Saturday, January 26, 2013

PSDC Compound Walkabout

So far, I have enrolled myself at PSDC for almost a year already. I think 3 more months, it's officially 1 year study at here. However, PSDC is a good development centre for all the technicians and engineers. Even those who are working at factory also come over and have the improvement study. Prove that PSDC is quite a good institution to learn the skills on electrical and electronics. 
This was snapped a few months ago and I just uploaded to write out something. They are my classmates and some of them are from Butterworth which they are hardworking to drive to the island everyday. My college mates so far are friendly and have the high aim! Now in my group even having 4 person gaining the TOP 10 award in PSDC. Cool! 
The environment for PSDC is good and compare to other colleges, it was not that bad. But honestly something have to be improved as well especially the WiFi signal in the college. Others are still okay and acceptable. I love the green environment and the cafeteria service there! They served the good food.
Anyway, I hope I can have my another 1.5 years with a lot of memories in PSDC. I am looking forward for more interesting subjects coming soon in the next semester. I will try my best to study well in this college and hope to have some achievement throughout here too! PSDC is the good institution in Penang! :D Posted by GenYong 26.01.2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Primary Classmates Hang Out

It was almost 6 years I never hang out with my primary mates and some of them even lost contact. Since I have used Facebook, I found back most of them and started to chit chat back from the primary school memories. Some of them might remember, some of them might forget as well for me too. However, on the year 2012 I recruited myself in PSDC and it's a local college that in Bayan Lepas. So most of my primary schoolmates were there and I used to have the chance to spend my life with them again. :D
#1 Here we are the BFF! This photo was snapped after having a movie "Stolen".
#2 The pretty look of Gurney Paragon.
#3 They were all my primary classmates from left, David's cousin, David, Zhao Yang, Chang Yin and Kai Lun. We used to have fun together last time in primary school.
They knew that I loved to take photos! That's why they left me at Gurney Paragon to take some structure photos! Seriously, I love to see those amazing building designs. Do you have the same interest too? Btw, from my comments, I like Gurney Paragon and I believe it will be rocking in Penang this 2013! 
Here we came to Gurney Plaza, we were like nothing to do after the movie. Just walk outside the mall and have some look on the seaview. Looking people arounds take some photos and just like that. Quite bored? Hahaha, because boys are usually not shopping one! :P
I seldom been to Gurney Plaza, and it was really changed from time to time. Gurney Plaza management keep on expanding the mall. Increased more parking spaces for shoppers and of course increased more shoplots too! I just realize that those restaurants have gathered at the pathway between Gurney Plaza and G Hotel.

Here my comments, so far Gurney Plaza is still the TOP shopping complex in Penang, do you agree? :D Posted by GenYong 25.01.2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Study at Jing-Zi Books & Cafe

Hello readers, I am sorry for long time not updating my blog. It was like since last year December until now. Here come the year 2013 and I am here wishing everyone Happy New Year 2013! May all the best on your success and achievements as well. For myself, this year I am targeting to be better in my studies and also my part time job. :D
Actually this blog post was postponed due to my packed schedule and no time to blog for it. Well, I hope you don't mind to read it now. This was happened during last October which I was having my final exam for the subjects of Malaysian Studies and Morale Studies at college. Hence, my friend has invited me to the study zone and recommend me to be there.
#1 The tea and coffee menu all for only RM5.00
It is Jing-Zi Books & Cafe which located at Beach Street, Penang. We were there for around 4 hours to cope up with our studies after lunch. It is a nice place to have the own revision or group discussion. The environment was pretty cool and the air conditioned big hall makes me feel like staying at a house in China.
That time was the SPM revision period that's why we saw a lot of SPM 2012 candidates busy for their study preparation too. The place is opened to public as well it also attracted some tourists to have a break at there, reading some books and have a chilling moment with some tea.
We were studying at there for almost 4 hours and it is really a good environment to study. You can sit there from the morning until the afternoon and enjoy the tea as well. After tired studying, you can even walk out to the beach street for exercising... I have tried this, you may too... :D Posted by GenYong 05.01.2013