Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Visit to Teluk Kumbar

I got a friend living at Teluk Kumbar, on last semester I used to fetch her home after class. Well, she is my primary school mates and also my local friend too. After dropped her home, I went to Teluk Kumbar seaside to take a look for the beautiful scenery.
I wonder that the little seaside estate was well developed as the modern living housing estate called as Sunway Aspera. The houses at there were directly faced to the sea and in front of that having a service road which can see the seaview and enjoy the sunbath too...
The pretty seaview of Teluk Kumbar. You can view it widely at here. Better advice is come during sunset, because the sun is really bright, perhaps you can snap some photographs of sunset living too! :D
The developer Sunway Properties has planted the conifer plants at the sea side and tends to make it as a little "Gurney Drive". I liked the environment there which you can witness those fishermen how they capture the fish and you can even buy the fresh raw seafood from them. There is also famous for fresh raw prawns!
I snapped myself before I left the beautiful place which near to my hometown. I hope this place is not over developed and the fisherman jetty should maintain and the kampung village should upgrade as well. The friendly people and the pretty environment especially beautiful sandy beach should be maintained! I Love Teluk Kumbar, do you? Posted by GenYong 29.11.2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mural Arts Wall Painting TShirts

I was sorry for no update for my blog post in those days as I was busy working at Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza. The tiring but yet happy working experience was really cool, I will share it out in the following blog post. Show you guys some photos out from there too!
I think most of the people know that this year there were many mural arts wall painting around the heritage site in Penang. Those artworks were perfectly done by Ernest Zacharevic, the cool artist! I really admire on his effort in those wall paintings and he makes the Georgetown turn alive.
I went to Chew Jetty for supporting my friend for their TShirts. Actually they were making the shirts with the permission from the originate mural arts wall painting artist, Ernest. They are Henry Chew and Kyle Tan who were my Chung Ling schoolmates. They are talented and creative in mind thinking of making a shirt for the tourists to purchase on it... business minded! :D
Here is their business place, it is just right in front of Henry Chew's grandma house at Chew Jetty. They are selling the shirts for RM20 each which attracted a lot of tourists purchased from them. They called themselves as ELANOO as a company and those part of the Tshirts profit will be donated to Children Protection Society.
After purchased the shirts, you can even snap one of the mural arts collection in the Chew Jetty. Besides that there is a little shipyard for small boats to land at there too. It's a good place to snap for beautiful scenery.
In weekends there are a lot of visitors came in the jetty and take a look or maybe snap photos. They are wonder that how come Penang has such kind of special place which the residents can live on the water and there was a lively community there. Besides that, some of them were even offer the resident to start up their boats and offer them a ride around the Esplanade area. It was pretty cool and I was glad to see that Chew Jetty is well maintained!
Mr Henry Chew, CEO/Founder of ELANOO.
Mr Kyle Tan, CEO/Founder of ELANOO.
The young entrepreneurs making their creativity into a business. It's a good job for them and I was proud of my schoolmates have achieve such business level and start to earn money. Actually I did sell Tshirts too, but the respond is not as good as them. Well, there is something else I should learn out from them! So I wish them having a good business and also the good studies as well! :D
Walking out the Chew Jetty, let me think of the view of my kampung at Bayan Lepas. I really hope those kampung houses can be restored in good conditions and hope that teenagers like me love to live in kampung more than in cities. The natural one is always the best! :D Posted by GenYong 23.11.2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza (coming soon)

We're the Popcorn Family
Planet Popcorn Posters designed by Planet Popcorn Malaysia
No more guessing! It's Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza! :D Well, do you guys heard about Planet Popcorn? It's a new trend of popcorns that originated from Taiwan. Now the Planet Popcorn International Franchising Network has expanded to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and also Malaysia! It was started about a year ago in our country and it was popular in capital city, Kuala Lumpur. After celebrated the 1st anniversary, they planned to extend the business to outstation as well. The 1st one will be at Penang!
Planet Popcorn Poster (20 days) designed by me
I was designed quite a lot of posters for the Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza before their opening. Guess what?Because it is another store that opened by my boss! The same boss as La Kaffa and Chatime. I was his worker and I played my role on promoting and sharing too. I love design and I try my designing skill on those posters. Not bad right? xD
Designs from Day 19-Day 10
All those posters are done by myself! Flashback for my artworks, I feel so glad and proud of myself! LOL. I know my design ain't good and I am still learning on more advance designing skill. Even myself also can't believe I can make it... Too bad until 10 days counting down the FB Page Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza was joined into Planet Popcorn Malaysia and I have no more chance to post up my productions there!

It's alright, I still can post on my timeline. Not a big problem! Well, talk back about the Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza. We are having the opening soon! Penangites do check it out for more details! :D
Actually we're planned the date for opening on 8th November 2012, but due to the renovation and technical problems, we have to delay our opening date. But we promised we will serve you soon with the best manner! You may check us out in Gurney Plaza Basement! 
The progression of Planet Popcorn Gurney Plaza. 
#For more details, you may check out the official FB Page of Planet Popcorn Malaysia. Thank you! 
See you there when the store is having the opening! I will be there! :D Posted by GenYong 07.11.2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Chatime Galleria Straits Quay

CEO of Chatime Malaysia, Mr Bryan Loo.
Chatime is a well known tea company which originated from Taiwan. It was founded on year 2010 start from Kuala Lumpur. The 1st outlet was opened in Pavillion KL by Bryan Loo, the boss of Chatime Malaysia. After 1 year of business and he decided to try out something new:  
Chatime Galleria, a new concept store from Chatime Malaysia. It was found in year 2011 and the first Chatime Galleria was in Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur. The 2nd one is at Bandar Puteri Puchong, which full of events and almost every night was crowded of people. Which is the 3rd and 4th one? From the research, the third one is located at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam and the 4th one was at Straits Quay, Penang.
Chatime Galleria, Lot 10
Chatime Galleria, Bandar Puteri Puchong
I made my first time to Chatime Galleria at Straits Quay. It was opened since April 2012, the crowds of people are still maintain and many teenagers use to be so relaxing and chit chatting with their friends while having a cup of Milk Tea or Fruit Tea.
#1 Queueing for the drinks order. 
#2 The customers were discussing on what Tea should they have when they are feeling Thirstea! :D

The efficiency of cashier is quite good and it takes me about 5 minutes for my turn to get my drinks although the queue is quite long. It's a good experience! :D

The nice interior design of the outlet. The tea are arranged according to the order and clearly written what kind of tea is that. From the left is Roasted Milk Tea, Milk Tea, Brown Rice Green Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea... Nice arrangement.

I love the backdrop of the outlet. It was written as 日出茶太 which is the original name of Chatime. There are a lot of tables and chairs for the customers. They can either play the card games or discussing some matters on the table together. It's a nice socializing place!

I have bought myself a cup of Mango Green Tea with the toppings of Rainbow Jelly! The large size cost me RM 6.90. It's worth and delicious as the Chatime Malaysia always recommended! :D 

The nice working place and I wish I have the chance to work inside this place. The nice interior renovate, nice fridge cover, nice order and nice environment. For customers, it is a good place to relax your mind and play some social games as well. 

#3 Chatime Malaysia recommended: Mango Green Tea with Rainbow Jelly.
So what do you think about Chatime Galleria? I found that Chatime Malaysia is really well planning on their business and keep on expanding in this few years. They even open up the biggest Chatime at Bukit Mertajam and the seaside Chatime at Kuantan. So do you like Chatime too? Good Tea Good Time! Posted by GenYong 05.11.2012