Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mansor won Penanti seat!

A very good news for everyone in Malaysia and of course PKR and Pakatan Rakyat. In the passed by-election which held just now, the result was out on 8.30pm. After I checked the official result from, the big winner of this by-election was Mansor. First of all I would like to congratulate PKR for this winning and this is what the government people need nowadays.

Although Barisan Nasional didn't participate in this by-election and caused this election was the most quiet by-election. PKR just versus three free candidates. By the way, Mansor gained 6052 votes and the majority was 5558 votes whereas for the three candidates was get 942 votes in total. All of the three was lost their deposit and this was the great majority won by PKR. Congratulations!

So on Wednesday, Mansor is going to be our Assist. Chief Minister 1 in Penang. Anyway, as penangites here, we welcome you to be our dearest new 1st assist. chief minister and hope you can lead us to the success.

However, this was the 1st by election after the Perak government crisis. So I think the malaysian know that we need a more fair and honour government to lead the country, no longer is Barisan Nasional! So we are looking forward for the next election happening in Kelantan on the month of July! Posted by GenYong 31.05.2008

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Real Power Drinks

Recently my dad brought back the Real Power Drinks. I don't know where he get this but it's 'branded' by Real Madrid(one of the popular football club). I don't even saw this drink being sold in the shop and this was my first time to look for that. It's cool enough, do you saw this before?
Real Drinks
It's a real drinks, you can trust it and drink it until finish. LOL! I found that I being to be a promoter of this drink. But the drink is made by the Real Madrid company so that it called Real Power drink, maybe after you drank it you will be powerful! XD.
The information was as shown usual for most isotonic drinks. I think this drinks got some related to Red Bull and it will make the person be powerful after drinking it.
Real Madrid
The logo of Real Madrid was printed on the tin of the drink. The first drink that produced by the soccer club company. I not even seen the Manchester United nor Barcelona producing drinks yet, but I think the day is coming! Looking forward.... Are you? I am waiting for the new design of MU. Posted by GenYong 29.05.2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wesak Day 09

Last 3 weeks ago, my dad brought me and my mum to the Than Siang Temple for praying and did the 'buddha bathing' at there. We went there in the afternoon but still saw a lots of people queue up to take the chance for bathing the buddha. It's a small buddha and it's surrounded by the water that's full of flowers.
Buddha Bathing
It's helping mini buddha bathing, did you bath them? =)
Little girl
Hello little girl and her grandmother. The little so cute and her grandma was busy bathing the buddha.
Many people also bath the buddha. Did you?
Flower Water
My mum was taken two packets of flower water to home and put into the bathroom and bath it for god blessing. I like the smell of water, it's nice smell! =)
Everyone was praying and wish for good lucks coming on that day. I didn't buy the stuffs but I just used my both hands and pray it with heart. So how you spent your Wesak Day? I didn't go for night but is morning for this year. And it's different place, but same features! Posted by GenYong 29.05.2009

Rubik's Cube

Hello guys, how was your two weeks? Do anyone missed me? Actually I am slightly free now and wish everyone happy holidays and enjoy it! =)
Rubik's Cube
By the way, anyone here played Rubik's Cube before? Or maybe that time you were playing this game was not yet popular. But now it's popular until the international status. Everyone was playing Rubik's. That's for sure my class won't left this game.
That's me
During examination(Thursday) that's yesterday I took my camera to school and snapped for something special happening in our class. My class A1 is full of features, there have pen spinner, beatboxer, musicians, blogger, DOTA / CS gamers and Rubik's cube pro players. We wondered that afternoon session had their Rubik's Cube competition on yesterday, what they were challenging are the speed you can complete for all the surfaces. Some have taken 1 minutes and some only took a few seconds to complete....

I don't know how to play this cube but heard from my friends said that this was found from a formulae. For me, I will found it from Internet and learn by myself. Hope one day I can learn all the skills.
It's Rubik's
Mini cube
Did you see the round shape rubik's? My friend said that this is not a cube anymore, is rubik's ball! XD =) Good idea but do you have those collections? Show it and comment for it! Drop down your comments here and happy holidays to everyone. Enjoy =)!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels & Demons Release Tomorrow

Credit from
Yo~! guys, what movie are you waiting for? Tomorrow there will have a new movie release which is Angels & Demons. I think it's a good movie although I haven't watch yet. By the way, this movie was categorize as 18PL and I have no chance to watch it.

I believe this will be the great movie seems the author of this book is the same person as THE DAVINCI CODE. This movie will be released out on tomorrow in all cinemas in Malaysia. From Smashpop, the movie is easier to understand than the previous DAVINCI CODE. So I am looking forward for the movie DVDs release and I will buy it and watch.

This movie is one of the grand movies of the year. The upcoming movies will have Terminator Salvation and also Transformers 2. 2009 is full of movies and I hope to watch it as well.

P/s: I will stop updating my blog starting from today until my exam ends that's 29th of May. I will be back, wait for the latest updates! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 13.05.2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Surf Loft?

Hey yo~! guys and gals here, there's a big deal for you! SurfLoft was coming back a contest again. The RM100 will be giving out to the winner for each week who crowned as the Best Surfie. Of course for us Bloggers have a big deal, they are awarding us RM150 each to the 3 winners for the Top Blog award.

This morning, I received the advertisement brochure from my friend. He just put on my table and I ask him what's that. Actually I wondered that why he will give me rather than gave to others? By the way, he describe to me about this was the good competition for the Internet kakis. He was read my blog through and he was giving me a chance to participate in this competition.

Actually today I won't be online anymore, but I would like to search about what's this stuff so I do so. Anyway, I found that this was a cool stuffs that I ever I met, it's a bloggers' competition. Although the dateline is near but I believe that there still come afford. I spent my time for blogging this and hope can help for promoting SurfLoft.

This website was providing you the IT news, latest IT informations, new gadgets and some interesting stuffs. The idea of this website is more based on FORUM type, let surfies have the chance to make discussions with others. I think this is a newly built website and we must go and support it! Jom we go....

P/s: Bloggers, you're recommended to visit this website as well as the surfie or internet kaki. This was a features site and it can let you enjoy with sharing your ideas with others.

What do you waiting for? Come on click on this link and go directly! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 12.05.2009

Official MB let people turn round & round

Hey readers, actually today I shouldn't be online but when I checked for the latest updates from I found that there was a surprise that why the laws keep turning our mind round and round. Now the official MB is who? Nizar or Zambry? From the news, I read that Zambry's lawyer Cecil Abraham was successfully appealed from the High Court to extend the execution of decision for the official MB. 

By the way, I have some questions want to ask all of you. Now our country politics were full of miricles, many things can happen in a short term. That you can see from Nizar and his EXCOs were moved into Dewan Negeri Perak for 7 hours and now have to vacate again from the office. I want to ask, nowadays why laws were turning people round & round. No the actual decision at all

P/s: For example, if one person has been declared guilty by court then another day the court still say can extend the execution, do you think this have the point? 

For the Barisan Nasional side, they will so happy to hear this good news from the high court. Bt for the Pakatan Rakyat side, I believe that many of the leaders will so disappointed at the decision. What were they aim for? Why don't Barisan Nasional agree with the High Court decision on yesterday and run through the re-election as soon as possible for electing out the fair and clean state government.

That's this point can strongly see that Barisan Nasional wasn't want to release the state government. Is that a unscrupulously government will get the trust from people? I don't think so! Why should BN still holding the power? No point what! That's why nowadays BN will lose many of trusts is caused with those cases, they play rude in politics and never give people a good trust and play along the tricks. 

Even the polices and FRU were control by them to stop the Nizar excos for going into the Dewan Negeri Perak for working. Now the BN really stepped into the worst place, there is no people can rescue it. From the news, I read that Cecil Abraham was make the appeal from High Court is to stop Nizar meet with Sultan and dismiss the DUN. Why he should do that? Why don't BN wait for the re-election held and see for the result then action for it? 

That is because of BN scare to lose the state government in Perak. The insider who makes this out should be a good politics person. Who do you think so? Our PM Najib? or else anyone from UMNO? I don't know. Just let you to comment! I hope that people will open up their eyes and look at what's happening now and what've BN did. I think that many people will say out BN useless, hate BN and etc. 

If the re-election can be held, so you must think more of it whether to vote BN or Pakatan Rakyat. For the Pakatan Rakyat, I would like to say something for them. PR, almost of people confirmed that you're the best but just some problems make you to be stopped. We still trust you all, we will support you all until the end of this story. Pakatan Rakyat cheers, let's celebrate 513 40th Anniversary! Posted by GenYong 12.05.2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Exam is coming up next week

Exam Timetable
I was not feeling well after heard this news. Actually early in last month, I had received the exam timatable from school. There's still one week to go before the exam. This exam was quite considered for me, it takes me a lot of time and efforts to concentrate in this exam. By the way, I have to stop all my side activities such as blogging, online, chatting and my society stuffs as well. 

Exam Timetable
Last but not least, for my readers here if you miss my blog post updates. You can either SMS me or email me, but usually I won't check mails because of no sources to online. But don't worry, I will be back on 29th of May that's two weeks later. Check out my blog and be sure you're happy in exam. As a representative of candidates here, I wish everyone Happy Exam and Good Luck in your exam! Thank you. Add oil yo~! =) Posted by GenYong 11.05.2009

That's the finally happening

Yo~! I was glad that after heard this breaking news from radio station as well as also First of all, I would like to congratulate to our always dearest Menteri Besar Datu Seri Nizar Jamaluddin is still the real Menteri Besar in Perak

After the rulling in High Court this afternoon, the high court decided to mark Nizar as the official Menteri Besar. This was bring the e
xtremely good news to everyone in Malaysia. From this case we can see that the court is fair to people. So you will ask me how can Zamb
ry and his B.O.D to survive? 

Actually I am not sure of this, maybe they will moved out from the Dewan Negeri and wait for the state re-election. But I believe that almost Perak residents won't vote for them anymore, because we believe the "1Malaysia" must run smoothly with the good government. Not we don't want to give Barisan Nasional a chance, is them keep showing us they're rude! 

By the way, now the best way is to dismiss the current state seats and held a re-election in Perak. Hopefully Nizar can meet with the Perak Sultan and dismiss all the assemblymen in Perak State and held for the re-election. From now on, Barisan Nasional not even have the chance to say anything. I want to give BN a word, if you still remain your attitude in this status, the malaysia is going to change government. 

We hope that this re-election can be held in the peace status. Zambry and his B.O.D please moved out the State Government building as fast as possible to make the process run smoothly. Now Nizar and Zambry were rushing for their time, Nizar is going to meet the Sultan whereas Zambry is going for the UMNO 63rd Anniversary in KL. 

So hopefully who will you support? For me, I will support Nizar and always the fair, clean government! Let us sweep out Barisan Nasional from Malaysia, we need a new government! Thank you! Let the "1Malaysia" succeed by Pakatan Rakyat!
Posted by GenYong 11.05.2009

P/s: All the photos above was credit from

Friday, May 8, 2009

APC Group Shots

Hello readers, I know you're looking forward for my updates about APC. By the way, I would like to apologize for the late posting. I was suffered for three days late sleeping and I tried to survive for the projects in last minute time. So today I finally managed to settle all the projects and still one or two more going on. I need a deep rest ~!

So I think today better I show you some of the group shots which taken by me on APC. The more features will be post up in the upcoming blog post.
Area Peninsular Convention 09
This photo was taken after the debating competition. From the competition, I once more have the chance to watch the real life debating among two parties. It's great enough! =)
Area Peninsular Convention 09
The presentation from Yvonne who from Taiwan was ended. This seminar talk let me experience myself well and understand about my ability. What she had taught us is "you must understand yourself before you go and understand others". The talk mostly were using Chinese to host. Thank JC Philip Ong who stand on the left was invited Yvonne for hosting this talk.
Area Peninsular Convention 09
Next after few hours in hotel seminar and talks, we had gone outdoor in the afternoon for doing some team building projects. We were gathered at the mini garden where in front of the City Bayview Hotel.
Area Peninsular Convention 09
Area Peninsular Convention 09-Presidents
Area Peninsular Convention 09-LOM Presidents
The presidents group photos were taken by me and it's seems have the good image. I like all of the photos on top and it was cool.
Area Peninsular Convention 09
Area Peninsular Convention 09
Area Peninsular Convention 09
So what can you get for the conclusion after reading my this blog post. You can see that most of the photos were group shots and the more details will be update in upcoming blog post. Be sure you check out the features. Thank you very much! Posted by GenYong 08.05.2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Penang Hill Climb TAKE 2

On the passed few posts, I have written about the Penang Hill Climbing which organized by Lion Club and I even met Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng. Today I will continue with the part 2 and make an ending for this post. My school annual climbing competition also held at Penang Hill, Penang Hill really attracted a lot of people whether they're local or tourists.
Penang Hill Climb #2
Penang Hill Climb #2
As well as what you can see here is my dad was tiring after walked for a long distance. Can you imagine that 30% of the gradient was showing on the signboard? Can you see the road was so slope and it's hardly to climb up.
Penang Hill Climb #2.
Penang Hill Climb #2
We spent about 2 hours to climb up to the top of hill. Along the journey we saw people running, chit-chatting and listening to music. But unfortunately got one people fell down and fainted down. We were so happy that we could able reach the top of the hill.
Penang Hill Climb #2
Penang Hill Climb #2
Penang Hill Climb #2
Penang Hill Climb #2
Penang Hill Climb #2
Penang Hill Climb #2
The ceremony was something usual for most of the sports events. But this was my first time being on top of Penang Hill to watch this ceremony. Actually it's not a such big stage for the ceremony, it's just only can put about 30+ chairs. By the way, we can see TYT, Penang State Government representatives and also YBs took their seats on top the stage.

The organizing chairperson was speeching and same as the YB was giving a speech too. They said almost about the green environment and encourage people to follow up the 3R- Recycle, Reuse & Reduce.
Penang Hill Climb #2
Penang Hill Climb #2
Penang Hill Climb #2
At last, they invited TYT to plant the tree and observed by the participants. Everyone was glad to see TYT was planting the new tree on top of Penang Hill. Anyway, with the help of Lion Club committees, all the process ran smooth. I think now as a Penangite here, we must plant more tree either at our home or anywhere. Love the environment, do you? Posted by GenYong 05.05.2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Smile @APC

The Smile
Readers, sorry for no updates this few days although it is holidays. By the way, I was busy on my school projects report and attended many events such as Area Peninsular Convention which organized by JCI Pearl. Do you know I am a JCI Junior too?

Anyway, last friday that's Labour day I didn't rest at all and busy attend to the event. I would like to be the most supportive member in this club and this was also my duty to attend such events. I was very happy to get the chance for involving in this activity. Although I couldn't get the award of Most Outstanding Junior Jaycees Club which done by myself on 30th of April night late until 2.30am, I still feeling well and excited to participate in the activity.

I learned a lot of knowledge there about individual, community and also leadership. Besides that, I felt interesting on the team building activity that held in front of City Bayview Hotel. I really learned a lot of things and this was a good refreshment for me and led me to the new life. Today I won't blog about the activity, I just make an annoucement with my photo and maybe you can refer to ChienMing's blog for more event informations.

Check out my blog for more updates of the event and I will try my best to post up all the photos that's great enough! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 03.05.2009