Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shopping Contest bring you by Queensbay Mall

Yesterday night my dad brought us to Queensbay Mall for visiting and searching for Plasma TV. The purpose we were going is to compare price with other dealer. We decided to but the brand of Panasonic which have more function and more stable compare with Samsung brand. Actually samsung brand not bad, just look like the 'newbie' of creating Plasma and LCD TV already have the good result.

Anyway, we didn't pay the deposit or any credit yet. I think if not mistaken, tonight will go more one round for booking! My mum prefer use credit card to 'takle' first, as we are not rich enough! RM3699 is it comfortable? Any comments just leave!

Alright, slightly forgot the above picture. This picture is me taken at Queensbay Mall last night. From my opinion this contest is one kind of shopping contest. I think this contest is about the Doraemon Contest. Shop more at the participating outlets to get more benefits.

What are you waiting for? Go shop now at Queensbay Mall!
Posted by GenYong 02.12.2008

1 comment:

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