Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Iron Man!

Hi guys, today is already the last day of April. Starting from tomorrow already May, that's tomorrow everyone is nothing to do. Surely tomorrow town really have traffic jams. All the street will sucked by many cars. Hahax. So better don't go out, lol. Today is the 30th of April, also a movie viewing date. Guess la what movie. If you see my title you should know la what am I talking to. Do you watch the first view ready? Although I not yet watch yet, but I know really no chance to watch la. Why? Exam is around corner!

Iron Man contains what themes and what 'weapons'? Let's show you some pictures.
Seriously what is Iron Man? Last time got Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-man and many types of men la. Now this year Iron Man pula! HAhax. Iron Man=Man in Iron?!
This picture is grabbed from Google. Quite nice promotion picture!
Iron Man
When you step in Iron Man Official Site, you will saw this. The background and the sound just like the games sound. Quite interesting, maybe coming few months will produce with Iron Man games lo! LOL.

Oh no, later midnight will get the water lacked until tomorrow morning 10.00am. So now better i go and sleep and brush my teeth properly. If not later no water, how to sleep leh? XD. Good night=) Iron Man, are you?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dinner at Dragon-i Restaurant

Hi guys, today I already post two blog posts. I would like to make this post lastly or whatever la. No idea! Just now my aunt was came, she brought us to Queensbay Mall 3rd Floor 龙的传人 to have a dinner for my sister pula. Then my grandma and I was follow. Ahaa, then sure I don't forget to take my camera along lo. Do you been there before? Seriously, since it open so long time, today is my first time there.

It's the front view of Dragon-i.
Just observe at the china 'sifu', they are doing the small 'pao' and 'la mian'. So pro? Can you do it?
Outer View
The outer view of Dragon-i. Just like the round corner restaurant. I was just first time there. XD!
Bing Mah Yong
In that restaurant, I saw some creative decorations. If you are a chinese, you should know this call what. Hahax. 'Bing Mah Yong' in chinese. This was popular in China oh!
Here my tea. Why I called tea? Because heard from my aunt, tea they can just refill for you many times. Others just once! lol
Zheng Fan
This was my sister rice. Is steam rice? Like a bowl? Ahha. But heard from her is quite tasty. RM15=)
la mian
Here my 拉面 aha... Guess how much? Tell you la RM12=) lol.
Other Meals
This was the other meals that called by my uncle. He would like to eat some rice. Yo! Uncle, thanks you lo. You really spent much.
Small Pao
Wow, this meal is this restaurant 'first class' meal. 小笼包。 Do you heard before? In the 'pao', there got soup! Really delicious! Got chance you must try. One bowl not cheap! about RM8=) ahaa....

So surely from yesterday until today my sister was celebrate her birthday happily. Eat more happy more la! I was looking forward for my birthday this coming September. What should I eat leh? I just want simple la! Haah... This cost us RM200+ is it so expensive? Haha. Is like that la. Thank you uncle and aunt! Both of you really kind! This post might be the last post(maybe). I will stop blogging until exam finish. Just look la in future. Now going to revise! Posted by GenYong 27/04/2008

Tap water Drop and drop....

Yesterday I was publish the latest event that I have. Now coming event is what? CLHS Sport Day on 2th of May. Then later will be exam, between exam week that's 19th May is Wesak Day(but sure must be study) After exam is coming holiday. Before holiday, I will take my camera to school for shooting the Teachers' Day event. In the holidays, I will spend time to my coming soon handball match on 21st of June. Hope that can be berjaya! This was my planning for my future month.

As yesterday while I was waiting for my family, I shoot this interesting photos. I feel that this photo was look naturally and there was the true thing around our lifestyle. Look at my title you will know what I am mention to. Yesterday, I saw...................

Let see:
Tap water

Posted by GenYong 27/04/2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sister's 12th Birthday

Yo guys, do you miss me? I am finally back and also will be gone again for my study. Hahax! This post got photos ready. Just shoot it just now!
Do you been to BatuMaung before? Do you know BatuMaung LSS electrical shop? Do you know BatuMaung OCBC Bank? If that all you know where, you will know what shall I talk for today. Hahax.
The Menu
This was the menu that provided. That was many choices in it!
Birthday Girl
Nah, this birthday girl lo! WinnieYong. Now she seldom update her blog ready! XD. UPSR pula.
Wassup man? Hahax. Miss me? Now let you see me ready lo. Got change? Handsome? XD.
White Coffee Blended
The white coffee blended with ice that I called. Quite nice but little bit bitter. But nice to drink la.
Chicken Tornardo
This was the meal that I called. Chicken Tornardo, what's that? Actually is not chicken, I choose fish. Down is spagetti. Quite special and delicious.
Ice cream
This Ice cream style quite creative. Got candle and fire pula. How they do it? Usually I not so well in creative. LOL.
This I shoot it by flash light. Is it looked more clear?
Birthday Cake
Yoyo, this birthday is me choose for my sister. But paid by my dad. Hahax. Just now while finish tuition, dad brought me to the cake house and Sunshine Square to buy batteries for camera.
Happy Birthday!
Yo Happy Birthday Winnie!
As me a forgotten person, just now forgot to take the cake to the restaurant. But just like that lo She blow the candle at home lo. I sang song for her! Hahax. You see Winnie happy until like that! Actually she is already fully 12 years old ready. Want to get IC ready lo.

As me her brother I wish her have a good result for her coming UPSR examination. Be happy all the time and smile more like an 'apple' LOL. Alright, just blog until here la! Posted by GenYong 26/04/2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am back to blog again!

Hi everyone who was waiting for my updates. Actually I stop for one week more then now I decided to blog again. I'm so sorry that I haven't buy a suitable rechargeable batteries, so this post might be no photos. I just simply write and going to sleep. I just have to notice that I was so busy this week for rushing for proposal. What proposal is about? This might be keep it first, later will tell. Hahax. Chung Ling High School(my school) pass few days has a book fair. If you want see photos, you can click this. Then the form 1 Junior Prefect is coming out and start duty. This was some updates of me, I hope can be buy the suitable batteries for my camera as fast as I can. That's all. I have to bed now. Good night, bye.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random post.

Yo guys, nowadays I was so busy and I received my bad result since last Saturday. That's mean I must be reduce my online time. Oh no, my maths is not good wor...... Haiz......
Anyway, let me show you some random photos.
Creative tree
This tree look so nice right? This was I shot while I was visiting my aunt in Regency Height.
Is it super? Just like superpop like? Hahax. This was I draw for my Seni Project, Kontra. Passed up already lo......
I think I was took this as good as well. I snap this football about one month ago lo. Just no chance to share it! This was my friend's ball, I borrowed from them and shot! Hahax, is it nice? =)

As now my camera was can't be function because lack of batteries. My father said he will buy one rechargeable batteries set for me. This was costly about RM60+, so have to wait a while lo. This few days can't shot here shot there ready la. Hahax.

Therefore, my result went down. I must pay more attention in study, so I think I will stop blog for 2+ weeks or any time that I would like to blog again. Don't worry, I will not stop blogging. Just rest for a while! Please excuse at me, thanks. You can check out my twitter to get my latest details. If I get the batteries set, I think I will back blogging. Thanks for your comfort. Byebye everyone, miss you all! Posted by GenYong 09/04/2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

Are you the best?

I am just back from tuition. Now feel quite boring and worry at my maths assignments. Anyway, I decided to blog now! This might be the simplest post of my posts. LOL. Are you the best? How tto make yourself become the best? Are you the best before in class?
Best in class
Let's see, this was grabbed from the Star paper. While I was reading the newspaper of education guide, I saw this article. It is cool to be the best in class? I know that will be so proud! You see the five persons were so happy on their result! They get many awards, study at University. I am so excited to be them later. But this is impossible to be done!

Alright, this is just a simple post. Tomorrow I will going to school to take the result report! That's I believe I should kena with my mum. My result is so bad, position 300+. Haiz.... I am not the best in class, are you the best? LOL. Posted by GenYong 04/04/2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Delayed Post, activities!

I am finally back online after completed my Seni Project! Everything is settle, but still got 'new problem' to solve! Even until growth, still got many and many problems to solve! I really feel so sorry to delay this post for many days. Alright, now let's start it!
Band practise
There was the Band practice. Wow, they were practice in the field. I was first time see it, and excited to sharing with them. They played nice tunes in the field through all the school compound!
CLHS Archive Room
This is the front view of the CLHS Archive Room. On that day, there was specially open, but don't know is for what?! LOL.
CLHS Archive
But I just went in and visit visit with my Form 1 friend! Haha.
In the room, we understood the history of CLHS! There also recorded some interesting pass events to remember it!
History things
There were the old things, can be say history things? Haha. Anyway, chinese called 古董, this stuffs were cost much if them kept long a time!
This was the awards that took by the CLHS Archive! Alright, just congrulate to them and hope that they can do better next time and get award again! LOL.
Then, I visited CLHS Aquarium. There were many fishes in there! They have their activity on that day, so I went in to share some experiences with them!
Putting fish
A Form1 boy was put in the fishes that bought from the fish shop opposite CLHS! They said there was cheap if you buy more. Then, how about buy less? LOL.
Finally, I try to took a nice shot for it! This was the 'cacing'=worms (for fishes) Fishes will eat this, but not peoples! XD!

Tomorrow, my school have a special holiday for 'cheng beng'. Then I will celebrate it in home! Wait for the photos la! As we and Heng Ee are so good, got holiday! As PCGHS and other schools still remain to study! PCGHS is helding their Annual Sports Day!(heard from my friend) So now I have to rest and think that how to spend the time tomorrow! Yo...... Good night! Posted by GenYong 03/04/2008