Sunday, July 27, 2008

YE Sales 2008@Queensbay Mall

Last week, I went to Queensbay Mall to support my friends-Nicholas, Alvin, Tee Jin, Zheng Feng, Wei Huai and many more (almost bloggers). They were having YE Sales there. What is YE? YE=Young Enterprise. Actually Young Enterprise is like a company maintained by a committee(students). They produced their own products, promote by themselves and do sales to community. Alright now let looks at the photos below:
There the banner of welcoming peoples to visit and shop in the sales!
This our school Chung Ling High School company name. There is our school YE stall Ozio Enterprise! Is a quite creative name and easy to remember.
YE Stalls
There have 22 of the YE stalls. That's mean got 22 schools YE challenging for their handmade sales!
There are the products of Ozio Enterprise. O Handy Book is the most popular to all the buyers.
Designing O Book
This is the designer who was designing the O Book design for me. He was good in arts! Creative drawings and maintained the stuffs well to customers.
YEs were busy to serve the 'new comers' who visit the sales.
This is PCGHS stall that they sell stuffs at great price! Cool. Nicholas and Alvin were busy to talk with their friends and they snapped a lot of photos!
Crowded Peoples
There are crowded of peoples at the corner of North Zone. Actually the sales was held in the 1st Floor of North Zone @ Queensbay Mall.
This is the stuffs that I bought that day. Total up cost up me RM13+, now I just realized that YE stuffs not cheap at all!
This the O Book that I used RM10 to buy. But I feel this is comfortable because there got my name 'GenYong' and the 'Ozio Enterprise' words. I like the design and also the creative that contains in this stuffs!

Alright, I just show you until here. Any further photos and more nice photos click here. Thank you. I will going to have my revision starting on this week. One more week my exam is coming so I must work hard from now! Kambateh to me! I will back online on 080808 That's Olympic Opening Ceremony! Check it out! Posted by GenYong 27/07/2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Art Stuffs.

Three more days no blog le! So now I quickly blog it before I go to sleep! Alright, what I want to show you today is the art stuffs that's my wood crafting stuffs! This stuffs caused my hand get injured few times! But today finally completed! p/s actually long time ago I already completed! Is just tidy up the overall of the stuffs.
This is my 'first edition' of the art stuffs. is it nice? But is quite not smooth, I want to smoothen it!
Still ok la hor? haha!
No time! Just simply write here. Each angle view!
Like this look is more ugly! Hahax. Actually not really la right?

Attention here all my readers, I will stop blogging starting from next week onwards. Maybe this post is the last post before I go and have my exam on the first week of August. So hope everyone won't missed me la! If you miss me can call me by phone! Hahax. Subscribe my feeds! Nicholas Chan's Blog also your choice! Come here more and comment! Thank you! Posted by GenYong 24/07/2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chung Ling Bloggers Gathering?

According to my title above, you will feel weird about what I need to write tonight! Actually as now the time is already nearly 12.00am. But almost in Saturday night, there was a lot of people should online, but why today so weird no people online pula! Maybe is their not free or exam is coming soon! That's my idea!

Gathering?! Bloggers?! Chung Ling High School Bloggers got who? Hahax. I am the one! Last Friday, I met Nicholas, Tee Jin and his friend Zheng Feng(radio in the class). Hehe. I met them below the Chung Ling High School science lab. That day I took my camera to school for doing some stuffs work, then I met them. They showed their pose and let me shot out!
There was the view to library. We were currently sitting and talk about cameras, blogs and web hostings.
They were 'ponteng kelas' to make their YE works! Hahax. Actually not ponteng la! Got permission de lo! They busy to complete their work for the sales which held on today and tomorrow.
There the zheng feng is pointing to the screen! Hahax. They were decide to complete their job, and I wish them good luck on the sales!

Talk about the sales, this is the big annual events which organized by outsider and Chung Ling High School students joined it! So the sales is already held on today and tomorrow too. If you missed it today in Queensbay Mall North Zone, then tomorrow you must not miss it anymore! I will been there tomorrow, if can come and meet me onwards! Hahax. Posted by GenYong 19/07/2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Visit to Buddha Temple!

I am here so happy that Anwar Ibrahim get freed out from police station in this morning. Everyone is proud of him! I would like to get a word to Anwar Ibrahim,
'My sincerely here, hope that you can be do well and be careful next time, beware everyone around you! I believe that you can be our best leader in future and coming so soon!'

Last two weeks(sunday), I went to the buddha temple to pray and my sister was praying for her UPSR test last two weeks. I seems not free to update and now I found that still have photos need to post in blog! Hahax. Alright, in there I pray for usual and I saw many peoples were so free and come to help in temple without benefit! Let see what the old folks or anyone who were free doing:

The auntie was put efforts to complete the basket by using what type of strings.
Yo congratulations to this uncle. He is almost complete the basket. Is it nice and comfortable? Besides, it is also useful. Refer to the uncle, this basket can be take to market or supermarket when shopping, don't waste too much of plastic bags. But do you think everyone will do so?! I agree with this uncle!
The ah ma also sewing a basket. Don't see this is a simple work, actually it is need your more effort to complete it. If you are free, you can go and try out!
This ah ma was helping them to cut the strings, so that is make more easy to sew it! Work in team, we get benefit. Is it this sentence right?
The auntie was starting to sew along. But before that, she observe first how to start the first step. Is it must sew it cross away? I asked the peoples who were sewing there, they said 'young people, you might not been like this activity compare with gaming or surfnet. We are putting much effort to complete this job. Seems weekends free and come to join for this activity is good compare with sit at home nothing to do'.
Then, I saw this flower(lotus) was arrange so nice on the place! So I quickly take out my camera to snap on it! Is it nice? The shot effect is damn success! The orange is so pretty and make the effect so fresh!
This is the bamboo tree that have nearby the lotus. Hahax. In there you can see got a Buddha shape. I think this is the purpose of arts. Cool! Fresh green in front of my eye! LOL.
There is the bamboo here. The bamboo is fresh and nice! This bamboo still young and it can be grow taller in the future!
This is what I saw the words of something like that: Care for the garden, care for our future! Don't let the roots out, care for it and bring to our next generations! Is it my language correct? Hahax. I am still improving! Please tunjuk ajar. Posted by GenYong 17/07/2008

Bad News for Pakatan Rakyat!

I think I was lately to announce about this news. According the news article in malaysiakini, the headline for tonight is Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim get caught by polices in this morning. How come will like that? Yesterday night still in 'debating competition' DEBAT, today pula get caught?! Why? Now I avoid to get any quarreling happened. I would like to just report this case to everyone. Refer to the news, Anwar Ibrahim was get caught outside his house by few polices that covered their faces. Why they do so? I also don't know. But I hope Pak Lah can be care Anwar Ibrahim well during tonight! So that, this is good thing besides make quarrel.

Anyway, from the updates now, Anwar Ibrahim is almost safe. But he has to stay night in police station for tonight. He ended up the 6 hours 'marathon' recording from polices and 2 hours of checking in hospital. Most supporters tonight will be accompany Anwar Ibrahim outside the police station. Hope that tomorrow morning, Anwar Ibrahim can be get 'come out' from the police station. Pak Lah promised this will not related to the year 1998 case. And his 'workers'(polices) will check carefully to avoid any mistakes.

Refer from malaysiakini Chinese:


anwar ibrahim arrest 160708 09原定今午前往吉隆坡警察总部为鸡奸案录取口供的人民公正党实权领袖安华,今午在其住家路口突然遭警方以“先发制人”方式逮捕,并被蒙面特警押送前往警局,仿佛重演10年前安华在其住家遭破门而入的蒙面突击队员逮捕的情景。



anwar ibrahim arrest 160708 03而一位名叫道菲的警官也趋前敲打安华的车窗,宣称警方是援引《刑事法典》第377条文(肛交)逮捕安华(左图)。随后安华在没有获得律师的陪同下,独自被带上一辆没有标志的四轮驱动汽车离开。安华是在20名蒙面特警的押送下前往警局,与当年的情形如出一辙。


在安华被捕时同在一辆车内的山卡拉指出,在他们遇上警方的拦截之前数分钟,曾接获十五碑警区刑事调查主任祖德佩雷拉副警监(Jude Pereira)的来电,询问他们是否会准时前往录口供。







anwar ibrahim arrest 160708 04由于安华早前已经答应在下午2点前往警局录取口供,因此警方的这项“先发制人”的逮捕行动,可说是出乎人们意料之外。










anwar ibrahim arrest 160708 07旺阿兹莎与安华的女儿努鲁哈娜(左图)也在下午1点35分抵达现场。














中午12点45分:安华的座车差不多抵达住家,同车的山卡拉就接获鸡奸案查案官祖德佩雷拉副警监(Jude Pereira)的电话,询问安华人在哪里,山卡拉表示正在回家途中;对方询问安华是否还来警察总部,山卡拉回答说,“是的,我们会在2点抵达”。

之后车辆驶入安华居住的武吉泗岩沫(Bukit Segambut)花园时,发现路旁有一些警察巡逻车与摩多。车辆在转入前往住家的路口时,路上更驻守了多辆警车与警员,大约10名戴着面罩的特别行动部队警员拦截车辆,不过他们并没有携带武器。




当山卡拉与西华拉沙抵达吉隆坡警察总部时,安华坐在一间会议室里,警方允许安华接受两名律师的法律咨询。之后卡巴星与哥宾星也陆续抵达,警方也允许他们与 安华交谈。接着警方表示要在《刑事程序法典》第112条文下向安华录取口供,不过只允许一名律师陪同,于是西华拉沙便留下,其他律师则离开。




























Finally, I hope the polices can be give Anwar Ibrahim to come out. He is honestly to get 'care' from all the publics!
Hope that Pak Lah can be done what he was promise!
Posted by GenYong 16/07/2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

988 GCMC Musical Party 2008 Stuffs

Hi guys, yesterday night did you went to the 988 CGMC Concert which held in Auto City, Juru, Prai? In here I didn't go, although I have 4 tickets. Yesterday night, my family was busy at something and there was quite far away from my house to Auto City. You will think about petrol price is hardly to recover! Hahax. Alright, last thursday(10/7) I met the 988 开心车队. They played game with me and give some prizes. Yo! I was so happy on that. Alright, what stuffs did I get. Let see:
The tickets there we got 4. That's I wondered the design is so creative.
This is other stuffs that sponsored by FriendX and Magnum4D.
I am holding the 4 tickets. But seems no time to attend, I decided to keep it up for commemorate.

For your innformation, Nicholas Chan was been there as a media yesterday. Any further information or photos you can just visit his blog! Yo, but next year if still got chance that held in Penang Island, I will go! Successful! 988, I support you! 988 友声有色. Posted by GenYong 13/07/2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chung Ling High School Afternoon Session Case 10/07/2008

Why today I will write this post? Not I hate Chung Ling High School, I'm not hate at school discipline department. What I request for is why everyone in afternoon session so scared at Mr Tan Han Kuan(Assist. Afternoon Supervisor) and his students(all of the junior prefects). Actually is it the students not understanding him or treated him as almost 'Hunter'. 'Hunting is my job' he said before. 'Hunt you all is the best job in my life'.

But seriously I would like to avoid quarreling to happen in our school community. Is just the problem why almost students in afternoon session so scared at him. Isn't he is one of the discipline supervisors and make the 'style' to let people respect at him? But I think he won't be serious all the time, he will make fun with us while teaching in class. Why we so scared him??

Alright, let me start my story and my comments now. Today on 12.20pm, when I went to his room to apply for permission to bring the camera to school tomorrow for doing my club stuffs. What that he said to me, I just carefully listen from him. He said 'What is this for? Which form did you come from?....' Then I answered to him 'This was my club seniors that request me to bring the camera for special function on tomorrow. I am from 2TB2.' Anyway, I just ignore this. But in the middle of his talking, he said that you must responsible at your own camera, if you misused it, I will give you 'Da Guo'(big demerit).

I just not understand why he will say this. Because according to history, camera is useful to some events or functions. By Hand phone, if you take it to school, you get small demerit, that is a true rules. Because you against the school rules. That I can't say anything la, but this.... why he will do so?(but he was smiling while telling me this). So I promised to him and keep responsible to my own camera tomorrow. I will get a help from my form teacher to keep my own camera well.

Besides this, refer to my friend Goh Yi Jie(the tallest guy in my class). He mentioned that Mr Tan Han Kuan is not fair to us! He shield at the junior prefects attitude. Although they are wrong in sometimes, he also said they are perfect and no such things did wrong from them. At this case, I feel so disappointed to him. He said like this is really unfair to us! Is just prefect your students? How about us? Shield on prefects!

Why I will say so? Refer to Yi Jie, because on yesterday the head junior prefect, Wu Jun Ming is pulling his shirt and he tried to escape. But the prefect still keep pulling, finally he show his middle finger to the prefect. He really feel terrible to the prefect doing people when need to go home. Until just now the second period, Jun Ming is coming to call him to the afternoon supervisors' room. From his 'language', he said that he get a rattan whip bit. He was quite pity, people need to escape, why the prefect's attitude like that?

That's why I mentioned that Mr Tan Han Kuan is helping prefects more than us. He treated us as the 'workers' and even worse than this. We just like his 'uncontrolled balls', let him kick here and there. But I hope Yi Jie will understand school is just like real life community, behave yourself is the best. If any problems, solve it in a 'gang'.

So hopefully I'm not mentioned that Mr Tan Han Kuan is not good. Actually he must observe at his 'attitude' and what he has done to us!
I hope he can treat us well in the future!
Posted by GenYong 10/07/2008

Geography Project, all stuffs!

Recently I was so busy on my school stuffs and my club society stuffs. Last week, I passed up the Geography project and now still have two projects with me. I hope can slowly do through this wonderful and tired July! Haha. Just now, I was afraid that my stuffs and my confident lose after received that the football club secretary message. What he said and make me so disappointed? It's all about the coming outdoor football match which held on September. Alright, let me show you the stuffs.
The header of the assignments project. SMJK CHUNG LING, PULAU PINANG is compulsory to put up. But the KAJIAN GEOGRAFI TEMPATAN ..... is I like to put it up and become more formal. Is it right?
This time the title is called us to describe about the pollution of environment in our nearby neighbourhood. So I done this project within one month that I think so. But almost is last minute work.
There you will know what is my full name le. But hopefully you all call me as GenYong better and please do not 'harm' my name! Thanks!
The overview of the project is like this! Is it just like cartoon style(kids) and inside is quite formal writing. When teacher give back to us, I will show you all the contents. Okay? Alright, I think the next post will be the Wood Crafting. Check it out yo.
p/s How was my new header for July? Any comment?
Posted by GenYong 09/07/2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Angkasa File?!

Hi guys here, recently I was busy on my wood crafting. So I reduced the time to blog, for any contribution I would like to request sorry from all of you! Passed weekends I busy on wood crafting and my sister was studying hardly to get good result in UPSR 'test'. So we didn't go where else. This post I think just can be considered as a short and easy post to read! Show you some photos and why this few days I won't miss online de? I will solve it later.
What did I get-
Actually this file I get it many weeks ago. Seems I snapped this picture, so that now I can present it! As now already in midnight and I would like to sleep for tomorrow still have to go school. So good night everyone and have a sweet dream! More photos and more words will be on next post! Check it out! Posted by GenYong 08/07/2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Would like to start a politics talk?

Hi guys here, this few days(especially this week) when you read the newspaper headline, you will saw the Parti Keadilan Rakyat consultant always in the headline of newspaper. Actually what happened to him? This story is related to the passed 308 election. Anwar Ibrahim get sue because of the case which contributed him in the politics. Anyway, today headline is Najib's turn. What he did actually? But refer to the personally police by Anwar Ibrahim. Today headline described him(the personally police) already return his voice by sue the Najib in the Mongolia's girl Anna case which happened on year 2006.

The personally police, Bala on yesterday he mentioned that he wanted to take back what he had say and wrote for the proposal of law to sue Dato' Seri Najib. Today in the newspaper saw that he already apologize for this kind of case. But actually the real situation how to go on, we still don't know. After received this message, Anwar was surprise that why Bala will said that. He was now panic in his case and prepare to be the overall government of Malaysia. As now this case is to satisfy by Anwar to 'test' for Najib. So what happened now and what will going on?

As now you can get the breaking news in Star Online which wrote Najib was no idea about this case. And now this 2 cases were make the whole Malaysia in the quarrel. Refer from newspaper, there was the America people need to 'help' in this two cases. But actually how? We will going to watch a 'big movie' later. For your information, who live in Selangor please take note. From net, tomorrow got a big gathering about the petrol price hike up. So make sure you get the correct choice in road and your idea. I hope this gathering can be avoid in quarrel, just gathering no need to quarrel!

I am looking forward for the UMNO General Party Election, this will be another 'movie' let us to watch. Wait kindly and patiently. Is coming soon! p/s all the information above is grabbed from newspapers and, for more informations please refer to all kinds of newspaper everyday. Thank you! Posted by GenYong 05/07/2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's 1am now | My cousin's photos

Good morning, It's now reaching 1am by right. I not yet sleep because doing some school stuffs. But actually now I would like to update my blog as quickly as I can. Today nothing to say about it, besides politics that's nothing interesting. Do you know well about Anwar Ibrahim now? How was he now? is hardly to connect! So just can read tomorrow newspaper la!

Now I show you some of my cousin photos:
He looks cute right? Wearing a little singlet and do his cute face! Haha.
Where was he looking at? Smile at camera la, Keegan. Look here! XD.
There missed! Flash too much! The face so white. Hahax. But still can see he a cute face there! I like it!
There this is quite stability. Both of them smile, one is my sister and one is my cousin. Both also so cute! Hehe. Nice shot, good job?!

Alright, that's all here. It's 1am+ now, going to sleep. Good night everyone, prepare for tomorrow schooling! Byebye. Posted by GenYong 02/07/2008