Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DuNK IT Basketball Match

Last Saturday, my first advised basketball match held. It was successful but just only got some problems that's got people hand phones get stolen. This case is really terrible and we found that even in school compound also got stolen case happened.

Alright, I hope that this will responsible by the owner himself and I hope school management of this case can be more strict on it, don't let students 'practice' as a thief in school! Anyway, the winners list is as shown below:

Champion: Twilight Dreamz
1st Runner Up: The Hulk
Third place: checking.....

XD. The photos up here!>>>>Before the match started many participants were practicing their skills. Looking there was many people standing under the basketball court. Crowded of people shooting balls!The champion team of DuNK It Basketball Match. Basketball Club President Tan Young Hean was awarded the prize that medals and cash for them. The MVP of this match, Ooi Cherng Liang from 1T10. He is my 'school bus mate', actually he is a kind person and a good player. Keep it up!

After this match, I get it through many of Chung Ling students like sports and I hope that next year I can organize other events except sports kind of events.

Just like Forum or anyelse can be suggest? Suggest it by leaving comment. Thank you!
Posted by GenYong 30/09/2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Belated Birthday to me!

Last Monday that's 22nd of September is the day that I born actually. Then that day my family just simply celebrated to me. Compare with my sister that birthday last time in restaurant, I feel that I was more happy than her. LOL. Simple is good! Are you agree?My birthday cake here which bought by my fairly and dearest neighbour. I wondered that he/she remember my birthday. Thank you very much!Another angle snapped my birthday cake. It bought from Tesco Extra, Penang. There contains of blueberry and strawberry. 'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to GenYong!' sang by my sister. LOL. She is cute enough, later I blew until the candle can't extiguished, she help me and we blew together. She said because my birthday also her birthday. XD!Then she took a photo shoot for me in house. Just a simple 'blowing cake' celebration in house. I had a dinner with my parents on last Saturday @ OldTown Bayan Baru. The photos will post out later. Check it out!

p/s: Many photos that I took is coming to face you! Please check for updates! Thank you
Posted by GenYong 29/09/2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Medals Revolutions!

Guys and gals here, are you missing for my new post? Actually I am quite busy on passed week, because of my advised basketball match, be advisor ready, happy but tired =) Alright, now show you some photos of the medals that gave out to winners this morning.
Gold Medals #2
The gold medals that I ordered for the match. Is it nice?
Gold Medals #1

Silver Medals
The silver medals that I ordered. Quite bright!
The Champion of Category Z. Actually I have one now by me. Because category Z already canceled. LOL. Champion of Category X is Twilight Dreamz.
1st Runner Up
1st Runner Up. That's also been canceled in category Z, category X champion is The Hulk!
Who is MVP and who suitable to be? Check out in next posts.

The medals was arranged to champion of category X and category Z. X is category for form 1 and form 2 participants. Z = Form 4 participants. But at the end, the category Z get be canceled because insufficient of teams and fees to prepare the cash.

Overall this match is successful but unfortunately got participants' hand phones get stolen by one of the thief. Don't know who is him, but this case will school reopen baru say la! LOL. Is time to rest while one week holidays is coming. Posted by GenYong 27/09/2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GenYong was swimming @ Regency Heights

Thank you for who that greeting me for my birthday. Actually yesterday is my real birthday, 22 September 1994 that I born. Although is my birthday but I really missed online, can't inform you all. LOL! Alright, never mine you can even wish me in belated. XD!

Anyway, I would like to show you some photos in swimming pool @Regency Heights, Sungai Ara. Last Wednesday there was Al Quran holiday, then I went to my aunt house to play with my little cousin, Keegan. Then my uncle was in house too, because everyone is off day. Then he decided to bring us for swimming under his condominium.

Group shot in water #1
There was the group shot of GenYong's cousin and his uncle.
Group shot in water #2

Father and son
Father and son here. My uncle and little cousin!
Wow, GenYong smile in the water?! LOL. Making pose.
Group shot in water #3
Cool 'bathing area'. GenYong's do what?
Learning swim
My little cousin was learn to swim. Just kid not well in swimming. XD!
Next time got chance go to Regency Heights to swim, for south west area of penangites best destination.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pek Kong back to people home. (Moved)

Guys and gals here, sorry for no updates for last few days. I am busy to do my assignments and not enough time to update a post. LOL. I practiced sleep earlier and not sleep while 1am around, because my body can't survived and need to care my face.

Last weekend, that's sunday morning it's mid autumn festival right? My father was praying and celebrate the anniversary for Pek Kong. Pek Kong 'lived' at my house already 1 year, since last 928 until 917 that just passed. From chinese calendar la! LOL.

Let's look what I shot up!
First we prayed the 'Guan Kong' which pray by my father inside. We used mooncakes to pray and some fruits. Next, the pek kong's turn praying 'status'. LOL.

I am lack of time to blog. Why this few days so nervous? LOL. Haiz... Really tired, but can't rest! My birthday is two days to go, who will celebrate with me? And who will greeting me? LOL. I think won't of anyone. lol. I think I blog until here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malaysia Day, Anwar Boleh!

Recently our country politics were terrible serious. It's takes time to changed or won't. Today Anwar Ibrahim was announce that he has the number which more than 31 BN parliament congressmen. That's mean plus with last PR seats now reach until 116 seats, it is more than enough to be the overall(2/3) government of Malaysia.

Anyway, today is Malaysia Day from 1963 until now if not mistaken. After 308, Anwar mentioned many times for 916 he will take whole government. Now he is success for 3/4, just left one step then he done it! Today while he attended press conference, he said that hope our currently Prime Minister Pak Lah can give up the government as fast as he can. If not do so, they will report to caudillo.

What Anwar needs Pak Lah to do is:
  • Release Raja Petra & Teresa Kok which caught under ISA last week
  • Agree for BN congressmen join Pakatan Rakyat
  • He can't use ISA to caught the congressmen who interested join PR or currently 82 PR congressmen
  • That's also included he can't called police or use any act to block the way of congressmen
  • At the end, Anwar Ibrahim hope that can be peace to take over whole government
Although today is 916, Malaysia government still is BN. But tomorrow and later? Will it being same? Nobody know that! Anwar Ibrahim needs to meet Pak Lah within this week onwards. He will lead us to a better future. I believe that he won't be a cheater.
We believe you, Anwar Boleh!

Finally for the end of this post, I would like to have your comments and hope that avoid for quarreling on streets or anything that possible occured. We are looking forward for better future for next generation! Thank you.
Posted by GenYong 16/09/2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tomorrow 916, PR be government?!

From 308 until now, I think it was already 6 months. Tomorrow is 916, heard from our dearest Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim he will get the overall government on that day. Now still have left than 1 hour then 916 is coming. I ensure that they will successful on tomorrow and I am looking forward for that. Tonight at the Kelana Jaya located at Selangor, there was the gathering for celebrating the Merdeka of Malaysia which named as Malaysia Day! On the event, Anwar Ibrahim said that he will announce about the taken whole government of Malaysia. He said he will announce either tonight or tomorrow. From PKR leader Mr Chuah, he was just arrive Malaysia. He said the almost of BN parliamentary seats governments were agree that Pakatan Rakyat to take over the overall government on 916.

So the public of Malaysia will get surprise and believe that PR will be better after 916. People also hope that BN can be changed everything interior. UMNO is considered 'brother' but besides that must let other parties from BN to talk. Avoid use races of Malaysia to 'play' politics. Malaysia is a good and peace country among the world. Don't let this gone!

We must work together starting from to improve for our country in future. From history, many things happened, 513, 920 and the latest 308 and more..... We must avoid this such problems happened again! We must unity and serve country for the better future!

Alright, for the end of this post. I would like to congratulations to Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Hope that you can guide a better country and be the best representative of politicians. After 916, Pakatan Rakyat is our government. Will you believe? Seems now still have some times, vote it at right hand side on this blog. Thank you! A notice for Anwar Ibrahim:
One Public, One Country!
Posted by GenYong 15/09/2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival coming!

Tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival(Mooncake Festival). So wish everyone here Happy Mid Autumn. Seems many bloggers posted the post about mooncakes and now is my turn to show you the mooncakes of my style! LOL.
The box of mooncakes that made by my aunt. Although is a simple mooncake, but I can feel it is delicious and meaningful!
Inside of the box is shown above! Right this! Nice and D.I.Y mooncakes. Nowadays everything hike up the price and D.I.Y is better choice!
After cut, you can see the inner part of the mooncake. That's why I said it is delicious! LOL.
Alright, wish everyone here Happy Mid Autumn Festival tomorrow and get happy everyday! XD.... Will be post up lots of things soon. Check it out! Posted by GenYong 13/09/2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flood surrounding keeping

I owed you this photos for few days, I would like to make an apologize for everyone here! Last Sunday, my family were keeping my house being clean hardly and we spent a lot of time and effort on it! We clean the floor surrounded our house, behind the house and the road was spoiled by the flood. Quite 'pity', but we just hope can get another new tar road! XD...

My neighbours were busy to keep their stores and stocks clean through all the stuffs! It is quite spending time and they spent whole day and night for keeping this such things.My dad was helping to drag out the soil that in the tar road. It became hard and need to put some water and drag it is more easy to do. There you can see that, what is the serious happening of my house area. Although flood that time, I emergency and no think about taking photos. But right now, you can imagine what is so serious then. You will shocked that how come the tar road pieces will come out.I also don't know, but only I know is the water came very strong! Seriously...

After this flood, I get a conclusion.
We must have prepared well before it's happen!
Posted by GenYong 11/09/2008

Rapid Penang New Receipt

Last Saturday, I went to school and after the activities of KRS. My mum brought me to town for subscribing medals for DuNK IT! Basketball Match this coming 27th of September. After I passed the invoice for the supplier, then I went off. I went to KOMTAR Terminal Bus Station to wait for Rapid Bus U401 to come and I went home. I wondered that the tickets or receipts of Rapid Bus already changed. Last time, the tickets of bus is just a plain white background and just only colour. Now look below:
There was the ticket for me. It seems cool because now got the colour better view! I think Rapid is the best transport in Penang. But I hope that Milan, Transit and KGN Hin can be much improve, we still need you all! Alright, it's time to preparee for school! See you next time. Posted by GenYong 11/09/2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The temple on hill side

Last Monday while the replacement holiday of Merdeka, my father brought me to the celebrations of 'Pek Kong' at the hill side that near my house. I took my camera there and snapped some photos, we ride motorcycle there. The road is too narrow and cars are not allowed to drive up the hill! I wonder that the mainly transport of the people who live there is only motorcycle or bicylce.

We actually went for praying and have our 'free lunch' LOL. There was no main government electricity, they used generator to generate the electricity at night. Day time there was no computer, internet or even television for you! Even though no fans, but at there is already cool enough!

People at there try chatting to each other and also gambling there. Hill side won't have polices! Haha. They do so to avoid boring! Let see photos:
Main temple
This is the 'main hall' of the temple.
Inner part
Inside of the main temple!
People are gambling at one side while waiting to have lunch!
The joysticks on the table.
Secondary Pek Kong temple
The secondary temple Pek Kong inside!
My dad was advise me to pray for Pek Kong and he was counting the amount of joysticks.
Pek Kong
There is what I mean Pek Kong! It is so nice!
Overview #1
This was the overview of the hillside temple.
Overview #2
People was sitting there chatting and gambling! It is cool enough to do that and this was the suitable place! Are you been this such places?

p/s: my house keeping was completed. Still have some need to tidy up. The photos of flood will be up next post! Posted by GenYong 07/09/2008

906 Flood in Penang

Last night that's 906, the whole Penang Island get flood within 2 hours and more in the evening. My house which in Bayan Lepas get flood too. At 6.45pm something, while I was doing my maths assignments, my sister said there was coming to flood and call me for help. While I was going, I shocked that the river water rised until 'super high' level that reach the half of the wall outside my house. That time, I didn't take camera along while my camera also lack of battery. On that time, people was busy to avoid the water come into house what for I took photos. LOL!

I was very busy to help my family to push out the water, but the water too strong and can't be 'rescue'. My dad quickly go and moved the car and not been conrupted. In front of my house flood and also behind. My house behind is river, so the behind is more serious. Now my mum and dad was busy to keep the house clean. Luckily I quickly take up my PC which put on the floor, if not now I can't online and I lost everything.

Just now, I have snapped some photos while they are keeping the places. So I think I will try to post up at next post. Yesterday night, we went to bed on 2.00am, can be compare with the CNY Eve. Yesterday evening the river water is extremely serious, 2 meter and more. Wow, I get the second experience of flood. First in on 1998, while I was still 4 years old, now I am 14 years old and experience one more. Next time? I think won't la and wish don't happen again. It is tired to have this of problems. Seriously!

Before 916, have already 906! What's your feel if you are penangite?
Posted by GenYong 07/09/2008

Friday, September 5, 2008


This passed few days, I tried out the Photoshop CS3 that have not been always used. Now I realized that I can handle it ready. Still have many functions need to do what effect is going. Any skills here? I just simply update this post for my regularly updating.

Alright, almost here are bloggers right? I would like to show you all a good deal here! Let see:Cool? Give me some comments! Thank you!
Posted by GenYong 04/09/2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apple Product

I think if this photos or this post let Nicholas to write out, he sure will post it up @ INicholas. LOL! As me didn't mind to open a new technology blog and post it up here and show all of you. This was the Apple product that I found in my friend's house. I asked can I borrow his Apple phone and take some shot. Then he agree that. Here is the Apple Phone photos:
This phone still can get the function of IPhone and can be touch screen. He said that he bought it just only RM500, I think that this is made in China. So China there cost RM1000 then here is half then only RM500 lol. Is quite creative and it is comfortable.
Simple, Pirated, can use enough la!
Posted by GenYong 02/09/2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Theme New Dream!

After Merdeka and after the month of August, my blog rebranded and retheme! Hahax. Refresh all of your view and memory. Since last template that I used is since last year December while countdown the new year coming on. As now I changed my template to the simple template which is version 4 for me. Hope that you can:
  • Enjoy yourself in here
  • Leave more comments
  • Chit-chat more
  • More ideas and jokes
  • Happy in here! etc.....
I change new template and give you all a fresh new look. And the name of my blog changed to GenYong UNITY. This blog considered as United Blog in Malaysia, we are 'Bloggers United' right? LOL.

My version 3 blog template.

New Theme New Dream, UNITY at here! Posted by GenYong 01/09/2008

Merdeka Holidays

Photos by Nicholas Chan
Since yesterday was Merdeka day of Malaysia and the whole Malaysia get holiday. Today is Monday, is the replacement holiday of yesterday. I was already get two times of holidays without going to school on weekdays.

Since last year the 50th Merdeka of Malaysia and now is after general election Merdeka it seems not so same. I feel weird that why 51st of Merdeka not so many people countdown it. Why? Let's the politicians to give us answer la. Avoid to the politics, as a public we celebrate Merdeka because of our country already merdeka for 51 years ready. One Public, One Country! This theme is copy from Beijing 2008 Olympic theme. LOL.

I as a representative here, wish everyone
  • Happy Merdeka Day
  • Happy Holiday
  • Happy 'Proud Day'
  • Happy Birthday to Malaysia and all publics
  • Happy 831 & 901
As a malaysian, we love our country and we celebrate together. One Public, One Celebration!
Posted by GenYong 01/09/2008