Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The New Chapter begin

Tomorrow is 1st day of the month of July. Seriously I like July very much although my birthday not drop at this month. July is full of relax, not to forget tomorrow is my dad's birthday. But I just wondered that I haven't bought the present to him. I have no idea what to buy for him. Later discuss with my mum and sister....

Anyway, this year I am taking PMR so is an important year for me. My parents kept not allowing me for online in long period and can't even open the PC. I understand their efforts but however I still have a blog need to update and check for my emails. By the way, can just ignore it! PMR still got 99 days to go, so I must put more efforts in studies.

Talking in the two paragraphs of my current status. You sure will ask me why no photos. Randomly I just select some photos from A1 to post up. Hope you will like it!
It's always A1
There were some graffiti done by our class 'visual artists'. XD! I know that's a bad action for us. But this is the way, to create our own idea. I am not supporting vandalism, just some creatives performed out on the wall, I will take a look.

For the case above, the 'It's always 3TA1' was written by me and my purpose is to tell others that 3TA1 is always in our hearts! Treat it well. However, our passed moral teacher Cikgu Cheam taught us that must always 'aplikasikan nilai-nilai moral tertentu', so we wrote down on the wall! It's cool...
Don't break wind
This was done by our creative editor Zi Quan. He did the cut&paste and draw little bit to be a symbol. It's really funny! The first time I saw this I don't know what it's mean but after the explanation I just realised that this was a sign which remind people not to 'break wind' (放屁) in class. What a creative sign with cut&paste. It's really cool....

Tomorrow check out the Aviation's website which done by me. Link will giving out tomorrow! Stay tuned. Posted by GenYong 30.06.2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

3TA1 again....

Yo~! Last Friday was a good day and the happiest day for Chung Ling guys. My school held the teachers' day celebration as well as the class party was approved by Principal and organized by ourselves. Actually I won't update this post first since it's quite new and have to 'queue up' for a while.

Anyway, I would like to show you the continuous features happened in 3TA1. My friends like to read my post, especially to see the class photos. So I posted it up and share with others!
A1 Gaga
Gaga's pose
My friends Guang Ian and Walter were acting like Lady Gaga. They made the pose of Lady Gaga and I snapped it. It's cool and really looks alike?
When the Science lesson, teacher was discussing some tricky questions with those students but not us. So I take out the camera and starting to shoot for the features in class. The above photo is cool and nice peace sign photo. Three guys combined together and form a group, how was my idea? Good? XD!
Playing Phone Game
Take Photos
Someone brought handphone to school on that day. Somebody used the phone to play games and snapping photos during the free time. I don't really understand what purpose do the person took the handphone to school. He didn't scare kena spot check by prefects? Careful ya!
Who Won
Can Tahan?
Two guys were playing the 'Energy Challenge'. I'm sure you played it before! They challenged each other and see finally who won. One guy Sin Sern's face turned red while the match started. They last for at least 2 minutes until the match finish. I not sure that who has won, can you tell me? Haha.

P/s: A1 Features still continue until the end of this year. Stay touch if you want to see our features! Posted by GenYong 28.06.2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The end to King Of Pop - Michael Jackson

Credited from Msn.com
Yesterday when I was reading the breaking news, I shocked that how surprise the news it is! How come the King Of Pop will die in suddenly. Because recently the newspaper was reported that he's going to plan for the next schedule for the world trip concert. But now is all gone!

After received this news, I felt shocked and also sad to miss this talented singer. From the reports, the main causes of his death is because of the heart attack. Michael Jackson was a spotlight for 40 years long since he released the album of Thriller. It's a waste and his death caused a lot of people cried and we really missed the King of Pop.

His schedule for this coming July held a concert in London is canceled and no longer held again. He was a talent guy and became the world spotlight before in earlier 60th century. The world were listening his songs since 1960s until now. He was the one who create the Popstyle in the world.

To his death, I feel so sorry and sad to hear that. By the way, I wish Michael Jackson can be going into the 'better world' and Michael Jackson is always with us! Your voices will be the memorable in our heart! Posted by GenYong 27.06.2009

My blog is back online

Recently my blog turn to be ''URL invalid'' and let my readers missing and keep asking me what had happened. Anyway, after I worked on it I found that the main problem is because of YouTube. However now it is back online! Continue to enjoy the features in my blog.

If next time, you still can't access my blog. You can either:
login to my feeds : http://feeds.feedburner.com/genyongsblog
or follow my twitter updates: http://twitter.com/genyong

Thank you very much! Posted by GenYong 27.06.2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monster Vs Aliens at Gurney Plaza

Last holidays, I just only went out for movie once that's 11st of June with my sister went to Gurney Plaza for a 3D movie(Monster Vs Aliens). It's a free movie which my cousin paid for us. He's working there as a manager so we have the chance to watch this!

It's a 3D movie, my first time watching 3D with a special spec. Although it's just a kids movie, with the spec I can watch through the effect of 3D is cool!
I am the human
I am not the monsters nor aliens, I am only human! Don't catch me! XD...
The tickets. Two tickets cost RM30, but not us pay! Don't worry.
3D Spec
In 3D Spec
The 3D spec is cool. After given instructions by the cinema officers, everyone wore up the spec and enjoy the movie until the end. There were a lot of kindergarten children watching with us there. The teachers brought them to cinema, just remind me that my kindergarten life was not so happy! Nowadays the kids so good, got the chance to do the things that we never try before. Posted by GenYong 25.06.2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen Released

Today the latest Transformers series was launched since the 1st episode launched in year 2007. Two years later, the film maker Michael Bay produced this series to the part 2. Since year 2007, this movie was so popular and been memorable from everyone, so the film maker was directed another episode which more about Fallen.

Yesterday actually nicholas already watched the premiere of this movie. He said not bad in his twitter and I am now planning want to go and watch it or not. Anyway, Transformers movie was full of action in the part 1, I don't know whether it is continue in the part 2.

From others who plan to go for tonight, they mentioned that the tickets in cinema were fully booked, no matter in Gurney or Queensbay. I think this is the great movie after Terminator Salvation.

This weekends Queensbay Mall will held an exhibition at the central zone. It's a Transformers exhibition, it's a deal for you. If you're pretty and sexy enough(for girls), you can go and take the competition. Or maybe you can go there to check for the Transformers collections.

Are you going to watch it? It's great.... I think I will going to watch after one week. Posted by GenYong 24.06.2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A(H1N1) attacked the schools

From the breaking news, there were 4 schools being closed starting from now which happened in KL. Now we can see that the A(H1N1) cases were become more terrible. The Minstry Of Health was taking action in those cases. Our country keep on increasing the number of patients and now the schools also be corrupted.

I think this virus will keep on increasing the numbers. It's more serious compare with SARS that happened in year 2003. Anyway, this blog post is one of the alerts for you and GenYong would like to remind you take care of your health. If you feel not well please go and see doctor, avoid going outside, drink more water!

Note: Malaysia is keep on increasing the number of patients, now already 80 people get this flu. The latest is from Johor Bahru! Take care. Posted by GenYong 24.06.2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

I have complete the test

Hey yo guys, sorry for no updates these few days. My mum was starting to ban me from online and definitely for blogging too. Today I have to complete one test that recommended by school afternoon supervisor Mr Tan Seong Hee that's the Ujian Permata Pintar UKM1.

Actually I don't know what's that and I was not interested in those stupid online test. It's a compulsory job for form 1, 2 and form 3 students to sit for this test. It's quite challenging test and I have a lot don't knows. By the way, I just simply pick one answer out from the multiple choices.

Today my school have a spot check action happened. Since long time no spot check and today was the second round of this year. Luckily today is Monday and I didn't take my camera to school, if not my camera gone! Unfortunately, my friend's handphone has gone and placed in Discipline 1 for 3 months baru boleh get back.

I have no idea about it how to get back. I'm always protest on prefects, I can't even tahan with their attitudes. They show their lousy faces and their actions were really unacceptable by most of the students in Chung Ling.

So due to my mum not allowing me to online, so I have to apologize for first and I will try my best to update once in a week. Thank you for your support! Posted by GenYong 22.06.2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teluk Kumbar Beachside

Last Sunday my uncle invited us to the Teluk Kumbar 好友 seafood restaurant for dinner. I have snapped some scenery photos. I wondered that Teluk Kumbar beachside compare with Batu Ferringhi the Teluk Kumbar was really ugly and dirty whereas Batu Ferringhi was really nice and the sand just like white in colour.

I found the kids were playing with the seawater and enjoy the fun at beach side. Some family also spending their time in the evening with their children at seaside.School reopening, I am lacking of time to update my blog. So maybe I will update it twice a week! Weekends just only have free time! Posted by GenYong 17.06.2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mini Concert 歌台 at Sepuluh Kongsi Pek Kong

Last Thursday night my dad brought my family to the Sepuluh Kongsi 什公司 which is a place in the district of Bayan Lepas. The place is known as Setia Pearl Island since year 2007. So I think almost penangites will know this place. This place Pek Kong was celebrating 'his birthday' for once a year.

This year from the chinese calendar, we can found that there was two fifth months and that means got two dumpling festival celebration. 润农历五月 Anyway, on next month the celebrations will held again so let's see who are coming to sing next month.

This month actually the Setia Pearl Island was invited two little singers to the 'mini concert' for singing as performances. Both of them are 周奕斌 and 刘婉莹 who from Penang Butterworth! Everyone in Penang was excited to see their performances and that night the place was crowded of peoples.
The Champion
Teenage Singer
At first the champion of the International Hokkien songs competition of year 2008. She's 刘婉莹!
Little Singer
Up next, the champion of the Astro Hua Hee Karaoke 2008. He's Brian 周奕斌!
Sexy singer
I don't know whether how many people like those mini concerts. I not actually like those activities because it might be late in midnight and I can't survive for so long. But if any popular singers come I sure will go and support! I hope you can enjoy this update and photos.

P/s: tomorrow back to school, need to sleep earlier. So wish every students happy schooling, it's a new term being a new guy/gal, refresh yourself! Posted by GenYong 14.06.2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Co-op Treasure Hunt 09

On the 2nd day of last month, my club School Co-operative was organized a Treasure Hunt which open for everyone to join. My friend Kah Lok was the organizing chairperson and he hosted the event. I think maybe is his first time and many problems that occured on him. By the way, I am trying to help him and there was not really sucessful!

Maybe the planning not so good, or the number of participants not enough and etc. But RM4 per person you get the certificate and food, the price still okay la right? We did a review of this and think to solve those problems that occured and we're planning to organize it again by this year end after my PMR.

Group Discussion
The group was doing their discussion under a tree. Finding the way from the clues that we gave.
Team Building
Team Building games
For my station, I let them to play some kinds of team building games. Holding each other hand randomly and at the end will form a circle. It's cool!
The Best Member
The Winner Group
At the end, the organizing chairperson was announced the best member and the winner group. Each of them get the co-op voucher and certificate for all participants will be giving out after school holidays. Although this event was not very successful but at least we tried our best to complete it and now we're planning to organize it again become more grand on this year-end! Posted by GenYong 13.06.2009

Haze Around Malaysia, take care!

Recently the weather in Malaysia was so hot and now become hazzy around the whole Malaysia. Penang here was going to reach the serious status whereas Klang and Shah Alam were polluted seriously since yesterday.

From the news headline in malaysiakini.com, the spot of the API reading was reach over 100 spots. That means that there already very hot and cloudy around the city. The latest I think it will be more terrible without any rain.

For Penang, I feel that there is going to be more serious if still have no rain coming down. We have suffering for no rain about one week. So hopefully today will have a rain coming down and neutralize the environment and cool down the hot weather.

Besides that, everyone must take care of personally health because A(H1N1) virus was around Malaysia and will turn it into the dangerous status. Remember to check up if you get any flu, feeling not well etc. in hospital! Wash more hand, drink more water. If can please reduce the outdoor activities or gathering, you can prevent this virus and the air pollution around the city.

GenYong remind you to take care for your health! Drink more water! Posted by GenYong 13.06.2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Action Group Annual Training Camp

To my readers, I'm sorry that for no updates this few days because of my time was packed and busy along my school stuffs and many more. By the way, I hope I can still use this three days for updating more posts.

During the holidays, I have a lot of camps. One of them was Action Group Annual Training Camp that I have attended on 01st and 03rd of June. I had participate this training camp for three years included this year. This year I was the one of organizing committees. I be the official photographer for this camp too!
Did you climb up this scaffolding before? Be the action group member, you have the chance to try out once a year. I still remember when I was just Form 1, I was scared climbing up this scaffolding. Now I just can simply climb up with supports and help on the juniors for climbing up to the roof top of the canteen.
Showing Skill
On top of the roof of the corridor, there was some extra roof. My friend, Kai Shyan was showing his skill on the karate chopping down the roof. Since there have extra piece and we try out. I tried it, I feel that is just a simple job for the karate performances. No hurt, no blood just pain little bit! Can you tahan?
The Committees
We're taking photographs on top. The picture above shows that the committees were successfully lead on the juniors. Rocks yo~! Action Group!
Group 1
Group 6Another Group
I took the photographs for those groups member. For the group who completely climbed up the roof top will take at least one photo before they went down. It's cool enough and not everyone can take photograph there, just Action Group member. Come join Action Group or join our activities. I climbed up there for only 3 times.
The Winner
Finally the closing ceremony ends with prizes giving out. Our dearest teacher advisor Mr Ch'ng was given out the KFC/Pizza/Ayamas voucher for the winner. Since the school was not allowed us to give out money so our sir was decide to give out total RM250 of vouchers.

At the end, I would like to ask those members who read my blog, do you think this year training camp was fun and reasonable the price? RM5 for 2 days lunch, 1st day was fried bihun and 2nd was chicken rice! Is it reasonable? Will you join us again for next year? Give your comment, thanks! Posted by GenYong 12.06.2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Celcom @ Komtar

Last week I went to Komtar and saw Celcom was doing their promotions in the Komtar lobby. If you are the visitor of Prangin Mall, you will sure saw this. Actually this can be considered as a random post only, not much things to write.
Celcom 01
Celcom 02

The Celcom promotions I think is ended now but do you want to switch to Celcom without changing your number? Login Celcom homepage for more details! Posted by GenYong 09.06.2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Aviators

Aviation 1=A1, 3TA1. The official name for our class! But until now I still not free to create a blog for my class. Maybe I will create it soon by this week! First of all, I would like to introduce some Aviators for everyone.

Who are they?
They are the featured guys in my class. They are Guang Ian and Walter Teng. One is Pen Spinner and one is the footballer. Both of them are so nice looking and match with each other. I really happy to have those two friends and they're aviators.
The tiny boy in my class, Jia Jun. You can imagine that how he's so cute just like a primary mates. He's pro in pen spinning and also making lyrics. One of the featured guys in my class too. Sit in front always talk here and there, make me not so alone! XD.
Pen Spinner
Do you know him? He's the most pro pen spinner among Form 3 in Chung Ling High School. He can be the SIFU for pen spinning. He taught many people in school and I am learning now too. Thank you Guang Ian! Now he is playing rubiks cube too and magics. What a skillful person! Posted by GenYong 08.06.2009