Monday, June 30, 2008

Setia Pearl Island Map | Everything is expensive now!

Today is the last day for the month of June. My Geography project already passed up. Today while I went to school, I received a message from my bus driver. He told me that the bus fees will be up rate RM10 so from now RM55 up rate until RM65 per month. From my house Bayan Lepas until Chung Ling High School. Seems the petrol price goes up, the things all followed by up rate the price. So now how can the publics survive, I really hope that got a better government to conduct well in our country in future.
This post I truely is want to show my drawing on Setia Pearl Island Map for my Geography Project. Is it creative and nice? I get confirmed from my Geography teacher.
How about this? What's this? Hahax! This is my Teras Project that called 'Kayu'. Not scolding you, is just the project name! Hahax. This project let me scored 9+/10 marks for my Teras. Still ok la!

It seems tomorrow onwards is a new month, July is coming. But everything is going up in new price, such as electricity fees and my bus fees. But heard from people, when reach August the petrol price will up rate until RM4.00 per litre. I think that time Pak Lah and BN no need to survive already! All the publics will get more 'susah'(in malay). Starting from tomorrow, I won't online too much time, because of electricity fees goes up. Posted by GenYong 30/06/2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What result I get?

Hi readers here, I would like to request for your apologize. Because I never update daily and often.Just passed few days, I was so busy for my Geography Project. As this morning, I completed it and go and bind it. Now already slightly can 'breathe'. XD! Alright, now I can blog here. I know this few days happened a lot of things. But slightly I know you all sure know that, so I won't repeat it again la! Hehe. Now let me show you what result did I get from last saturday interaction day of parents.
That's the report card I get. I like this shot! Is most clearly in front and blur at back! Cool.
There this time exam my position in the whole Form 2. 213/536! Still ok. But my aim is 100+, I will work hard at it and go into 100+!
That's my overall of two times of examinations. 243/536! Still ok that I think. My mum hopefully I can slightly work hard to get the better result! She was so suprize to get this report card! I am happy too. So next time, work hard to get better la! Posted by GenYong 29/06/2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sepuluh Kongsi Pek Kong moved!

So busy this few days and I need some more one week baru can rest. But I won't forget with blog! Now I will show you some chinese festival. That's Sepuluh Kongsi Pek Kong moved to 'new house'. Since the Setia Pearl Island's project began, the opposite side also began build houses. That's under Koperasi Tunas Muda. So my dad them suggest to move place until near the Sekolah Kebangsaan Mutiara Perdana. Then now there currently held singing and tonight is the end. Alright let see the events!
People was praying to Pek Kong. There was crowded of people to pray.
There you can see so beautiful scenery of the place!
They were busy to tidy up the things that need for praying.
After this will they burn it?
This was just the praying paper. After this must be burn it!
My dad there helping them to light up the big joystick.
People was praying and the 'sifu' was doing 'something'.
This was fantastic! Who was cutting the meat? Haha. Is the pek kong's president! Hehe. The meat good! But is non halal! HAha.
Alright, just until here! I will take more time to find chance to blog! Posted by GenYong 23/06/2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who is him? Gathering Part 3

Continue with recent post, I finally analyzed that one person who stand on the fence right? Guess who is him? Alright, do you want to know it? Let's see!
That's Yan Jiek. Nicholas' friend. He is the best basketball player in school(I think so). Hehe.
There shoot by one of the members. I am looking at the camera. Just only me! HEhe.
Alvin was measuring his hand length. Nicholas was looked here and smile with me. Haha. This few post, I just post little bit of words. Because my english is going worse and no time. Ok la, just like that. Posted by GenYong 21/06/2008

Co-op 2nd Gathering Part 2

Continue with last post, the photos were show until half. Alright, today I try to show you all the photos. Seems this week quite busy in my assignments and also some stuffs of coming soon handball match, so I suddenly stop my post. Anyway, I read Nicholas Chan's Blog, he wrote a lots of stuffs about school. Just back from school after taking the exam report. I get the whole form 213, still move harder to get better result next time.
Looked at them, what were they playing there? Wear a 'newspaper necklaces', doing what? lol.
There have some girls that I mentioned were Nicholas Chan's friends. Janice, Yi Phing and Chai Wei them lo!
They were running through the basketball court under the sunshine. Is it crazy? So hot leh!
This station better, indoor! What were they doing, I seriously forgot. Too long time ago!
There you see Alvin was handed up his hand. Hi! What are you all discussing?
There girls were playing water with boys. Both wet all! Hot until play water in 'summer'. XD.
This station played a lots of water, they passing through a cup of water. Then stopped the music, the last 'get water' ready lo. Hahax.
There you see they played until so happy and excited!
Nicholas played water with legs with one girls. Both of them being crazy!
Wei Chung was so happy, because his mission completed and he get a lots of water. Hahax
Guess who are on top the fence! I will let you all know next post. Follow up my twitter to get more updates. Posted by GenYong 21/06/2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

CLHS 2nd Co-op Gathering

Actually tonight I would not like to blog now, because I was having a high fever. After ate the panadol, feel better, but before need to sleep, must get one too to cover this fever as possible in tomorrow. Alright, why I will blog now? My visitors rate really gone terrible. Less until no one is coming to read my blog. Let me show you some photos of Co-op 2nd Gathering:
There the banner of Co-op 2nd Gathering. This was designed by WeiChung. Is it creative and nice?
There was the view in the hall before started.
Hua Ken and the assistants were collecting the entrance fees.
Participants were listening to the speech.
Our club teacher advisor, Mr Ang Soo Beng was giving a speech.
The banner 1.
The banner 2.
Alright, tonight I will blog until here. Going to sleep early and hope the fever can be cover. Posted by GenYong 16/06/2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day 15/06/2008

Good morning everyone, I would like wish the whole world of fathers, Happy Fathers' Day. This post just is my wishing to the fathers. This morning, I just realise that today is fathers' day. I slightly forgot while I woke up just now. Then while I bath over, then I quickly go and wish my father Happy Fathers' Day. I was no $$ enough to buy some stuffs for my father, maybe next year I can do it! This year, I just use mouth to wish him first lo. XD!

Here just now I search from Google and modified the banner with Photoshop. Truly greeting from me GenYong. Alright, this post might not be a long post. Anyway, hope that all of the children can be celebrate fathers' day with their fathers today(included me).

Happy Fathers' Day to the whole world fathers!
Greeting by GenYong.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Recently I watched this movie trailer before while I was watching the Indiana Jones on passed holidays(04/06/2008) night. I still remember that night is the most crowded of vehicles day, because the petrol price was hike up. I slightly forgot this, because I was not take my camera there because of takut tak sempat(outside is crowded that time). Alright just ignore it, now we discuss about the new movie was now showing in cinema. The Incredible Hulk, do you heard before it?
There was the trailers here, it got three versions of trailer. Which one you prefer?

Click in GSC cinema online or TGV cinema online to book your tickets today. It's a nice movie, I am going to watch. Check it out yo! Posted by GenYong 14/06/2008 The Hulk is coming to world now!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seni Project passed!

Hi students here, you all are sure some happy to back to school and some will be so sad to back to school. But at my way, it's glad and suprise to meet my friends again in school. Ended up the meaningful holidays and start to 'fight' again. Hahax. But seems school day will be nervous and tired. Now Euro 2008 session, everyone in my school was discussing for the tournament and result. But we are good students, not betting at all! XD. Today I was received back my Seni Project that already marked by my seni teacher. She was a good kind person, she said if you already try your best in doing the project, she will give you the high marks for it. Now I just realize that's true she said. Guess how many marks that I get!
This is my Folio Seni. What marks I get for this 30 marks of folio? Give you some tips between 25-30. Guess la, correct got prizes, XD!
Just now I was searching for something and I saw my last year PJK Project. It's damn nice but last year I did it hardly. In it tell you how to kick a football well. Seems now is Euro 2008 session, go and learn some skills and challenge it lo!
UEFA Cup? Euro 2008 is it consider in it? Alright, in this case I was not so pro in football informations. But what I can say, Euro match is under the UEFA group (i think so). Are you watching Euro 2008 this few midnights? I watched it yesterday midnight! Portugal 3vs1 Czech Republic.
This was the most popular games in the world! World Cup, in year 2006 in Germany, next will held in South Africa on 2010 later. This everyone was looking forward! Are you too? Are you futsal? Alright, just ended here. Weekends is coming, so will be update soon! Posted by GenYong 12/06/2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

CLHS Junior Jaycees Club ANC 2008 Part 2

Everyone here I would like to apologize that just now the whole morning my blog can't be view and take a lot time to load it. This might be server problem, I hope everyone of you can be forgive me on this problem. Anyway, futsal here did you check out the first match of Euro 2008 yesterday midnight? I would like to recognize all futsal here, I was put up the tournament and some news+photos on my blog. Check it out and see!

Alright, now continue with the CLHS JJC ANC 2008 part 2. Now let's the photos up!
The band group started to LIVE up their music and pop hitz. The whole venue was so high at that time!
The pro singer was singing along there. He made everyone there very high. We were keep shouting to show our 'high' lol.
Then, there was the prize giving session. Our club get 2 awards and almost awards grabbed by Hua Lian High School JJC.
There Hua Lian High School JJC group shot.
Jit Sin High School also won an award and they have a group photo with their JJC banner. Quite creative!

Hua Lian High School JJC get many awards, so I snapped a lots of photos. Truely, their girls members seems so pretty and their boys members seems so cool and handsome. I like it! XD.
The last, there was the ceremony director JJC E-Jiat. He was perform with our outgoing executive vice president. Ejiat play his piano around and the EVP sang along the song so nice! It's really great!

By the event, I recorded some videos. I think I will going to modify first, later if got time baru post up to share with you all la. My holidays seems ends here and tomorrow is going to school continue for my study. Alright, I will miss you again and my blog through around my study life! Posted by GenYong 08/06/2008