Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ICC IU Day 2011

The 2nd of April, ICC IU Day 2011 was held at KDU College Penang. My Interact friends were invited me to attend this function and as well as showing the support to my Interact dudes as the event organizers. That day after I went to 'Cheng Beng', I arrived KDU College around 2pm.
After registration, everyone was getting this souvenir. It was a simple hand made souvenir but really sent out the message of England! EPL logo and England National Flag were showing to the public about this IU Day is all about the England!
The hall was nice and class! The full air-conditioned hall and a very comfortable places for a function. It was kinda down due to the poor attendances from people, maybe it was cheng beng on that day.
The Black Tie Republic was on the stage for band performances! They brought to everyone few rock songs but I already forget what songs were they. Overall Black Tie Republic Band structure was like 1 Malaysia, inside contains of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western too! Some of the participants were informed to come in front and rocked with them!!
Besides that, they also slotted in games session for the interactions among Interactors. Rotaractors were guided those Interactors to play with everyone and they were having fun while playing with the balloons. Tight the balloon on your foot, then rush around and step people's balloon until it burst! xD.
The Anatomix Band with Gini Teoh who was the Leo Idol 2009 Penang Champion! They really rock up the whole event! Everyone was cheered up and remain at the front stage rocking with them! Seriously, Gini rocks!

Here come some group shots with friends.
Chee Meng and me
Myself with a peace sign! This was taken by Jia Liang
After the performances the high tea was provided to every participants and most of them were complained that very hungry! Crowds were there rushing for food. xD... But luckily everyone gets the food!
Alvin Lee were there serving the fruit tarts to us! I like both tarts very much and these tarts were grabbing fast by the participants. It was not cheap and according to my aunt, she said a big size can be selling in the price of RM 2.50 perhaps for this smaller size already selling on RM 0.70 each! It was really nice... Good! Posted by GenYong 19.04.2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chung Ling House Practice (Purple)

Yo guys, I was quite busy for this April and sorry for the late updates. Here I would like to show you about our school house practice scene. Annually for Chung Ling High School around the month of March and April, there will have a series of house practice. Our school got 5 houses which are Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple and Green.
The Chung Ling High School front view always become the photographer's choice to have a shot. Again I shot it with two different effect...
Everyone was waiting in front of the hall. Many of them crowd because of waiting for marking attendance. Why should we mark? Because one attendance consider as 10 points! Quite worth... xD
Yea! Khai Ming on the camera. I actually snapped randomly but maybe the shutter speed problem and he suddenly turn his head to me! Quite nice right? =)
Yes! We are from Chung Ling High School. We are wearing purple shirts, so we are purple house! LOL.
Actually some of them was potential in sports will treat this practice as important session but to those who just aimed for attendances were there chit chatting with friends and wasting time at there. I was there chit chat but I tried some games... too bad I am not qualify. =( I like the shot put 铅球 and javelin 标枪 very much!
100 m run! I tried that but I can't run really well. I am thinking to train my stamina up and practice more on running! Quite fun for the house practices and seriously it seems like ChungLing High School was doing mobile line promotion. Did you think that? Blue for Celcom, Yellow for DiGi, Red for Hotlink, Purple for Xpax, Green for Maxis! Match right? =) Posted by GenYong 12.04.2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DiGi LIVE Sekolahku Berbakat

DiGi Telecommunication Company is organizing a DiGi Youths program for teenagers. DiGi LIVE Sekolahku Berbakat is a talents quest program for teenagers. For you information, this year no longer having Leo Idol Session 4, so if you want to show out your talents please join the DiGi LIVE Sekolahku Berbakat....

You can form your own team from 2 person until 6 person to participate in this competition. You may singing, dancing, traditional dances and many more. So if you think that you have a team of this kind of talents, just register it...

Upcoming audition tour:
9th April 2011 - Selangor
10th April 2011 - Kuala Lumpur
16th April 2011 - Pahang
23rd April 2011 - Penang
24th April 2011 - Perak

For more details please log in this website! RM 100,000 to be won! So faster register to the competition!

Monday, April 4, 2011

KL Uncle's New House Warming

Last month I went KL with family was celebrating the house warming of my KL uncle. Can be say that we went there for the purpose of attending his new house warming which located at Puchong. Traveled quite far distance to reach there and stay up for only 2 days then back to Penang again.
My uncle's new house was bought since last year. After the renovation, they managed to move in before Chinese New Year. Actually he bought this home as the second house owner, this housing estate was built quite long time already but the environment inside was so cool! Still gated community, good!
We were taking those food which made by my aunt to there for extra add ons! From Cheras delivery the fruit tarts to Puchong was quite a distance ya! xD. Anyway, the housing estate there was fully lived by people, some of them really rich until extend out their house near the road.
The interior design of his house was quite modern and unique. Compare to last time before renovation, totally a big difference! The main door had moved to the centre and the wall was painted in the trendy colour and the kitchen remain but still very nice!
Wow delicious house warming dinner! We enjoyed very much when having the dinner and started to chit chat from 6.00pm until 11.00pm! My uncle also invited his friends and colleagues to come over on witness his new house! I wish I can be there for a night but too bad the time was not allow me to do so. So I just can say next time when I go to KL again... I will be there! xD. Posted by GenYong 04.04.2011