Thursday, March 31, 2011

Penang Sakura 2011

Recently Penang Sakura is back! A spring blossom atmosphere had came back to Penang since year 2008! If you are the Bayan Baru resident, you should know where to see this scene! It's located at Sunway Tunas housing estate which near PISA, DPiazza and also Pantai Hospital. Along the road to Sunway Tunas area, you could see the trees which full of the spring blossoms flowers!
The photo above showing the real atmosphere there on 30th March 2011 when I walked along there! I think if you are interested on taking photograph, should go for it now!
The trees are full of the blossom flowers. There are two colours which are white and pink! That place now really a good place to take photograph especially for the wedding photos! xD. This place will be a very romantic place since it also located at the local place, more convenient!
I like this shot so much! It seems like I am at Korea. But I am only at Penang, Malaysia! That's why people call those flowers as "Penang Sakura" as well.
The flowers fall at the roadside and formed a very nice effect on "decorating" the road side. It seems like snowing around that area and really a nice scene! This scene will happened every year but the view for every year will be different. So now you can still go! Come on... go for it! Posted by GenYong 31.03.2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011 KL Trip

In previous one week holiday, my dad had brought us to KL for one day one night! That schedule was quite packed due to my KL uncle's new house warming. Since he invited us, so we travel from Penang to KL for the purpose of attending his house warming.
When we arrived at KL that day around 3pm like that, my cousin Crystal Moon drove us to Leisure Mall to have late lunch or tea break! When I walk in the mall, I saw that there so many restaurants in one corner and most of the restaurants were quite popular in the town! Cool.
My auntie was there and she suggested to treat us 6 persons for Sakae Sushi lunch! It was new opened outlets for only few months. If compare to Penang, this outlet was more high class and most of the service crews were chinese.
Here come some group shots. This is my sister and I at the Sakae Sushi!
My KL cousins! From left Crystal Moon, Ai Moon, Hao Ming and Jun Meng!
My sister and auntie together with the naughty Keegan boy! xD..
We had quite lot of sushi and some delicious dishes there. I will show in the HouLiao food blog soon! As you can see my naughty Keegan boy cousin was so excited on ordering the sushi and other dishes. He was the loyal customer as my uncle always brought him to Sakae for sushi! At the end my auntie was spent up RM 160++ for treating us the sushi lunch! xD.
After billed for the food, we walked around the mall and saw this stall! My auntie was joking with us say that better still we bought back this with RM 160! We can eat non stop at home for sushi! The prices for this sushi was really cheap! 1 pack even RM 1.00, the workers there were making on the spot! Cool. I hope that Penang has this too!

KL Trip posts... more to come! Stay tuned here... Posted by GenYong 22.03.2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Penang Times Square Food Gallery

Penang Times Square had turned the phase 1 section to the big lot of Food Gallery recently. Where's Penang Times Square? For your information, Penang Times Square is located at Jalan Dato Keramat which you can see the building near KOMTAR. It was a big project for Ivory and also the next shopping delight in the town!
Last Tuesday morning I was there took a brief visit before waiting public bus to come. I walked into the mall and maybe it was still early so I didn't see the crowd of people. I saw the food gallery was located at Level 1 and I never been there yet. I promised I will take a try and trust that the food was serving in the lowest price in the town! All food are started from RM 4.50!
Food Gallery was opened since 9th March 2011! It has gain more people to the mall and really an effective method to serve the customer better! I hope that Penang Times Square can be alive again after this food gallery was opened. Not to forget to mention, Penang Times Square phase 2 is coming soon! Penangites should go more Penang Times Square and enjoy yourself at the events that brought to you by the management! *More photos please click here

More cafes and restaurant to come! Coffee Island Signature, Tao's Japanese Restaurant, Ming Garden! So if you are hungry, cepat pi Penang Times Square!!

For more updates... you can follow Penang Times Square on Facebook too! Posted by GenYong 18.03.2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Setia Pearl Island CNY Celebration 2011

Talk back to CNY! I think few more posts I could complete the whole CNY series. Anyway, let's see on the Setia Pearl Island CNY Celebration that held on the end of the CNY on February. I was there after I visited the Star Education Fair.
If I am not mistaken, this is not the first year Setia holding such kind of events. I think this will be the most grand event before. For your information Setia Pearl Island was located at Sungai Ara which now already developed as the new town which near Penang International Airport.
Setia Pearl Island had provided the food stalls to visitors and they also gave out each person 1 mandarin oranges at the entrance. This year the stage was located inside the Semi Detaches houses and it's quite hard to find. Outside still have polices take care of security! This event was quite grand and attracted many people to come.
As you can see they were spending a lot on this event and the stage was so grand and nice!
Wow! There were crowded of peoples there! No matter you are chinese, malay or indian you were all the guests in the event on that night! Most of them were coming to take a visit on the show village at the hill. This time Setia really earned a lot! Too bad I left earlier due to I was cycling there and I missed the fireworks. From my house, I can heard the sound of fireworks for 10 minutes and I believe that it was a grand fireworks ever!!

So if you're interested to visit Setia Pearl Island, you can just contact up me and I will take you there! xD Posted by GenYong 17.03.2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chung Ling Education Fair 2011

After the Star Education Fair which held at PISA, my school Chung Ling also organized an education fair for students. This event is annually organized by The School Counselling Unit and it is opened to public for visiting. This year the education fair have 66 universities or colleges from local and international came to participate in this education fair!
I love the design so much! This year the theme of the education fair is more simplicity compare to last year. The creative artwork had attracted me! Too bad that time I was quite busy and didn't have the chance to take a photo inside the background!
My friends, Jia Liang and Bin Hong were there guiding me on which exhibition site to visit. That day I stay back to visit for further information. Some colleges exhibitors had left but majority were stay up until 4pm.
As you can see the education fair had attracted the Chung Ling students and also the Penang students to visit. Many choices were there for you to choose! Asking is always free so you can know more after you asked questions.
In the afternoon the crowd wasn't so packed anymore so I could ask more about that. Besides that, I also take some test from counselling unit to see that what career suitable for me in future. I also take a survey from the outside counselor to direct me to which career based on my interest! I really learnt a lot from this event! Thanks to Counselling Unit and I tell myself to score well in SPM in order to have good further studies!! Posted by GenYong 16.03.2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Star Education Fair 2011

The month of March, education fairs are all around the corner in Penang, KL, Johor and many more places. The purpose of having Education Fair is to introduce colleges and universities for Post-SPM students to continue their Pre-U study!
On February 20th, The Star Publication had organized the Star Education Fair at Penang International Sports Arena. It was just like last year which contain quite lot of universities and colleges to do some introduction on their courses that provided.
Inside the Sports Arena there were up to 100 universities or colleges to participate on this education fair. I was there in the evening of last day so I just managed find some courses that I am interested on!
So do you have any ideas on what to study now? If not yet, kindly go for Education Fair or Colleges Open Day! Choose the right way, get the good career! xD. Posted by GenYong 15.03.2011

The 1st Term Test 2011

Exam, Test always make students stress but no matter how, we still have to face it! Somebody prepared early in the month and somebody catching for last minute study. For me I study while exam and I feel that it was quite tough to study like that. So I tell myself to study before a month when exam starts! Alright let's take a look on the revision session while waiting the next paper to start:
Early in the morning, when everyone arrived to school will automatically take out a book and continue their study. Somehow everyone already study at home and that time was just a short revision and the time was really packed.
That's what we have to study for Chinese! Memorize the old version language and translate to new version of language! It was quite tough and really wasting time because it might only come out for 3 questions instead of this long passage!
My buddy You Loong was so hardworking on trying those maths questions before having the real test paper. He was really a hardworking boy!
Zhao Yao who was also aimed high for his studies, revise about the maths formula before having the paper. Good job!
Yong Jian seems like study finish on that time and keep on walking to make some discussion with everyone. His discussion mostly falls on those subjects and also he reminded me a lot of formula too!
Ace Ang taught You Loong Maths questions whereas Ciao Hern who was my class monitor also try those maths questions that provided by teacher. For myself I just take some photos to post up at blog and after that study with them as well! This time exam, I really suffer with bad result seriously! I want myself to achieve better on next exam! xD. Posted by GenYong 15.03.2011

Penang State Government CNY Celebration 2011

Hey guys, let us back to some post that I haven't post finish for this year Chinese New Year. On the 4th Day of CNY, Penang State Government had organized a CNY Celebration which opened to everyone at Balik Pulau New Market. I was there for about 2 hours to witness the event being started.
The event site was started to have crowds since 6.00pm on that day. Most of the participants was the local people there! Really I could see 1Malaysia inside which contains of Chinese, Malay and Indian! xD.
As you can see on the photos. The crowds were increasing when the sky turn dark. Some of the old citizens were there sitting down and waiting for their sons or daughters to treat them on the free food that provided by government!
Then we walked around the exhibition area and saw a lot of unique items. I saw some exhibition stalls talked about Balik Pulau History, Balik Pulau Local Features, Chinese Traditional Collections and many more. One of them is one brother who was pro in calligraphy were there writing the calligraphy for people! Nice handwriting and beside him is selling those unique items that selling good in China.
Besides that, there were 4 stages all together for that event! At one of the stages, I saw the performance from Phor Tay High School boys playing on the 扯铃 and they were so amazing because every time when they doing skills, many people will give a clap to them! Really good.
After that we saw one uncle was drawing something colour that attracted my eye side. The multi colour and the bright of the light was attracted people go and buy! Nice...
So upnext we waited until those VIPs coming and we had a free dinner at the side which provided by the Penang State Government. Chief Minister YAB Lim Guang Eng was hosting the opening ceremony and this ceremony had certified by TYT Tuan Abdul Rahman follow by 1st Assistant Chief Minister YB Mansor!
Wow everyone was inside.. It seems like a christmas party more than CNY Celebration! Everyone was getting high on that day and tasted a lot of CNY Free Foods. Penang State Government really a good government for Penangites. They provided free shuttle bus service, invite everyone to join the celebration and many more else! Posted by GenYong 15.03.2011