Friday, December 12, 2008

Say Hello

Recently I read AlvinLee's blog, I feel that there was a new style of writing. Actually recent posts I only focus on upload photos and describing on it only. But after reading his blog, I found that besides upload photos I still can write more that I can. I have an idea is write whatever you like and nobody is going to complain you. They are just only read, comment and keep laughing.

Today I won't post up any photos. I just only write about a joking topic and teach how to say hello to everyone. I named this topic as Say Hello purpose is to share the skill of answering a phone call in daily. Anyway, do you answering a phone call from VIPs or your relatives? How you talk to them?

If your dad/mum calling you,

Dad/mum: Hello, my lovely son/daughter, how are you? Still ok staying in house? You must care for brothers and sisters at home.

You: Dad/mum, I am so boring at home la. Brothers and sisters are keep quarreling with me. I was no idea to care for them.

We as children of them, we sure complain this or that to them. Either is complain about siblings or boring at home and whatever la. Because they are our parents, got anything just talk to them! So while they calling us, we answer to them is so easy no need to think too much what to talk.

But if one day your relatives calling here, he/she is not your familiar relative and you seldom meet him/her. So what will you answer them in the phone call?

Relatives: Hello, anyone at home? I am the ..... auntie/uncle here. I would like to find Mr/Mrs ..... Is he/she at home and free to talk with me?

You: Hello, you are...? My dad/mum not at home now. Anything urgent to contact him/her? You are Uncle ....? I can't remember who are you here. Are we relative?

One day, a VIP from the government department call in and how you 'tackle' him/her?

VIP(malay): Assamwalaikum, saya dari pejabat kerajaan ....... Saya nak cari Mr/Mrs ..... Saya hendak buat satu report dengan dia.

You: Hello, nak cari siapa? Ayah/Ibu saya tidak ada dalam rumah, dia sudah pergi pejabat. Apa pasal?

VIP(chinese): Hi I am the officer of Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng here. I would like to talk with Mr/Mrs .....

So when you heard this, are you willing to continue the talk or just call them to leave message or phone back later? Anyway if me I will going to do this:

Me: Ya I am Mr.... here. Anything want to find me? Excuse me, can you pass this phone to Chief Minister. I would like to speak with him.

Chief Minister: Hello, Mr... I am finding you and would like to discuss a ....... topic with you.

So now you have the chance to talk with chief minister. You can either complain the status of Penang or anything that you beh shiok just straightly tell him. I ensure that YAB Lim Guan Eng is a kind man so he will tell you anything. But if you receive a call from Prime Minister, then you must talk carefully to avoid the sensitive topics.

Prime Minister: Hello, saya Perdana Menteri. Saya nak cari Encik .....

You: Assamwalaikum, apa khabar Perdana Menteri? Encik.... tidak ada dalam rumah. Saya nak buat aduan kepada ..... *ISA. lol.

Prime Minister: Jangan cakap tentang ISA lagi, ini topik yang sensitive. Berhati-hati kalau kamu yang cakap sekali lagi, saya tangkap kamu under ISA.

For my readers, on top the all conservations is just my idea. It's not true! I am just making jokes here, I believe a light jokes can make you all happy right?

So now you have an idea while you speaking in phone right? So if any more skill just welcome drop down your comment here. Everyone can talk whatever his/her purpose. Wish you all happy always. Posted by GenYong 12.12.2008


zaizab said...

Hi Gen Yong! That was a nice joke. We are a free country and I like your CM very much. A true leader. You should include an Indian saying "Hello" too. :-) He he.

p/s: Thanks for following me on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious about that? It will never happent to that, ok? You are considered rude to your relatives, and the chief minister can never call you, ok?

Just wake up!

Alvin Lee said...

hey GenYong, thanks for doing a free promotion for me =). Btw , about your post. I don't really think that its funny =.='' (sorry for mencurah air sejuk). The problem is not about the photo , its about how you present your write(speech). Make it simple and don't tell people that's a joke , you have great creativity , but i feel abit loya when i started to read the post because when you wanted to make a joke with lots of word , people like me will not read about it =.=. so i suggest , insert some photos between the text to make it become dint-look-like-so-compact text and people (like me , those lazy one)will start to read.

=) just my point of view .

GenYong said...

@zaizab yo~! welcome that you leave comment here. Indian saying hello, eh good idea. Why I didn't think about it.

@Anonymous Actually no la, I just warm up all my readers with some jokes. Anyway, the conservation is just creative making by me. Rude to relative? Alright, the normal way I won't like that. Chief Minister will call if you are famous,am i right?

@Alvin Lee Welcome. Anyway really thank you for your comment. Actually I got an idea which after reading from you and copied some from you. Anyway, really thank you for willing give me a good comment here. I will keep it up post some photos while writing this. Thank you!

Alvin Lee said...

lols, then just do whatever you feel right =D . Gambateh !

Siew-Mei said...

hey there, I'm going starwalk too.Going to take my lame camera along and snap some photos...but then I shal bring along a bag too..isn't that looks weird???!!!

GenYong said...

@AlvinLee, thank you for your support. I will do it better next time.

@Siew Mei, I think won't be weird la. Actually maybe I will take bag along also. So hope to see u there!

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