Saturday, June 30, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII Roadshow

Hello blog readers, I would like to say sorry that I have been quite a few days didn't update my blog post. Anyway, today I would like to share about the Samsung Galaxy SIII Roadshow which held in Queensbay Mall in the early of month June!
This is Samsung Galaxy SIII with the slogan of "Design for Human Being", if I am not mistaken. It was launched since 31st May 2012 and became the latest smartphone among Apple, HTC, Nokia and many more products. The unique shape with curves were attracted me to touch on it! The extreme big screen was designed like border-less and it's nice to look at and also light to be carried.

The DiGi Telco promoters were there promoting for the new designed smartphone Samsung Galaxy SIII. They also recommended the package for the current DiGi users as to encourage them to subscribe for the DiGi Smart Plan. 

Many people were there testing for the new released smartphone. How smart is it? It's Samsung Galaxy SIII the latest smartphone in the world now before iPhone 5 release. Posted by GenYong 30.06.2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Look of Penang International Airport

Penang International Airport has turned a new look since year 2011. The construction work had started since year 2010 I still remember the time when I always take bus from school to airport and walked home. It  was happened 2 years ago, now the airport outlook has totally changed.
The Penang International Airport had the big renovation for outlook and also interior. Building up the new wing for local departure station and also local arrival station. The interior of Penang International Airport also doing a big renovation and it was a mess now! Lack of shops, full of dust, crowded and lack of direction, not a good impression for tourists!
But anyhow the outlook is nice and no more traffic jam in airport... I always went there because it is near my house. I used to go there observe for their construction works almost every week. The working process were quite slow and the dusty environment make tourists not comfortable... I could see that.
The most convenient side is tourist can ever board on bus with just only walk out from Penang International Airport arrival hall. The outside of departure hall were extended until larger and it can suit two way lanes traffic! Good one... I am looking forward for the new airport with completely built! =) Posted by GenYong 22.06.2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

6Celcious 1st Avenue Grand Opening

6Celcious Tea and Desserts company has expanded their business in Penang Island. Since January there was an outlet opened at Gurney Plaza 6th Floor and getting a good respond from customers and now they are expanding their business to 1st Avenue Mall.
On 25th May 2012 is their 1st opening day and it was located at 1st Avenue, 8th Floor just beside Chatime and same floor with TGV Cinema! The outlook of the shop is really cool and unique design! There is a big menu board in front of the counter and also banner stand ready outside the shop with the large LCD TV showing customers for their features drinks!
I went to their 1st opening day to witness the new shop opened in 1st Avenue Mall. It seems to be so nice and cool place for shoppers to enjoy their drinks there! From the 1st day opening until 10th June 2012 there was Buy 1 Free 1 Deal at there! I bought one drink and get one drink for FREE, means Buy Large Get Regular!
It's worth to pay up RM6.90 for 2 drinks! The taste of the drink was nice and some sort like Chatime. Well, it is special in the icy series and I really addicted on it! It was so unique just like Iced Coffee Milk Tea is the special one also! Conclusion it's not bad to have it as a dessert! If you're free, can take a try there! It's same branch outlet with Gurney Plaza too.
There are more and more various type of drinks for you to choose. Find one day when I am free and having sufficient money, I will try the best to taste all of them! It sounds like quite nice, you have to go and take a try! Posted by GenYong 15.06.2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Giant Supermarket Farlim

Good news to Penang Air Itam Region residents. There is another new shopping side for residents to purchase their daily goods. It is Giant Supermarket Farlim, it is located at All Season Places, which is a new township of Farlim along the Thean Teik Road. Giant Departmental Store (Malaysia) had expanded their business at Farlim and open for service the resident with the fresh goods out there.
It is the 4th Giant outlet in Penang Island after Penang Plaza, Prangin Mall, Bayan Baru. It is not really large scale like hypermarket, just can be said that it was like a convenient neighbourhood store. Its open really beneficial to all the Farlim residents!
Previously this building was owned by the Belleview Group which is the developer of the All Season Places. It was the Property Show Gallery that owned by Belleview Group as now it has turned to be the place for Giant Supermarket to operate their business.

I went there with my family while there was the Agong's birthday holiday. It was just open for a few days and there was crowded of people. Maybe there are a new place so many of people were going there to take a look on the new environment plus that day is public holiday too, that's why there were so many people. Well, it was having a big deal discount there too! 
The Giant Supermarket has 2 floors which the ground floor is selling groceries goods, food, vegetables and many more. Whereas for 2nd floor, there are the daily products section which selling clothes, electrical stuffs, house cabinets and many more. This supermarket is quite big and nice, the escalator I think is the longest escalator that I saw in Penang before! This Giant supermarket is quite cool and nice but maybe it's quite crowded when I was there and I feel not so comfortable.
All Season Place is a new township for Farlim that developed by Belleview Group. Previously this place is actually a construction site but due to economics crisis, the development end up with nothing and lately Belleview Group pledge to develop back the place. As inside this project there are Melody Homes, All Season Park 4 Condominiums Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, All Season Places Shoplots and also the Giant Supermarket! You can check out the website for more details!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chatime Penang Family

Chatime was so familiar to me! That's my previous workplace! I worked in Chatime for 3 months starting from 2nd February until 30th April 2012. The 3 months of working moments let me learnt a lot of things! I was glad to meet the all colleagues there as they were all my working senior, they were all friendly and nice people. They taught me how to make a nice drink for customers and also the serving manner to customers!
She is Sy Yi, who taught me on how to shake the mixed drinks, how to add ingredients, how to measure the drinks and many more since I was there from 1st day! She's a nice girl and kind to help us always! Quite fun working with her!
HooiShuang who was working with me for around 2 months. A nice girl who really can do a lot of works, but yet she needs time to polish her skill on making drinks! Good but need to keep it up ya! =)
Mr Lee my boss that own the shops in Chatime Queensbay Mall and also Chatime Gurney Plaza. Now he is expanding his business in making La Kaffa in Ipoh and also coming soon in Penang! I was glad to know him and he was a kind boss! He very take care of his shop, talk about drink quality, cleanliness and many more things. Of course he also care of us! 

She's my bro Jessie Foo. She is quite a famous person in Penang, quite popular in Facebook. She actually was born in Ipoh Perak. She's quite a nice girl who act like a boy! I usually called her as Liu Li Yang who's the celebrities from China. Her look was so similar with the celebrity! She's good in understanding people and always be friend with me! She's from Chatime Gurney Plaza and sometimes will come to Chatime Queensbay Mall for replacement.
She's Anne, she was originally came from Sarawak and also a sarawakian. She knows how to speak English, Malay and some korean language. We usually speak with her in English and she always reply us in Chinese. Cool! She's quite a nice girl and cute in talking way! She's also from Chatime Gurney Plaza and just came to Chatime Queensbay Mall as replacement.
She is Li Zing who is from Kedah that same hometown with Sy Yi and Hooi Shuang. She was enrolled to Chatime Queensbay Mall after me that same time with Hooi Shuang. Both of them were take care themselves during working. Li Zing is quite a smart girl and she is able to handle the kitchen stuffs! Keep it up, Li Zing!
She is Gui Ning who is still study as a secondary student. She worked as a part time and only work in weekends. She is same age with my sister and also studying in the same school with my sister. Quite a friendly girl and also experienced in handling the shops stuffs like serving customers, making drinks and take orders.
June Koeh... My best bro in Chatime. He taught me a lot of things and helped me to solve a lot of problems too. I was glad to learn something new from him and he also taught me that how to work smart and being loyal to company. He's good in managing the stocks for Chatime and he's also the Chatime Penang Production Manager! He will be handling all stuffs about production and also the stocks!
He is Max who is now working at La Kaffa Ipoh. He was the supervisor in Chatime Penang before. Working for two places that are Queensbay Mall and also Gurney Plaza. He is a nice guy and he was like my bro in Chatime. Showing me the skill of making a good drink, brought me to Ipoh and help out at La Kaffa! Thank you Max and I was glad to know you as my friend as well!
He is Khin, a Myanmar worker who worked in Malaysia for 3 years and joined in Chatime for 1 year. He is the god of the kitchen! He will be handling everything in the kitchen, preparing tea, preparing ingredients and many more stuffs. He is a nice guy and I always joke and help him along while I am in kitchen! His language was funny and I always laugh when he was talking with his friend on phone! Thank you Khin for teaching me how to cook the tea and prepare for ingredients!
She is Colly Lim who graduated from Form 6 and waiting for the enrollment of University. She worked for about half year since January and she is also an experience worker at Chatime. Some of the drinks procedure was taught by her! She's quite a serious girl and take everything in serious mode. Good one!
Lastly, this is my grandma in Chatime who was my chief supervisor. She is a kind person who taught me a lot of things also. But when she's working, she will be really serious and really can scold you if you do anything wrong. But now she has being better to newbies. I was so glad to meet Ai Yu as my supervisor and thank you her for teaching me a lot of skill on doing a good drinks! She also taught me on how to talk with customer while standing pose and taking orders. Thank you very much, grandma!

Lastly I have learnt a lot of things from Chatime and I hope that one day later I can go back there and work again! As now I am a Chatime fan too! Supporting Chatime everywhere, everytime! =) Chatime, the best tea always... Posted by GenYong 12.06.2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

La Kaffa Ipoh Family

Talking about La Kaffa, yes it's a good news for coffee lovers in Penang. La Kaffa is coming to Penang soon maybe this June! Alright why I keep on promoting La Kaffa this few months? As I am not the signature model from them also right? Actually, my previous boss is going to operate another franchising F&B outlet from Taiwan besides Chatime!
My boss, supervisor and I.
La Kaffa is 80% serving in coffee just like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. This coffee concept was from Taiwan. Recently in the month of March, La Kaffa was opened in AEON Station 18, Ipoh and becoming the 2nd outlet in Malaysia. I was there working for one week! I was just helping them in the opening and also learn some skill of making a better coffee!
Sometimes there was no customer so we take the chance to have some group shot or some funny camera playing too! As I was not there for long time, so I very appreciate everyday at there! It was fun to work with them!
We are the non-official signature model for La Kaffa Coffee! xD
I was first time out from Penang alone and working under a strange place. I was nervous when I first arrived there. It was quite strange to me! Luckily my senior Max Lim, Nelson Loo, Ah Fann were there giving me advice on how to work out for better coffee. Thank you very much!
He is Nelson Loo, I called him as ah Hoe! A nice guy....
She is ah Fann and she's very kind to everyone! 
She's Ah Hua, the 1st batch worker for La Kaffa!
They're ah Hong and ah Hean! Both of them are part time bartender for La Kaffa!
At Ipoh, there were a lot of leng zai leng lui means handsome boys and pretty girls which attracted me to know them as friends. Hahaa.. I was just kidding and it was great that I have the chance to meet back my previous Leo Club's friends who stay in Ipoh and Kampar.
Well I am glad to have the chance to work in Ipoh for a week! Not a long period of working there but through out the 3 months of my working life, I was lucky to get the chance working in Ipoh, tasted Ipoh food and learnt how to be independent! It is good, really thanks to my boss! Are you looking forward to La Kaffa? Yes it's coming really soon...

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