Thursday, December 11, 2008

Co-operative Club Annual Camp 2008 (Treasure Hunt)

Last Friday, I attended the Co-operative Club Annual Camp which organized by Jack. It is the most extreme training camp that I have been attend before. Although we didn't go for journey to KOMTAR but we have our first experience service in Old Folks home. Today this blog post I would like to write about the process of playing Treasure Hunt in a training camp.

Anyway, I am not a good story teller here and I just play Treasure Hunt for the first time. This treasure hunt spent our 3 hours to keep finding the precious. It's let me panic and also disappointing while I can't make it. Finally the winner is not me, is him....
He is Looi Kok Meng, the camp joker and also the editor of our sketch.
They are keep find the stuffs that put inside box. What's they searching for? A paper which written on YOU WIN, go and collect your prizes.
After the game, they still have the strategy to play basketball. I need to learn from them! Cool, after the treasure hunt, my leg already muscle cramp, mana boleh main lagi? HAha. The next post will have more features to go on. Check out! Posted by GenYong 11.12.2008


Aiman Rose said...

hi GenYong! thanks for the compliment. ur blog is cool also!

Aiman Rose said...

i've added u in my fellow blogger list. hope u dont mind :)

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