Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Hohoho... Santa Claus is coming to town!! Haha.... Just a tone for christmas!! Merry Christmas to everyone of this world. Yo!! Today is christmas day, that's sure I will asked you yesterday night you went where to countdown? If you in Penang, you will say Gurney Drive is the best choice. Queensbay leh? Is it boleh tahan? Maybe I think so!!

Alright, today I just would like to show you some pictures that I shooted yesterday. Wow!! Yesterday night Gurney Drive crowded with peoples lo!! My father's car get blur after they sprayed on my father's car, Haha... You can try to imagine that time what happening!! Anyway, I just show you photos and describe one by one!! Okay? Alright!!

Starting from about 9.30pm, we reached Gurney Drive!! Wow!! OMG the "longest" traffic jam in my mind. Cause 9.30pm is already late and peoples especially teenagers were played spray!! Cool... This cause the traffic jam lo!! We crowded at there about 2 hours. I just shooted photos in car, if not I drop down the car they sure spray me!! Wow, cause I doesn't have "weapon" mah!! Haha....Anyway, firstly I saw the G-Hotel logo was nice!! Cool is it? A "Santa G-Hotel"!! Haha.... Wow, that was crowded of peoples ready!! Ahaa... We kena ready... OMG A love?! Haha.... Anyway, that's alright!! Cool man... Like a heart design for my family right? Ahaa..... Haha... Quite Cute!! You just observe attentively, you will see that two "leng lui" there to spray peoples' car right? Haha.. Let me shooted!! Cool leh!! That's sure many peoples crowded outside Gurney Plaza and sprayed each other. The girls was the "leng lui" just now lo!! You look at them were waiting for what? Ahaa... Surely is car!! That was fun mah!! Nearly countdown that time. They became more "crazy" Haa... The motorbikes lap at Gurney Drive?! Cool!! And also in front of police!! Haha... Walao eh!! You believe? This was just heard from Kokahkok

Then, we drove out Gurney Drive and went to Tanjung Bungah. We have not walked down the car. Cause was nearly midnight!! We reached Bayview Hotel in Tanjung Bungah and U-turn back and rounded the E&O Hotel!! The Penang Road also crowded with peoples, but not so serious like Gurney Drive la!!

About 1.00am, we went to Traders Hotel to take some "original" photos lo!! Cause really looked that we just sat in the car to celebrate christmas?! So my father drove to there let us to take some photos. GenYong is a santa claus?! That one is christmas tree? I think not so suitable to be a christmas tree!! Ahaaa.... But never mine is just okay for me to take photo!! Santa GenYong zoomed by WinnieYong
Ahaa... Is it the effect nice?! Haha....Is it me like a santa claus? Wearing the christmas hat and red shirts!! Really look like santa claus!! Cool!! Santa GenYong is coming to town!! Haha.... Alright, christmas will held until 31/12/2007 right? That's said by my father!!

Anyway, I hope that this coming New Year Eve, we can go and enjoy again in Queensbay(maybe). Cause Gurney Drive should crowded with more peoples!! This coming new year eve "New Year GenYong 2008" is coming!! Haha..... Wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Posted by GenYong 25/12/2007


K3ViN said...

Merry Christmas.... Christmas Eve i were at The Curve,PJ.... Kena spray lor......

'Grey' said...

Merry Christmas !

Apple said...

Merry Christmas ^^

GenYong said...

Merry Christmas!! Although it was a late greeting but christmas is around the corner now until New Year right? Wow Kevin, you are so cool leh!! Went to play!! Grey and apple: merry christmas to you and your family too!!

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