Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Khui Thai Seaside at Teluk Kumbar

It is the seaside view again. Last year, I was like so happy when travelled to seaside! Maybe staying at seaside makes me feel more freedom! Anyway, I did my first time driving to Khun Thai Seaside. Not going for food but just for photography. I was like crazy about photography last time and until today I still love photography! :D

Khun Thai is a seafood restaurant name but for those outsiders they will called this place as Khun Thai Seaside. Anyway, the real name at here is called as Gertak Sanggul. The seaside here is very nice and the sandy beach is quite okay and the water is not that dirty like Teluk Kumbar.

Walking along the seaside, you can get better feeling instead of living under the stress in the city. This place is not blocked by any islands and the beach walkway is quite wide. It is a good place for model shooting or portrait shooting for those photographers who would like to do so.

Not to forget to visit Khun Thai seafood restaurant too as i was using their walkway to come over to the beach. Well, i think it is a great place which will full of people at night especially during holidays or weekends. I never have the dinner there but I tried it once, it nice and spicy! The original Thailand taste. 

Some decorations at the restaurant. I got a feeling like being inside the jungle which near to seaside. We could have the food inside it. How nice is it right? The good food with good place makes the perfect dinner feeling. I usually heard of many people brought their families to there! 
Lastly, this is the "Khun Thai Taxi" which placed in front of the restaurant. I don't think it can move and just the decorations outside the shop. Final conclusion, this is a good place and hope it will last long and no big development there along the beautiful seaside! :D Posted by GenYong 19.02.2013