Sunday, November 30, 2008

Regency Height View

Recently I went to my uncle house which at Regency Height in Sungai Ara for staying a few days. I snapped some photos for his house from the swimming pool there. I think this is some photography of my collection. Anyway, this 4 buildings already contains many residents staying now. There have a nice swimming pool, gym room, snooker and many facilities.
Regency View

Regency Height
The both photos is only the random shot while accompany my cousin playing at the playground! Alright, any post recommend me to blog it out? Just leave your comment and I will try to blog it out! December is coming tomorrow. Wish you all earlier Merry Christmas and Happy December! Posted by GenYong 30/11/2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gurney Plaza New Extension Wing

I was finally back to my home and using my own PC to online, update blog and many more.... Anyway let's me think what can I show you. I decide to show you some features that I saw at Gurney Plaza.

Last Sunday, my uncle brought us(with my cousin) to Gurney Plaza for window shopping. Actually my uncle is just only would like to visit the brand new PARKSON. As me long time didn't been Gurney Plaza since Queensbay Mall opened near my house. I need to congrats for the boss of Gurney Plaza with successfully extended the new wing and officially opened on 15th November.

I found that there was some christmas decorations too in that Plaza. I think I will start to search for some winter decorations in some malls or complex.
New Gurney Plaza
This was taken at the new wing of Gurney Plaza. This year decorations is quite nice and romantic for lovers and others.... LOL
Christmas Tree
This is the christmas tree outside the Parkson outlets@New Wing. I found that they almost used music signs to decorate the christmas tree!
Christmas Decoration
This is the christmas decoration at the 'Old Wing' of Gurney Plaza. The decoration cloth is hanging around the hall! It's fantastic....
Christmas View
While you go in Gurney Plaza, you will saw this view and have many christmas decorations around the whole plaza. Christmas is coming soon.... and what do you think and what would you like to do or prepare? Happy December coming this Monday! Posted by GenYong 28/11/2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My cousin photos

Alright, guys and gals here. Sorry that I didn't reply you in chatbox because me currently still living in my uncle house. No much time to online and I didn't have my own laptop, so make less post this few days. If not mistaken, tomorrow I will going off to my own house back. Hope that I can have more time to blog it out!

There was some random shots by my sister just now.
Keegan with uncle
This is my uncle and his son Keegan boy. A quite cute photos here!
Keegan with cousin sister
My pretty cousin sister Ai Moon and Keegan have a nice flash light shot!
Keegan with cousin brother
Here my handsome cousin brother with Keegan also one shot!
Keegan with cousins
There a group shot with my cousin favourite stuffs, Mickey Mouse! Yo~! It's really cute and funny on this post. Hope you can enjoy it! More posts will going up and also more birthdays is coming soon. Wish all my readers who birthday this few days, Happy Birthday to you! All the best! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 26/11/2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogging LIVE at my uncle house

Hey my blog readers here, I am currently using my uncle laptop to blog. As I also introduce him what is blog and he was successfully created his own blog. I missedonline this few days. As you know in people house is hard to use people things! XD.

Anyway, I also need to show you some portrait shot for my cousin yesterday in the playground. Yesterday midnight unluckily my camera 'touch' the road! Oh no, this happened while we were going out for supper at morning 3 o'clock yesterday. Dont know why is it me careless or sleepy, not careful drop it! Argh... very upset now because of my camera began not nice!
This was taken by me yesterday afternoon while he was going down to playground.This was taken by me too. My sister was holding Keegan boy and get me snapped it nicely!Nice shot! The both smiley face and Keegan looks so cute and my sister too. I remembered that time Keegan boy was very excited and happy! This post will be the first and maybe is the last post that I blog in my uncle house. I need to find out time to blog! When I back my home then I will continue for more posts! Please kindly check it out! Posted by GenYong 25/11/2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Young Designer Arts Camp Day4 Part 1

Hi guys and gals here, I believe that to those who joined this arts camp during these 4 days. They will comment it's fun and interesting. Alright, I need to split the post into two post or three that I think. I feel really happy and fun while I was attending this camp and workshop that I joined (Silkscreen Printing). I learn a lot of skills there!

This post I start with the silkscreen that we made on that day.

Actually this two silkscreen is done in the darkroom yesterday. I snapped it as souvenirs here! We use the whole afternoon to complete this job yo~! It's not an easy job to be done. Anyway, the two designs here is design by our this handsome designer>> Zhao Wei. He is past YE designer!
Handsome guy!!
After settle down everything that needed for printing. We have games to release stress here, this games was conduct by Cindy. I remembered that is called something like the police with mafias games. I actually don't know everything, just follow up!


After the games, we have our process to print out the T-shirt by ourselves. The artist Fiqtriq was giving us some advice and speech about printing T-shirt. Everyone is putting serious and listen to him!
Giving Speech
I think the next post will be showing you about the process of making T-shirt by your own with printing! There's the product out there after successfully printed!
Please make sure you check out my blog post! It's coming to fantastic! LOL. Check out yo~! Posted by GenYong 20/11/2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Young Designer Arts Camp Day2

Actually I attend this arts camp on 17th November(Monday) as well as Monday my sister still holding the camera, so I can't snap any photos. Anyway, Tuesday I get it! I get the camera and go for the arts camp to snap here and there! Yo~! I have to manage to get group shot tomorrow with all the participants of this arts camp! Especially ..... Hmm! LOL.

Alright we have our camp inside the hall the free of charge from the local residents. It's a youth centre there! I met many friends there and one people who ever I always observe! I must take photos with her tomorrow! Must do it ~! =) Show you some photos that I snapped yesterday:
Penang Youth Centre
Here is the place which we gather together in the camp!
Scenery of Youth Centre
The scenery outside or inside view of Youth Centre
Scenery of Youth Centre#2

View from Youth Centre

This is the foundation. This building is built and opened on 1956 that's before Merdeka.
Cannon Street
As I walked along the Cannon Street. I get it the Khoo Kongsi is there so many tourists are going to visit there else.
Anak-anak Kota
Besides that I also saw the Anak-anak Kota, the organizer of this arts camp! This is their office lot. Work in heritage building seems got another lifestyle! Next post will be more details... Check it out please! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 19/11/2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Penang Heritage Sites

Yesterday I went to the Young Designer Arts Camp for four days that's from 17th-20th November 2008. At there I knew many of friends from Penang popular school either from my school CLHS, PCGHS, St Joseph, CDK, CGL, Penang Free School and more. Anyway, I also saw a girl with the nice hair style and a pretty face. XD! I thought that she is already about Form 3/Form 4 girl, but today I realized that she is only 13 years old(younger than me). *Chances! lol

Alright, I learn how to preserve and the purpose to conserve the heritages of Penang. Penang Georgetown have been nominated as one of the world heritage city under UNESCO since July. So now is our responsiblity to take care and continue as proud of this award! I used photoshop for design a banner is quite suitable for heritage.
Penang Heritage
That's the product i done. So anything else to visit click on Thank you very much and welcome to Penang. Penang is only one can present heritage for you! Right? LOL. Suggestions please, for the design! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 18/11/2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fuel price run down starting tomorrow!

From Malaysiakini , our country petroleum fuel price is running down 15 sen per litre starting tomorrow. So that conclusion is from RM 2.15 until RM 2.00. Overall this time the BN government is trying to adjust and care for the public. So avoid of the politics problem, we must happy with our petroleum fuel price go down again starting tomorrow! Have your nice day after tomorrow, the petrol price is remain as last time as usual! Congratulations. Posted by GenYong 17/11/2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

B2 UNITY Forum

Recently I was learning to create and host a forum for my class. Next year, everyone is going to other classes and I ensure everyone will miss their friends and memories that created in B2. I hope that everyone still can gather together through this forum, keep contact and stay touch to each other.

Actually I realized that hosting a good forum is not easy as you think! You must be patient and creative in topics that almost people like it! I just responsibility in adding new category for my friends to discuss and create a new topic! Alright, if anyone here know more about forum, please kindly contact me or leaving comments in here. I need to know your ideas! Feel free to visit? Be the member there and talk along whatever you want!

Just now I was just created a new banner for the forum by using Photoshop CS3.
I am trying to learn the skills of editing photos and many more! Check it out if you free, thank you very much. Posted by GenYong 16/11/2008

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008

Hey guys and gals here, did you see me at the Penang Bridge International Marathon? I was just came back from the events. I feel it is too waste that I didn't take my camera along, because my sister is currently using @Singapore. A few great announcements to you!

- This event is successfully held!
- There contains around 16,000 participants take part!
- There was 70+ lucky draws for participants.
- A young man won Proton Saga and a young lady won motorcycle!

Wow! How come? Don't shocked! The young man is from Kepala Batas, he was just graduate from secondary school. He was just pass the car license and need to congratulate to him won the grand prize! Alright, a lady from Penang won a motorcycle!

I didn't snap any photos for this event, so hopefully you can go and visit the blog of who have participated in this event or else the official website of this event. Anyway, our dearest chief minister YB Lim Guan Eng was there and he gave a great speech to us. From his speech, he mentioned that our purpose participate in this run is not win, important is you can run through the marathon! As a penangite, we must always support the events which held in Penang!

Besides that, the organizing chairman YB Danny Law Heng Kiang was giving a speech which say much of thank you to every participant and the visitors from oversea. He also congratulate the winners of this marathon and welcome the tourists visit Penang.

Lastly, from my opinion. In this great marathon, which I have first time join. I get many of newly view in Penang and community. I realized that non only the school events I can join this holidays! Even any events I can go support it! I wondered that there was many supporters and over thousand of volunteers helping there! I was very proud that my dad was accompany me to participate in this great event! Finally, I also want to thank for Penang State Government which bring us this great event!

Next year 29th of November, see you again! Next great event *Run >>> Starwalk on 14th of December 2008! I will be there, are you going to join too? Posted by GenYong 16/11/2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interclass ball based competitions Day4

Recently my class team B2 UNITY was losing for two matches that's soccer and also basketball on yesterday. Soccer get lose of B1 4-0 and basketball lose 10 balls from C2 that's 30-3. Yesterday we really so sad and we believe that we must focus on handball! Today we won c3 2-1 and we have the chance to reach champion! Now need to observe tomorrow performance!As same as recent posts. The photos are not in correct order. Scroll at your own risk. Next>> Final! Check it out! Posted by GenYong 13/11/2008