Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heritage Heboh Street Festival 2009

First of all I have to thank to those who give me comments in facebook. I will be okay and not to be sad... This was the truth, let it be! I will be strong and just like my friend Stephanie mentioned that I still have all of you best friends! Yes I can afford it. "Great grandma hopefully you can meet your friends in another world too."

Alright we just put this a side and see what I was working on recently. Here to mention to everyone there will have a street festival in this coming Saturday 05th of December. This event named Heritage Heboh (欢闹古迹嘉年华 Pesta Heritage Heboh!) which organized by Anak-anak Kota.

Heritage Heboh 1
I received the post card from the organizer. I have to praise at them which willing to send us the postcard through postmen. The postcard design really attract the people! The whole card is yellow colour together with the cute clip arts and all the information there.
Heritage Heboh 2
At the back of the postcard, the activities was listed there together with the location map. I like the design and arrangement of the clip arts. In total there will have 10 activities there. You can enjoy your whole afternoon in there with the games, stories, explore and food!

I think to those kids who aged between 4-12 years old can come and play the games together enjoy the stories. Whereas for those teenagers you can also come and take a look on this, know more about Penang Heritage. Besides that, the organizer also encourage family can come here and enjoy their Saturday here. Know more about Penang heritage, have fun with the games and enjoy the food that provided.

*Briefly details
Event: Heritage Heboh Street Festival
Date: 5th December 2009
Time: 4.00pm-7.30pm
Venue: Acheh Street, Cannon Street, Armenian Street

So what are you waiting for? Faster go and register on the games(limited places) and check out more details on the official website. Or perhaps you can visit to Anak-anak Kota where located at Cannon Street. See you there! I am going... meet me there! Posted by GenYong 29.11.2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

R.I.P Great Grandma 1917-2009

A bad news that received through the phone rang this evening. That time I still enjoyed my nap after came back from town. A phone call from my mum mentioned that my great grandma had passed away. I still make confirm with mum is it the truth.... But finally it's truth! After this phone, I suddenly woke up and shocked that finally happened. I can't accept the truth and began down for that moment.

I wrote the message in my Live Messenger, Twitter, Plurk and so on... Besides that, I also received a lot of caring messages which called me don't sad! I would like to thank everyone of you who always care on me! Thank you buddies...
RIP Great Grandma
I definitely feel very sad now. But I can't do anything, just can hope my great grandma passed away peacefully. Luckily, I had taken a few photos last month. That time she was still very fresh in mind. I can't imagine why suddenly she changed until like that and leave us finally.

*On the photo above I had mentioned the words to my great grandma, the last sentence to her, hopefully she will know it!
RIP Great Grandma 2
I had wrote a chinese message for my great grandma. She live on this world for 92 years, I think it is a long time and very old people. She born on 1917 and leave us on 2009. This remind me that she was same age with my school ChungLing. I remember that my mum told me great grandma came from China. She worked very hard and suffer for the hard life... Now she really can rest it to another world! =(
RIP Great Grandma 3
Those photos had become the most memorable photos. I make sure I save it nicely and safely. I think this will be the only collection for me! I think I will go and print out this photo for my collection, no matter softcopy or anything. I will make many copies for in case...

Anyway, this might be the peace sign... Life is like that, everyone has to overcome this!

Again to mention for my great grandma, "Rest In Peace, grandma(ah pak)" "阿pak一路好走!我们永远怀念你!"
Great grandma 1917-2009... You're not alone, we will always remember you!
*cry out =( Posted by GenYong 28.11.2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Penang Beach Carnival 2009

Penang State Sports Department has firstly organized a Penang Beach Carnival on 28th November 2009 at Golden Sands Beach, Batu Ferringhi. You can enjoy the whole day at the beach and have fun with those activities that provided by the organizer. This event starts from early morning 7am until the late night 11pm.

The carnival contains of many activities and competitions.
  • Beach Marathon
  • Beach Futsal Competition
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Competition
  • Kayak and Optimist Competition
  • Greasy Pole Competition
  • Cooking Competition
  • Beach Football Competition
  • Family Sand Castle Competition
  • Beach Volleyball Competition
  • Beach Tug Of War Competition
  • Fishing Competition
  • Dragon Boat Race
  • Boat Decoration Competition
  • Paintball Competition
  • Jet Ski Demonstration
  • Skimboarding Demonstration
  • Batik Showcase and Cultural Performance
More than 15 activities and competitions there. This event is suitable for family who enjoy beach life. You can see the most beautiful beach in Penang Island! As if you're a photographer, now is the chance for you to snap through the beach activities. It will be very fun and full of the joys there. Enjoy the beach day... Log on to MSNPP website for more details! YAB Lim Guan Eng will meet you there! Enjoy... Posted by GenYong 27.11.2009

Location Map

Pillow Fight @ Penang Times Square

Last Saturday, Penang Island had a lot of activities. Penang Leo Clubs had organized two events which at Penang Times Square and Queensbay Mall. Most of the people known the largest pillow fight in Malaysia. It had happened in Penang Island! The purpose of having this kind of event is to raise the fund for the needs of disabled. Those fund especially go for the caring homes such as St. Nicholas!
Pillow Fight 2
That day when I arrived there the event was going to end. I saw less people there and no longer the fight out there. I arrived there about 1pm something after my meeting at school. I thought it ends on 2pm but it doesn't. I think maybe is because of the rain came and the open plaza will get wet after it.
Pillow Fight 1
I just manage to take some 'lame' photos. I can't blame anyone because is myself late to be there. It's alright and I met some friends there. Most of them were bloggers and photographers. I saw many peoples were received their award from the organizer.
Pillow Fight 3
Pillow Fight 4
I didn't have chance to see all of the event. So I can't imagine what had happened while they were fighting. I just saw many boys and girls there holding their pillow and the floor was full of cottons.
Pillow Fight 5
Next, I saw some photographers were snapping on the car. This car was sponsored by RedBull and it painted RedBull design. I think this car should have something special or maybe the celebrities Baki Zainal was inside the car, or perhaps? By the way, this was a nice car!
Pillow Fight 6
I didn't take lots of photos on that day. I just walked there and take a look on the event. But I remember the theme for this Pillow Fight... Fight for A Good Cause! It's suitable for those candidates who was just passed their exam and released their stress on the first day of holidays! Although this event didn't reach the target that organizer set but I think it's a good start for Penang local events. It's a new event, I shouldn't miss it next year!
Pillow Fight (GenYong)
Lastly, Nicholas Chan and Yong Seng were taking photo with me. I think this photo is meaningful because it contains of '3 generations'. It's because now Nicholas 17, Yong Seng 16 and me 15. I just realized on it! Thank you Nicholas Chan and the photo were credited from your blog! Posted by GenYong 27.11.2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thomas Jack 东于哲 Signature Concert

Last Sunday afternoon, one of the new group of the singers Thomas Jack 东于哲 who from Taiwan were here to carry out their signature concert. They came to Malaysia many times while acted in the drama from Astro which named 逆风18 and the latest 高校铁金刚. The latest drama was directed by the local director in Penang. It used the Han Chiang High School as the main place of the drama.
Thomas Jack 1
Both of the characters of the drama Thomas Jack were come to Queensbay Mall to do their signature concert. Most of the teenagers were there and watch for them. As you can see most of them were taking photos on Thomas Jack!
Thomas Jack 2
Thomas Jack 3
This signature trip were sponsored by Astro. I saw the My FM DJ was there hosting the whole event. This two teenage Thomas Jack who from Taiwan were only 19 years old. I can't believe that they are just elder than me 4 years old. Cool man!
Thomas Jack 4
Thomas Jack 5
Thomas Jack 6
Thomas Jack 7
Thomas Jack 8
To get the supports from their fans, they played through the games with them and who be the winner will get the prizes back... They mixed with everyone friendly and just treated as their friends. One of the member Jack was mentioned that he saw a lot of girls there and most of the students came from Han Chiang High School.

As I comment here, they were really a good teenage singer group. I think both of them will be more popular in future. Hopefully they can always come to Malaysia act the drama, do more concerts and entertain Malaysian teenagers... Stay tuned for the Part 2! Posted by GenYong 25.11.2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Science Show @ The Summit Mall (P.1)

Last Thursday, my science teacher Mr Lee Nee Keong had brought us to Bukit Mertajam to support the science show. It's one of the Post-PMR activity and also the pre-holidays activity. Since I was so free and I decided to follow the team go there and be supporter.
The Summit
This is the outer view of The Summit shopping complex. It looks similar like the Megamall Pinang which in Prai. I think this shopping mall is a bit outdated compare with Gurney Plaza or Queensbay Mall in Penang Island.
Science Show
In the only main hall, there were having a PetroSains Science Show. It's organized by the PetroSains organization with the support from Ministry of Education Penang. I think this will be one of the states education event in Penang, peringkat Negeri.
The trio who was start from left Kah Ho, Ju Kit and Jimmy Lim. Three of them were the top students in my class. They shared their opinion and fun together with us... As the 'part-time' photographer in the activity, I suggest to take this photo on them!
I don't know why the organizer plan to use this venue. I don't think this is a good venue to organize this type of event. From my observation, this mall is going to dead or turn like BJ Complex and Megamall Pinang. I have no idea on that but we were called to gather at the side until the arrangement of chairs completed.
Finally about 9.00am the event start, the malay MC was telling us something common and the rules. Everyone pretend to listen it but I don't know whether they obeyed the rules. XD! In total, there were 10 schools participated in this competition. Mostly the school come from Penang Island. But just only 2 chinese school which is Chung Hwa Confucian and us!
The Guys
The ChungLing guys were there giving their support on the competition. We have about 30 peoples there to make our support to senior. They tried their best to participate and we tried our best to support. XD!
ChungLing Rep
The ChungLing representative was coming out to the stage on the no.2! Firstly their slide show attracted everyone which the edited features from Star Wars movie. As you can see the presenter also wearing his Star Wars clothes.
ChungLing Rep #2
They show us some lesson such as force, pressure. What they did is just like playing magic tricks. They spoke well English and the confluent speaking won the good speech from the judges. They described something in easy way enable to let everyone understand.
Penang Free Rep
Upnext was the Penang Free School participants. They prepared for their apparatus which looked like the big experiment going to carry out. They setup the bunsen burner and heat up something together with the red coloured liquid. Seriously, I was not understand what they said... XD.

P/s: I was not free for recently because now holidays started, it's time to enjoy. I went for many activities and snapped a lot of photos. The events such as Pillow Fight, Go Green Project, Penang Bridge Marathon and more... Those photos I will post up as soon as possible in my blog, please make sure you check out always! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 22.11.2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Penang Bridge Marathon 2009 Race Collection Pack

The annual event Penang Bridge International Marathon is coming on this Sunday(22nd November). Have you collect the Race Packs that for every participants at Queensbay Mall? Please go and collect now until tomorrow the last day.
Race Pack
My dad went to Queensbay Mall to collect the race pack for me and himself. This year I participate in Quarter Marathon and received the number of J49397. All the stuffs were placed inside the goodies bag which made by DiGi.
The Stuffs
I took out all the stuffs and check one by one of them. I found that there were a lot of stuffs provided and especially the toothpaste and body shampoo. I think this is provided for those who from other place and make sure they used it in hotel before run starts.
The Stuffs #2
This year the organizing committees also provided the run guide for every runners. This small booklet contains of the speech from Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng and the organizing chairperson YB Danny Law Heng Kiang. Besides that, there are also some information about Penang and the guide for you to refer while running starts.
Champion Chip
Due to this International Run had get the confirm from the World International Marathon Organization confirmed, so the organizing committees gave out this champion chip for participants. This chip was sponsored by Petronas and Crocs. It functions to count on your speed and the time taken to complete the run! It's a good thingy...

This year Penang Bridge International Marathon was aimed to the family run and spend your Sunday with everyone together enjoy the run on Penang Bridge which just have an annually chance! I will be there take photos after my run too... If can, meet me there! Posted by GenYong 20.11.2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Storm Warriors Comic Character Competition

Yesterday when I open my mail box, I felt surprise to see that there was an envelope writing my name. I quickly look through the envelope and realized that was The One Academy mail. I remembered that last few weeks when they came to have a seminar and I submit my contact details to them!

This movie Storm Warriors 2 (风云2) is going to arrive the big screen on 10th December. So I think this will be the great movie among the chinese movies in this year. They used a lot of 3D effects and animation which created by The One's students.
I received an envelope from the mailbox. I wondered to see my name appeared on top of the envelope. Then I opened it up and see.
Comic Art Challenge
I opened it up and saw there was just a contest form inside and nothing else. I read through the terms and conditions of this contest and I like the graphic design on this movie! Not bad...
I don't actually watch the part 1 before and I didn't know about the story. By participating in this contest, you will get a chance to bring back the scholarships and prizes worth more than RM150,000.00, it's almost a house price. It's so worth if you know how to draw the comic character!
Entry Form
So what are you waiting for? If you're talent in arts, this is a good chance for you! Maybe you can be famous in one day... If not mistaken, you can get the entry form from GSC, The One Academy or Sin Chew Daily. The closing date is 11th December, so faster go and register la!

Thank you The One Academy for sending me this! Posted by GenYong 18.11.2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Praying before PMR (Belated)

Before sitting PMR examination, I went to the Mahindarama Temple for the blessing service from the Buddha. Most of the candidates in Penang should know this place. While the big examination arrive, they will held a blessing service for all the candidates. I still remember when I was sitting for UPSR, I went there before!
Early in the morning, there were many peoples gather at there and wait for chanting. The monks then guided us to chant together in the hall. The above photo was taken while all the candidates came out from the hall after chanting. Some of them used that time for gathering and meet up old friends!
The committees also setup some booths for registration to join the year end camp. Besides that I saw some teenage volunteers help on promoting their program and briefly introduce us about Buddha. I just listen at them and learn something new!
Wish for As
I wish I can get many As as well in the coming examination. I don't expect I can get straight As, but I put myself in the 'try the best' status. So I hope my dream can come true and God received my wish! XD.
Most of the parents fetched their sons/daughter there for praying. They were waiting for their children while we busy chit chatting and meet up old friends. My dad and mum were sitting at the side wait for me. Thanks for their patient!
Many peoples were take a look on the booths that setup at there. Some peoples also took out their camera or phone to snap some photos. I think that day at least got 500 peoples in the small compound! It's a very lively annual event...
Guang Ian and I
At last I managed to meet up my classmates and I took a photo with Guang Ian. He said good luck to me and I replied him All the best. Both of us wish everyone get the good result and good luck in answering on the examination. So now again I would like to wish every SPM candidates, Good luck and all the best for your examination tomorrow! You can do it... Nicholas Chan, Alvin Ng, Min Xiang, Merritt Lau, FiSh and many more bloggers. Posted by GenYong 17.11.2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tzu Chi Charity Food Fair (Belated)

Hey readers, recently I was not free because I am working on some designs. I found some photos from my storage and would like to share with everyone here. Recent post I posted the Makan Shiok Shiok @Adventist Hospital. Now let us rewind back to 27th of September that the charity food fair by Tzu Chi Organization in Tapak Pesta.
Tapak Pesta
You could see the crowd inside the Tapak Pesta. Everyone was buying their food by using their coupon. I found that most of them were chinese! Why no malay? XD.
Stationary Sales
Stationary Sales. I think this would attract kids and students! Using this method to raise fund for charity also a good idea. I think maybe my society can do that in future! The promoters were young men and they shouted for the sales.
Sell biscuits
Besides that, there also selling biscuit which sponsored by the new company, I don't know what's the name. But the biscuit was really nice and it taste like Ghee Hiang Tao Sar biscuit.
Arts Booth
Some of the artist design out some drawing and sell it in the charity price. Most of them looking at there and my mum thought to but one to put in new house. But at last she didn't, because I calculated it was not worth it to buy there!
Serve Food
Now is the time to eat. In a charity food fair, food is mostly important to peoples. Most of the peoples came here to enjoy their breakfast or lunch. They could able buy many food and finish at there in the half day. A large venue provided by the organizer in order to suit the needs from the peoples. As you could see the workers were busy serving food to the buyers.
There were many peoples crowded there to wait for their food. Or perhaps some looking at the food and decide what they need. There have a lot of stalls and make me confusing. That time I suddenly can decide what to eat. I just focus on the price, look for low prices food.
Buy food
My mum would like to buy one 'Lo Mai Kai' 糯米鸡. Due to the reduce and recycle campaign, they called us to bring our own bowl to take it. That time we don't have that so at last didn't buy. But if not mistaken, many tickets were used on buying the breads for the next day schooling.

By the way, it's something in long time. In the next post, I still need to rewind back and show you what I have done in the month of September. Stay tuned! Posted by GenYong 16.11.2009