Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chatime Farewell Steamboat Supper

The month of May is going to end soon, I have stopped my temporary job for nearly a month! Now I plan to focus on study first only decide what should I do next. Maybe go for freelance jobs, or part-time? But all of this have to discuss later while I having semester break.
Well, I was working at Chatime Queensbay Mall before, I knew a lot of friends, met a lot of things and also learnt a lot of knowledges from there. All my colleagues there were so friendly and kind, when I was first time there, they were teaching patiently. I feel glad to know all of them! On 15th May 2012, after their work there was a farewell steamboat supper.
Why called it as supper? Because after the work in Chatime, it was late. I was invited there to their hostel and have a gathering there. Most of the colleagues from Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza also present on that night. About 20 something people in the house.
Everyone has arrived to the hostel and the noise started to boom in the house again! They mostly talk loudly in the shop and yet will kidding with someone and laughed loudly! I was seems like missing all of that! The Chatime big family was really cool.
Everyone was grabbing the food from the steamboat. Rush for food because all of them were hungry on that time after work. It was like so fun look at them rushing to get the food. Even the previous part time colleague   Jun Yong also back to have some gathering, now he's in UTAR continue his studies.
Everyone was having fun enjoying their supper while chit chatting with each other about the shop matters. They were so fun and can even talk a joke and make you laugh non stop! It was so cool to meet them as my colleague, at least they were very take care of me while I was working there.
So end up all the food were finished I think, I didn't stay too late that night because the next day I have morning class. So just some little chit chat with them and took some photos and I back already! It's fun to know all of them and I hope there will have chance to work with them again in the future! Posted by GenYong 31.05.2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Balik Pulau Township

Balik Pulau is one of the oldest township in Penang. It was founded long time ago and I am not sure with the history there. Last time, Balik Pulau people used to say it was very very far from town and even I live at Bayan Lepas, my grandma also said that Balik Pulau is far! But since now the transportation was improved, I feel that Balik Pulau is not far from my house anymore.
I went to Balik Pulau recently by the bus 401 for FREE! Why FREE because I had subscribed the Rapid Bus prepaid card for RM35/month. It's a worth one and you can travel unlimited in the Penang Island. There are Balik Pulau New Town which near the Balik Pulau Rapid Bus Terminal. 
At Balik Pulau there are two chinese schools, one is Chong Teik Primary School and another is Sacret Heart High School. Both schools are quite near and just need to walk around 5 minutes can reach each other. Chong Teik Primary School is quite large and it's a standard size for primary students, good enough to have various activities there! Whereas for Sacred Heart is a bit small if for secondary school, the space is not really sufficient for those students!
There are Balik Pulau old town, it's only a few distance away from the Bus Terminal. I walked there and search for the famous Laksa, but it was too bad the business had ended. So end up walked around the old town and snapped some photos.
I was walking around the old town of Balik Pulau. The special one at there was the car park is at the middle of the road and it seems to be created a virtual road divider. This type of road arrangement is some sort similar like Ipoh Old Town.
When you first arrived at Balik Pulau Old Town, you will see a pretty small roundabout before you enter to the Balik Pulau new township. Turn left you can go Sungai Pinang, a place which under the district of Balik Pulau. While you straight forward can go to Balik Pulau new township or the way back to Air Itam and also go to Pondok Upeh. Balik Pulau is not a hill side, it is just like a valley which you need to travel before you can reach there! 

Balik Pulau is famous of Laksa, so do you like Laksa? Posted by GenYong 30.05.2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Nowadays Malaysians are getting crazy about the desserts from Taiwan or anywhere else. This year I can say the food trend were leading by the bubble teas or frozen yogurt. More and more frozen yogurt stores opening in nationwide! Mostly was started in KL and keep on spreading the outlets to Penang, Ipoh or Johor Bahru!
Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt was founded from Malaysia I think! Hmm... It was like Tutti Frutti, Kiwi Berry or Fruuze which served the customer frozen yogurt. Frozen Yogurt is now a trend of having healthy desserts compare to tea or coffee. It was made up from the fruit yogurt and it taste nice which frozen with the ice, just like ice cream!
The interior design of the shop was so unique and nice! It was like staying at the farm. Even the tables and chairs are also designed from the concept of farm cow! The whole shop mostly designed with the brown wood and match with the unique lighting! They used the cute farming pictures as the background in shop so I can say that this shop design concept can be compared with Charlie Brown's Cafe which located in Straits Quay!
I feel that the frozen yogurt in Moo Cow is more worth compare to Kiwi Berry or Tutti Frutti. Since the price of having a standard size of frozen yogurt had fixed at RM 9.90 / RM 10.90, if you add any topping just have to top up RM 1.00 for each topping. It doesn't depend on weighing and the toppings that they served were quite a lot and tasty!
I was there having some cam whoring photos as requested by my friends. I feel quite weird and funny when taking those photos! I was like the desserts recommend person recently. I had introduced Kiwi Berry, Chatime, La Kaffa, 6Celcious and yet so far in my previous blog post! So now this is Moo Cow's turn! xD I didn't consider any earnings from there, just like volunteer helping only!
We were having some chit chat there while enjoying the frozen yogurt! Some of my friends were doing some funny action in the shop and captured some photos as the souvenir! Cool. Lastly we had the group photos together before we leave the shop! Moo Cow I like it...
Yes it's Moo Cow. There are some description about Moo Cow and how frozen yogurt develop in our country Malaysia! Moo Cow had developed well in Malaysia as now they already have the 10 outlets in KL and Penang, I believe soon they will spread out until nationwide in Malaysia! Moo Cow, the better frozen yogurt in town! Do you like it? 

Location : Moo Cow Gurney Paragon (next to MeetFresh)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Farewell Gathering May 2012

The month of May is the farewell month for us. Most of the previous SPM 2011 candidates just like me already started the college life or sixth form life to continue in our further studies. Last Saturday I attended my friend You Loong, Ze Heng and Yee Shin's farewell. Three of them are going to leave us for outstation to continue their studies.
We met everyone at New World Park and had the farewell dinner at Mizi Bistro. Guys and girls around 10 persons were gathered at there, having dinner, chit chatting, playing together for the last time. Quite fun when get the chance to meet back my previous friends and share the previous moments together! I very appreciate the farewell dinner that organized by Missyanda. Thanks! 
#1 You Loong and Ze Heng both were my classmates on last year in 5SB4. They were my good friends since I was in Form 1. The good brothers that I can say! You Loong is leaving to Negeri Sembilan on 28th May to continue his studies on Matriculation Program whereas Ze Heng is leaving to Kampar, Perak on 20th May to continue his studies in University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). So I wish all the best to both of them! =) 
We were playing the game of "Be socializing while having dinner" which means put everyone phones on the table and restricted anyone to touch his/her phone, if he/she do so he/she is going to pay for the dinner! Pretty cool right? But at last everyone won, because nobody was touching his/her phone, we were enjoying chit chat with each others!
Some food that I ordered that night. Sorry for the blur pictures! I had ordered a set meal which cost only RM 25 and you can get a mushroom soup, course meal which is some sort like fried fish with the special sauce, too bad I already forgotten what is the name and also the free flow of ice cream with one drink. Quite worth it and the set meal can really served you into full!
Before we left each other, we had the photos shooting at the restaurant. The photos effect not very nice because there was not enough of brightness for my camera! Too bad.
The better version from my friend YouLoong. We are always the big group family! The best friends forever!
After the dinner, we went to Gurney Paragon for some desserts! It was Saturday night and the Gurney Drive was crowded with people and vehicles. I also made my first time being at Gurney Paragon at night, I was so surprised and glad to see the night view at Gurney Paragon! It was like a open stage for the LIVE band to perform at the centre whereas those audiences can simply sit down and witness for the performances! Cool, it was like Penang Times Square!
We had the Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt there and enjoying the photo session inside the Moo Cow outlet too. It was cool condition inside and the shop design was unique and nice! I will blog more about it in the following blog post! Stay tuned. Posted by GenYong 19.05.2012