Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ox Year 1st Day

Recently I had a lot of events need to attend which just like on last few days, I attended the Penang State Government CNY Open House at Campbell Street while I have been attend the charity service in St.Nicholas Home on yesterday and today too. For tomorrow, I will going to the Heritage Cultural CNY Open House 2009! Going to take some featured photos and meet new friends there if can!

I believe that many of us spent our 1st day of CNY happily. Some went back to their hometown and some celebrate with friends. Or else for me, I was the 'good boy' and stay touch with my family and visit to relatives. New year new clothes new shoes and everything was new, so new hope for you and me!
New Year Shot
That's me with new clothes on the 1st day. Taken this photo by my sister after visiting my mother's aunt. Smiling always and especially 1st day is a good sign. XD!
Eating Pose?!
Eating pose?! haha This was taken while I was having the cookies in one auntie's house at Padang Tembak. I really don't know this shot taken!
Cute cousin
My cute cousin came from KL Puchong and she has a cute sister now. Hey cousin, what are you doing? Emo?! XD.
Hey yo~! Keegan boy was smiling and at the back is my eldest cousin. She accompanied him and talked to him always.
Playing chess
In my house, my cousin not even gambling. They were playing chess, why dont gambling? I like gambling but without money no so good mood to play. So hopefully how much you earned in gambling? RM100? or even higher? Say it out! Posted by GenYong 31.01.2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Moo in da house

While I walked around the Guang Ming office, my dad guided me to the room of the office. He showed me alot of the Ox on top the table. I took out my camera and shoot for some photos, this let me think about one song今天你要嫁给我 means 'Jolin in da house....' That's why i named my blog post as Moo in da house!

Moo=Ox's sound, where the meaning came from! Do you want to look for those moo? Come and read about this post! Happy 5th day of CNY.
Chai Shen Ye #2
Before go into the house, we first observe the Chai Shen Ye. The DJ mentioned that he was the most good sign chai shen ye. I got a souvenir from him and seems he was to many 'fans' but I still managed to take the shot of him.
I missed this photos which described that antique is the one of the heritage. We must keep it as long as we can and now I believe antique were hike up the price and even no people would like to sell it.

I think I kept this computer for more 50 years la, then the price of this computer will be better. XD!
Next, we walked along the way of office. I saw there were many calligraphy products hanging on the wall. Let me realize that the strategy of writing those kind of calligraphy must have a good discipline and plenty of time to tackle for it.
OXs #1

OXs #2

OXs #3
Lastly, I would like to show you are the characters of this blog post. This year is Ox year, Moo ing along the street and heard people keep saying Cow, Ox and moo ing! So I would like to take oppurtunities to greet everyone happy moo year! Posted by GenYong 30.01.2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY Open House @ Guang Ming 2nd TAKE

Happy New Year, Gong Hei Fatt Choi, Good luck always and many nice words that you have been heard today while visit to relatives. Usually 拜年 is a traditional habit of Chinese, the meaning of Bai Nian means that going to visit friends, relatives to greet them have a happy new year and wish them good luck.

But as well, we will get angpows while the visitation. Hahax. How many angpows have you collected? I not yet make an analysis but I hope will get more than last year. Wish everyone here, Happy Moo Year and good luck OX Year!

Continue with recent post which I visited to Guang Ming CNY Open House on 17th Jan.
Making Ox?! #3
In the carnival, my dad participated the making 'moo' sound and stay still longest will get the prizes. He quickly called one guy and an uncle to join him as a team. The above picture show that the guy was perform out his skill to 'moo' longer. His wife or girl friend was there smile sweetly! Have you participated this kind of games?
Making Ox?! #2
Next was the uncle. Don't look this uncle like that on his health was extremely good! I guess he almost got 60-aged. They were challenge with each other but seems they can't survived much for the next round.
Dad be Ox?!
My dad's turn. I don't understand why my dad will stop suddenly and he was the shortest voice among three of them. Hahax! He said can't to the host and gave chance to others. My dad was so good. This need your energy in training your voice! It's a good game but I didn't participate in it!
Fill in
While we walked along, we saw many people crowded there and guess for the words. Some written 阿牛,牛头马面,牛魔王 and many more. I found that almost was related with Ox, why? Because this year is Ox Year!
There was a young girl describing the meaning of calligraphy and history of calligraphy to citizens and teenagers. After I took this shot, the young girl was found that I was weird and I smiled at her and she do so to me! Happy to see that and listen to her!
Caligraphy #2
I saw there were different types of calligraphy, some was really expert and some was okay. I think there contains different styles of writing. Although it was not that good but I believed that I can't get this good solution. Nice! Want to try?

Come la at SJK(C) Chung Shan on 08th of Feb morning to 'show off' your writing via CNY! COme on everyone is welcome! Thank you very much and Happy New Year. Posted by GenYong 26.01.2009

Happy CNY 2009!

Hi guys and gals, Happy CNY here and happy 'moo' Ox year! Today is the first day of the OX year and also it is Monday. Where else will you guys going later? Get angpao? Gambling or anything? Hahax. Anyway, as I a representative to wish you have a good luck year and be happy always in this year. Gong Hei Fatt Choi, 恭喜发财 牛转乾坤贺新年! Alright, I am going out to visit my relatives and get some 'benefits' from them!

I think most of you will gamb right? Which game you know? Teach me some and might be we gamb online! XD. Anyway, happy gambling and win much! Happy New Year Posted by GenYong 26.01.2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY Open House @ Guang Ming

Last Saturday, I went to Manchalister Road for attending the Chinese New Year which organized by Guang Ming Daily. I met alot photographers that included ah kok. They were busy shooting for the nice pictures for CNY and might be post up to blog and share. From my comment, I found that this was the success event and it was also open house for Guang Ming office. They invited local artist 阿牛 and also the winner of 全球闽南歌曲创作大赛, 刘婉莹 come and make performances.

My dad brought me to there on 5.00pm and we starting feel that there already crowded. But later at night around 8pm, Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng was there and make the place more crowded. Due to that day was the school replacement day, almost students were coming after school dismissed.

Are you been there? What features next?

There were many lanterns hanging up on the entrance of Guang Ming office @Manchalister Road. There was full of people and vehicles outside, can you imagine how crowded there was?
Chai Shen Ye #3

Chai Shen Ye #1
There were some arts might be shoot it! It's look cute and quite 'familiar with me'. This was called 财神爷 in chinese which mean he is the important person during CNY season, he can make you alot money and good lucks always.
Performing Arts
There was a famous local calligrapher. He already around 90 years old but you can see he still can write in good condition and the calligraphy was excellent. There was an uncle waiting for his production and I can say to the calligrapher, 'you are the best!'
20 cent Tea
Next, I found that there was only 20 cent and have a big bowl of tea. The tea was exactly special and it's good in taste, you might try it out!
Are you suffering old for your face? There were old women favorites to make their faces look prettier and younger. This trend was founded in HongKong but now Malaysia is starting to involve in this business.
'Hey guy, what are you arranging there?' said by me. He answered me that's some arts and drawing for the CNY design. It was found in China and now Malaysian artists were starting to do so and I am looking foward for that.
ah kok and GenYong
Lastly, this shot was taken by my dad while I managed to take a photo with ah kok. The first photo and I don't know when can get the second. XD! Are we look 'match'? Bloggers team! Hahax. Happy New Year and Happy Reunion! Posted by GenYong 25.01.2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soft Drinks in Refrigerator

Recently my dad bought a lot of soft drinks for this coming Chinese New Year. As you know I owned a new house now in Sungai Ara and now the refrigerator is 'performing' it's function. Why I say so? Since last month when I moved in, the refrigerator just contain of some stuffs and tit bits only, but due to the festival coming the refrigerator was full of soft drinks.Many types of soft drinks. Do you excited?
I have 100 Plus, Revine, Kickapoo, Jolly Shandy and Chrysanthemum tea in my refrigerator. I hope I get chance to taste all the drinks above. I ensure that guests who are coming during CNY, should be very happy to have those kind of drinks!

So how about you? What you drink? Open your refrigerator and see! Haha.
I still have many 1.5L bottles with F&N Orange, Sarsi, Sprite, Zapple, Grapes and many more in my old house! So hopefully we can finish all these during Chinese New Year! Gong Hei Fatt Choi.
Posted by GenYong 22.01.2008

Short Update: Fireworks


It's 2009 the first second of fireworks releasing at Queensbay Mall after the Bosco Wong's concert. I found out from my camera slot and I would like to share with you all. Anyway, I think this photos are nearly one month that taken. Otherwise, CNY is coming nearer to our life, that's 3 days to come. I know everyone is going to busy for preparation in Chinese New Year. So for the short update here,

I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year, 牛转乾坤贺新年! Be happy on CNY 2009, Best luck for it!

p/s Due to my camera limitations, sorry for the blurness of the fireworks shot. Thank you! Posted by GenYong 22.01.2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photos shoot out via Bloggers?

Halo guys and everyone here, I really happy that today finally I can be online for a while for updating my blog. After I done this, I need to back for tackle many assessments today. Everyone knew that today is school replacement day for CNY holidays, every students were at school as well. As today was the best chance to let me apply for another activity too! I success. Would you like to join the charity service to St.Nicholas Home on 31st of Jan? If you mind to do so, please do contact me as fast as possible.

Making alot of photos shoot out while last week Co-curiculum open day in Chung Ling High School. I met alot of bloggers and my friendmates too. I managed to take photos with them and that day really take lots of photos but not yet reach my target.
Who is him? He is the best photographer, am I correct? haha. He is MinXiang and he owned a nice blog. Trust me out! His photos were extremely expert, really a photographer. Oops... it's a hardworking photographer, he went anywhere where there have any events being held!
Mr Andy here! Badminton Club President. He was keep showing off his muscle for the photos taking. There you can saw Alvin and MinXiang at the back keep snapping for him! As I was in front of him and snapped this nice shot! XD.
ChienMing, one of the successful Form 4 students. He hosted a lot of things in school. He is a Jaycees B.O.D Information Director, Tennis Player, Communication DJ, scout and also the soccer school teammates. I really admired at him can be focus on many kinds of academic and activities.
Here is some of the buddies of Co-op. Do you want to know who are they? From left that's me, next is Xiao Tian, Lee Xiang and also sorry I forgot his name! Want to contact them can get it from me! HAha.
Finally this was taken by Alvin by using ISO effect. Quite a nice shot for me and I really happy on meeting many bloggers as well and happy that many members were joining their clubs probably. Hopefully members can be happy within this whole year and let us enjoy more on activities! Are you waiting for coming CNY holidays? Posted by GenYong 17.01.2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ready for CNY 2009?

Hey guys, are you ready for this upcoming CNY? I observed that this year CNY was not so joyful, although Astro and radio station 988 were creating the CNY albums. Everyone in the world was suffering the poor economic status. So I think this is one of the reason!

Next week onwards, CNY is coming to our daily life. So how you celebrate it? Recently I received the program listing and greeting card from Astro. Actually not Astro that sent for me, I found it inside the Guang Ming Daily Newspaper.This was what I have from Guang Ming Daily. That's 2 in 1 greeting card, provided you the informations of the relation of 12 animals. Besides that it also provided the program listing for CNY programs. So you mind check out what program to watch during CNY. There was my sister with flashlight shot. I did this and it's a nice smile. Cute sister, you are my sister! Forever I need to take care you! Okay? XD.

Tomorrow still the school day until this Saturday for the school replacement. So hopefully CNY we have one week break for it! Let's celebrate. Posted by GenYong 15.01.2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Chung Ling Science Notebook

Hey guys here, I was manage to update this post as well by today because I found that there was little bit free for me now and I found a special deal from Chung Ling bookstore. Recently the chung ling bookstore was lack of stocks for their science notebooks. I don't know whether is this reason and caused the whole science notebook was changed. Changed to more "standard", are you agree?

By the way, I received this book from my friend today. He bought me back a new notebook and I found that's something new and more simple in front of the book cover. Let's take a short view there!
This was the new book cover for our science notebooks. There written is just 'SEKOLAH MENENGAH CHUNG LING' compare with the previously 'SMJK CHUNG LING PULAU PINANG', which type you prefer? But for me, I more prefer the previous edition.There was also lack of one row to write for teacher's name. For the new edition, there was only three rows and only can fit for Student's name, Class and Subject. No chinese words contains and only Malay words. Inside of the notebook, it is two page printed lines. Then I think there was quite a trouble for Sejarah and Geografi or else KH teachers to call students draw diagrams. It's more hard to draw on the lines page. It's not so comfortable for the new edition, I wondered that why they need new edition. Maybe changed a new company for printing?

Let's give a comment if you are Chung Ling guys and you received this book! Posted by GenYong 14.01.2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Co-curiculum Orientation Day 2009

Hey guys, sorry for not always been update my blog because school was reopening and I need to back for study at Form 3. New challenge for me and I manage to update once in a week! Okay? Yesterday Chung Ling High School had a such annual events, Co-curiculum Orientation Day for Form 1 students and Registration Day for all students. This year is the first year that combined registration day and orientation day together.

I really don't know what's the reason they did so but from my opinion this was not a good idea. Can you think about that if yesterday anyone got function then they will lost the chance to register and no marks for them! No idea for this because this was not our decision anyway. I snapped a lot of photos yesterday and would like to share with you. Let see:
Karate #1

Karate #2
Karate Club members were performing their karate skill in front of the Koperasi. Really a good and tension performance. But seems their performances attracted a lot of members joined them. Good job!
This was the scout area. They used the whole 4 floor of the building to tide up their banners. This year seems more banner on top compare with last year.
This was the orchestra performing site and they were performed hardly!
Astronomy club was here and they attracted a lot of members to join. It is late now and I must have an early sleep to tackle for tomorrow morning class. Good night! Posted by GenYong 11.01.2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Schooling?

Hey guys and students here, are you happy in your school life? This year onwards, I am suffering for the next three years morning class session in Chung Ling High School. Woke up on 5.00am, waiting bus and went to school. By the way, today is the fourth day of schooling, I am still not recognized the new teachers and my A class friends!

Actually now I will update blog is because I am printing proposal and I take chance to update for it! Anyway, I would like make an announcements for the Form 1 members of Chung Ling High School.

This Saturday, we have an orientation day for co-curriculum activities registrations! For all the Chung Ling guys must come and register for their club society on that day. If you passed by the Koperasi Shop in Chung Ling High School, please do visit us and we have a lot of features brings for you! Ice cream selling is one of the deals! Do visit us and check out more! This Saturday, we meet you! Posted by GenYong 08.01.2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

School is reopening tomorrow

Year end holidays is going to end by today. Tomorrow as well every students included me and my sister will going back to school again. Starting the new session for 2009! I am suffering in PMR while school reopen and it is the time for my sister to relax as well in the new high school!

So today it will be the last day for me to online whole day and see in front of the PC. Anyway, my resolution for study in year 2009 is:

  • I will try my best to concentrate in study
  • Try my best to achieve the good result in school examination
  • Participate more activities as well until the month of Jun
  • Organize more activity for society
  • Encourage the purpose of study to everyone as well
  • Do more charity service for school
  • Be kind with teachers and encourage the relationship with others

So if not mistaken this will be the last post before I stop online for one week. So hope that everyone won't miss me along and I wish everyone Happy Schooling! Enjoy the schooling fun! Good luck. Posted by GenYong 04.01.2008

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Next Year which class I go?

Hey guys from Chung Ling High School here, I ensure that you are looking forward for the best class to study. As me I don't border that whether is a good class or bad class, just a place for me to study then good enough! I received one blogger request that he want to know my class name and even he spam my site! I really can't suffer his kind of attitude! Really make me terrible.

Anyway, avoid in quarrel again, I hope that the person must think of people. If he/she would like to give you a surprise why don't you wait for it? Wait patiently and the answer will coming soon! Okay? =)Which class I go for next year? Now you will know! I really surprising while I received this letter from Chung Ling High School. So hopefully next year you can come 3TA1 to find me! Either is coming to find for problem or invitations, everything also can! Posted by GenYong 03.01.2009