Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Merdeka Day 2009 and my mum's birthday

Once a year we heard the shouts of 'Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!' from everyone. 52 years ago that's 1957 our 1st Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman did the job of getting Malaysia to be independence from Britain. As well as now already 52 years, the unity of nations still survive in good status.

Let us support the theme of 1Malaysia which launched by current Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak. Celebrate this 52th Merdeka Day with a peaceful atmosphere and say a word
Happy Birthday to Malaysia.

Besides that, not to forget those birthday boys/girls that celebrating on this day too. My mum is one of the examples. My mum was born at year 1965 31st of August. Her birthday is the most easy to remember among my family members.

Happy Merdeka
I snapped the photo of Jalur Gemilang that hanging on my class door. Happy Merdeka Day!
I Love My Country
As well as the 'Merdeka Pose' done by me and my friend Chu Gen... We Love Our Country Malaysia, it's our proud to live in it! Malaysia Boleh!
Love Malaysia
My friends JenSheng and HengYoung also Love Malaysia. They took up the flag and show the pose to the camera... Kami Anak Malaysia!
Happy Birthday Mum
Lastly the birthday girl is my mum and also my cousin in KL. Here I wish them Happy Birthday together have a nice day and be happy always...

Alright, I think I have settle everything before I go off for my studies until PMR end. I no longer online nor blogging. So I will apologize to those my readers first and hopefully you can wait me for one month more to get 'freedom'. See you guys at 13rd of October! Be happy ~! Posted by GenYong 31.08.2009

The Trial Happening on 02nd of September

Hey guys, after you read this post I think you have to miss up the updates of GenYong UNITY. As now I take up the last chance before I go to sleep and announce to everyone that I have to off to study until the PMR finish. My school trial exam is happening on this coming Wednesday...

So I have to stop online, stop blogging and no updates for me... Anyway, I hope everyone will understand my current status and wish me lucks if you can...

Thank you for first of all and do miss me until 13rd of October. I will be back! =)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Studies Come First

The time is flying and my school trials just left 6 days to reach. I am starting to nervous starting from now. I not really study everything well in this week. I have a lot of subjects need to study and this trial is considered important for me. It can decide whether I go for which category next year, A or B class. Not only 8 subjects need to study but it also included Moral, Sivik, Arts, Pendidikan Jasmani and also Information Technology.

It's quite a lot...
My mum always called up me to fully used up the time in afternoon for study. But I don't think I have done it... She have bought me a lot of reference books. Most of that was PMR Pass Year Collections which I choose myself. So I have to stop online starting from now until mostly my PMR done... Sorry ya blog readers you have to miss me again!
Reference Books
There are my collections of reference books.
My Exercises
I have plenty of exercises to complete, so my holidays will not feel bored.
Pass Year PMR Collections
I managed to collect the 6 subjects of PMR Pass Year Questions, just lack of Mathematics and Kemahiran Hidup.
The Model Paper
No matter how, I have managed to buy Kemahiran Hidup PMR Model Paper to be my exercise.
The Forecast Paper
I trust Sasbadi company that provided the 'Actual' Forecast Paper of PMR 2009. I bought it in whole set that included 6 subjects. I think that's enough for me!

So today already comes to Thursday. I have promised my mum that won't blog anymore during the preparations. So I should obey it! See you guys... If got chance I will sure post up the updates. Thank you very much! Add oil and wish myself luck in school trials and also PMR examination. Posted by GenYong 27.08.2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Co-op Membership Card launch on 1st of September

As a General Manager of Co-operative Club of Chung Ling High School. A good news for everyone in ChungLing High School. No matter you're Form 1 or Form 5, you can enjoy the benefits with buying stuffs in Koperasi Chung Ling. You just simply subscribe for our membership card and you can enjoy 5% discount for all items.

The membership card will efficient starting from 1st of September 2009. Come forward to ChungLing High School to subscribe for this card. It's only RM8 for non-members whereas RM5 for co-op members. You can download the registration form at here or else visit Co-op website for more details.
Registration Form

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ChungLing Tri Sports Day 2009

When I searching for some photos in my data storage I found those ChungLing Tri School Sports Day photos I haven't show everyone yet. So I take my opportunity to show everyone here. This happened on 31st of July which nearly one month ago. But I think this is a good chance let me to show you here.

This year the Tri School Sports Day was organized by Chung Ling Private High School. They used our field to have this sports day and I have the chance to take some photos here.
*That day was a school day, I just curi-curi took my camera to school for this such a big event. Hope you like these photos.
ChungLing Tri Sports Day
The words banner was done by us(Action Group) for hanging up.
Marching Teams
The marching teams were almost same like our school sports day. Just have an extra of girl guides. XD!
YE Booth
My school Young Enterprise was setup a small booth beside the hall.
The ChungLing private students was good in planning... They have planned a lot of performances out there. When you watch it you will feel that you're watching a drama. First there was a student came out and welcome the 'outcomers' to join the ChungLing Tri Sports Day.
Swing Out
For this section, I think they have practiced for long time. As you can see they can dance, swing along with the trumpets. After that they could run around the field with jumping. Finally they jumped up together! That's not easy to perform out this performance. The cooperation and spirits of team is really important, Good job!
Play Drums
Great Performances
When I was in afternoon session(Form1&2), I always heard that the drum sound when I went to Science Lab. I just realized that there were a band of players knocking at the drums. They can perform a lot of skills within a short period. They could change their way in knocking the drums, exchange drums with others. Finally they could join themselves together in a short time! Really perfect!
This performance was bring by those juniors. They read out the 弟子规 which called out everyone to obey the rules in school, perform well in school and etc. At the end they not to forget shout out 爱吾钟灵 that 4 words with their hands shaking for the welcome signal. Juniors, you all really 'geng'!
Opening Ceremony
When the performances ended, Guest of Honour announced the opening ceremony was done! Everyone quickly raise up the logo of Chung Ling with the sound of cheering and shouting...
Stand Straight
Stand Straight
After that they stand together and salute to the guests. I really glad to see that they're so polite in such events. Their efforts really touched in my heart! ChungLing Private, you have success. Next year I think our school will do it better than this! Add oil in good planning.
Tug War out there by ChungLing Butterworth.

P/s Next year 2010 is our school turn to organize this Tri School Sports Day. I think next year will have a lot of deals out there... Looking forward and really hope it will be a grand event! Posted by GenYong 25.08.2009

The two videos released

I think everyone have known that 15 Malaysia via the medias. No matter from newspaper, TV, radio station or websites. Do you like this program? I think this program is to celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of Independence for Malaysia. Because of the theme 1Malaysia and the 15 directors think creative to gather 3 races together to form a better country.

This week it released two videos. One was The Tree which acted by PAS leader and also Kelantan Menteri Besar Y.A.B. Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Besides the second video House was acted by one small boy and others actors included Yasmin Ahmad. This video was really touching... You should watch it! Posted by GenYong 25.08.2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

15 Malaysia Videos

Recently there were 15 directors think out of their creative ideas to record the videos. I think the purpose of directing those videos is because of the National Day is coming soon. So as 1Malaysia, they combined 15 directors product together and share with others. The videos were so nice and meaningful! You should go and watch it! Posted by GenYong 20.08.2009

Visual Arts-Batik Session

Recently my school was let us to try out the batik practical making while the period of Visual Arts. By the way, this was the last and also the most interesting project for us. Next year I don't think everyone can expose themselves in Visual Arts anymore. So the most memorable and the most fun session was began for three weeks ago. Yesterday came to the last week for making the batik. Everyone was taking their time to complete it and passed up.

My friend GuangIan and ZiQuan were taking the opportunity to draw a bigger size. *Actually they have finished and passed up. They decided to do one more time rather than doing nothing. ZiQuan bought a new white clothes came to Art Room and used the colour nicely and perform his art work. Today while he received his work, as we Aviation1 was proud on them for designing such a nice batik for the arts exhibition used.
Designing batik
Colour Batik
They were performing their art works on top the white clothes. They just take 80 minutes time can completed everything, really cooperation is much important!
The Artists
As you can see the two artists Guang Ian and Zi Quan was putting their hard works on the batik. By the way, I like the colour. They used different colours to mix it and come out with the nice effect.
Types of flowers
Side View
The designing process going smoothly in 80 minutes and managed to settle everything in one day! That's really impossible for me but for them okay. I get attracted on the colours of the batik... I love it very much!
Guang Ian was holding the product and that's not yet completed. The background haven't colour yet. But can you see that the fast job makes differences? What I mean is the two artists really pro and managed to finish it in a short period of time! Good job GuangIan and ZiQuan, both of you were the proud of Aviation 1! Posted by GenYong 20.08.2009

The Prize Giving Ceremony

Continue from the last post- PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09 Final.
By the way, I have missed out those prize giving ceremony photos. Hope now I have the time to share it with you. From the last post, I'm sure that everyone knew that the champion was Basketball Club which leaded by Young Hean.
The result 109 vs 100 made them won the prizes.
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
After the result announced, the team mates was making their poses to take a group shot. Why they pointing 1? Because of they believed that 1 team 1 dream, and now the 1 vision, 1 spirit. They did it!
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
Another group shot with the other team. Black and white(theShirt) it's really contrast each other. Although the champion goes to Basketball Club but the another team kindly to take a group photo with them with a pose of HIGH-Five!
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
The team mates of Basketball Club were received the medals from our PIBG President. By the way, the medals were done by me actually(next post I will proof to you).
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
The Captain Young Hean received the champion trophy from the PIBG President and means that they had successfully won the Basketball Competition 2009.
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
The final group shot with principals, senior assistant, teacher advisor, PIBG president and also some members. Really a great shot and memorable for them too... Seems they're the last year together in ChungLing, so this winning was proud for them. Congratulations again to Basketball Club!

P/s: I will seldom update my blog due to the PMR Trial preparations. By the way, I think from September onwards, I will stop for one month. Just stay tuned here, the more information will up next. Posted by GenYong 20.08.2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09

Last Saturday, the atmosphere at my school CHUNGLING was a bit lively compare with other Saturday. There were because of the PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09 Final was matching on that day. Besides that, some clubs was holding normal activities. It was not crowded as the 25th of April nor the 25th of July.

I think almost the ChungLing guys has known the result early. But it's not too late let me to repeat again. The champion went to 篮球协会, whereas the 1st Runner-Up was Bird2
Both teams were different in 9 scores... 109 vs 100. Many supporters were there especially Form 5 guys.

What they said was "We are the last year in ChungLing, so must try the best to fight for champion."
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
When I reached school the semi final was running to the end so I did not manage to take the photos. Up next was the grand final match of PIBG Cup year 2009. The teams were Basketball Club vs Bird2.
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
The main character in this match was the 08/09 President of Basketball Club a.k.a Captain, Young Hean. They tried their best to score the high marks against the other team. The one mark was consider important to them because it might caused the win and lose.
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
The above photo shows that the captain was taking the jersey of no.7 which is the popular number in football league. After matching for about 1 hour more, they have to sit down to rest for a while. Open up the leg, lean straight to prevent the muscle cramp.
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
They fought against each team. The purpose is to win for the champion...
P/s: there was one session the Bird2 not satisfied with the marks and started a quarrel the match ran usual after our Senior Assistant came out to cool down the atmosphere.
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
Young Hean did a nice shot on the marks.
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
Zez Chien was trying to rebound.
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
PIBG Cup Basketball Competition 09
After the match at the last minute, they managed to score 9 marks more compare with the other team. So the final result was 109 vs 100. It's a good result for them and they really tried the best! Congratulations to them and their cooperation is really makes the difference!

P/s: The Prize Ceremony photos will update up-next. Stay Tuned!
I am going to rest the blog for about 1 month before PMR. More information next..... Posted by GenYong 17.08.2009