Monday, December 31, 2007

Countdown for New Year 2008!!

Are you going to countdown for next year 2008 tonight? I think I will go for it!! Is really get hard to be this!! One year one time only!! Goodbye 2007 from today that I can say!! 2008 is coming soon!! Tonight, 2008 is coming!! Cool.... I waiting for you 2008!!Say goodbye to 2007, say hi to 2008!! Happy New Year!!
Posted by GenYong 31/12/2007

Sunday, December 30, 2007

GenYong's Personal Site > GenYong's Blog?!

Sorry guys, this was my first changing of my blog name. GenYong's Personal Site> GenYong's Blog?! Haha... Actually I was changed my template just now. Then this actually is my "test post" in new template. I decided that my pictures alignment got some problems. So that, I have to solve it!! That's sure I must upload some photos la!!

I just went back from my cousin Keegan's birthday party. I shot lots of photos also. Let's me show you some la:Keegan's Birthday Cake!! Happy Birthday to Keegan!!Snap together!! How I shot? Use 10seconds shot la!! Haha... Nice? Effect!!Haha... My uncle and my cousin Keegan!! You look at Keegan, he was so happy!!
Anyway, I just did a error for my visitors counter!! Damn!! I go and reset the counter pula. Haiz... From 1,820 visitors drop until 1 visitors pula!! Haiz... I really so upset. But I already did it ar!! Just don't think of that la!! I will call more visitors come!! I just ajust the date start from next year lo!! 2008 I am waiting for you, and I was prepared the things and wait "you" come!! Haha... Posted by GenYong 30/12/2007

Say goodbye to my recent template!!

Just look at my title, why I say goodbye to my current template? Actually I will change my template today. This template is my blog built since 25 September 2007 until now is Version 2 This template was changed on 25 November 2007 until now already more than one month. For this coming new year, I will change again to new template!! Hope you all will see that I will launching on 1st of January 2008. Happy New Year to everyone!! Posted by GenYong 30/12/2007

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Busy?! Felt not well>?!

Actually, I was felt not well from Thursday night until today morning. I just want to let you all to see what I have ate this afternoon. I ate Bihun Soup(Hokkien). A a bowl of tasty bihun soup. I just want to update my blog for you all to keep viewing my blog!! I really felt not well. Sorry guys who always visit my blog!! Paiseh ( in hokkien) I will change my blog template tomorrow for next year 2008!! So my blog widgets will be lost, maybe I will quickly to set it up! The first will be ChatBox. Haha... Let you all to chat first!! Really I felt this post is it meaningless? I really felt sorry for that!! Update Soon!! Posted by GenYong 29/12/2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas dinner?! Seafoods.

Recent post that I wrote for my visitors to leave feedbacks. Do you leave that? Is about would I change my template for 2008? If you haven't leave just click at the link!! Help me to find out more links of new template!! Thanks.

Alright, this post I titled it be christmas dinner. Actually we went to Bukit Tambun to have our " christmas dinner" This was invited by my uncle. Ahaa... That night I ate a lot too.... Hehe... Let's me show you some photos that I shot!!Firstly, we started our journey from Bayan Lepas(my hometown) to Butterworth. That's me in car which taken by my sister. Is it cool? I wear black shirt!!

About 6.30pm, we reached Butterworth and fetched my grandmum(Mother's side). Then we continue journey to Bukit Tambun. Ahaa... That was sure I shot for the view of the restaurant first!!The restaurant that we have been!! 义成 "yi seng"(in hokkien), heard from my uncle said that there have delicious meals!! All seafoods? Almost la. Cause the restaurant near sea.The view of Bukit Tambun's port. Look at the boats, they used it to catch fishes and all the sea living things. That's really nice of the scenery!! Cool.Also crowded of peoples? Haiz... But is okay for us, because my aunt already reserved the place!! Ahaa... The restaurant was so long!!The customers was eat and view the sea!! That's really SeaView of Bukit Tambun. Our meals was coming!! Delicious. Hmm... You just look at my cousins and my aunt, they ate until so fun!! Later, the fish was coming. Wow!! The fish was so delicious. I would like the order another one! Haha... One fish cost RM 20 somethings, I think so. And also the crabs costed RM 85 somethings. What is this? My cousin called me to shot it!! Really what is this? A cute living things, but must be careful for their body!!

After finish dinner, that was a thunderstorm rained heavily. We wait there for about half an hour went back!! Went back home about 10.00pm, tired at that time and I slept early that night!! Is just about this "christmas dinner"!! Next post: We went out with KL aunt.
Posted by GenYong 27/12/2007

Would I change my template for 2008?

This post actually is I want to ask for my visitors' feedbacks. Would I change my template for next year 2008? This template suitable for me? Or you want to recommend some templates for me? I just want your feedbacks. If any information or you want to write your feedback, just leave a comment!! I'm really thanks for your help, I will collect your feedbacks and I will determine that would I change my template. Can you all please leave for me before 31st of December? Alright, I will update a picture blog again soon!! Wish you all Happy New Year!! Posted by GenYong 27/12/2007 Thanks!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Hohoho... Santa Claus is coming to town!! Haha.... Just a tone for christmas!! Merry Christmas to everyone of this world. Yo!! Today is christmas day, that's sure I will asked you yesterday night you went where to countdown? If you in Penang, you will say Gurney Drive is the best choice. Queensbay leh? Is it boleh tahan? Maybe I think so!!

Alright, today I just would like to show you some pictures that I shooted yesterday. Wow!! Yesterday night Gurney Drive crowded with peoples lo!! My father's car get blur after they sprayed on my father's car, Haha... You can try to imagine that time what happening!! Anyway, I just show you photos and describe one by one!! Okay? Alright!!

Starting from about 9.30pm, we reached Gurney Drive!! Wow!! OMG the "longest" traffic jam in my mind. Cause 9.30pm is already late and peoples especially teenagers were played spray!! Cool... This cause the traffic jam lo!! We crowded at there about 2 hours. I just shooted photos in car, if not I drop down the car they sure spray me!! Wow, cause I doesn't have "weapon" mah!! Haha....Anyway, firstly I saw the G-Hotel logo was nice!! Cool is it? A "Santa G-Hotel"!! Haha.... Wow, that was crowded of peoples ready!! Ahaa... We kena ready... OMG A love?! Haha.... Anyway, that's alright!! Cool man... Like a heart design for my family right? Ahaa..... Haha... Quite Cute!! You just observe attentively, you will see that two "leng lui" there to spray peoples' car right? Haha.. Let me shooted!! Cool leh!! That's sure many peoples crowded outside Gurney Plaza and sprayed each other. The girls was the "leng lui" just now lo!! You look at them were waiting for what? Ahaa... Surely is car!! That was fun mah!! Nearly countdown that time. They became more "crazy" Haa... The motorbikes lap at Gurney Drive?! Cool!! And also in front of police!! Haha... Walao eh!! You believe? This was just heard from Kokahkok

Then, we drove out Gurney Drive and went to Tanjung Bungah. We have not walked down the car. Cause was nearly midnight!! We reached Bayview Hotel in Tanjung Bungah and U-turn back and rounded the E&O Hotel!! The Penang Road also crowded with peoples, but not so serious like Gurney Drive la!!

About 1.00am, we went to Traders Hotel to take some "original" photos lo!! Cause really looked that we just sat in the car to celebrate christmas?! So my father drove to there let us to take some photos. GenYong is a santa claus?! That one is christmas tree? I think not so suitable to be a christmas tree!! Ahaaa.... But never mine is just okay for me to take photo!! Santa GenYong zoomed by WinnieYong
Ahaa... Is it the effect nice?! Haha....Is it me like a santa claus? Wearing the christmas hat and red shirts!! Really look like santa claus!! Cool!! Santa GenYong is coming to town!! Haha.... Alright, christmas will held until 31/12/2007 right? That's said by my father!!

Anyway, I hope that this coming New Year Eve, we can go and enjoy again in Queensbay(maybe). Cause Gurney Drive should crowded with more peoples!! This coming new year eve "New Year GenYong 2008" is coming!! Haha..... Wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Posted by GenYong 25/12/2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Midwinter Festival

Midwinter Festival? Do you know what means? This is a festival which celebrate by Chinese. Is just a festival like CNY, Mooncake Festival and whatever festivals we celebrate. That's sure Chinese have more festival to celebrate. Is it right? Haha....

Actually this midwinter in chinese is mean 冬至. Let's me explain the story of "Dong Zhi" for you all to discuss!! The traditional East Asian calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms. That's one term which caused by Sun that reaches longitude 270. That's I'm not so sure!! This just search from WikiPedia Go the site to get more information!!

Alright, I just remember that I shooted some pictures of "Tang Yuan" yesterday night. Haha... That's the process of doing "Tang Yuan". Let's see:Ahaa... what's that? Haha... Before we start the process, we make a preparation for that. That's four colour of the ingredients. Got Red, White, Green and Yellow. The main of the colour lo!! Haha!!My mum and grandma were doing until want to complete the job ready!! Haha... My sister and i also got help oh!! Just doesn't take photo on that time, cause we were doing!! Wow!! Completed!! We already completed the job. Let's look at the table!! Haha... And me was at there.. Haha....Is it nice? I mean the "Tang Yuan".Finally, we completed the Glutinous Balls. haha... Colourful!! Is it? Nice lo!! Just wait for today morning to eat lo!! Haha... I have ate it ready... Delicious
This pictures I edit with Adobe Photoshop!! New look?! Fresh to view!! I will update soon!! Support GenYong 22/12/2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hari Raya Haji's Holiday

Yo!! Today is holiday. Hari Raya Haji, is it for we chinese? No la, just for Malay them to celebrate. haha!! Just don't mind at it la!! We went to pray at temples for next year 2008!! This morning I woke up 8.00am to prepare for going out!!

First, we went to the temple which near Dewan Sri Pinang. Just look at the picture!! You can imagine that how many peoples in the temple!! Wow, a lot peoples lo!! And then we rounded at the Komtar!! Just look at the building. Ahaa....!! This picture was taken in car ah.... Haha... Not easy oh!!Then, we went to the temple of buddhas. Aha... This picture^^ taken by me lo!! Hehe... Is it nice? Lol...We felt hungry on that time, then we went to nearest restaurant in Greenlane. That's Mc Donald's lo!! I have a Filet O Fish burger for my lunch. Is it so delicious and fully!! Haha...

Sorry for that guys, cause that I felt that busy to do somethings. So that, my post become more short!! So I'm sorry for that!! Hope that you all will be ignore it!! I will update soon!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Posted by GenYong 20/12/2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Delayed post 12/12/2007-14/12/2007

For your information, I just promised that I will post the delayed post in recent post. This post I will write it!! Just get scolded by my mum yesterday night. Why? The reason was I did nothing this holiday, just blogging. Is it blog anything wrong? But I just ignore it, and just accept this advice.

Alright, can we start our post? I just simply start, cause this is pass post. Just simply write la!! Last Wednesday, my KL aunt and my cousin was came out to Penang. That's sure we must joined them to go out for some activities and bring them to some special places of Penang. In home, we just play with my little cousin>Keegan.Is it he was dancing along? His cloth really nice!! Cute right? Haha!!Ahaaa.... Just woke up!! Walked out to my uncle house boungany to view of the "morning view" of Relau. All buildings was like the.......... Haha...

After that, we went to Air Itam for having our lunch. Is just my aunt's favourite>Laksa . Srrr...... Cool!! Then, we reached Air Itam(under Penang Hill). Just focus at the picture:Do you know where is it? That's opposite the Kafe Asia of Penang Hill. Hmm..... The Laksa and Kuei Teow Soup at there was delicious!! Wow!!I can't eat too spicy food, so I just choose Kuei Teow Soup lo!! Much delicious!! After having this, I felt so full!! Ahaa.....

At night, my uncle invited us to the new Bali Bali Cafe at Sungai Dua(near Yellow house there). There really many of choices for meals, but price is not cheap oh!! But also have many of peoples went there to have their dinner. Let's see the picture, you will know that how many peoples is it:Just look la^^ Is it many peoples? The design of this cafe nice!! Like new cafe right? That's new la!!Just look at Keegan boy sit at the baby sit in the cafe!! Come on smile~~=) Haha!!Just look at me!! GenYong in Bali Bali Cafe!! This was the picture I put into my MSN!! Haha... Is it nice? This was taken by WinnieYongThat sure I won't forget to take for the banner of the cafe. This was taken in car, cause that night was rainning heavily. So that, you can view properly. Sorry for that!!
I will update soon!! But just not confirm that can update daily or not!! I will try my best to update!! Thanks for support!! Posted by GenYong 18/12/2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Penang Starwalk 2007 16/12/2007

For your information, last post I just raise that I will go for Starwalk on Sunday. That's true I went and I did it! What I did? Is just I really can walked 10km from PISA(Penang International Sports Arena) to Airport, then back to PISA!! From today news article, I know that the activities have about 1 million and 200 thousand participants joined this walk!! It's held on Sunday(that's yesterday) 7.00am until 1.00pm. Wow!! Really a lot of peoples!!

We reach there about 7.00am. And we parked our motor near the PISA there and start to follow the walk. I woke up 6.00am yesterday morning, but is okay for me to walk there!! The air was fresh in morning. That's really!! Let me show you the pictures la:We walked out the road to Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. That time I started to take some photos. This walk many of peoples joined, just look at the pictures you will know!! I felt that just like morning walk as usual like last time I have been. When reach my primary school>SJK(C)Chung Shan there, there was the StarPaper Office at there. Just focus at the picture, there was 100 plus sponsored stalls at there to give out 100 plus drinks to all participants. Seen they were very busy to serve us, really good job at them. After drinking, we continue our journey. Many peoples were tired and just don't want to walk finish. But we don't!! Just walk mah, not run!! haha... On the way, have many of S.T John members to stand by there for emergent hurt of participants. After 2 hours more that's about 9.30am, we reached the end. This just like Cross Country Run right? But is walk, not run!! Haha.... Then, I just followed my dad to take our motor and went to Sunshine Square to buy some batteries for my camera. We thought we can went back to home and rest for few minutes, but then there was late and we confirm that no need to go back la!!

There was carnivals at the outside of PISA. Got Milo and Cornflakes for sponsored drinks, DiGi sponsored Rojak and Popcorn. I didn't take photo, because that time my camera no battery ready. Then, we walked into the stadium indoor part. The aircond was so cool. We saw the DiGi's yellow mans were perform on the stage. Quite cute!! Hehe...Look at this pictures^^ Is it lots of peoples? That's true la!! But no full seat la!! PISA so big, If full seat, that's useless!! Haha... Just joking!!Seen that we haven't get seat, we went and played games first!! Pallas, Magnum and DiGi provided games for us. But not really get somethings!! Haha... Just get a notebook from Magnum and a can of drink from Pallas. DiGi gave us a nice picture that I take with my dad beside the yellow man!! You look at my face^^ Oh no!! That time I was hot, so that my face...... Haha.. But now no la!! When we find for a seat, I quickly take a shot for the Stage and the peoples. Wow!! You see at the peoples, lots lo!! Really "Peoples Mountain Peoples Sea"(in Chinese). Haha...
After the lucky draw was drawed, everybody was "rush" to go back!! Although we didn't get anything, but we felt happy that we can saw the peoples happy!! Haha... So we will see you next year!! Wait for you to participate!! Penang Starwalk 2008 is waiting for you!!

Although, we didn't get any prizes. But we believed that we are just walked for fun!! Get more experience in walking journey. After back home, I felt so tired and slept for a while and then went to tuition. Yesterday night, I slept earlier lo. This morning woke up late, about 10.00am. Haha.... Okay la. Just until here!! Next post is my delay post that I promised!! Wait for it!! Starwalk 2008, I must join!! Merry Christmas!! Posted by GenYong 17/12/2007