Sunday, May 16, 2010

LEO Election Meeting + Walk For Sight 2010

Hello guys, recently really busy until can't breathe! Anyway, I try to ignore blog but somehow my dad tell me to blog back because this might improve my writing skills. So now I just want to do some blog post that's out to date which happened on last month.

I feel very happy because now I am the certified LEO! ROAR. I was so lucky being elected as the Incoming 2010-11 Treasurer for Leo Club of Chung Ling High School. So towards this few weeks, I quite busy with my club stuffs (LEO, Koperasi, JCI Junior and Action Group) and also catch up my homework.
GenYong v Ryan Lim by GenYong.
Me with Ryan Lim after the meeting.
For more details about Election Meeting click here
Now let me review the activities of Region 1 LEOs in last month.
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
Wow Walk For Sight 2010 is back! Anyway, Region 1 Leos had organized this event before on last year which on the date of 25th June 2010. This year they seems to be organized earlier and let more people know that sight is really important to us! All the fund collected will donate to St.Nicholas Home! As you can see those sponsors given out a lot of prizes.
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
I went there late on that day because my personal matters on the morning with family. By the way, I need to thank my dad for driving me to the location. When I reached there they are almost walked finish. I just saw many of them really try their best guide their friends to walk. After the walk, there should be some beverages to drinks or rest under the tree.
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
Besides that there also the free massage service from St Nicholas Home. The blindness have good skill on massage although they can't see you! Many of the walkers praise on them and I saw that many of the blinds were so happy! Cheers...

Next going to give the appreciate awards to those school. I just snapped some school Leo Clubs such as PCGHS, CLHS and Union High School.
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
The 2009/10 PCGHS Leo Club President Leo Teh Pei Cing!
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
CLHS Leo Club 2009/10 1st Vice President (President*) Leo Lim Yong Seng!
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
Union High School Leo Club 2009/10 President Leo BoonYan!
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
When the ceremony go on, we gathered under the canopy busy chit-chatting with other Leos and not to forget to play! LOL. As you can see many of them was so active and really enjoy the fun of chit-chatting! ROAR =)
Walk For Sight 2010 by GenYong.
Up next the lucky draw grand prize was won by, I don't know what's his name but the prize was received by Leo HimKeat from Leo Luk Chee Cheng. Congratulations to the winner as he won a motorbike! ROAR. The 1st April project has done! Up next LEO Idol, stay tuned and check out! =) Posted by GenYong 16.05.2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where's GenYong recently?

Hello my blog readers,
I am sure that you will ask me where's GenYong? Where did he went? I am GenYong here. I am not going to NS or anything as I was too busy on my school stuffs and societies. Really! I really experience on the busy life. I am tired and lazy to update my blog too! But you can catch up with me on facebook, twitter or plurk.

So where did I go for this whole month? As everyone know that I am a Leo now, so I surely went to Leo functions. Anyway, in the previous month Region 1 Leos having 3 big projects on Walk For Sight, Leo Idol and also Wok For Love.11th April 2010 - Walk For Sight group photos credited from Facebook Min Xiang.18th April 2010 - Leo Idol 2010 Penang Challenge Champion Leo Club of Penang City!25th April 2010 - Wok For Love Cooking Competition Committees Photo. Credited from Facebook MinXiang 07th May 2010 - Sports Day 2010 Sales Badges selling!

I spent a lot of times and efforts on club stuffs and school stuffs. I am now trying to catch up my homework too. I will try my best to catch up everything as I can. An advice to everyone, being a leader is not so easy as you think! You have to sacrifice much.

Exam coming soon, I will not update so often but you can follow me on facebook! Anyway, wish everyone Happy May, Happy Mothers Day, Happy Exam and Happy Everyday. XD!
By GenYong

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sports Day 2010 Sales *Badges

Sports Day 2010
Hi all,
This year we seems to work different due to the request from school! In the passed few years, while sports day we will sell ice cream and even last year we sell pizzas too! Our purpose of selling food is to cheer up those students and let them have chance to relax with outside food. But this year school department no longer allow us to do that, we try to apply for food selling but at the end failed.
Sports Day 2010
We didn't give up and now we are selling special made badges in sports day. Hence, there are Young Enterprise and us selling souvenirs this year. The same place, same people, same attractions, but the special items are just for you!
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
Red Version
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
Yellow Version
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
Green Version
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
Blue Version
Sports Day 2010 by CL Co-op.
The original!

Come on let's come to our stall and collect all!
We are selling each for RM 1.50
If you buy 4 free 1 RM 6.00

We will set up our booth in front of Block B which in front of 5SC1/5SC2/5SC3. Come and visit us! I am sure we will treat you better =) in lower price, the good quality. Sports Day rocks! =)

Time : 7.30am - 12.30pm
First come, first serve! ~)

GenYong Yik Fong
General Manager