Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Featured Blogger Series (Inn Ching)

Inn Ching
Hey guys, sorry for delaying those featured blogger series. Due to some technical problems, I have to delay it and hopefully you guys can forgive my delaying blog post. Now let me introduce this featured blogger to you! She's a Penangite and I can say that she love natural so much! Why say so? If you're her blog reader, you should know why! She always went for outing with friends and stay touch with natural scene.

She own a DSLR which is Nikon D60. I can comment on her photos are always in the good status! The lightning and everything was all in perfect. I quite enjoy to read her blog with full of pictures. Her writing was simple to understand and perfectly nominated as one of the best blogger in Heng Ee High School! So I would like to thank her for supporting me in the contest and I try my best to feature her...

So those who are interested to read her blog... simply click on and you can immediately read her blog post! Posted by GenYong 24.02.2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY Eve 大年除夕

Hello guys, I think most of you got 拜天公 Pai Tee Kong tonight. Although I am not Hokkien Lang 福建人, my family also pray only fruits for only the small purpose. People said 有拜有保佑 means you got pray then god will bless you! So tonight seems to be the CNY eve for Hokkien People and I am here to wish everyone Keong Hee Huat Chye! Everyone Huat ah!
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
CNY Eve Dinner.
My grandma called us to go my aunt house for a simple CNY Eve Dinner as she cooked from Butterworth. CNY eve we didn't have reunion dinner because we did it the day before.
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
My uncle and little cousin!
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
CNY stuffs.
After that we went home to prepare for praying. People said CNY eve must pray for the good luck of new year... So I believe most of the chinese families had this ceremony and get the best of lucks in Tiger Year!

Later we went to town for praying. Wow even that time already late midnight but the road still crowded with people and cars. Most of the people wore new shirts to pray the god and hope that god will bless them in the new year.
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
The CNY decorations.
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
Crowded of people at temple.
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
There were many big joss sticks.
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
Later I went into the temple and take some random shots. Wow that time already 2am in the morning and I still could see there were full of people. The temple was so lively on that night and even the beggars were there waiting for angpow money.
Chinese New Year Eve 2010 by GenYong.
Lastly we went 3 temples to do praying and went home on 3am. It's happy to reach Chinese New Year! The 1st day of Tiger Year will post up in next post.. Check out! Posted by GenYong 21.02.2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

过大好年。槟城庙会 Pre-CNY Celebration (P.1)

由光明日报荣誉呈现的贺岁庆典,槟城庙会又来到了中路光明日报总社。2010年2月6日下午5点,“过大好年” 槟城庙会正式开始。现场有玩乐的游戏,展览,讲座,表演等, 让你迎接虎年的到来!我于当天出席了这场盛会,感觉很热闹也许这就是新年的气氛吧!我拍了许多照片想和大家分享,再次先祝大家武甲虎威,新年快乐,万事如意。
The lion dance preparations.
A grand CNY celebration organized by Guang Ming Daily was held on 06th February 2010 at Macalister Road. The meaning of theme is "Have A Good Year" which mean the Tiger Year will be the good year for everyone! Hopes everyone get best lucks on this new year! So I had taken quite a number of photos. Share here with everyone!
I saw one mother and son were playing the 打年糕.
The distributer was busy gave out those CNY Calendars and CNY banners.
There were too many peoples waiting for the calligraphy writing. So the students reporter was so busy to tackle with the crowds... As you can see there were many people waiting around.
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
There was crowded of people.
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
The organizer also prepared a ceremony for those visitors.
There are many creative games prepared by the organizer. It was crowded by peoples and mostly photographers there busy shooting for those games. They also prepared some water based games for visitors such as throw orange and put the lotus lantern.
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
There was one lady throwing orange and wish to have a good husband.
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
Besides that, the organizer was so kind. They think of those visitors who still hungry. They prepare for those Hakka food stalls inside the canteen and also Teo Chew Beng sponsored food too!
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
There was a 财神爷 welcome people to Penang and not to forget wish people 发啊!Huat ah!
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
There was a lot of small pieces of red papers on the board.
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
There were also a lot of birds waiting for freedom. XD!
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
The father and son were picking those seeds for the competition.
Guang Ming Pre-CNY Celebrations by GenYong.
Some still try out their calligraphy on stone.
This year I was so lucky because I skipped my tuition and went for it together with my dad. My dad drop me there and he went for dinner. I met Kenny Chun, ahKOK, HimKeat, Kelvin Woes, Ong Lai and many leos... Not really walk with them but I managed to have some photos with Kokahkok.
ahKOK v GenYong! by GenYong.
Credited from ahKOK.
There will have 3 more posts I think in order to complete this series... Wish everyone Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday too... 7th day. Posted by GenYong 20.02.2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

虎年大年初一 1st day of Tiger Year Valentine

Morning everyone, GenYong here wish everyone Happy CNY, Gong Hei Fatt Choy! So what time you slept last night? and how about this morning what time woke up? I seriously can say I slept on 4.30am last night and woke up on 10.40am.

So now I am going out to collect angpaos! XD. Actually is go for visiting relatives, friends, eat and drink non-stop! Alright so wish you here same to me 恭喜发财,大家一起“发”啊!Gong Xi Fa Cai and not to forget Happy Valentine!
Happy CNY!
Happy Valentine

Woo! Hoo Posted by GenYong 14.02.2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy CNY 2010

Hello everybody had you reunion with your family? Perhaps later eat reunion dinner with them, steamboat or new year dishes? I think tonight will be the countdown night for all chinese and most of the children will get red packets from their parents.

I am now at my uncle's house and using his new PC Dell Studio One. It's pretty nice just like Ipad, it can touch screen and many features. I will show you his PC on coming post. Actually this blog post is a brief wish to everyone! Happy Chinese New Year.


Greeting from GenYong 13.02.2010
GenYong 启 13.02.2010

Action Group Duty

Action Group is my school working group for those maintenance. Repairing windows, Repairing lights, Repairing tables and so on. Nothing we didn't do, and even we go and clean up the store room. Recent post I had post about 2 "YB" right? That's start from here everything. Let's see:
He is 'YB Chee'.
The working team.
We are called to clean up the Form 6 block store room for maybe renovation used. But actually is this our job? Is this a student job? Now holiday? Why should us do such this job? I don't know why... Maybe is our Action Group's responsibility. So we took it as a service job for Moral Project. We worked it as fun and clear everything out.
Moved out the rubbish.
Working together.
We cooperate together and moved out everything in the short while time. It is really dirty as you can imagine, we moved it carefully try to prevent any hurt on members. Besides that, we also took something to play out and make some funny jokes.
Clear all the dirty stuffs.
Pick up the rubbish.
Lastly we still pose together and snapped a photos after work! It's pretty cool and nice. I really glad that have a chance to snap this photo for those committees.
The future Hi-COM.
The Action Group.
Can you work like us? XD. We're the most hardworking! LOL Anyway, Happy New Year. Posted by GenYong 13.02.2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Biology

Biology actually is a fun subject if you really understand the concepts and love living organism. For me this year I had extra 3 pure science subjects which definitely different from last year. I try to catch with those subjects because they might guide me to some jobs. I try to enjoy the lesson and understand what're going on.
Jerald Wong was observing the microscope
The teacher Mohd. Hafiz was so good until he involved himself in the experiment.
Last month, my Biology teacher Mohd. Hafiz (who taught Nicholas Chan last year) was guide us to the first experiment which involved cells. I was so lucky that day I managed to bring my camera into laboratory and snapped some photos.
The biology lesson was interesting when some experiments was carrying out. The good teacher guide us and told us how to conduct the experiment. After he explained we all starts our job immediately. Try not to waste time and enjoy the fun in laboratory!
That day we're doing the plant cells and animal cells which similar like what we did in form 1. Our school didn't have electrical microscope and we just manage to use light microscope to observe it! I felt so surprise that when I saw this scene.... it's really perfect! Good shot. Thanks Hin Yiu(monitor) of my class and he's really good in photography!
The golf competition and I could to join the concert tomorrow. Morning where all of you going? 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Year Songs

Recently the CNY atmosphere is really near to us. This coming saturday we're going to celebrate the chinese new year eve. I am so looking forward for that night as I can eat, drink, gamb, pray and play a lot with family members. I didn't go back to hometown because I am in my hometown!

So due to the CNY coming, you will listen to many New Year songs on radio, television or even youtube. Everyone was celebrating the new year coming and looking forward for the best of lucks. MY ASTRO, 988 Radio Station, One FM + NTV7, 8TV were released their own CNY album. Each album has their own features in it! I think the most that you listened will be MY ASTRO and 988.


988 radio station CNY songs.

8TV CNY Songs
NTV7 + One FM CNY Songs

The most funniest CNY video by Namewee!

Wish everyone Happy CNY 2010! Happy Tiger Year!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The new bag

I had a new bag from my mum. Actually this was bought long time ago which before Christmas last year. Anyway, due to the contest so I forget to show out this bag. Later I will go to the Guang Ming Daily organized pre-CNY celebration at Macalister Road. So later on I will bring this back together with my digital camera!
This bag I bought at the warehouse sales in Queensbay Mall. It attracted me when I first walked into it... It cost me RM49 and I think it's worth because of the design. I like the design and the style. It's made by Converse...
To whom who really want to experience the pre CNY atmosphere, you must go and take a look. It was amazing that I can say because last year I been there before! Alright guys, see you there and hope to meet up you! =) Posted by GenYong 06.02.2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The ChungLing Insider's Spots

Recently I found that some parts of my school (Chung Ling High School) were fully destroyed and it's the time to repair. I don't know whether is it suitable to show it here but I think I want to tell out the truth. Alright, in the earlier of January my action group were carrying out a duty at Form 6 Block. We thought that just move something else that's all, but I felt disappointed when I saw something out there.
I wondered when I reached there saw all the messy and dirty rubbish. The worst was I can't even stay up with the weird smell. I don't know how to describe the smell but it was just like the rain smell. It's really dirty!
I think the room last time was used for store room but seems no people there take care well, it becomes worse. Luckily we went to open it and cleaned it up, if not I can't imagine that what happened.. The room was dangerous because of the unstable ceiling. It might collapse anytime so we have to work it safely.
"YB Chee" and "YB Ivan Lim" were pointing to the ugly wall.
My action group team mates were acting like YB went to look through the whole room. Since I had my camera with me that time, so I took some photos to proof that we're working and it's really terrible! If you're ChungLing guys, I think it's a funny blog post for you! LOL!

Next was the day of memorial ceremony (29/01/2010), there was a dangerous case happened in the toilet. The toilet was common used by Form 4 students. According from my friend, he said that one students go into the toilet to do his 'business', suddenly one 'bola crackers' throw in the toilet. That student quickly rushed out and lucky he didn't hurt. I wondered when I hear this news from him, I don't know whether it is a prank or a trap.
"YB Ivan Lim" was carry out his duty again and look through about toilet.
Lastly everything was fine and the student was nothing happened and it just the toilet destroyed. I think next time Chung Ling have to more focus on those cases. Prevent the bad things to happen again! Is it alright? Let's cooperate together and form a better Chung Ling High School! Posted by GenYong 04.02.2010