Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Penang Heritage Stuffs

Penang has been nominated as World Heritage Site under UNESCO since 07th July 2008. So what's special for Penang actually?
Heritage? And I would like to ask you what's heritage?

Some people will said that's food paradise and beach view! As a Penangite here, I have the responsible to introduce you what's heritage in Penang.
Penang Heritage Centre
Last Friday, when I walked around the town city, I walked along Carnavorn Street and I arrived to Penang Heritage Centre. This place is quite familiar for me because I have been here before while I have my arts camp last month.
As that day I walked there is to visit the Arts Centre in Cannon Street, Anak-anak Kota. By the way, I saw there was two tourist travelling around the heritage sites by local trishaw.

If there got chance, I must ask them
'' Hi, welcome to Penang! This trishaw service still okay? That's the special when you travel in Penang. Travel around heritage sites by local trishaw is cool. '' XD!
Calendar For Sale
When I reached the front door of Anak-anak Kota, I saw there have calendar 2009 for sale. There is not a simple calendar as you think! It's full of penang heritage calendar set.
Heritage Calendar
One copy for RM15, there is limited edition. From the person in charge, US people already ordered 30 sets of it. So what are you waiting there? Quickly get it one!

If you are interested you can either contact me by email or dial my phone number. If you have time to go there, just knock on the door to get a copy or contact the member of Anak-anak Kota Sher Rynn. Thank you very much and I am here taking opportunity to help Anak-anak Kota to promote their product. Posted by GenYong 23.12.2008


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