Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DragonCNY2012 Day 2

Here come the last day of January and also the date of Jade Emperor Celebrations. Last night I was sleep late due to the praying of Jade Emperor. I did the crazy thing in my life, went to line up at Khoo Kongsi for the MY astro CNY Carnival for the purpose to purchase the Happy Dragon and limited TShirt sets!
So let's talk back the Day 2 of DragonCNY this year. Day 2 of Chinese New Year, usually my grandma will cook for the big meal after reunion dinner. It has a traditional way called as "Kai Nian" 开年, means officially welcome the new year coming up! Therefore, my aunts and cousins were all coming back to mother's home for CNY visit! That day my grandma's house turned to be so lively with the celebrations.
We had our reunion lunch... should be the 1st big meal in DragonCNY according to my grandma. Together with my family, my aunts, uncles, cousin brothers, sisters, parents and grandma! As well my grandma cooked a lot of dishes and prepare for us to have the delicious lunch! A delicious soup, white chicken, meat pieces (Lok Bak), Tomyam Prawn, CNY Vegetables and many more delicious food!
They are all my family members, from left my sister, my dad, my cousin brother with his girlfriend, my uncle and aunt, my cousin brother! They are just few of my family members, still a few more to complete the whole family group photo.
After lunch, here come the angpao distributing session. My aunt was request me to take photos as the proof of giving out angpaos. There my sister's turn to received angpao from her! She's my good aunt and always give us the good advice on any matters, playing jokes with us too!

CNY season of course can't left out of gambling! There you can see my cousin was starting the card games with my uncle. This cousin brother was so playful and all the times like to play jokes with us and the most amazing one was last year he managed to won the almost game! Cool.
Settle down with the home reunion lunch, we went to visit our relatives which is my dad's uncle and I am not sure how to called him in English. Granduncle perhaps? My grandma together with us went to his house located at Sungai Ara and pay a visit to his family. We were there chit chatting, having the CNY biscuits and drinks there! 
There the naughty boy Vincent in the house! He was so active and he could even serve us the biscuits and drinks. Well, he's good on persuading people and called me to borrow him my camera a while and he keep on snapping everywhere. As my aunt said this child was smart and quite active in life. Can't believe he is just 6 years old there! xD. There he took a photo of me, so clear and nice! Not bad ya.

*Stay tuned for following CNY updates. Posted by GenYong 31.01.2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

DragonCNY 2012 Day 1

Today is the Chinese New Year 6th Day, so what did you do in today? Shopping, hanging out, family outing or watching movie? For me in the 5th day, I went to watch a CNY movie with my aunt and grandma. Let's review back the 1st day of Dragon Year, what usually we did on that day? Having vegetarian brunch in the morning, visiting relatives, greeting neighbours and everyone!
This year Day 1 of Chinese New Year as usual after our vegetarian lunch, we visited our relatives and greeting them with some mandarin oranges, chit chatting, taste for those CNY biscuits and many more. This year my another cousin Natalie was having her 6th birthday in my aunty's house! Birthday + Chinese New Year combo makes my aunty's house turn to be even more people, the reunion atmosphere even bigger.
There she's the birthday girl! Not that standing one, she's sitting beside me when I took this photo. That girl standing in the photo was Natalie's younger sister, both of them are so chubby and play around with us always.They are growing up at KL Puchong City which are my cousin uncle's daughter. This was the first time Natalie celebrate her birthday in hometown Penang! 
Yes you can see the sweet moments between the sisters. Both of the are look alike and also the same chubby! Well, their age is same rank with my little cousin Keegan boy. As for Keegan was always play with them and playing around like the kids!
There my cousin uncle and cousin aunt together with their daughters such a happy family there! I still remember my cousin uncle was having his wedding on the year 2004 26th September which married with my cousin aunt who from Sarawak Kuching! My cousin aunt is a kind person and of course a kind mum to her daughters. When I was still kids, I used to out with them whenever they came back from KL!
So conclusion in the first day I get around 30 angpaos from relatives and neighbours. Not really much and some was just red packets a lot but inside was not that much! xD. Well, I don't care about this. Chinese New Year just enjoy it will do! Don't care about angpao and money! So how many angpaos did you get? 

*Stay tuned for the CNY 2nd Day blog post. Posted by GenYong 28.01.2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

DragonCNY 2012 Eve

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Gong Hei Fatt Choi to everyone! Today come to Day 4 of DragonCNY 2012, so do you go anywhere else for the CNY visiting? Some of them are working today and some of my friends are back to National Service in the camp. To those not yet work or doing nothing, maybe they are now watching CNY movies in the cinema!
Alright, so how was the reunion dinner before DragonCNY come? My house for my dad's side were having the earlier reunion dinner on the eve of the CNY 2012 eve, means 28th December (Lunar calendar). All my aunts and cousins were back and having the dinner together, after dinner chit chatting and share some latest features with each other! What a good reunion atmosphere there.
Here come to 29th December (Lunar calendar), my mum's side having the reunion lunch from my grandma who came from Butterworth. She is also a good cooker in the house and cooked the reunion lunch for us! Not bad the taste and we did sharing with my uncle, watching movie, playing firecrackers with my little cousin Keegan boy.

At the night of 29th, I was helping my mum decorate up those fruits and get ready the stuffs for praying god! That's why my grandma tends to use the 28th for reunion dinner and 29th for the preparation of the Dragon CNY! In the Chinese New Year, there were firecrackers or fireworks around, we did that too! As my dad said that CNY once a year must have firecrackers to build up the CNY atmosphere!
Step into 12am, everyone was busy wishing people Happy CNY or GOng Xi Fa Cai in Facebook or via SMS! I am the one who wish my friends too! Praying was more important than that, I prayed to god and hopefully in this DragonCNY 2012 all my family members living in healthy and wealthy, having a prosperity chinese new year! For myself, I wish I can success in SPM result and get my good future studies!

*More CNY 2012 blog post coming soon.... Stay tuned! Posted by GenYong 26.01.2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy DragonCNY 2012

Yo Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hei Fatt Choi and 恭喜发财! Happy New Dragon Year 2012!! The sound of Fire crackers around and beautiful Fireworks shining around! Well, the biggest Dragon Year 2012 has come! Today the 1st Day of Chinese New Year, so have you get any angpao from your family members? CNY once and eat lot, play lot, drink lot and chat a lot!!
The most important stuffs in Chinese New Year is all family members sitting down and chit chatting with each other and sharing about the achievements of the year! Reunion dinner is important to everyone and did you have the reunion dinner on last night? From previous post, I specially designed the Going Home poster to call upon everyone to reunion with family.
So for the first day of CNY, I had make a lot of greetings and of course received a lot of angpaos. How many angpaos did you get in this CNY 1st Day? As the dragon year begins, I am here wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai and all the best throughout this whole Dragon year!! In Chinese I wish everyone 恭喜发财,事业飞龙在天,龙年行好运!In this dragon year, wish you having the biggest prosperity, big success, better health and lots of love with your friends and family!
Lastly Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

GO Home Reunion!

2 more days CNY is really coming to town. To those who work or study at outstation, are you ready to go back to hometown and reunion with your family? Listen to radio station 988 or One FM mentioned that many of the outstation worker or students are now on the road coming back to hometown! Well, traffic jam that's of course so mostly have to avoid the road accidents ya! Be careful on road!
回家团聚。吃饭。过年 Go Home Reunion
As for last blog post I had posted up a touching video, did you watch it? Can you get the meaning of the video? Alright, I had designed a poster to remind everyone to go back and reunion with their family because CNY your family is waiting for you to come back!
Well, I had created Challenge Team since last month 31st, this organization is mainly focus on organizing events, community activities, sports, charity services and many more. So for this DragonCNY 2012, I had organized a FB contest and open to everyone participate on it! Just several steps you can walk away with prizes during this CNY!

How to participate?
1st Step : LIKE our Facebook Page
2nd Step : Submit your photos on our FB Page Wall
3rd Step : Call your friends or family to LIKE on your photos
*The top LIKE winner will walk away with the prizes in this DragonCNY 2012 Posted by GenYong 21.01.2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

回家过年! Back to Hometown Reunion

Chinese is going to celebrate the Dragon Chinese New Year 2012 in the coming 23rd of January (Monday). As the CNY eve should be the reunion dinner for everyone! So are you going back to reunion with your hometown family? I believe that many of the outstation worker are so excited and waiting the CNY holidays to come and celebrate with family! 

I saw one video that shared out by my friend this morning. I watched it and nearly cry out in the ending of the video. It's a advertising sponsored video last for 10 minutes by the China Pepsi company. The video is the latest one and just uploaded for few days. Starring by 张国立,古天乐,罗志祥,周迅,张韶涵. A very touch video and you should watch it and remember to go back home! Happy Reunion =) Posted by GenYong 19.01.2012

1st Avenue DragonCNY 2012 Decorations

Gong Xi Fa Cai! DragonCNY 2012 is coming in a few days more! So are you ready to welcome it? Have you done your new year shopping and bought the new clothes for yourself? Hmm... when season comes like christmas or chinese new year, the shopping malls will decorate with the festival items and bring out the atmosphere of the festival.
I went to 1st Avenue last Tuesday for the opening ceremony and I saw the unique design from the shopping mall. Seriously it was nice and consider not bad in Penang! A few big lanterns hanging in the centre zone of the mall and surrounded by a few small lanterns beside.
As you can see inside the whole shopping mall was full of the CNY atmosphere. I like the red cloth wrapping the handrail and it was so match the atmosphere! Really a nice one. Besides that the top floor designed even nice and I think this was a big project for the decoration person. Cool! 
As you view from the low level until the top floor, you will see that the lanterns arrangement was like inside the fun fair or perhaps the wonderland. The colour matching between red and yellow was so match! How nice is it? There was a message from the shopping mall "1st Avenue wishing you a Happy Dragon Year!"
In the middle stage, the management officers still built up a nice stage for the CNY events. After decorated, the stage seems to be smaller a bit but overall it's nice! The special from the stage was the China style building standing there! I have no idea how they do that but it was really awesome! Besides 1st Avenue, I had visited to Queensbay Mall and taken some photos about their CNY decorations too. Stay tuned for next post! =) Posted by GenYong 19.01.2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1st Avenue Opening Ceremony

On 10th January 2012, I went back to Chung Ling High School to get the certifcation on my studies application. After done the job, I was followed my mum to Georgetown and she dropped me at 1st Avenue. I saw from newspaper advertise that 1st Avenue opening ceremony was happening on 10th January 2012 so I was just walk in and take a look!
1st Avenue was actually opened since the year 2010, I still remember that time was during the holidays season in the year end. After 2 years, the new shopping complex had fully occupied! It's a good job for Belleview Group to develop this project and as a part to revive up Komtar City Centre!
That day, Belleview Group Managing Director Dato Sunny Ho was there with Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng witness the new developed shopping mall having the opening ceremony. As the host of the mall, Dato Ho had brought YAB Lim walked around the mall and visit some featured store such as Hush Puppies (the biggest outlet in Penang), Carrefour Market, Parkson and also TGV Cinema!
After finished the visit of 1st Avenue, the mall management also provided the buffet lunch to all the VIPs. The lunch was taken place at the top floor Cloud 8. The empty space of the store suddenly changed to be fully occupied! Wow great! By the way, I'm not sure whether it was opened to public or just invited guests. A lot of guests were there to witness the opening ceremony of the shopping mall!
This shopping complex had become one of the latest shopping zone in Penang Island! Inside the new shopping mall there was a lot of shoplots opening and of course there was crowded of people sometimes especially during holidays season.
Chinese New Year is near, if not mistaken just counting down for around 5 days. So have you done the CNY shopping? Have you have enough new clothes for this coming Chinese New Year? Do your last CNY shopping, Let's Shop Now! Posted by GenYong 18.01.2012