Monday, October 15, 2012

Ipoh Friends Visiting Penang

My Ipoh friends were visiting Penang on previous month. If not mistaken, I remembered the date was fall on 13th September 2012 which is a weekday. I was like the tourist guide welcome them to Penang and brought them to somewhere to explore the Georgetown. They were having the sem break on that time and I suggested them to come over Penang. *They are from UTAR Kampar.
#1 This is Poh Ching and Shanice Ng
I met with them at 1st Avenue and that day I was too excited to meet up them and explored for 3 shopping complex and find them for almost 1 hour. For myself, I am welcome any of my friends to visit Penang as I am willing to be their tour guide too. As if one day, you want to visit Penang, can contact me as well xD.
#2We started off from Cannon Street spotted the mural arts at the corner.
#3 Here we came to the Armenian Street and spotted another mural arts.
For this mural arts, I told them this is made by steel as they not believe and even walk in front and have a touch. They were feeling amazing how come steel also can produce the artistic mural arts. It was awesome right? 
We were walking along the Armenian Street. On the way, we saw the Cheah Si Kongsi and beside it is a unique building which full of plants. I was remembered that Axian (local food explorer) was mentioned before this is the cool Coffee Shop. So we checked out for the opening days and the opening hours too.
#4 Here come to the most popular mural arts in Penang! They are Poh Ching and Shanice Ng.
#5 WenXuan and Pika in action, OMG they were shy! xD
#6 The two brothers who came from Ipoh and also called as the bodyguards for those girls. :D
Then we moved on to Ah Quee Street for another mural arts. Penang have a lot of mural arts recently that created by the fantastic artist Ernest Zacharevic. He was so amazing and so creative to turn the Georgetown alive in heritage site. Even though I am a Penangite, this was my first time exploring about the mural arts.
#7 The girls in action, from left Poh Ching, Shanice Ng, Yi Ching.
#8 Shanice Ng, she is my friend. We knew each other from Leo Club since year 2010. She was the Leo Club President in SMK Idris Shah Gopeng, Perak if I am not mistaken. :D
#9 Poh Ching, a friendly girl I can say. Not know her very well, knew her through Shanice just before they came to Penang. xD 
#10 Yi Ching, a Penang girl who looks familiar and friendly but she never talk a lot.
Hui Min, a Penang girl who study in Singapore now and back to join Yi Ching exploring Penang.
#11 The boys in action now. Wen Xuan, who is the close friend to Shanice Ng and I knew him from her too! Pika, I knew him on that day, sorry ya! :D 
Everyone was in action and posing in front of the mural arts! This mural art is spotted by my Ipoh friends and they said it was cool. They even agree with the statement above as most of them are from the course of Foundation in Arts.
The pretty girl (leng lui) Poh Ching in the telephone booth having the great pose on the mural arts. She was so friendly and yet funny in talking. Am I right, Poh Ching? Haha... 
They stayed in Penang for 3 days 2 nights. The next day I was working and couldn't join up them for Kek Lok Si and Penang Hill outing but I was glad to join them for supper after my work. Everyone was looked tired after the 2 days outing on that night and it was amazing and nice to have the outing with all my friends! Well, I hope I can meet up them soon maybe in Perak this year end? See first. :D Posted by GenYong 15.10.2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Farewell with Mr Ngiao

Mr Ngiao was my ETA lecturer in previous semester. I think he was the youngest lecturer I have ever met before in PSDC. Well, he was a good l his lecturer as what he taught to me was so useful and I appreciate the advices that given by him. Now Mr Ngiao is continue his PHD studies in Canada, so we did a small farewell with him before he left Malaysia.
We discussed in last minute and decided to have a simple lunch with Mr Ngiao. On that day we used to meet at Queensbay Mall and choose for suitable restaurant to have lunch. At last, we had chosen the Dave's Deli and had lunch at there for around 8 peoples.
This was my first time having Dave's Deli meal since it opened for many years. I was working at Chatime which located opposite Dave's Deli, but seriously I never tried before. Well, I heard many of my friends said that the food is nice and with the reasonable price. Yup, I have to agree with that and you may take a try if you haven't do so! :D
We did some photo shootings after our lunch. It was so fun to have chance having lunch with a lecturer. That day I was like acting like a boss belanja everyone for lunch but at last they return me the money also! HahaHa. I treated Mr Ngiao as he gonna to leave on that time, he seems to be really glad to see all of us present on that day and shared a lot of moments and stories with us. Thank you, sir!
After lunch, we did some window shopping as walked in a group LIKE A BOSS. Keep on chit chatting and share the happy memories with Mr Ngiao. We did say the goodbye to Mr Ngiao and that was the last goodbye before he went to Canada. :D
I was having some desserts with my friend and previous groupmates Ezra after the lunch. We went to Queens Food Market to taste for this fruit desserts. It taste nice and cost us for RM 5.00 for this bowl. It was nice and I forgot what's the name already but the stall is near to skating park. 
It was so random when Ezra trying on my camera. I was calculating money and expenses after the lunch. I was happy on that time because I got my August salaries from my boss on that day too. We did a lot of talking and discussions there! It was a meaningful day spent with my college mates. Thank you everyone! I hope we still have the next chance to hang out together. xD! So how was your hang out with college mates? Posted by GenYong 12.10.2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taiping-Sitiawan-Ipoh One Day Trip (Part 2)

Well, let's continue from the previous blog post. The beautiful pond is actually artificially made for the pretty view of the temple. It was so nice and really a good place to relax your mind after visiting the temple. I don't know why there will so hot at the area compare to my hometown Penang Island.
#1 The pretty cool statues set up there with the watering system. It was so nice!
#2 If you visited there before, you will know this funny action of the statues.
#3 Viewed from the other side of the pond.
#4 My sister acting like the statue there! Nice and cool.
#5 Here come my turn to shot with my zodiac sign. I am dog in my zodiac! Born in year 1994.
#6 Amitabha... My sister on the screen! :D
#7 There was a lot of statues there. Each one with different action and they look interesting and attracted a lot of people have a photoshoot there.
#8 Yes it's my turn! Acting cool like having something! Follow the action of statue :D
#9 My turn to show in Amitabha action... Wish everyone have a good health and good wealth!
#11 The artificial cave created and inside having a god for people to pray.
#12 The most interesting statues and it seems like a classic china story of playing chess beside a pond.
My sister and I was standing under the hot sun just to take more photos as we can because that place was extremely nice! If you're in Sitiawan, you should visit there.
Posing in front of the huge statue of Tua Pek Kong before we back. This was my first time see a huge statue found in Malaysia. I can't imagine how they create this when building this temple, it needs a lot of efforts and time to build it.
The last shot with statue before we leave.
The family group photo under the huge Pek Kong statue and I wish to be here again soon!
*As a hint to all parents, it's good to be here because as you can wish for the 4D numbers from Pek Kong and maybe it will be come true. xD

Traveled 2 hours of journey and we finally reached Ipoh in the afternoon! Here come too the Ipoh New town. We actually want to pay a visit to Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah but too bad we couldn't find it and my dad just said next time ba. So after reached Ipoh, we quickly find something for lunch.
#13 We were not having the famous bean sprouts chicken there but we having the famous chicken rice there. When I was working in Ipoh, my boss brought me here to have the lunch before back to Penang. That's why I brought my family here again and it was so delicious!
After lunch, I called my dad drove us to Station 18 which is just a few kilometres away from the Ipoh New Town. I was worked there previously for a week and it was so fun when working at outstation! Click here to read more about my working experience there.
La Kaffa coffee outlet in AEON Station 18, Ipoh. Located near Popular Bookstore.
They are my previous colleagues. That time they were still new in La Kaffa, and now they are even better than my skill on making a good coffee! Well done.
Visit my colleague Ah Chyn who is also the present supervisor there. She is the friendly girl and can talk non stop with a really friendly way with you. xD
Around 6 something in the evening we started to leave Ipoh. I was glad to have a family trip like this! I wish there will have more family outing to other places out of Penang. Well, I planned to visit Ipoh and Kampar on this coming November with my friends. Hopefully the plan can be true on that time! So what do you think about the town of Ipoh? Posted by GenYong 10.10.2012