Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Last Day @ 4SB3 2010

Done the whole form 4 syllabus, exam over and it's holidays now! Review back the last day at my class 4SB3. I was so touch when spending the last day with my classmates and concluded that this year is going to end. Anyway, that day was still exam for the English paper but we were too excited and almost is just like a day before holidays!
That day we were returning our SPBT books. There were light weight in my cupboard after returning all the textbooks.
Some of them started to played the chess but some of them still busy to settle their work before the schools end!
They were my classmates! Some of them pro in exam... some of them pro in gaming... some of them pro in reading novels... some of them pro in playing football and even some of them pro in sleeping in class! OMG... XD
I took a photo with them! 4SB3 rocks!
I don't know who took this shot when we were checking the photos that we take on YL Bear's camera. Checking on the nice shot and those funny shot in his camera.
Had a photo with my class "Big Brother" Chong Yee! After that, I was playing with the umbrella. Opening up the umbrella and play around! The last day in school should be playing around right? XD.
These two photos were taken after the English paper exam! Wow it's rocks and thanks to everyone for spending their time for stay back to take the group photos together. It was happening on last Tuesday! I really thanks to everyone who spent the fun time in class 4SB3! Hope that next year we can meet again. Posted by GenYong 24.11.2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Penang Town View

Hi everyone, I was just travel back from KL. Wow it was really a good time living there... Although it was full of busyness of the city feeling I had fun at there. My aunt's house which at Cheras is quite near to the KL city centre, whenever where to go they travel through the City Centre. Full of traffic jams, peoples, cars and many concrete jungle there!
As the local Penang people, I still get use on Penang City. Because KL is such a big city, a lot of highways, cars and many things. What you can see at Penang is not so modern but the lifestyle here is quite relax compare to KL City. I am quite proud to be the Penangite.

*I will post up the KL blog post in upcoming posts! Posted by GenYong 23.11.2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

69th Chung Ling High School Graduation 2010

The time moves fast now it is come to the year end. Holidays started now! Anyway, what I've done this year, I just can say relax all the time. Gosh! I should fix up myself in this holidays! On 31st October 2010, after the primary school walkathon I went to Chung Ling High School for Graduation Ceremony duty. As I was the action group, so I have to do so.
Since last year 2009, I already duty for the graduation ceremony but compare to this year. It seems to be this year more quiet and not really a big crowd there! Last year more grand, more performances and more people!! What up next on graduation 2011, my turn??
Everyone seems to be getting high atmosphere at there. Wow! LIVE Band from Gallus Gallus which performed at Leo Idol before.
They sang quite lots of songs around 5 songs before the ceremony ends! Some of the students were up there jumping, making high atmosphere, video, photographs and many more.
It seems like a concert for 30 minutes at hall... But the atmosphere still not high enough compared to last year. Maybe is the lightning problem or anything I don't know.
The LIVE band having 3 singers, 3 guitarists and 1 drummer if I am not mistaken. The performances just everything done by the LIVE band no any others. Quite boring la! But anyway, watched 2 years of graduation ceremony the 3rd year will be us! I will make more grand and more memories in next year! Posted by GenYong 19.11.2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lenovo Give Out Contest by

Read my friend TC Maine's blog and found that she is participating on the give away contest. I remembered I had participated the Give Away Contest too by last year while Christmas Season. It was pretty nice for the experience of joining this contest! And really you will develop your confident and hope to get something!
So now I am supporting Maine and hope that she can get the new laptop as her current laptop should go for recycle! XD

I support TC Maine
The Contest is sponsored by

Chung Shan Alumni Day Walkathon 2010

Hi everyone I am back here. Holidays start since yesterday!!
Recently on last month 31st October 2010, I had participated the Walkathon which organized by Chung Shan Alumni. SJK(C) Chung Shan where next to Penang International Airport was my primary school. I was there for 6 years! Now as I leave it for 4 years this was not the 1st time I back to there.

So on that day morning, my dad and I was heading to the school and we gathered there. 7.30am onwards we started to walk. Our destination point is to walk over the alumni centre which located next to Bayan Lepas police station. Let's see how we walk:
Around 80 people joined this event. It's the first time the alumni which included teenagers, children and also uncle and aunty there. I was the first time to join this event too after I had graduated from the primary. It's free and really not bad for Saturday morning exercise.
When we head over to Airport, I saw the roundabout which located outside the airport entrance. It's nice and I hope to take a nice shot for it. Now I already success on doing it!! Cool. Thanks to SP Setia for building it and it's already officially opened by our Chief Minister YAB Lim. This was attracted a lot of tourist and sometimes when I ride Rapid Bus I will heard from tourist praised on that!! XD
Sometimes when you drive over to Bayan Lepas, you will saw a building next to the police station. That building is the office for Chung Shan Alumni! Now they already rent to others to operate a clinic. That day every participant were there taking a group photo!
Then we head over to Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim and turn a round back to SJK(C) Chung Shan. Everyone was coming back and get the lucky draw number from the in charge person. Then the canteen also prepared some light breakfast for us!!
Everyone was waiting for their lucky draw number being announced. My dad was the first one to get the lucky prizes. But actually the organizer used to give everyone who completed the walk and stay with us!! Everyone get the prizes.
After that I had a football match with those alumni. Got teenagers and uncle! Wow some uncles really powerful and they really play a nice game!! Cool and it was fun have a morning time with them. I hope that there will have more and more this kind of activities happen on my primary. Posted by GenYong 18.11.2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Revision Session

Hi blog readers, I am quite busy nowadays and really have to ignore my blog updates again. No I am lacking of time on my revision, school works and of course limited time for online Facebook or blogging. By the way, before my exam starts I would like to update my blog! I am having revision now. Happy Deepavali to everyone but I am studying now!
My table is full of the revision stuffs! Got Biology, Physic, Chemistry and many more... I try my best to complete everything and do well in this final exam!
So now is the time for my study... Wait me for 2 weeks. I will be back soon and keep updating my blog! Thank you everyone. Posted by GenYong 09.11.2010