Sunday, August 31, 2008

My cousin's birthday party

Last Friday, I went to my aunt house in Bukit Bendera, Air Itam with my mum and sister. We went there for my cousin which same age with my sister, she was invite us to her birthday party. She also invited her friends and some of her relatives, included us! Alright, at there I had taken some photos about food and portrait. This post I will show you the portrait and the food will in HouLiao.
Birthday Girl
This is a birthday girl. My cousin, she was having her 12th birthday. But seems my sister WinYong didn't celebrate her birthday so complicated. Simple is good and even the best!
This was my family members(mother side). From left to right, my mum's aunt>my mum>My grandmum>my aunt. They were chatting to each other because of they long time no gathered together and chat ready.
GenYong and WinYong
This who the blogger GenYong and his sister WinYong. I was eating the rice while my uncle was taking this photos. You look at this picture you will know that I was busy eating at that time. No time to smile pun! LOL.
After finish eating, my sister was sitting at there and at a shot. It is cool and nice, but one thing she is too fat. XD....
Kids playing
As me, I was looking at the kids playing balloons. My cousin Keegan and my cousin(further) were playing at their balloons. Kids and kids playing is fun, I was laughing at them! Hahah.
Then my cousin Keegan was playing the PC Game, Need For Speed in my cousin computer. His computer have many of games. Even one midnight if you can't sleep well, go and play some games and waste the time. LOL. But his computer no Internet yet. Too small la, just know gaming is good enough! XD....
Keegan was holding the gaming stick and smile to me. It is damn cute to me and looked funny. Do you think he will play the racing game? Actually, he was only simply press the button! Hahax.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Proud of China. Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony

Got opening sure got closing. Sorry for delayed this post because of I posted the by-election posts. At here i need to congratulate sama Anwar Ibrahim, our future prime minister. Avoid to start politics talk, we start at our closing ceremony of Beijing 2008.

Last Sunday night, a ceremony of ending Beijing 2008 started. As I searched from Flickr, I found that China people owned a nice DSLR shooting skills. It is cool. Let see the photos below:Show you all of the Beijing 2008 Olympic photos. This photos is grabbed from Flickr. You can see that the fire on top of the stadium is extinguished and it proof that Olympic is ended. You can see there was London and Beijing performances and Leona Lewis was singing. Posted by GenYong 30/08/2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

916 is it true?

Congratulations to PKR Consultant Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim! He won 31,195 votes and majority won 15,671 votes won Barisan Nasional Representative Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah. Datuk Arif Shah won for 15,524 votes and the Individu paticipant Hanafi Hamat from Kelantan was only won 92 votes. Malaysians are waiting and looking forward for 916 DSAI. From Nick Chan Dot Net, I know that Malaysians need new government to conduct them for the further future.

As now Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is the one of leader which can conduct us into a better future of Malaysia. Yesterday he won the by-election and now is the chance to let him go into Parliament be a opposition parties leader. I ensure that he will attend and discuss the Budget Day 2009 on this coming Friday.

From Nick Chan Dot Net
Anwar gets BIGGER majority

LIVE UPDATES Final EC tally - Anwar got 31,195 votes, Arif Shah, 15,524, Hanafi, 92. Anwar won with a majority of 15,671. Anwar’s wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, won the seat with a 13,388 majority at the March 8 general election. [malaysiakini]

It is 3 weeks to go and we can 'watch something interesting' between BN and DSAI. Looking forward! Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim, you are the best! But to the BN representative Datuk Arif Shah, you not lose just people don't like the style of UMNO and Barisan Nasional currently conditions. 916 is it can be the true? Looking forward!

One Public, One Dream!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who will win?

Who will win today? PKR, BN or AKIM? From now is just left one hour to vote that I think so. After that while counting the votes is quite nervous. Who will win tonight and be the new government and go into parliament tomorrow? This by-election is quite fantasy. Who will win this, tonight will know! You support who? Who will be our future government? Tonight will know! Check out for more details! Anwar Ibrahim, Arif Shah and Sinomi KAMBATEH! Who serve us the best, we know that!Posted by GenYong 26/08/2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Permatang Pauh Re-Election!

Penangites here get a good luck of having this so kind of DAP Government. As our dearest Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng applied for all penangites for one day 'public holiday' tomorrow. This is because of the Re-Election in Permatang Pauh. He is a kind man and guided a good and caring government, because he let all of the Permatang Pauh people got a chance to elect out their 'own government'.

As we know, this Re-election contributed in our dearest PKR Consultant Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Barisan Nasional and also PAS 'participants' inside. This time of re-election is contributed to the future. This is the only chance to let Dato' Seri Anwar to go in the parliament again. So every parties here were getting their own objective to let the 'participants' to win!

From the news since 816 the registration day until now, we can see that on newspaper who are shooting who and who are really helpful to public, all the electorates will know. From the news of said that this re-election is a 'dirty election'. Do you agree? I don't think so. You do what, people will know and also yourself will know it!

I none support which part. I just give support to the 'participants' in this re-election. And giving advice to people, do you want 916 have a new government? Or you want still a same leader conducting us? This is your own decision! Make sure you vote for your likes!

Who serve you the best, you must let he/she a chance to conduct the government! Who serve us best, we know that!
Let's us not the electors observe for the result tomorrow night! Who will you support? Make your decision and keep it secret! Posted by GenYong 25/08/2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Proud of China. Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony

Just now I ensure that you got catch out the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games 2008. At the end of this event, what are your feeling? As me, I felt so proud of chinese with China. Chinese is successful starting from now! It is cool enough that China can be do such big events. Congratulations to China and our badminton player Lee Chong Wei too. All games ended here! Is the photos presentation time:

Since last two weeks while opening ceremony I 'owed' you all the photos of Beijing right? Haha. Now I can just make a review of it. This photos I found in Flickr and try to share with you all and I really thank you to the photo provider which in China or whatever countries that kindly post up the photos.These photos I found from Flickr and I ensure almost bloggers already post it. I just make a review! Alright, if you are using IE7 can't view this photos well, please click at the small photos then it will enlarge. Or u can subscribe my feeds to view the overview of this post and also can even download Firefox to view it! Next>>> Closing Ceremony photos. Finding.....

p/s: For your information, penangites here! Got a good news that this coming Tuesday are Penang's special public holidays. This public holidays is because of the re-election of Anwar Ibrahim! Cheers up and hope they(anyone) will won! We are looking forward for better leader! Posted by GenYong 24/08/2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

1st Anniversary Blog Templates Suggestions!

1st Anniversary
My blog is having 1st Anniversary soon since I started blogging from 25th of September 2007. For this cause, I would like to get your suggestions to change my current template. Change a new look, get anniversary is more good! LOL. Created by me?! That's true, if you can suggest for me the best templates and the most nice templates, I will give you a secret gift. Not maybe, is true. But still keep secret! LOL. Hope that you can suggest for me the templates and call more visitors here. Promote this out! Thank you. The deadline is 31st of August 2008. Participate in this contest by leaving comment or email to me in which emails that provided>>. Thank you! Catch up your chance! Posted by GenYong 23/08/2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Random photos presentation.

Last saturday, I went to school for attending KRS activity. I was not perform well on that day while marching, because long time no march ready! Get my seniors scold, is okay for me. Just accept it! =) Alright, that day really few of activity. Scout no activity, Boys Brigade no activity in morning, it is so quiet in school.

p/s: Every teachers were meeting.

Today what I want to post is the photos that shot before I went off to home. I saw something special and shot it to share with you now. What I shoot?
Caught fire?!
I found this while I was chit-chatting with my classmate. I found that is it caught fire at the opposite behind the mosque?! You can see very clear there was full of black gases flying on the sky! What happened currently? Did everyone know? =)
Tree Skin #1
I am currently practicing how to snap some photos just like DSLR effect. I like DSLR shot photos. But no $$ to buy it yet. I am having PMR to go, still got one year or while I after my secondary then I can spend my pocket money to buy it lo! =)
Tree Skin #2
Another simply shot, I wondered that this photos is quite nice. Yo, I will still improving my photography shooting knowledge and my 'poor' english. Kambateh! =) This post just show you some random photos that I shoot. I am currently in Plurk, follow me! Thank you.

Oh ya, I was decided to find a new template to change it for my blog 1st Anniversary. Any suggestions or comments please leave it for me. *Maybe the one who suggest me the coolest template will get some secret gifts from me. Posted by GenYong 22/08/2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cheers up B2 UNITY!

I am now currently in my friend's house @Air Itam. We were doing project but it is useless because all of us are playing PS2 or online and whatever. And now I decided to blog LIVE here. After blogging I want to travel Rapid back le! Alright, continue with last post. My class proud! Cheers up B2 UNITY.

Catch it!

Penalty again?!

Yi Jie!

Cool Zhao Qin!

Be careful!

Catch the ball!

Cool ZiHan!
Now I am lacking time to blog it finish. Just put up all the photos and the description I will post it tonight while I reached home. Thank you! Posted by GenYong 21/08/2008 Going to travel by Rapid and back home and took a nap!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Class ball based competitions@August Part 2

Continue with last post, this actually is happened on last Friday. Tell you the whole story, everyone was surprise that how come the last day also got the 'siren practice'. Everyone has known is just practice, so not so scare and even be crazy. That day, our school afternoon principal, Mr Tan would like to let us have a practice for the fire in case. After we gathered in field for few minutes, then the games all is continue and we have earliest recess that's 3.30pm. Alright, let's start the handball shot!
Form 1 match
First when I reached handball court. I remembered back while I organized the handball match, participants all are very cool and good performance. I reached there, I keep observed the form 1 players, 1T14 good in handball. Imagine last year I from 1T14 also not bad la! LOL.
Catch the ball!
Now is the turn for Form 2. Same age more surprise! Haha. This was B4 vs C3, B4 got 'Fu Xin' in chinese and many more. C3 got 'Seong Liew', pro vs pro! At the end also penalty shoot out la!
C3 scored one ball, but B4 also not bad. Scored 1 ball too by Fu Xin. Cool he throw the ball so hard! I just wasted didn't snap it, but must care for my camera, scared that camera will spoil! Hahax.
Goal #1
Let's watch penalty shoot out! C3 goalkeeper, was try to defend the goal post. But that's just example la, not counted! Don't worry, still got chance if goal!
Goal #2
Oh no, this shoot out nice. But B4 goalkeeper, kambateh! Just lose one ball. Nice shot le! Fast action can shoot until so clear! Cool. XD....
Goal #3
C3 goalkeeper can't survived and let B4 scored another mark! 1-1 now! Really good!
Goal #4
Wow, the goalkeeper so cool or my camera shoot so nice? I think is the timing! Got goal?! I think so!
Good keeping
Good keeping and my nice shot! Rescue the ball and get one more mark! Cool.
Cool jump!
Jumping?! The goalkeeper jump so fast to try rescue the ball, but the ball get too high and fly out!
Yang Kwang Shoot!
Now until B4 one of the 'heroes', Lim Yang Kwang shoot out. Standby, get ready!
Goal?! Unfortunately, is no! He so disappointed. Missed some then can goal le! Today post I think is until here, my friend is waiting to see cool photos. There la^^^ Thank you for support me! Call more Chung Ling Kia here yo! Thank you! Still will be continue, B2 UNITY is coming! Posted by GenYong 20/08/2008