mind, you will think that must got foods, drinks and all the leisures things. How about greeting cards? Is it still fashion for this time? Or you just only greeting by using Email? Let me show you the one of the greeting cards that my sister bought!
CNY Greeting Card
This is the greeting cards lo! The design was so creative! The cartoons also so cute! So you must prepare some to give to your friends soon! Countdown for only one week more CNY is arrive! So how you celebrate? Leave comment for me la!

I not yet post the today 'trip' to school! So I will post it soon as well! Hope that you will excited for it! I will went to Sunshine Square 1 day sale later! Surely I will shoot photos la! Goodbye. Posted GenYong 26/01/2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Northern student like to blog?!

Hey guys, seems that I was busy to have my study! Alright, but you all have know that today is Thaipusam public holiday! Begin from this year, KL and PutraJaya already get the holiday! Hooray, congratulations to them! This year thaipusam so many peoples came to Penang for the celebration. That was so lively in Penang. Starting from yesterday morning, the Indian already prepare for the celebration. Alright, so that yesterday the school which near the celebrate area get went home earlier. The school such as PCGHS, PTHS(Phor Tay) get went home@5.30pm, this was because the police was control the traffic and not to have traffic jam for the celebration! But me(CLHS) not be corrupted, so as usual lo! LOL.

Yesterday morning, when I read the newspaper(GuangMing Daily) I saw that almost northern students like to blog! That's of course include me la! Lol. Alright, why they(suppose is we)like to blog? Blogging can be earn more money? Blogging can be make more friends? Or whatever as you like to say! Really blog is just like my diary, I posted a lot of my life log! So now I feel that blogging is meaningful for me this "boring in study student"! Haha.. Is help me to improve my English language and my essay skill. That's true!
Nothern students like blog
This was the picture I shot yesterday direct from the newspaper. Seems that many of students like to blog! 部落格 means blog! Do you like it?
I saw the article in this page@GuangMing Daily. Alright, this is an education page. So that, this was survey the JitSin Private High School students. They like blog, but hope that I can know them too... Haha... Interact more friends mah!

Anyway, I saw the CNY broucher from Sunshine. They organize a One Day Sale on this coming Saturday. So maybe I will follow my family go! Wait for my post and photos that I take oh!
CNY Broucher@sunshine
The broucher of Sunshine lo! Is it nice? Creative!

Alright, you all know that Kokahkok? He has a nice photography and the good blogging skill! Now, he mind to be famous and he was purchase a domain! That's haha... Go support him la! My blog also got the widget to promote him too. Support him lo!

I think that I will be post in Saturday. So see you all ya! Bye. Have to study lo! Happy CNY!
Posted by GenYong 23/01/2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

CNY is coming near soon!

Finished my recent post, I would like to recommended you all the 'CNY series' Haha... hope this? Alright, CNY is just left 17 days to go! Talk about CNY, you will feel that it is a new year coming. As a kid, they will mind to play the firecrackers during the CNY. Everybody will coming back to their hometown. Old peoples will be so happy to look that! As me, how will I feel that? Hmm... this I have to think first! Put the books beside and celebrate with my family and get more 'angpao', learn lots of things with the festival celebration. How about you? Leave comments and tell me!

Anyway, why I will be posting this article? Is because this morning I received an Astro broucher with Newspaper. What is that? Just looked:
CNY Broucher
This is the CNY broucher that I received with the newspaper this morning!

Astro CNY
At the back of the broucher, there have some words saying that the CNY is coming soon! We celebrate together!

CNY Programmes List
There have CNY programmes list there too! CNY eve until CNY end! A lot of CNY series programmes provided by Astro! So this CNY you can't miss it! Posted by GenYong 20/01/2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

CLHS Activities Orientation Day 2008 Part 2

Hey guys, are you waiting so long for my Part 2 'story' of the activities? Sorry for this week I was busy for my school life! Can be say this was a busy week! Monday until Wednesday night, I slept late. Seriously late! Too many of assignments! Alright, it was gone! Now let me to tell you the 'story':
This was the scouts promotion place! The design was so creative! They attracted a lot of peoples also! Congratulations to them!
Leo Club
Alright, recent post I was say that I met Nicholas, Alvin and Kenny right? They were the Leo Club's members. So I went to their exhibition place and met them! So I try to shot their promotion uniform too! Cool!

Next, I want to show you all the photos that I shot in school corporation(Koperasi). Let see:
Wow, they were selling ice cream to visitors. Our ice cream sold out at the final! That was seriously earned a lot!
Early in the morning, we started work ready! I think this was my first shot since I took out my camera! They were busy to setup somethings for the business!
I would like to introduce some 'pro' members of Koperasi for you all to know!
This was the cashier, Lim Yee Chuen. He was same age with me! Junior Prefect discipline master too! So I can say that he was pro! Haha...
Next, is the promoter Tan Lee Xiang. He was try to promote well to Form1 boys. He treated me well while I was Form1 last year! He really a wise 'director'!
This was our students advisor and also 'supervisor', Teh Wei Huai. He was busy that day! For service group and us! Really cool him! He also a wise leader too!
The last was the president of this club, Lee Ewe Chuen! He was observe us to serve peoples well! He was the good president of our club that I think!
The most last is me lo! Have you seen me at Nick and Alvin's blog? Nick was shot me nicely! Alvin was shot me so cute! Haha... Then this was shot by who again? Actually this photos is shot by my friend, Tan Wei Jie with my camera. Lol. This also cute?!

The last photo I shot was when I was prepare to back home and shot it! What I shot?
Kadet Polis
That was Kadet Polis lo! They 'walking together', very neat! The best uniform unit in school! Really discipline themselves! Good job!

Seem, one hour later I was finish my update! Today was going to school for replacement on CNY soon! Alright, feel that so tired and so sleepy! Anyway, I just go and sleep and see you tomorrow! Good night everyone! Posted by GenYong 19/01/2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

CLHS Activities Orientation Day 2008 Part 1

Hey guys, are you waiting for my update? Haha... I 've update now! Promise you all the post that I will post today is: CLHS Activities Orientation Day 2008! I just decided there were many of photos and I will divide it to be two parts to post! Yesterday, I was attend the activities to promote my club, Koperasi to all Form1 boys! I saw Nick, Alvin and Kenny were promote their club, Leo Club to all Form1 boys too! That was we met firstly to each other! All was the blogger! Let's me to show you Nick, Alvin and Kenny first:
Nicholas Chan
This is Nick lo! A famous blogger! Cool? lol! He was taking his DSLR to shot peoples!
Alvin Ng
This was Alvin! Who place his hand^^ Lol. We were discussing somethings about IT!
Kenny Chun
KennyChun, he was busy to surf the net! HAha... Lol.

Next, we focus on the Koperasi promotion! Okay? Alright, just observe how we worked!
A part of members sell ice cream! That was our "main resources" lol.
Early in the morning, everybody was work ready! Just look at them was so busy!
Ice Cream
Those were the ice cream we sold yesterday! From RM1.00-RM2.20, the most comfortable!
Observe at the taekwondo! Ah cha! Lol.. They were so pro! Have many of peoples came and see this! Include students, parents and also girls 'leng lui'! Lol... Hehe!
Boys Brigrade
Wow, what is this? Spiderman?! Haha, that's not! Is Boys Brigrade! They were training to get more members this year! Brave!
What is the car?! I think not the real car! Is just a 'weapon' of KPA! They were attract students to see! They placed beside Boys Brigrade, will be disturb by that? I just don't know of that!

Just left 9 pictures to post next! If you are excited to know the photos you can visit this: Flickr there will have more uploaded pictures. To be continue part 2! Posted by GenYong 13/01/2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Awal Muharram's Holiday

Today was the holiday of Awal Muharram. Just a simple holiday la! I was nothing to do and I just stay at home online and do such as things. Seems that tomorrow already Friday and my favourite Saturday is coming soon! Hehe... Later you will know that what is my Saturday position! Hehe...
I was try to shot some photos yesterday. After finish my assignments, I also shot for it! Before I went to school, I also shot it for my textbooks. Ahaa... A lot time?! No la. Is just for fun! Let me show you:
Those were my textbooks. Is it looked new? Haha... I get the new books! I was happy for it, but get new books also a waste! I spent money to buy plastic and wrapped it! But is okay la. Just take it easy!

This was the 3 small books that we have to read! Is novels! Start to read it! Hehe... Is it good? Sure la. Of course!

Wah, a lot of books that I have take to school yesterday for the check! Haiz... But is okay la. Not so heavy! Yesterday night, I was quickly finished my assignments. Look at this: Is it tidy? Haha... I tidy up mah! Hehe.... That was the Sejarah textbook! The Sejarah teacher said that we must love Sejarah(History) Is the lord of the rings! Haha... Is it? Hehe... I believe too!

Alright, maybe I think that next post I will see you all on Saturday night. The next post will be: Form 1 Activities Organisation Day 2008! I will be there also! The venue is in CLHS from 8.00am - 12.00 noon! Come and join oh! I will be the "camera man" hehe... I will be most in Koperasi. Meet me at there! Posted by GenYong 10/01/2007

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sunday Dinner 06/01/2008

Hi guys, are you waiting for my new post? Sorry for you to wait so long period! I really can't be open my PC this few days. You know la, I am still a student, so must be study hard! Alright, why I will online tonight? Is because tomorrow is one day of Muharram's holiday. Hehe, so I can be open my PC after finished my assignments.

Anyway, I just late to post my blog post on Sunday night. Then, I just delayed it and post it tonight. Alright, I just start my post from the dinner on Sunday night. I took my camera there and shot for some photos, the customers of the restaurant were looking at me. Haha... They were thinking that I was a "famous camera man". Haha... actually not!

That was the banner of the restaurant, "Chai Seafood". That's located at BatuMaung(near Penang FIZ). The customers is only the villagers almost come and support, but got many peoples who liked their seafoods also come and support too!

Firstly, the drinks was come! The whole family were taking the same drinks, 罗汉果(in chinese). Is quite tasty la. Only drinks costed RM6.00 ready lo! Divided each RM1.20. Haha... is ok la!

The first meal come! That was Taofu(in hokkien). Quite hot at that time, can you see the smoke came out? Actually this meal is quite delicious, it fried with eggs and some taofu. hmm... delicious!

The second was the vegetables. Is it looked green and fresh? This also very delicious! My favourite oh! I like vegetables!

Next, is the fried chickens. Looked delicious, this was my sister favourite! That was little bit of sour! But is quite tasty!

The last was the bitter gourd. This meal I was not so like at it! You should know la, is bitter mah! Hehe... almost teenagers doesn't like such things.

Alright, after having our dinner, we went back home lo! Then, we saw an aeroplane was flied down to land. I just quickly shot some photos to show you!

That was the aeroplane light on the picture 1! Then, the aeroplane was landing on the airport lo! That was the backside view of airport in picture 2!

I just quickly to finish this post and going to sleep! Alright, I will continue post tomorrow. So wait for me oh! Thanks for support! Posted by GenYong 09/01/2007