Friday, October 30, 2009

The Earth Is Ending (Trailer)

This is not a movie but is just a short film by my classmates. I think you should take a look on this and really I put my whole afternoon on making this. This morning they captured and I modified it by using Windows Movie Maker. Insert the subtitle and music to make it more standard. By the way, I realized that making a film is not such an easy job! I hope that my classmates will like it and promote it as well...

Thank you to our dearest director GuangIan, Walter Teng and camera boy Kit Meng for taking such a good video. More videos are coming out before the year end holidays start! Do check out... Posted by GenYong 30.10.2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Podcaster Ben Ooi

Hello guys, I had promised Ben who was one of the Penang Hokkien podcasters. He's a blogger too and really have a style like Namewee. He's my school ChungLing students which same age with me. I promised him and I take the opportunities here to promote about him. He could compose himself a demo and also some songs with his creativity.
By the way, I really like his photos and his podcast. He could go everywhere and really enjoy in it. Anyway, he dare to write something in a true way and really let's his blog reader admire at. However he was not a newly born blogger but just not yet be famous. I hope by this post he can gain on his traffic and increase his blog reader. Smashpop also read his blog, why not you?
Pictures credited from his blog
Come on go and say hi to him or maybe he will do a podcast for you! XD. You can just click from my blogroll to read his blog or I will link you there. Go support him, he's really a talent! Anyway YingKai, I will promote you in later okay? Thanks

GenYong selections ---- Posted by GenYong 29.10.2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ChungLing Butterworth Pre-shot

Last Saturday I followed my society JCI Junior to attend the Installation of JCI Junior ChungLing Butterworth. I had been my club photographer on that night, I took the chances to snap a lot of photos. We had around 40 peoples attended the event and almost were Form 1, 2 and 3. I think going to share the fun and RM30 worth it.

Today I will not going to show you all the photos that taken. By the way, I just show you some pre-shot to brief up this event. Come on, let's look on it!

ChungLing Butterworth
ChungLing Butterworth, here I came. That day was my first time stepped into the school compound. Seriously I don't been there before and I found that their school was really deep inside. The location was just only hide at the flats area.
President Shot
I had a photo shot with the Chung Hwa JCI Junior President. He's only Form 3 and have the chance elected to be a President. I really admired at him and he's really a good guy and also my good friend? XD.

Anyway, this photo blurred because of the camera guy not really know how to take photo. But I think is okay to view it! So you have to stay tuned for the next post about the event. Posted by GenYong 28.10.2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

B.A.S.E Jump People Shots

Yesterday morning was the event of ride bicycle with Chief Minister. I had no chance to go because of a lot of activities need to be prepare. Next week I gonna to miss again the Hikathon which organized by Guang Ming Daily. Anyway, I will go for the Leo Sales @ Adventist Hospital. Meet me there if you can!

Now let me show you some of the people shots in the events. My dad and I had learnt a lot of knowledges on that day. We keep asking the officers about B.A.S.E Jump. We also carried out some questions on the safety and training of B.A.S.E Jump. I really admired at the officers who always willing to tell us the procedure.

Dad V Shahrul
My dad were asking one of the officers which called Shahrul. He really a kind man and willing to let us know more about B.A.S.E Jump. He told us the procedures on the base jump training. I just realized training for just one year and you can go and try. But safety first!
Me V Pak Din
Next our local Malaysia Senior Base Jumper Pak Din. He was almost controlled all the process when someone started to jump down. He need to standby everything and get ready for the base jumper to land down and make sure everything go smooth. He nearly same age with my dad and he's from Kuantan. I really admired at him who had this age still active in such activities! Not possible... Cheers up Pak Din!
My dad keep asking some officers about the jumpers status and the procedure on jump down. The officer said this was really dangerous. It can't have another chance when you jumped down, so the tools must packed nicely and completely, once anything happened you must think of the safety first and try the best to land down.
The Jumper
Landed Jumpers
As we can see our local jumpers were so well-trained and just only take a few minutes they can land down. They said to us packed the tools need about half an hour time but used it for just only a few minutes. *The curious part I want to know that why our local chinese didn't participate in this activity? Is it dangerous or anything? XD. Malaysia Boleh!
Western Jumper
Later, I saw a pro western jumper landed down together with his sun-glasses. I think he had trained for long time in his country and he seems take it easy when jumped down. What he had comment was "Enjoy the jump down period". I think he really relax and he went to try for many times.
India Jumper
I think he's only a person who came from India. Don't look down at India as their technology might be more advance than us. This jumper I felt so surprise that he packed his own video camera on top his jumping helmet and record down the process and the scenery of Penang. It's a good idea and also a memorable collection. Good job!

Readers, I think I will stopped here for a while and later I will show you more photos on this base jump. Thanks for reading! Do enjoy ~! Posted by GenYong 26.10.2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friends Forever, Happy Memories

On the last day of PMR examination after the last paper Chinese, everyone cheered up and shout. After that dismissed and went home properly. My school bus waited us at Convent Green Lane bus stop and I took opportunity to snap some photos. I suddenly remembered one of my bus-mates Chen Gang is going to Singapore which sponsored by one association. Congratulations to him first and do work hard in Singapore!

Now I will share with you the happiness and memories on that day. While waiting our bus to come we had snapped a lot of photos and some random shots.
The Happiness
They are Yve Xian and Shi Zhang which are my bus mates and also friends. They showed their happiness and relax after completed the PMR Examination.
Chen Gang
He is the 'main character' in this blog post. He is Chen Gang which I mentioned he had gone to Singapore with the scholarship. It's a good try Chen Gang and now you have successfully applied. Hope you can suit the life in Singapore!
Memorable Shots
I took the opportunities to take a photo with my this friend. He had gone to Singapore and no longer at Penang. Next year when he come back for Chinese New Year, I think I must go and visit him again share some different lifestyle with him.
Friends Forever
I took a group shot among three guys which is ShiZhang, TzeHern and ChenGang. I think this will be another memorable photo that shows friends forever. I hope ChenGang can view my blog in Singapore. Anyway, many ChungLing guys had gone to Singapore or switched to International schools. But I still stay in ChungLing, be myself. Posted by GenYong 22.10.2009

Using Broadband?

Celcom Broadband
Are you using Broadband? No matter is Maxis, Celcom or newly launched DiGi broadband... Or you still stick with the Streamyx Internet Service? By the way, I saw a lot of advertisement signboards hanging with the lamp post on the road. I did some random shots after my PMR examination. It was not new and maybe it had been there for about 2 years. It launched by Majlis Pembandaran Pulau Pinang(MPPP) to encourage people 'Recycle'.

Then Celcom company sponsored for this campaign and advertise their broadband products. I still remember that time was the first time Celcom broadband had launched and later Maxis followed up with the broadband and advertise on Rapid buses.

Nowadays the Internet service was no longer owned by Streamyx. You have the choice whether sign up for broadband or P1WiMaX. P1 has a funny advertisement that call everyone 'potong' their line and switch to P1 Wimax. If you're Penangite, you can also enjoy the Penang FON and Penang WiFi from the state government. Penang WiFi is free!

You can enjoy the WiFi service at Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, Megamall Pinang, Bukit Jambul Complex, Georgetown heritage sites and many more places in Penang. Now you have the choice, which one you prefer? It's time to change. Posted by GenYong 22.10.2009

Action Group Farewell Dinner 2009

This had happened many weeks before. I just clean up my photos storage and I found this set of photos. I had take part in Action Group for 3 years and now I have a position of Assistant Treasurer. I was glad that my effort did not waste, I tried my best to attend every activities and do my best to help the school. The Action Group teacher advisor Mr Ch'ng was invited us to a farewell dinner at Corner Club, Gurney Drive to thank for our effort and farewell for those Form 5 EXCOs.
Form 3 EXCOs
A group of Form 3 EXCOs and also the only members of Form 3. I think next year will have more same age people joined us.
Outgoing EXCOs
Outgoing EXCOs
The outgoing Form 5 EXCOs were having the group shot with the teacher advisor Mr Ch'ng and Mr Tan. I think this will be the memorable photos for Action Group this year. By the way, the outgoing EXCOs had done a lot of achievements and successfully bring the group towards the best. Thank you very much!
The new HI-COM was invited too... Anyway, the new president Ernest Kwok, follow by Deputy President Lim Hong Woon, Secretary Cavan Goh, Treasurer Tan Chong Siang.
Form 4 EXCOs
The most potential and most hardworking Form 4 EXCOs. They had put their effort for this group since they're Form 2 in the year 2007. They helped this group a lot on repairing and maintenance for school. Thank you!
The new afternoon session Board Of Directors. They had a large number of B.O.Ds! Hopefully they can help us to cover up all the jobs in the afternoon session. I think they can be the next generation HI-COM after us. Add oil yo~! Form1, 2 committees.

Hopefully my service group will go smooth on any jobs or anything. With the help of the group members, I think we can achieve the success and be the best service group in school for now and future. Cheers up Action Group! Posted by GenYong 22.10.2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Komtar B.A.S.E Jump Pre-View

Komtar B.A.S.E Jump
This morning I followed my dad went to Komtar for watching the B.A.S.E Jump which called parachute. I made my first time to observe at the people jump off from the highest tower in Penang. Besides that I also understand something about B.A.S.E Jump and taken a lot of photos.

I think now I can briefly tell you something about B.A.S.E Jump. "B.A.S.E Jumping, also sometimes written as BASE jumping, is an activity that employs an initially packed parachute to jump from fixed objects (also see paragliding). "B.A.S.E" is an acronym that stands for four categories to fixed objects from which one can jump : buildings, antennas, spans(bridge) and earth(cliff)"

The above information was taken from Actually I had known some skill about Base jumping. Firstly you must not scare of height when you be the participants of this activity. Later on, you must have a license before you can jump and make sure your safety! I think the more hints I will tell you in the coming post. Stay tuned! Posted by GenYong 18.10.2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pearl Garden Condominium

Hey guys, I am now in Internet Cafe. If you do follow my twitter, you should know that! Anyway, what I want to show just can be simple. Now let me show you something about my new house, Pearl Garden Condominium. Actually I had going to stay there since last year and I enjoyed the facilities there. I would like to thank my dad for buying this condominium!
Pearl Card
This is the card which just received from the management by my dad. It's useful starting from 1st of November.
Night view
This is the night view of Pearl Garden condominium which I had captured just now. Tonight I will overnight in my new house and this internet cafe is just only opposite of it. I think every Saturday night can come here and update my blog already. Good idea! I think that's all for this update, tomorrow I will update more.

Who are going to the Komtar B.A.S.E Jump tomorrow? I almost will be going... If can just meet me there! Posted by GenYong 17.10.2009

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali to those Indians and Hindu. I wish them have a new year and good luck for the new year. In the passed Deepavali is celebrated in only one day. But this year different, the 1Malaysia get three days holidays. I think this a proud of Indians! Firstly congratulations to them first... By the way, I also want to wish Kampung Buah Pala residents faster get their home.
Deepavali is a festival of light. Penang State Government not to forget to hold some events about Deepavali celebration. I think it's good for those Penang guys to know more about the culture of Indian. Just now I heard the fireworks putting out there and realize that now all the festivals were celebrated by 1Malaysia! Finally wish everyone Happy Deepavali! Posted by GenYong 17.10.2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Birthday Celebration

Birthday Cake
Last month was my birthday which fall on 22nd of September. Since I was sitting for the preparation of PMR, so I didn't go out to celebrate with friends nor family. I have a surprise celebration at home with my uncle, aunt and together with family. If not mistaken, that day was the Hari Raya holiday. Everyone free to celebrate my birthday with me on afternoon!
Uncle Leong
My uncle not only bought a cake for me but also the Kentucky Fried Chicken. I ate a lot that day and really feel something when it's my day. I get the surprise from them because I early thought that no celebration for this year. By the way, I really need to thank my dad, mum, uncle and aunt together with my sister and cousin, Keegan who always greet me.
Keegan Boy
My wish on that day was hope that I could score well in PMR and get the good result. Hope it comes true in this year end. Posted by GenYong 16.10.2009

There is a video which recorded by Uncle Leong. Thanks for it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hungry Ghost Festival 2009 Celebration @ Bayan Lepas

I found some photos that snapped long time ago which is the hungry ghost festival celebration that happened in my area Bayan Lepas. My cousin Wei Dee was there holding his own DSLR and kept taking some nice shots. By the way, I just followed at him where he just was. That day early in the morning all the residents were prepared and came to reserve their place.
Hungry Ghost Festival
This shot I think it was raining at that time and I just moved out little bit and took this shot. Most of the peoples had prepared their food, fruits for praying used.
Putting Joysticks
When the ceremony started, everybody rushed to get the first to put on their joysticks. By the way, my grandma hold the joysticks whereas me just stand beside holding my camera. XD!
Praying Process
The Drama
During the praying process, there were two representatives come out from the group of performances and they acted as husband and wife in traditional costumes. Not to forget they also performed out some drama to entertain the peoples and children.
Get Something
In the end of the praying process, the man who hosted this occasion were distribute out all the stuffs that he had taken from us. You can see that many peoples crowded there to get something else where. My cousin and I stood in front and we took a lot of things and snapped a lot of photos. The action from the distributer was really great, what I can say he was not distribute properly, just simply throw to people and that's your luck if you get it!
Choose New Chief
Later on finally they come out with the last process which was choose the new chief. This an annual process. It seems like an election and decision was on the God. XD! Anyway, every year they changed the new chief and the one who get it will responsible to care for the praying stuffs one year. My dad also be a Pek Kong chief before which was last year! Posted by GenYong 14.10.2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Get back Phone

The Phone
My friend Randy had get back his phone since July. It's a long story to tell you here or else you can refer to Aviation 1's blog. Anyway just brief out something about this. One of my classmates and also my friend HengYoung, he played the Randy's phone and caused his newly bought phone to be banned by the discipline unit. And like this until now already 3 months...

However he told me that he was very happy to get back his phone together with the SIM Card. Firstly I have to congratulate to him for getting back his belonging and I would like to advise him not to bring phone to school anymore!

By the way, I think most of the Form3 students feel really happy today and is the time to release stress. My friend still joke on me that the electric bill will hike up in this month because of always play games. XD!

So I think I shall go and organize myself and plan out all the aft-PMR schedule
P/s: aft= after. Posted by GenYong 13.10.2009

It's over

It's Over
Finally it's over... no longer the nightmare PMR. It's the end for us to have objective question... Hopefully I can fit into the breaking news list for updating this fresh news. Anyway, I think most of my readers had wait for my post so long. So I promised that I will at least update 2 posts in one day, that's okay?

Today most of the mates went out to Gurney Plaza or Queensbay Mall, but I don't. I make myself in home and update the blogs and settle everything first. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday I will plan to go out.

P/s: Those who want to invite me go out just leave a comment here or call me by getting my phone via email. Thanks! XD.
Have Fun
So I think this post will write until here. Wait for next updates yo!

Happy Party Time and Have Fun now buddies!

Friday, October 9, 2009

ChungShan Primary School Annual Childrens' Day 2009

Today I feel good, happy, excite. Why? Maybe today PMR paper I can do and it not make me nervous and worried. Just now when I traveled back from school in the time of 10.00am, my friend make me remember that today was the primary children's day celebration. On the school bus, I saw my primary school held the annual children's day celebration. As I came back earlier so I decided to go and take a look.

Here I just can briefly story out something and show you a photo. I didn't meet any mates that same age with me. Just walking around the school and search for the place to stand in. Luckily, most of the teachers know me and one of my teacher called me up to stage and watched the performances.

Almost a year didn't go back to primary school, felt something strange. Everything now has changed, the school committees together with the new teachers and new juniors were installed. Anyway, still managed to meet up with some of my teachers and I had a chance to take photo with Mr Toh, the official photographer of this event.
GenYong V Mr Toh
He was my English teacher before, he is really a kind teacher and always jokes with us. Who ever from ChungShan will know him very well. He used a lot of efforts together with jokes to interact with students and makes the lesson turn interesting. Really a good teacher!...

I think I shall stop here, wait me for 4 more days! 13rd of October I will be back! For sure... Check it out! Posted by GenYong 09.10.2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival 2009

Picture credited from
Another festival reached to our daily life. This year how you celebrate mooncake festival? I am so disappointed that couldn't celebrate with all of you. But hopefully by this short update can send my greeting to everyone. Mid Autumn Festival is a festival which everyone gathers together and share for the feelings with others. Not only taste for the mooncakes but also children will play along with the lanterns and listen to the story.

In addition I wish everyone 家好月圆庆中秋, celebrate a wonderful Mid Autumn Festival with your family. Happy Mooncake Festival! 中秋节快乐。Posted by GenYong 03.10.2009