Monday, October 31, 2011

5SB4 Physics Experiment

About 2 months ago, we had done with the physics outdoor experiment which main to detect the carbon-14 molecules by using Geiger Muller tube device. Actually this experiment is based on the chapter 5 in Physics Form 5 syllabus Radiation sources to carry out on it. Our physics teacher was good and brought us to the field and detect about the carbon-14 molecules under the trees.
Nowadays, our school trees were labelled with the name. Yea this is angsana tree, I was just know that since I was in Chung Ling High School so many years. This labelling was done by our school nature club, they were doing the project to make the students more knowledgeable!
Yes he's my best bro ever! He is You Loong and he was same class with me on Form 1, Form 4 and this year Form 5! He is a good guy and he was willing to teach me some study skills sometimes.
What were they holding? Yes that one is mentioned as GM tube previously. It is used to detect the radiation of carbon-14 molecules appear surrounding the plants.
My classmates Ze Heng and Joel Shen were there taking the measurement reading on the angsana tree. They were so happy on using that device! Cool.
That day was the rainy morning. Most of them were wearing jackets. From the left until the right, start from the class monitor Ciao Hern, Yee Chuen, You Loong, Jyh Kae, Chea Yee and also the assistant monitor Yu Ki! Group photo together!
Ze Heng was there detecting another plant for it's carbon-14 molecules that appear in the measurement reading. Some part of the plants won't have the detection but some part like the roots part will have the detection of carbon-14 molecules.
Yea. I like green very much and thanks to Chung Ling having such a big scale of green environment surrounding us!
The view of Chung Ling High School again! Latest one! =)
Aaron Lee, Jian Hao and Yu Ki was taking the reading of carbon-14 from the plant. Three of them were playful with each other with the water droplets on the plant. That's why you could see them laughing non stop there! =)
Wow! When physics teacher were giving instructions and explanation about the experiment, Ze Heng and Yong Jian who were the expert long jumper were performing their skill on long jumping at the pool of sand! The shutter speed of snapping these photos were fast enough to see them jumping high at the sky!
Wah, what happened to Wei Hao and Jia Kuan? Hmm... what were they doing there? hahaa! Actually they were the best friend and requested me to take photos for them! =)
So after the experiment ended, we went back to class probably. I still remember that day was near to exam week so most probably many of them were not coming to school, so we study together as a group and of course making fun together as well! Posted by GenYong 31.10.2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Helluva Halloween 2011

"Halloween is coming town!" Wait! Not christmas la! hahaa... Anyway, the Halloween celebration is now onwards until 31st October! Halloween was known as the western ghost festival which full with horror scene. But now the modern life, where got ghost? hahaha... This festival was just main for celebration and have fun of course!
Again I saw the celebration decoration at Queensbay Mall on yesterday. I still remember on the year 2009 I was there snapping for the halloween event. Two years had passed, this year I was there after my graduation ceremony at school. I was walking around the mall and saw the decoration there.
The design was themed as Helluva! Halloween. Same theme as previous years but different design. This year the design was full of spiders, above the stage still have the spider web and some spiders on top. I was like the design and it was unique produced by the organizer! Good job.
Yea... That's the stage view! The stage was designed with the pumpkins and some cemetery grave which full the words R.I.P or anything, turn the atmosphere like halloween night. But actually it was the design from the organizer! I like the design very much. So how are you going to celebrate this coming Halloween? Have fun on it! =) Horror! Posted by GenYong 29.10.2011

Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011

Hey guys, the annual Penang happening is now here again! Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 is coming soon! The competition date is on 20.11.2011, I know it is a nice date. Allianz company had sponsored for the whole event. That's why this year the advertisement there is Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011. A new design for this year and looks not bad.
I get an advertisement flyer from Queensbay Mall yesterday. I saw the unique design and it was attracted me to take one of it! Too bad this year I can't get myself to participate on it due to my SPM examination. For this event, there are more sponsors this year, the lucky draw prizes also increased as well.
Same registration method, either register via online or fill in the form and submit to the organizer. But I suggest you guys to register online easier and bank in to the specific bank account to the organizer.
*Step 2 : Scroll down and find for the REGISTER NOW button and click in it!
*Step 3 : Follow the instruction and fill in your details on the form required.
*Step 4 : Record down the specific number that organizer give to you and follow the instructions.

*You can refer to my several blog post about this event previous year:
Anyway, good news to everyone! The due date is extended until 5th November 2011 (Saturday) So act fast to avoid disappointment! Login to Penang Bridge International Marathon website today! Posted by GenYong 29.10.2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CLHS IU Day 2011 (Part 2)

Yo guys, sorry for so long not updating my blog. Since last 2 weeks, my PC has system down and my PC was sent for repairing. I was just get back my PC yesterday. Too bad most of the files in my PC previously has gone! All my photos from year 2007 until 2009 has all gone! Luckily I saved my latest photos on Backup D Drive and escape it.

Come on let us continue with previous story, CLHS IU Day 2011! For this part 2 I will show you what performances and games that we had done on that day. See how the participants performed well in the whole event.
We were planned the water balloon game to all the participants. It was not like the normal water balloon game using water balloon and throw somebody. In this game, all the participants were advised to handle this balloon gently and transfer to each other. It was like the musical chair, when the balloon stop at the person, that person have to go in front to the MC and called to perform something.
Those were called out by the MC. But most of the person who came out were boys compared to girls. Was it boys more playful? Or boys more lucky? Haha. By the way, they were called to do something that instructed by the MC. Some actions were so funny that requested by the MC! Cool.
Seong Liew who was the president of the club also called out and play the game. He was called to carry a person running around the hall. It was so amazing and he gained a lot of claps from the participants. After that, the balloon still transferring to each other with the music!
After that, there was the dance session. The dance was brought by the form 3 members Hong Peng and his gang. I forgot their team name, but their dancing skill was not bad. They raised up the atmosphere of the event!
After that the Black Tie Republic Musical Band was performed on the stage! The team was leaded by Anthony Ooi who was the MC of the event too. He was good in singing rock! He could attract a lot of people stand in front of stage and dance upon his singing! Cool. Well, that day the sound system was not really good and caused some problems occurred on the performance.
Next, Zhi Yang who was the popular violin player in school. He could play a lot different types songs. He could play those rock songs, pop songs or even the remix songs. He was good in playing violin and from his playing I just realized that violin not only main for playing soft core or classic songs.
Next, the turn for KCC Band to perform! Benjamin Chwee and Way Yang was the leader of the team. Both of them could sing well and their team could perform well although the sound system have the problems out there. Not bad and well done to the KCC Band. Their main songs were those light songs and nice to listen!
PCGHS Interact Club get the Best Supporter award from Mr Yeap our club teacher advisor.
All the committees were stayed back to clear up the venue after the event! We spent around 1 hour to clear up everything. After that, Seong Liew and I were taking the photos with the animal. It was great to see that the animal was looked so real. Thanks for Tze Han's dad for providing us this kind of decoration! IU Day 2011 has ended there! *Well, I could comment that this was the success event that I had organized before. Posted by GenYong 26.10.2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CLHS IU Day 2011 (Part 1)

On the date 3rd July 2011, my school Interact Club had organized our own International Understanding Day after the ICC IU Day 2011. Almost the same organizing committees took up the challenge to organize the event again. Just the different chairperson, new committees also. The theme for this IU Day was "Discovering Africa".

Those badges was specially made for the event. I had spent a lot of efforts thinking of the design and also the badges making for this event! Seriously, design takes a long time. But at last I really satisfied that my design was confirmed as the official logo and publicity tools.

Sylvia Wong from Interact Club of St George Girls School also came to help us along on the registration booth. She was the well known interact club member in Penang Island. Almost members will know her after an Interact event. She was so friendly and full of interaction!

Before the event starts, almost every participants had arrived to our school hall and pay up the payments for the event and register their name with us. After taking the badges from us, they could go inside the hall and take their seats.
ChienMing also one of the supporters of the event! He was the Interact Club member before in previous years. I still remember he was organizing IU Day before too!
CLHS IU Day 2011
CLHS IU Day 2011CLHS IU Day 2011
After the opening ceremony, everyone was arranged on playing the interacting games. The organizer was program the interesting games in order to let everyone interact with each other. Asking, chatting and discussing could be improve on each other interaction, so that they play such kind of games.
Some of them even bring their girl friends or boy friends to come and join us on the event! I was hope that this event could encourage their relationship well through interaction.
Everyone was arranged to sit in row and try to talk with each other the same row with you. After that it will be ordered to change their place to others and continue interacting until the game session ends. It was quite an awesome games to let everyone know each other! It's a kind of ice breaking games too.

*More photos coming soon in upcoming blog post. Stay tuned for the updates! Posted by GenYong 25.10.2011