Saturday, February 26, 2011

CNY 2011 Day 4 Updates

For the previous Chinese New Year Day 4, I followed my family went to Yeoh Si Association Centre to attend the CNY Celebration! Penang Yeoh Si Association was located at Lebuh Melayu Georgetown! This association had 71 years anniversary this year! Really a good society for all the same surname clan members gathered together!
For this event, they also invited the Komtar YB Ng Wei Aik to send the warmest Chinese New Year greetings to everyone and sharing those latest updates about Penang State!
Up next there was some entertainment and I sang a new year song to greet everyone Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Besides that, they also gave out the angpaos to all of the teenagers and children who attended that function.
After the event finished, we took a family photo with the "God of Wealth" and hope that this new year my dad can earn more money, everyone more healthy, the whole family staying in the prosperous new rabbit year!
I love this kind of decorations! So the spring is still on.. plan your job earlier and get more opportunities throughout this rabbit year! Posted by GenYong 26.02.2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rifle Range Flats Visit

From the title, do you know where is the rifle range flats? This flats are locating at Penang Island. They are the first low cost apartments launched since 1960s in Penang! Previously when my great grandma still alive, my mum always brought me to there but now seldom we go there already! Maybe just go once when Chinese New Year to visit my some others relatives.
They are my auntie and uncle. This photo was taken during the visit to my grandmum's sister house which at Rifle Range Flats B block. I used the title as Back To 60's is because I observed for long time and found that the building style in that place was just like the Hong Kong's old style apartments. Do you agree?
A walkway between two block of apartments and the centre of the walkway was like those Hong Kong's old apartments walkway. I found this point just because of after watching the movie I Love Hong Kong! Really classical!
In previous time while 80's or 90's, that place was not many cars as now! That time people just using those public transport but not Rapid Penang and it was Yellow Bus Penang that already closed up for long time.
From this view, you can see that the building was really old. The inner building was dirty and most of the people there were oldies. Although the building old, the structure of building was still strong and even stronger than nowadays buildings! Posted by GenYong 25.02.2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

MBS Interact Club 2010-2011 Installation

In previous week, 12th February 2011 I had a "marathon schedule" activities to be attend. It was quite an awesome and tiring day for me. The 1st one is my school co-operative club general meeting and upnext was the MBS Interact Club Installation the last one was the Penang Heritage Site CNY Celebration 2011! Really the busy day ever in my life!

Somehow I was glad to attend all of the activities. So now I will show you the MBS Interact Club Installation first:
This was the event venue, Shaw Hall. The hall was quite okay with high ceiling and really suited to have this kind of function!
The event organizer had invited a lot of school interact members together with some rotaract club members to join their installation. The attendance on that day was not bad and I can see a lot of supporters for those performance! The atmosphere was so high on that day!
I found that the best performance overall will be the St George Girls High School Interact Club's performances. Just a lightly dance and really burn out the hall atmosphere! Getting the great supports from audiences and everyone cheered for them!
My President Seong Liew had gain the best supporters award from the overall event! He brought a lot of the members to there and cheered up for the whole event! Cool. After getting the award, he was taking the photos with vice president Tze Han and 6th Form president Vincent.
The best performer award goes to Alvin's band group. They were really tried their best and the most classic part was they played the 6 songs non stop together. For the best part, they used up the Justin Bieber-Baby mixed with Sean Kingston-Beautiful Girls and the last one You Raise Me Up! They performed total around 10 songs for that event! Good job...
A group photo on my president with the organizing chairperson ChaiWei.
Lastly we took a group photo with MBS Interactors, PCGHS Interactors before we leaved. Really congratulation to the event organizer and thanks to them for serving us the good afternoon! We rocked on that day! xD Posted by GenYong 24.02.2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CNY 9th Day Outing with Friends

Previous Chinese New Year, there were hot weather outside. So that was the best time to have an outing with friends in shopping malls. Thus my form 5 buddies invited me out to Queensbay Mall for a movie "I Love Hong Kong". That movie was so awesome! Really laugh non-stop inside the cinema!
As you can see during CNY session the cinema was always crowded by people and long queue were there same like last year. So luckily my friends Derrick had already made the booking for our movie so no need to wait for the long queue.
My friends were there discussing on those planning about their schedule up next and some sort like talk cocks while waiting to enter the cinema hall.
After the movie, we had a lunch break before continue to the next movie. We were looking at those restaurant that served delicious food with reasonable prices. For them, they had chosen Nando's but for me I just take McDonald's as the Lunch Time Value! Save $$ important, xD!
After that, we also went for arcade! I didn't play that day because I planned to save more money for whole month usage! So i just be the photographer as well as they were playing. Quite fun actually when you play some arcade while outing! If not mistaken, I only spent for RM 16.00 for that outing. Take those things that in lowest price! Save money is more important. Posted by GenYong 22.02.2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leos CNY 2011 Greetings

Yo everyone although Chinese New Year had over but I seems to have many things to post up. So hope you don't mind I posted some CNY 2011 post on it. Let see today I wish to post up my Leo Club CNY greetings to public that snapped on 28th of January 2011 at school. Let's see how we greet people!
Actually what I planned for the club CNY greetings was writing some CNY words to wish everyone Happy CNY Festival.
My president LEO Lester was guiding my those form 4 juniors to write up the calligraphy words. Their handwriting really so nice and I was so admired on them! Good.
After the writing, we get around 10 over pieces to distribute to each person to hold for the photography session! Let's continue to read until below:
My juniors were funny and they were posing unofficially at the camera! Did you realise that why I always shout Huat ah during CNY? I think you get the point now! xD
Lastly we took an official group photos in front of school hall. Wish everyone Happy CNY, Have a Prosperous Rabbit Year etc. But now already over, for the new year! I wish to score in my SPM, planning strategy for my future! So how about yours? Posted by GenYong 20.02.2011

New Wireless Modem in my home now!

Finally I was back to online, struggle for 11 days internet down and now finally i can get the informations up to date! In the previous 11 days, I really had a quiet life without Facebook, Twitter and even Blogger. Made a lot of complaints to TM Net Service Provider, keep dialing 100 on my phone due to DSL light blinking. But at the end, my old modem had already changed to new wireless modem now!
This is my latest wireless modem which received free from TM Net Streamyx. Changed my previous package to RM 90 per month package with Streamyx Combo which included local phone line bill. Not bad at least now I can get the free phone calls and wireless internet usage!
For this old one, I think that's the time to change! It also served me for about 5 years since I was using Internet on the year 2006! Not bad and now Aztech is no longer serviced to TM, and now TM recommended us to change either to D-Link, Riger or my modem model ZyXEL so if you facing any problems... please immediately make a call to 100 and they will solve the problems for you! Thank god that I have Internet use now! Posted by GenYong 20.02.2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY 2011 Day 2 Updates

This year CNY Day 2 was as usual like previous years. My grandma will cooked a lot of food to pray for 开年仪式 I am not very sure on that but just know that my aunts and uncles will coming back to grandma's house together reunion again! Conclusion is eat non stop! xD
I snapped a photo with auto snapping mode from camera since I get a camera stand kit from Daiso, Japan store which cost me only RM 5 to get a mini camera stand! Quite worth it and starting from now I can start to snap more family group photos!
After my aunts and uncles arrived, we started the meal together! Grandma was really a super chef, she's better than those hotel chefs! xD. She cooked a lot of traditional food which served with delicious taste! You should come over to my house and try her cooking ya!
Up next, since my cousin requested to have a gambling time. My uncle was decided to take up as a host to play the game. We played black jack! I was only played once a year so decided not to bet too much, just a few dollars then should be enough! Card games only, playing and not really betting!
Closed up the layer of door, and played under a strong fan! Luckily, there was no police walk around at that time. Played about 1 hour plus, then we proceed to visit my relatives at Rifle Range Flats. That side I didn't take any photos. So that's my day 2 of Chinese New Year! Posted by GenYong 06.02.2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY 2011 Day 1 Updates

Yo Happy CNY everyone... Gong Xi Fa Cai . Gong Hei Fatt Choi . 恭喜发财! So how was your CNY Day 1 大年初一? Get a lot of angpaos? But from traditions, usually the day 1 we will all become vegetarian for 12 hours! In the morning, we may wake up early and greet our parents, friends or relatives. Then together having a delicious vegetarian breakfast! If you got read my previous years blog post, you should know what it looks like.
Before out to visit relatives 拜年, I took the photographs first for my sister and myself. The new clothes on us. I really proud and thank you to my parents for buying me this clothes! By the way, we also take a group photo together and seems to be our siblings relationship was so close! Sister, am I right?
Then we went to my grandma's sister house for a visit. She was taking care of me since I was 3 years old! I really close to that place which is Green Lane Heights. The house not very big but I could feel that there contain of my housing atmosphere. There could be my second house before 7 years old.
I saw two gold rabbits CNY decorations on the table wishing us Happy Chinese New Year and of course in the new year we should Huat ah!! In the evening, I took out all the angpaos from pocket and took a photograph on it. Later posted in Facebook and tagged people! xD. So wish everyone, can get more angpao, gamble more win more! Huat ah! Posted by GenYong 05.02.2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Are you ready for this?

Yo guys, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hei Fatt Choi!! Are you ready to shout huat ah??!!! Anyway, Chinese New Year for this year is the rabbit year, so on the 1st day of CNY what things that you usually will do? Of course.. Eat More, Talk More and play more!! Card games ya...
Are you ready to see those number cards? Starting to shout Huat ah? Start to collect people money? It's CNY now so let's play on it!
Are you planning to play Chor Dai Dee with your cousins, siblings or even your parents? Let's play card games!
So are you ready to start? Anyway, wish you guys best of the lucks and win more! Happy Chinese New Year... Together we Huat ah!! Gong Xi Fa Cai.... Posted by GenYong 03.02.2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CCA Registration Day 2011

Wow really a great news to be announced! Leo Club Of Chung Ling High School a.k.a my club had boosted up to nearly 300 members! Break the record of one club having so many of members! Recruited lots of members, collected lots of registration forms and also registration fees as well! Seriously I really feel that it was worthed because we had put a lot of efforts on it!
My 2nd Vice President Leo Christopher Ng holding the the streamers with my assistant Leo Nicholas Oh and tried to attract people visit us on the registration day! This skill is called last minute grabbing people! But it's useful.
As well as you can see many of the students had chosen us as their club. Our job was non stop for collecting money and also issue receipts! Total receipt books usage is around 6 books! Each book contained of 50 pieces. So you can imagine how many members we had recruited!
You can see that my president Leo Lester was so glad to see that so many members were recruited as Leo Club members. So he was posing to the camera with the promotion streamers! ROAR! Finally we did it!
Lastly it was like official announcement on the press that we had recruited around 300 people to join our club. Finally I would like to thank to everyone for their help and also thank to my idea that worked smoothly on that day! ROAR.. Posted by GenYong 01.02.2011