Friday, January 29, 2010

Memorial Ceremony 追悼会 29.01.2009(Quick update)

The Dragon Boat tragedy had happened around 2 weeks time. Those 5 students and 1 teacher had went into another world and funeral all done! The sad feelings were slightly go off from other students. But today the memorial ceremony makes everyone cried again! Many VIPs came this morning included YAB Lim Guan Eng together with those EXCOs members, ChungLing alumni and board of directors, Former YBs and the ex-chungling students.
Anyway, I think this was the largest memorial mourning ceremony by the ChungLing committees. The family members, students, VIPs were gathered together in school hall show their respect to all 6 students and teacher! Most of the society Board Of Directors were there show their respect too. I think the numbers of people was reach up to 1000!
Many students included me were there observing the ceremony, I felt down while I was helping my friend to take video. I could see many students were broke down while the memorial video was playing. Although I didn't join my friend Weng Aik to do the video, but I could see his effort on making this for the most memorable 'souvenir'. The video was great and it was so touching that could make everyone turn down or even cried...
So the 1 hour ceremony ends on around 11.00pm and my friend Weng Aik was interviewed by the NTV7 reporters and also at the end they interviewed me too... I felt so down on that time and my language might not so accurate! So if you want to watch me, just turn on your TV to channel 107 for Astro(NTV7). Catch up the Mandarin news on 9.30pm*updated! Or perhaps Bernama TV (channel 502) English News on 9.30pm...
That's all... missed Mr Chin, Jason, Yi Zhang, Brendon, Zi Jun and Yong Xiang, all of you will always with us and we will keep all of you in our deep heart!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Yeoh Si Association Annual Dinner 2009

This few days when I check back my photos storage, I found that I have missed up a lot of blog posts haven't show to readers... I really lack of time and now I practice to write a draft first before publish the post. Alright let us now review back to year 2009! I had followed my dad attend to the Yeoh Si Association Annual Dinner last year. That time I still saw Brendon Yeoh, can't believe not even 1 month he had left this world... Sigh!

Anyway, I try not to remember those sad memories... Now let us take a look with those photos I had snapped! That night there can be considered as a medium-large dinner style, everyone treat themselves as relatives and everyone share the same surname, that's Yeoh/Yong!
The oriental style of dinner was held at StoneBay Restaurant.
The organizing chairperson was giving out his speech on the stage.
The president of association together with the vice president of Malaysia Yeoh Si Association were giving their speech on the stage.

That night the organizer also invited Komtar YB come and give a speech. As you know nowadays those politicians like to talk and show off their knowledge. Whenever they attend to any dinner, they sure find out a topic and let people know the truth! By the way, I mostly like to listen but I don't have to comment much!
Komtar YB was giving his speech about the 2010 government plan.
Next, there was the proud of Yeoh! One young man could able to manage his business and get nominated as Dato' under the Pahang Sultan. It's a proud of himself and also Yeoh Si Association!

I think that's all for this association dinner. Alright what's up for next post? Next post I will narrow down to ChungLing High School status... Let us see what we have inside the ChungLing High School! See the truth... Check it out. Posted by GenYong 25.01.2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

DAP Dinner 全民宴

Last Monday night, I went to Han Chiang High School together with my dad to attend the state government's dinner. It's organized by the DAP(Democratic Action Party) politics party! The day before the dinner was DAP Annual General Meeting 2010 in Ipoh, Perak. I think this was the 1st politics dinner that I went before. Seriously, I love to read politics but I don't like some politicians acting their style.
The people's dinner
Since 308 general election, Pakatan Rakyat had taken over the state government from former Gerakan. The Chief Minister was still remain as chinese, he is YAB Lim Guan Eng who from DAP. From 308 until today, I could see his achievement and together with the government weakness... Mostly I could see was their achievements, I can feel that this state government was really keep touch with people and put their effort in helping people!
DAP leaders walked in. YBs..
When the Chief Minister together with other DAP leaders cum YB EXCOs walked in, most of the people were welcoming them with glad of grateful! I could see mostly the chinese and the second were the Indians! It's a good sign that means we have the 1 Malaysia concept.

Alright then later those leaders continue with their speech and one YB's speech was awesome! He said the 1Malaysia concept is just 'Tipu Malaysia" which cheated all the malaysian! I was agree with this because many accidents and incidents had happened and showed that there was no longer fair enough for opposition. Everything is under control by someone! I don't want to mention who is him or who are they... I think you should know that! Really 1 Malaysia is just like Tipu Malaysia! XD...
Everyone was silence at the 1 minute moment!

Later when the last schedule was Chief Minister speeching time. I couldn't listen finish his talk because that night I plan to go for my schoolmates' funeral. By the way, before he started his speech he called us to stand up and silence for 1 minute! I saw everyone was so respect to those who sacrificed in the accident... It was so touching when up to thousand people remain in silence moment!

Conclusion that night most of the leaders were talking about the education and some hot politics issues such as "Allah" words using! I don't want to talk too much and I hope that to next general election DAP together with Pakatan Rakyat can win more seats and be the federal government! We're looking forward for Pakatan Rakyat! Posted by GenYong 22.01.2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon (Part 5)

Alright guys, let us live normally starting from now. Forget about the sadness but just put them in our deep heart! Now continue to the last part of Penang Bridge International Marathon which I had owed you long time ago. Anyway, I must finished up this before I turn to start Starwalk 2009 and other posts.
From the part 4 post, our dearest Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng was picking a lucky number and the lucky winner was a lady too. She won back the New Proton Saga 1.3. It let me think about is it 2009 is good for girls? XD... By the way, I had to congratulations to her for winning this new car.
That lady was coming out from the crowds and heading to the stage!

The Chief Minister was always smiling to photographers and show his proud and happiness on having such event. This event was confirmed to be the annual event and the year end grand event in Penang! It attracted more than 17,000 people to run out the Penang Bridge! It's a good chance that you shouldn't missed... you can just run once a year on Penang Bridge!
The winner show her happiness on winning herself a new car!
Although there were happened some technical problems and small incidents but overall the event was good! I love and enjoy this event very much... I showed my supports to State Government and hope that they can organize better on next year. The Organizer YB Danny Law was put a lot of his effort on preparation for this event, and not to forget those helpers and volunteers gave out their time helping on the venue!

Not to forget the sponsors too who had sponsored the prizes and running pack stuffs to us! Alright so see you this year on 21st of November! Posted by GenYong 22.01.2010


Since the dragon boat case happened, my school ChungLing was always become the headline news. I don't feel happy although it was headline for my school. I felt more sad and really pity to those of them who had sacrificed their life in the case... Anyway, I still have to wish them be happy always in another world! Rest In Peace!
The school flag was moved down to half for respecting to them.
On the 2nd day that's last Monday, everyone was in sad moment. School was arranged a silence ceremony for those guys who sacrificed their life in the accident. Early in the morning when I reached school on that day, I saw some of the prefects were leave up the school flag to the half. This sign let me think about the accident and that morning I really felt down and can't believe why it happened.
The school flag was hanging halfway and I saw this for once since I studied to ChungLing.
I did take camera to school on that day but I just took some outdoor photos of the school flag. I didn't take any photos in hall because due to the sadness and respect. So I think most of you saw the news on paper which captured on our school hall... Saw people standing, crying, silence moment and speeching!

Alright I think this was all gone, we should let them go peacefully! Hope that they can live happily in another world! * Funerals part I will update soon! I am helping my friend to do the video production. Posted by GenYong 22.01.2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010


A very sad case happened in Penang on last Sunday. My school Chung Ling High School Dragon Boat Team 18 members just left 12 members. 1 teacher and 5 students were died on that accident. While the time I received the news, I felt shock and worried about the case. Although I didn't go to the venue I catch up the news on TV and online.
The scout's memories (Sports Day 2009)

I went to 4 friends' funeral, felt down and cried sometimes... I can't believe why god make this? I lost 4 friends in one day! How come? I really missed Yong Xiang, Jason, Brendon and Yi Zhang, I thought that I can still live with them happily in this week but the god not allowed! No excuse, I have to follow... Just hope that they can Rest In Peace and be our angels always with us!
Jason Ch'ng, my ever best president of Leo Club! (Co-curiculum Recruitment Day 2010)
Brendon Yeoh, the best Robotic President of 2009/10. (Co-curiculum Recruitment Day 2010)
Yi Zhang, the best scout in 2010! You always smile to us! (Co-curiculum Recruitment Day 2010) I felt regret that I didn't take the 2nd shot for him while he was posing in peace sign.
Yong Xiang, my best friends. The best 1T14 classmates! We share our memories together... (Co-curiculum Recruitment Day 2010)

I think 4 of them won't like to see us cried on them... So I won't cry, I will be strong and do something to let them see! Submit our achievements to them... It just like yesterday the Sifu said, "We have to be strong and achieve something for them..." "They wont like to see us sad on them". I fully agree with this statement, so hopefully to those dragon boat members get this meaning. They will always be our angels, always take care of us, beside of us, look for the fun from us and they will really happy in heaven!

Condolence from GenYong UNITY... R.I.P Brothers! We will always with all of you!
Posted by GenYong 21.01.2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Condolence

At first I have to say condolence to Mr Chin's family and Jason Ch'ng's family. I feel so sad after received this news in the morning. Seriously I don't know that there was a dragon boat training out there at Lebuh Macallum. I feel so sad when I knew that there were 2 people dead and 4 still missing. Some of them were my friends and I feel so sad on them. Hopefully to those who are still missing be strong and come back! =(
I was shocked when received the news that Jason Ch'ng was dead. Yesterday was my school co-curiculum mini exhibition, I still chat with him after the function and he said bye to me after he left but today he was no longer here. I really admired at him, he was a good leader and the good president I have before. I don't know why the yesterday conversation become the last chat between us!

Sometimes I don't know how to say, why it can be like this? Yesterday I also saw the teacher Mr Chin, who looks similar like KOKAHKOK. But tomorrow he is no longer in Chung Ling teaching. Although he didn't teach me before but I can feel that he was a good teacher!
I found that the 4 students that haven't been found were my friends. They were really good! One of them Yong Xiang was my ex-classmate in Form 1. Yesterday I still take photo to Yi Zhang while he was having the scout exhibition... But now he was still missing. Brandon Yeoh I know him since he was YE and also PRS in school! Now what I can do is pray hard for them to come back safely and hope for miracles come true!

I am speechless now and hopefully tomorrow all will back in safe! Have a condolence assembly tomorrow... Let us pray hard for them! Posted by GenYong 17.01.2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Locked Basketball Court

When the school reopen, Chung Ling High School seems to have a new rule. That's not allowed students to go inside the indoor basketball court. I don't know why they do like this? Actually the construction process had started on last year. But now all had completed and we missed the indoor basketball court.
I think this will be the side entrance of the basketball court after the fence built. If it's school day there was no longer students playing basketball at this area. It seems to be more quiet compare to last time... Now students can't use this basketball court anymore and have to suffer from sunlight at the back basketball court.
My friends mentioned to me last year this basketball court might become the 'jail basketball court'. Everywhere of the court is built with the fences. I wonder that if one day there was fire burning how the players escape! XD.
2010 should be a good and lively year. But I don't know why they did this kind of things? Maybe they got their point, making this can get some tax from outsiders and prevent them doing vandalism. From my opinion, those fences no need to build since all the materials was not cheap and it might just wasting money. Besides, students have less area to play basketball! The school said sports is important but they did this kind of things, what to comment?

I am still observing school still got any new construction, see whether it's good for everyone... Posted by GenYong 15.01.2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday School Dismissed

Last Friday when the time reached 1.30pm, everyone had run out from the class and rush towards to the school buses. Anyway, I like Friday very much because it won't like other days that spent our time until 2.05pm. It's really a big different, I will arrive home earlier, more time on homework, more time to rest and many more!
School Dismissed
When the bell rang, everyone seems to rush out from the classroom. My class is 4SB3 which can view on the field. It's a good location for the morning and can enjoy myself on top of the building. But sometimes it's also quite dangerous when some discipline teachers walk around.
School Dismissed
School Dismissed
When school dismissed, I felt very happy because my half day time in school is over. Then the rest is my time at home! But seems not too free for me, one week almost everyday have tuition. Just left 2 days that's Monday and Friday free only!
School Dismissed
Actually on the 1st day of school reopen, I had brought my camera to school. I don't know why I did that, maybe I want to snap some special features. By the way, I respect school rules not to take out when teacher is teaching or snap something bad.

So how was your friday? Do you think friday is fun enough? Enjoy your schooling. Posted by GenYong 10.01.2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon (Part 4)

Hello everyone now come to the friday and tomorrow will be the 2nd weekends for everyone. Hopefully you can enjoy this short-break by meeting with your friends or hang out anywhere. I had not update my blog for few days. Due to my form 4 studies is a bit harder, so the blogging time was decreased. So now I try to update more in weekends!

I don't know should I update this post in order to complete the whole part of Penang Bridge International Marathon. Anyway, I have to do so and hopefully you will have a review on the year end in 2009.
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Our dearest Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng had given out his speech on the proud of having this annual grand event in Penang. He also reminded every tourists come and enjoy in the Penang and the state government is going to upgrade Penang into International City
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Then there was the lucky draws section. What I can say that these lucky draws compared to Starwalk's was so big different. Starwalk provided a lot of lucky draws and attracted a lot of runners. By the way, still can consider not bad overall and I think still got the space to be improved!
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
There was a lady who was the lucky winner of the motorbike which sponsored by Modenas. Anyway, I really feel so glad to see that someone else walkaway with lucky draws. If I am the one, then I should more surprise! XD. I won't be so lucky...
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
Up next, chief minister went to draw on the lucky winner of the grand prize. It's a New Proton Saga 1.3! Wow who was the lucky winner drive away this car? Everyone was so curious for the results. It took not the long time compared to motorbike. The chief minister YAB Lim was so glad to have the chance drawing the lucky draws...

I think I can't finish it by part 4, I decided to have part 5 to complete everything! Check it out...
Posted by GenYong 08.01.2010