Thursday, December 18, 2008

Starwalk 2008 Photos Shoot Out (Part 3)

This is the final post of Starwalk 2008. Would you like to check out now what's happening next? About the lucky draw parts, I felt weird about the lucky number that picked up. Can you believe that 09032, 09033, 09034, 09035 will be drawn? It's consecutive number! I think this is the problem that make participants not so comfortable in this walk!

Btw I didn't get the prize but I ensure that's no chance for me to won back a prize too. Still remember my lucky no.? 07053 and the lucky numbers that drawn is almost 074.... How to win? Luckily, my dad brought me play games around and we won lots of prizes from sponsors.

Get Food
A very thank you the main sponsor DiGi for providing us food and a cup of white coffee. Everyone was lining up to get it.
Lining up
Besides provided food, DiGi also gave out the prizes for the participants. The queue was long as just like a snake. Everyone was hope to get the souvenir from DiGi.
Full of People
After playing the games outdoor, we walked into the indoor site! Wow, it's a lot of people there, were we already late come in? As well there have not many suitable places for us to sit and we just walk around and continue our games.
Lucky Draws
Lucky Draws contains of Panasonic sponsored 37" inch LCD TV and the grand prize sponsored by Suzuki 5 motorcycles etc.
Looking at-
What were they looking at? A VIP coming?
Who's coming
Who is him? Actually he is our Penang Governor. He was coming and host the opening ceremony,
Checking draws
Everyone was busy listening to the MC and checking for their numbers. I didn't understand how come almost people were standing, your leg won't pain?
We queue up the line for playing the DiGi sponsored games for nearly one hour and what we play was bowling. Bowling?! How to play in concrete floor? It's a creative games for participants. I don't realize that what is that decoder for us to play, is it Xbox 360 or Playstation? Btw, my dad won a soccer after he strike at the first round, congratulations dad!
Waiting Lucky Draw
We sat down and waiting for the lucky draws. Seems that everyone there starting to be sleepy and boring. The MC was quickly declare the numbers and try to rush it finish on 1.30pm.
Stand up
After realize there was no chance again, everyone was standing up and get set to go home.
Next year
Thank you to Star Publications for providing us a healthy walk. We will come back next year and meet you up at the same venue on 13rd December 2009! Everyone was going out to the outdoor of PISA and went home! As me here next year hope to meet anyone and thank you very much for The Star! I will support you!

Starwalk 2008 -The End-
Posted by GenYong 18.12.2008


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