Sunday, October 19, 2008

Penang Times Square

According to last post that I mentioned I will stopped blogging for nearly one month right? But now I realized that if didn't I update I will loss a lot of visitors! Anyway, as well I think this will be the last post before I going to run out for my final exam this coming Friday. Quickly post it as well! I need to say well done for the person who taking PMR just get the freedom now, just like Yong Seng and Chien Ming. As now they enjoy and relax for their time now!

Today I want to show you some photos that taken while I went to Georgetown and passed by Penang Times Square on last week. Penang Times Square is coming to open on this year end. I think the Christmas celebration or even New Year Countdown will be held at there. Check out!
Penang Times Square #1

Penang Times Square

Penang Times Square2
I think this building is named Birch Regency or Birch Suites. Anyway, I think this building is being for use on this year end plus KOMTAR new supermarket Pacific is coming to Penang. Next year Penang Georgetown is a brand new place for traveling. I need to say bye to everyone and I will back on 06th November 2008. Thank you! Anything just contact me! Posted by GenYong 19/10/2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flowers View

Last Sunday morning I took out my camera to shoot for some randomly photos that's flowers shoot! Yo, as now I am lacking of time for blogging because of my year end exam is coming on next Friday until 6th of November. I ensure that I won't online within this duration! Concentrate in reading and get a better result for next year! Now let me show you:
Flowers #1

Flowers View #2

Flowers View #3
I took this photos nicely and freshly right? I hope that almost photographers can give me some comments about this. I would like to say goodbye to everyone. I will leave and back on 6th of November! Bye everyone. Follow my twitter Bye good night! Posted by GenYong 15/10/2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Artistic Shot @ Chung Ling High School

Last weekend(Saturday), I went to school for attending the Co-operative Club interview. Before the activity started, I took some shot of the green effect of school and some artistic shot that made by feature bloggers>>Nicholas, Alvin. I was slightly get the ideas from them and perform myself! XD. Let's look at what I shot about:
I learned from Nicholas about this shot. Put your camera within the drain and shot it! Is it nice effect? LOL.The lockers that locked the doors that preparing for PMR. The garden view of Chung Ling High School. Is it nice? or else untidy? LOL. I feel it is okay, are you agree? Good news for you, petrol price went down again, now is RM2.30! Go and pump up your vehicles petrol full tank now! Good night. =) Posted by GenYong 14/10/2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Upcoming Events in Penang!

Long time no blog in my general blog. I am back for now because of my plenty of assignments in school, so I can just blog for 3-5 times a week. Recently I spent my time to design a banner for advertisement in upcoming year end events of Penang. Since the government changed in Penang, Democratic Action Party try to organize more events for Penangites to join it!

The most popular is the Penang Bridge International Marathon Run@16th November 2008. Even at Chung Ling High School, our gerko side also call us to support this out! I will support it and manage to take some photos at that day.

Recently you will know that the Pesta Penang is opened. Asean Culture Centre! This year pesta will starting from October until year end! Let most of people enjoy the fun@ Pesta. As well as let more tourist or penangites know more about Penang. Penang tourism management hosted a website. The style of this website is a blog idea. Since Penang is under heritage, many tourists are visiting Penang. This is the proud of Penangites!

Actually what I want to show you all is:
I done this by capture some pictures from Google. I put our dearest chief minister YAB Lim Guan Eng means that he guided us to the better future and take more and more tourists coming to Penang! The purpose of design this banner is to promote the Asean Culture Centre

Where is Pesta Penang?
If free must check it out! A new and fresh style of Pesta!
Posted by GenYong 12/10/2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Suntech Tower@Bayan Baru

Everyone here, I was miss online and all of my readers. I hope that you all will feel comfortable and can be understanding me because of my problems. Anyway, now I would like to show one new building is opened for one month @ Penang Cybercity. This kind of building is suitable for office used and also some shoplots.
Suntech Tower

Suntech Tower
This is the view of SUNTECH Tower(next to Sunshine Square). This is a new area for IT Favouriters and WIFI new place to go. If any company that interested can be contact the management of this tower! First come, First Serve! Posted by GenYong 09/10/2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Penang Furniture City

Last Thursday, my family visited for some light houses and furniture shops. I followed took my camera around and snapped for some nice photos of heritage in Penang. Later I will show you about the buildings that has been care under the world heritage. These buildings can't be spoil it and build a new building. This building now is going to hike up the sales price I think this is suitable for business or office because nowadays Georgetown is few of residential houses.

Now let us look about the heritage buildings(Penang Furniture City):
Heritage Building #1
According from my dad, this last time is a cinema. Are you believe? This is around the town area which got a popular furniture shops(supermarket?!) called MEKIO. Feel free to visit? LOL.
Heritage Building #2
I visited along the shoplots! Especially in the lightning shop(sell lights and lamps). But finally I bought the lights is @ KA Lightning Enterprise which located opposite at the Dato Keramat Police Station(Largest police station @ Penang Island)
Heritage Building #3

Heritage Building #4
I purposely took this snap. Roadsiders thought me is a tourist either photographer. LOL. Is quite nice on this photograph. I would like to join the course or any contest in this coming year end holidays. Who got suggestions? Please invite me for shooting anything also can! XD.

It is very late now and I would like to stop here and going to sleep. Good night! Posted by GenYong 06/10/2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scenery of Interior Garden @Pearl Garden

Last Wednesday, that's Hari Raya first day. My mum was brought her uncle to look for renovating. So I followed her! Not much need to renovate, just little bit that's broke and tidy up somethings like paint again my & sister room. Do something in bathroom and changing the lamps.

Before going up to my new house, I visit and look at the swimming pool! It is so clear at the water and it is so clean since this is built on 2001 until now.
The Mickey mouse face is in the baby pool, my little cousin like it so much. LOL!The slide is start from the upper to the baby pool. Kids like to play this right? XD>^!This is the adult swimming pool, suitable for me! XD>! It got separate from 1.2m,1.5m,1.6m and even 1.8m(higher than me) I think I just can swim until 1.6m, 1.8m can't la!The club house of the three condominiums. It got events that held in here! Leo Club came here before to celebrate something with children here!

Overall I feel very happy and surprised to my condominium got this type of facilities. Are you agree? Now you know where I live? It is Pearl Garden, Sungai Ara!(next to SMK Sungai Ara). Posted by GenYong 05/10/2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

View from New House

Last Sunday I took this shot! What shot I take? What view from new house? Where my new house? LOL. Before I start this post, you will sure keep asking me this kind of questions. Where my new house? I need your comments and let you to guess where is it! Okay?

Anyway, let me show you some tips here. The view from balcony is:I took some shots to show you all. Now is your job to guess it out where my new house locate. Please guess it by leaving comments! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 03/10/2008

2nd Malaysia Chinese Blogs Competition

Actually I found this advertisement on Advertlets. I clicked on it and wondered it is the annual malaysia chinese blogs competitions is open for registration. I can't register because I am writing in English, not in Chinese. Maybe this coming year end holidays I can start to find out how to manage a chinese blog well! XD.

Who will join this competition? I hope that who write the chinese language blog can join this competition! I can only support this event, but maybe next year can join you all! Thank you very much. Here a video is quite funny about this contest. 你报名了吗?lol

Posted by GenYong 03/10/2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

HouLiao Recommended

Actually I activated this blog since May 2008. I realize that nowadays few of visitors go and visit. I would like to share with you all about my food blog. All the photos that I shot about food is going to post on HouLiao. Please check it out or you can email for me Thank you very much. Be Sure you check it out and leave some comments there! Posted by GenYong 02/10/2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

GenYong@OldTown Cafe

Last Saturday, my dad brought me to OldTown Coffee Shop which newly opened at Bayan Baru Mayang Pasir there. I was very happy that can be celebrated belated birthday in this kind of high class restaurant that I haven't been before. I take quite a lot of shot there. Cool! We ordered many foods and I will post up soon on HouLiao, remember to check it out!

OldTown Cafe
I feel that this shot is quite nice and I like this, I think it can give to the company for promoting their business. XD!
OldTown View
There is a part of OldTown View. Upstair the open air area and it can be allowed my dad to smoke. LOL. No aircond but it seems cool enough!
GenYong@OldTown Coffee
I like this shot also. I snapped it by myself! It seems that this is nature smile that I performed!
Cute GenYong
Cute GenYong can? The script got some refer to Smashpop. I hope ah pop can accept it. Hahax. Is me cute? LOL.
Dad & Mum
My dad and mum were sitting together and I snapped it. My mum suggested this photo will put in new house later. No idea, it's up to she.
GenYong & Sister
Finally is me and my cute sister. I feel that this shot also best. LOL, but still need to improve by learning from other photographers. Truely, who can teach me some skills in taking photos? I hope got someone will help me!

I would like to wish all malays Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Have a nice holidays and nice day in future.
Posted by GenYong 01/10/2008