Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Visit to IKEA Furnitures City (Part 2)

IKEA is the largest Furnitures Store in Malaysia. It located at Damansara City and having over 100,000 customers per week. Wow I visited it since last month when I went to KL. Let's continue writing on it. Let's see on the special of the mall!
Yes it's IKEA. I think it's the only branch at KL! The furnitures at there were so unique and special. It suits everyone's mind also!
Tables and chairs section. I could see that there were a lot of unique shapes of chairs and really feel comfortable when you sit on it. The tables are quite suitable to put in reading room and good for reading actually. Not bad!
Quite an artistic style on the stuffs holder on wall. You can put some magazine or books on the V shape holder. Besides that it's also look nice and creative when you put on your reading room. It might fresh up your mind on reading books.
Besides large furnitures, IKEA also sell some little stuffs like photo frames and some unique things to decorate your house. You can find a lot of artistic and nice items there to decorate your house!
As you can see, there also selling those unique house decorations and really could attract your eyes and buy it. We stayed there for long time and my dad also had come out with some ideas on decorate my new house too.... Quite nice.
Conclusion, IKEA is the best place to buy furnitures with lower price. The furnitures there mostly is DIY so if you stay in other state you can go over to KL and buy then fix it yourself follow the instructions of IKEA provided. Posted by GenYong 29.12.2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Penang Shopping Malls Christmas Decorations

In this holidays, I walked around almost the Penang Island shopping malls and search for their christmas decorations. This year the christmas decorations not really grand and not really a lot of surprise. But also a good job them for decorating the mall to become christmas atmosphere. From Queensbay Mall to Straits Quay, I can see that most of them really put their hard work on working the decoration.
At Queensbay Mall, the organizer themed up with the Barbie Exhibition and decorate the mall into pinkish design. Quite nice but this year a bit girlish... The stage was huge like a palace. Not bad xD!
At Gurney Plaza, they just use the simple christmas trees to decorate the concourse area. Simple is nice. Quite nice and save the place really much! Not bad xD
The shopping supermarket which nearest from my house Sunshine Square also placed one huge christmas tree on the exhibition hall. It's really special designed by using butterfly. Nice!
Next, we moved to the most far from my house that's the newly opened shopping complex Straits Quay which located at Tanjung Tokong. The huge christmas tree in front of the entrance looks like welcoming everyone to the mall... nice!
Lastly let's look on the 1st Avenue christmas decorations... Not so complicated but really nice. I can feel that I am at the snow place now. It's winter season now! Really let me has the feel on celebrating white christmas.

So let's vote you prefer which christmas decorations! hahaa... anyway, just comment under this post will do. Posted by GenYong 23.12.2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Dong Zhi 2010 冬至快乐!

Time moves fast, it's year end and Dong Zhi festival now. When reaching Dong Zhi festival I can feel that Christmas is coming very soon. Anyway, did you eat the bowl of tang yuan 汤圆 already? The same explanation as last year... But now I just want to wish all you guys Happy Dong Zhi Festival and spend the good time reunion with your family.
So please appreciate the good time with your family and wish you stay healthy and wealthy always! Happy Dong Zhi Festival 2010. 吃了汤圆就大了一岁, this is chinese tradition so you will grow up after you ate the tang yuan! So had you eaten a bowl of tang yuan? Posted by GenYong 22.12.2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pesta Sukan Scrabble Competition

Starting the month of December, I was so busy in the first week and everyday I was not at home for day time. Busy for Leo Day preparations, meetings and also scrabble competition. I was invited by my senior Christopher Loh to participate on this competition. Since we are GBBM members, so he called up me to participate on it.
Oh gosh, I was the first time playing scrabble too. I don't know how to play and now still competition? From my opinion, scrabble is just a kind of game testing for your vocabulary and English spellings. But after tried, it so hard to handle the game... I give up.
I was participate with my friend Benjamin Chwee who really pro in English. Wow finally he get the 2nd prize for the competition and it's proud of Chung Ling High School. I also have to thank him for giving me the scrabble as the present! Thank you very much, Ben!
The whole competition last for 3 days... It attracted students from other state to participate. But for Penang State just 4 of us participated. Anyway, for your information the game consist of malay, chinese and indian really 1 Malaysia. All of them really good in English and were so lucky on getting those suitable letters for their words.
The scrabble competition was held at the Kompleks Sukan Belia with opposite USM. The place inside was quite okay but just full of malay facilities and most of the participants were malays... I don't know why, maybe chinese not so interested on this kind of sports..
Scrabble looks like easy, but when you play you really have to think a lot and you might panic when the time is still running! It was helping to brainstorm yourself and dig out more English words on that.
I didn't stay to the last because that week my schedules was really packed. So I gave up the whole competition and I just went there to have some look on them, learnt some new English words. Conclusion for the events were quite nice and it let me learnt a lot of things and knew a few of new friends. Posted by GenYong 21.12.2010

Bowling with Ipoh Leos

In this holidays, I tried a lot of things. I tried some excited games in Genting, tried to shop around penang and KL, tried bowling and many more. Anyway, it was a good fellowship day too with all of the Leos! After the M.A.D Leo Day, they stayed up at Penang and hanged out with us at Bowling centre which at Sunshine Square and had their late lunch before they leaved.
Sunshine Square had setup a new bowling centre on the 5th floor recently. It's so clean and standard! Nice look on the bowling court. It attracted the parents to bring their children along and play the bowling ball.
I gave my first time on playing the bowling with all my friends. Since it was my first time, so I don't know how to throw and make sure the ball won't fall into the drain. OMG! I did a lot of mistakes and even scored 0 mark for some match.
After the bowling games, we snapped the group photos together with them. So Chung Ling Leos, Union Leos and Sam Tet Leos ROAR!! We had a good time to fellowship with each others! Finally I knew how to play bowling now. I think I will try once more time for RM 3.50 the price still acceptable. Posted by GenYong 21.12.2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Avenue Pre-Look

A Penangite you should know some updates about Penang property and latest shopping malls around us. So this year end, Penang Island added 2 new shopping malls in the town! The first one is 1st Avenue which located at Komtar City Centre whereas another one is Straits Quay which located at Seri Tanjung Pinang.
1st Avenue is a newly built shopping malls neighboring with Prangin Mall and Komtar. Since it opened so now the Komtar City Centre already fully used! ICT Mall@Komtar also opened recently and now the Komtar is alive again! Well done Penang State Government.
Inside the building are using those modern building materials... Maybe it's still new so you can observe that the whole mall is quite clean and new look! Fresh new look. But the space is a bit small from my opinion. The mall developer still put up the screen to advertise the latest sales updates or deals for shopper's information! Good.
The 1st time you went there of course you will excited to go up to the top floor Cloud 8. On the top floor contains of Karaoke, Cineplex, Entertainment Zone! It's so cool when you try to go up that floor. In between 5th, 6th and 7th floor there are all carpark! Then you can see the town view when you travelling with escalator.
The Karaoke Box there is Red Box retailed on it and they are doing promotion for the new outlet. It seems to be the biggest Karaoke Box in Malaysia! Looks cool. I went in before and it's exactly so high class! Nice. Will post up soon! Alright, now they are doing the promotion RM 1 K song. So had you been there already? If not yet please move fast before 18.12.2010 This Saturday!
You view see the crowd some sort like this in front of Red Box. Many of them are waiting for the RM 1 K Song. It's really worth but you must have some patient! 1 day 200 customers first come first serve! Wow. Perhaps you paid to go in, quite cheap for the fare. Will tell you guys later!
On that floor, there are still have some entertainment lots coming soon! Cloud 8 is the floor for fun! So shoppers you can enjoy yourself there while you feel bored after shopping! Alright, stay tuned for the next updates. Posted by GenYong 16.12.2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visit to IKEA Furnitures City

In previous month when I visited to Kuala Lumpur, I went to IKEA Furnishing City too! Wow I had been there before about 5 years ago. That time I was still small so I was there in the Children Fun Park to play with the balls. But now when I stepped in again, I was looking at those attractive and modern furnitures walking around the whole mall.
That day we parked our car at Ikano Power Centre carpark and walked from Ikano Power Centre to Ikea. Besides that, from Ikano you can also walk to The Curve and vice versa. KL practicing this kind of shopping manner is good for shoppers!
When walking from Ikano Power Centre, there are a lot of food stalls to serve you first before you enter into IKEA Furnitures City. That day we went there was Sunday! OMG really crowded of people there. Most of them were coming to check for the new furniture and explore the latest design of house decorations there!
Most of the people crowding to get themselves a reference guide of IKEA and the magazine of latest furnitures. IKEA also prepared a lot of the reusable woven bags as the shopping bags for shoppers. After they paid the money then the bag should be returned to the counter. It's a good shopping method for all user!! Good.
Many of shoppers also visited for their new room decorations and take some reference from the housing interior design. Besides that, there also a lot of departments which divide into living style, dining style and etc. I looked through those unique chairs. It was specially made and really nice and comfortable to sit on it. When walked until tired you also can sit down at the sofa at the Living Room department! Those sofas are uniquely designed by oversea designers.
Keep walking and looking and I saw a lot of unique style lighting designs. I love that kind of artisitic and attractive designs. Some of them really nice but just can't buy back because my new house not really big enough to place them! XD. Those lighting should place at the huge bungalow then it will look nice!
Next we looked on some coffee tables for living room and also office tables for my workplace. Many kind of design but just the measurement can't suit my workplace. I like those tables and the wood are quite smooth. Nice!! Some of them still packed together with the table lamp and whole set sell out to user! Quite nice but too waste I can't get it.

1 post can't post everything completely, I will try to write the next post... so stay tuned ya! Posted by GenYong 14.12.2010