Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 30th December Last Episode

Hey guys, do you know what I mean for this title? Actually I really missed this Taiwanese Drama(hokkien drama) 意难忘. It's going to end tomorrow and stopped the 3 years of watching in Astro AEC Channel 301! This drama already become apart of my life, whenever Monday to Friday 6.00pm I would open my TV and watch this extreme drama with my grandma and dad. Unfortunately, it's going to end tomorrow and we are sure not comfortable with its leaving.

872 episodes, it's the longest drama that I have been watch before. This drama also the first hokkien drama that launched by Astro in year 2005. Since this drama launched, everyone in Malaysia was starting to discuss about Taiwanese Drama. By the way, 8TV and NTV7 were launching a lot of Taiwanese drama, but I prefer the Astro. As now Astro was launching new hokkien channel Hua Hee Dai on last year 13th October, so the all taiwanese hokkien drama will all transfer to that channel.

I really missed this drama because I started watch it since year 2006, but I really love this drama! The theme songs all are still in my PC. When this drama began, Penangites were so suprising about the hokkien dramas. Everyone was keep watching and discussing about this drama. However is it's action or portrait, exactly is a good drama.

Although this drama was so long but I won't feel boring with it! I like to watch the part of fighting action with guns shooting here and there, it's exactly extreme! This drama story began around 1960 Taiwan still a small city full of the rich man and the hotel. The main character of this drama is 王胜天 starred by 王识贤. From the story, he was a thief before and now he is a best business man. Since he met a girl and his wonderful life started that time and all the gratitudes were started that time and until the last episode only can get a wind up.
每一隻蟬在地底埋藏七年,才修得一生在地面活它七天。 我們當然要像牠們一樣,高高地飛到枝頭,歡唱著、吶喊著, 敢愛敢恨,能取能捨。 看王勝天如何憑著他過人的智慧,即使在犯下三個悔恨終生的錯誤及三個”命中貴人”的重重阻礙,也能本著『事在人為,人定勝天』的堅決信念,燃燒生命,奮力不懈而開創大事業的動人事蹟。

So if you have check out this drama, you will say this is really a good drama! So let's us to check out the last episode of this drama tomorrow on channel 301 6.00pm! I would like to say goodbye to this drama and hope that have a good drama coming soon on channel 333! You can leave comment here! Posted by GenYong 29.12.2008


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