Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes Man features

Hey guys, christmas day is going to end but I believe that your heart is still waiting for the new year to come. High non stop! That's why I saw a lot of people shopping and walking along Gurney Plaza and Gurney Drive! But really it's a cool weather for walking at night!

From my plurk, you knew that I watched movie today. What movie I was going to watch? Alright collect almost suggestions from Plurk, Yes Man is my choice!

I did my free watching movie with my family just now at GSC Gurney Plaza. Actually I didn't watch movie in GSC Gurney before, this make my first time watching in Gurney. I prefer Queensbay Mall GSC because there's near my place!

How come I said I watched for free? My cousin gave me 4 ticket vouchers from his company. I really thankful to him giving us a chance to watch a christmas movie here. Thank you cousin!

That's also a chance let me realize that everything you must say YES?!
Not No for the answer. XD!
Actually this character Jim Carrey stars as Carl in the movie is quite a funny man and unconfident. But since he attended a Say Yes seminar and he realized that everything must say yes! By the way, that make him knew a girl called Allison(if I am not mistaken the name) acted by Zooey Deschanel. At the end they meet back again and it's really a funny movie!

The whole theater was laughing non stop! I don't know is it the movie give you some confident to say Yes? But for me after watching, I have a confident to approve almost things that I can do, included meeting new friends! Haha. You must check out this movie!
Here is the trailer for refer:

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